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 VOL 13: Chapter 127 - "Corruption"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 127 - "Corruption"   Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:33 pm

Bursting off into the sky towards the location of Seikyo's energy, Jaduko used all of his strength to get there as soon as he could. He figured Korin had given him enough Senzu Beans and it's a good thing that he stopped there or else if push came to shove with Seikyo, he may not have made it out of the fight alive.

Heading North of Tortello Town, Jaduko could feel Seikyo's energy quickly darting around in front of him, he grit his teeth and increased his speed as much as he could in order to get to his friend before he could cause harm to anyone else.

Within a matter of minutes, Jaduko's aura dispersed around his body and he was hovering above a tiny village with a sign that read "Chazke Village." Grabbing the bag of Senzu Beans around his belt, Jaduko tore one in half and tossed one in his mouth as he used up a lot of stamina rushing to get here. Tying the bag around his belt again he could see tiny fires start to rise into the air as if Seikyo had begun to lay waste to the tiny village. People were screaming down on the ground with the sound of ki being fired echoing throughout houses.

"SEIKYO!" Jaduko shouted down towards the village, the sound of ki blasts suddenly halted and all went eerily quiet aside from people screaming and running away. Dropping from the sky, Jaduko landed on his feet in the center of the village in front of a stone fountain that was twice his height shooting water into the sky. Looking around the village, dust blew through the air as it mixed with smoke, the buildings were all made of wood and the entire village looked as if it had been ripped straight out of a western film despite there being grassy hills visible in the distance.

Waiting for Seikyo to reveal himself, Jaduko glared around and watched as frightened people ran in all directions paying no attention to him. Mothers grabbed their children and pulled them along as they ran and fathers grabbed their wives and got into their vehicles only to shoot off into the distance. All went silent for Jaduko until a sharp jolt shot through his brain, he felt Seikyo's energy behind the fountain where he was standing.

Within an instant Jaduko quickly flipped in the air with his back horizontal to the ground below him as a red ki beam sliced clean through the stone fountain like a knife. All went slow as the beam passed cleanly underneath Jaduko's back and shot towards his feet, but he was reluctant to pull them up just in time as the beam disappeared before hitting the sign that read Chazke Village.

Landing back on his feet, Jaduko swiftly spun around to face the fountain and realized it was now cut in half right at the point where his neck would have been if he were standing still. Before Jaduko could move, a figure jumped onto the flat surface of where the fountain had been cut as water sprayed upwards around the figure without getting him wet.

"Long time no see, Son of Shishito." Seikyo muttered as he peered down at Jaduko.

"What? You haven't called me that in a long time.." Jaduko knew something was up, oh who was he kidding, he already knew something was up. "Seikyo, snap out of it! You're not acting like yourself, something is controlling you to do these horrific things, these horrific acts.. You killed people, slaughtered an entire town!"

"Believe me if I knew what I was doing was wrong, I wouldn't be doing it again." Seikyo slightly chuckled, what sent shivers down Jaduko's spine was that Seikyo was talking and acting the way he normally would, but evil.

"Seikyo, you're acting just you did when I first met you. You need to stop this. NOW." Jaduko grit his teeth and glared up at his friend who stood on top of the fountain which was about 14 feet in front of him.

'I can still sense Seikyo's Ki, it's rising as we speak... But I can still sense it, that means he hasn't fully been corrupted yet..' Jaduko thought to himself as sweat started to form on his face.

"Why should I have to care about the world now when the Dragon Balls helped me achieve something I never could have done on my own, something I had always wanted." Seikyo lifted his arms up into the air with his palms facing upwards into the sky. His red aura flared around his body like a bloody flame. "I'm finally stronger than you, the prodigal son of the mythical Shishito!"

"So you did use those Wicked Dragon Balls after all..." Jaduko clenched his fists as Seikyo's aura flared higher and higher, most of the villagers had already left by this time meaning it was mostly just him and Seikyo. "Seikyo, what would Kyuti think about this? She and I had a discussion about you before I came and found you, she believes you've changed, you're a better person just like she is, why are you pushing yourself back down?"

"I don't need to worry about her anymore when she has you. I'm free to do things at my own will and it's helped me reach the level I am now." Seikyo clenched his fists.

"She had faith in you, she and I both knew you wouldn't cheat to become this way but apparently you did.. This isn't you Seikyo." Jaduko was still trying to plead with him. "You're my friend and brother-in-law, stop this.."

"Quit your pleading, you're afraid of what I'm capable of now, what I have worked so hard to achieve but have never had the pleasure of enjoying until those Dragon Balls called out to me!" Seikyo began to chuckle and Jaduko noticed that Seikyo's veins began to softly glow a neon green inside his skin.

"Seikyo, you're an uncle!" Jaduko shouted out of the blue causing Seikyo's red aura to completely disappear.

"W-What?" Seikyo questioned, for a moment it appeared as though his old self had resurfaced. The green veins were slightly pulsating inside his skin.

"Kyuti and I had a child that we named after you and Rukiro. His name is Resei, he was born two days ago and Kyuti was saddened that you didn't show up to congratulate her." Jaduko watched as Seikyo stared down at his fists. "You were so caught up in surpassing me and you were coerced into using those Dragon Balls by your own greed."

"Greed? No.. I didn't want to use them.. They called me, with a voice... They talked to me... Said I could be stronger than you, and now I am..." Seikyo seemed to be fighting himself. "I'm proud of Kyuti, but now that I know of her status, I am free to go back to doing my own thing..." With a shout, Seikyo powered up and instead of a red aura engulfing his body, it was a dark green aura.

"What?! Rukiro would have been proud to be an uncle, aren't you?!" Jaduko shouted, he realized the change in Seikyo's aura color and realized he was losing him, fast.

"How dare you always compare me to that weakling you called your brother?" Seikyo shouted. "He's gone! Forget about him and quit comparing the two of us!" The veins on Seikyo's body began to glow a brighter green to the point that it was almost as if he had veins on the outside of his skin.

"I compare you to him because of how much you care for Kyuti, you're not yourself, those Dragon Balls are corrupting you Seikyo! Let me take you back to your sister!" Jaduko shouted over the wind brushing past his face from the force of Seikyo's aura. Seikyo's black hair began to flutter and softly transition from black to gold to back to black.

"Enough!" Seikyo shouted as his hair fully became golden, he had transformed into a Super Saiyan. "I'm free of those petty connections and now I'm on my own, just as I was from the start. No one will ever laugh at me or call me weak again, especially not you!"

"Petty connections?" Jaduko muttered as his expression went from concerned to angry real quick. His hair shot upwards towards the sky and transitioned from a brunette color to a golden color. "Kyuti still looks up to you, she still would even if I told her what you did to those people back in Tortello Town... That's what family does, they love and care for each other. Seikyo, you of all people know that.."

After fully powering up Seikyo jumped off of the fountain so he was standing directly in front of Jaduko. The corrupted Saiyan opened his eyes and Jaduko glared into them, realizing that the Dragon Balls had corrupted Seikyo to the point of turning his sclera from it's white color into a pure black one, leaving only his cyan pupils. Seikyo's golden hair fluttered as the green veins pulsated around his body and his green aura floated around his body. It was a brighter green closer towards Seikyo's body but on the outer edges of the aura, it was a darker green.

"I should have never invited you to stay on this planet, it's my fault all of these people are dead, it's my fault for calling you my friend.." Jaduko muttered, a golden aura rapidly sparked around his body and pulsated like a golden flame. "You're going to pay for everything you've done tonight and if I have to kill you to stop those Wicked Dragon Balls and protect my family, so be it.."

Seikyo smiled like a maniac while Jaduko frowned and glared at Seikyo, Jaduko could still sense his ki meaning he still wasn't fully corrupted. He had to end this fight with Seikyo quick whether it meant freeing him from his wicked corruption, or by ending his life. The long awaited rematch between Jaduko and Seikyo is about to begin!

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VOL 13: Chapter 127 - "Corruption"
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