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 VOL 13: Chapter 128 - "Jaduko vs. Seikyo - Rematch!"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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VOL 13: Chapter 128 - "Jaduko vs. Seikyo - Rematch!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 128 - "Jaduko vs. Seikyo - Rematch!"   VOL 13: Chapter 128 - "Jaduko vs. Seikyo - Rematch!" I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 19, 2018 10:20 pm

Wind began to pick up between Jaduko and Seikyo causing their golden hair to flutter in the same direction, dust picked off of the ground and blew past the two golden and green auras. All of the residents of Chazke Village had managed to leave the two Saiyans alone for their battle, but despite all being quiet aside from the sound of the whirling wind, Jaduko felt uneasy.

'When is he going to attack?' Jaduko thought to himself as his gaze never drifted from Seikyo's wicked face. The Ki he was sensing from his friend was off the charts making it hard to decipher when or how Seikyo was going to attack.

Before Jaduko could take another second to think or prepare for Seikyo to attack, the corrupted Saiyan's body rushed forward faster than you could blink. Jaduko widened his eyes and grit his teeth as he swiftly shifted his body to the left so Seikyo could rush past him. Time seemed to slow down as Seikyo turned his torso and stared directly into Jaduko's shocked face, their golden hair softly fluttering from the wind caused by this sudden burst in speed. The two were inches apart from one another and Jaduko could see how dark and soulless Seikyo's new black eyes had become.

Once Seikyo flew past Jaduko's body, Jaduko quickly spun around to turn towards his enemy but was quickly caught off guard with a sharp kick into his abdomen. Opening his mouth in shock with spit flying out of it from the impact of the kick, Jaduko's eyes widened as wind vibrated around his stomach and out from the sides of Seikyo's boot. Shooting backwards into a nearby house, shattering the wooden building to pieces, Jaduko finally had a moment to think.

'He's too fast... That kick's speed alone made it hurt...' Jaduko thought to himself as he pushed the wooden debris off of him. Dust lifted into the air like smoke and Jaduko could see a silhoutte walking towards him through the screen of dust.

"Finished already? Maybe I didn't need the Dragon Balls to surpass you after all.." Seikyo's gloated as he lifted his arm up and rapidly slashed it down towards his side as if he were holding a sword. The dust that barricaded him and Jaduko rapidly dispersed with that sudden movement and Jaduko noticed red aura flaring around Seikyo's hand and forearm.

'That's odd... his aura is green yet his Ki energy is still red...' Jaduko noticed that the red aura around Seikyo's hand was shaped similar to a blade that covered his entire forearm, it was thin like a blade too.

"Not finished yet, bring it on.." Lifting himself to his feet, Jaduko grit his teeth, leaned forward, and his body fizzed out of view at the same time that Seikyo's body fizzed out of view. The two had rushed forward towards one another and Seikyo quickly lifted his Ki Blade to slash the side of Jaduko's face, but Jaduko quickly fired a blue ki blast upwards into the blade to deflect Seikyo's arm towards the sky.

Using his other hand to attempt to punch Jaduko, Seikyo shifted towards the right as Jaduko shifted towards the left, avoiding the punch. Slamming his foot on the ground to catch himself, Jaduko quickly pulled his torso backwards so he was standing straight upwards, he was reluctant to do so as Seikyo recoiled from the ki blast fired earlier and slashed his Ki blade upwards where Jaduko was once positioned. A 'whirring' sound rang through Jaduko's ears as the red blade slid up the front of his chest, centimeters away from his clothing.

Shifting back towards the left, Jaduko rushed forward to deliver an uppercut to Seikyo's jaw as his arm with the Ki Blade was recovering from the missed attack. However Seikyo's blank face quickly stared down at Jaduko and he pulled his head back so the uppercut could glide past his face. Jaduko prepared for this and quickly jumped in the air, slamming his right foot into Seikyo's chest as hard as he could, pushing the corrupted Saiyan backwards along the dirt.

Gritting his teeth, Seikyo stumbled to regain footing.

'Now's my chance!' Jaduko quickly flew forwards towards Seikyo in an attempt to punch him directly in the nose, however he was unaware that Seikyo had baited him into rushing towards him.

Once Jaduko was in a close enough range, Seikyo's Ki Blade disappeared from his forearm and he quickly thrust that arm up to backhand Jaduko in the cheek. Jaduko winced in pain as blood spurt from his mouth, he flew to the side and rolled along the dirt.

"Killing you this early on wouldn't be enjoyable to me." Seikyo muttered as he watched Jaduko's body tremble as he picked himself off of the ground. "I have to make you realize how much surpassing you truly means to me." He clenched his fist as he walked.

"If you would stop telling me how much you've surpassed me, I may not have known." Jaduko taunted using the back of his fist to wipe the blood from his mouth. "You still slap like you used to." This caused Seikyo's blank expression to tighten up.

Without retorting, Seikyo's body rushed forward towards Jaduko who rushed forward with his right fist aimed forward at the exact same time. Seikyo's fist was raised in the air preparing to strike down on top of Jaduko's head but before he could move, he realized Jaduko quickly exchanged his right fist with his left fist, confusing Seikyo for a short moment. Jaduko quickly thrust his left fist upwards into Seikyo's jaw causing the corrupted Saiyan to tilt his head up towards the sky. Jaduko's golden aura flared around his body as he quickly moved around Seikyo's body towards the back and punched him in the back of the head, sending Seikyo's head back forward with plenty of force.

Before Seikyo had the chance to recover, he was still looking down and was quickly swept off his feet as Jaduko kicked Seikyo's feet out from under him. This caused the corrupted Saiyan to fall backwards but before he could move out of the way, Jaduko quickly slammed his left knee upwards into Seikyo's spine, then in an instant he quickly slammed his right knee into the back of Seikyo's neck, propping him upwards again. Seikyo quickly spun to his left and thrust his shin towards Jaduko's face, but the Super Saiyan lifted up his left arm to block the attack with his forearm.

With his kick blocked, Seikyo bent his knee and used momentum to continue spinning in the air he used his other leg to attempt the same attack again. However Jaduko quickly ducked and allowed Seikyo's leg to brush past the top of his hair. With his leg landing on the ground after missing Jaduko's head, Seikyo lifted the same foot up into the air and attempted to kick Jaduko straight in the stomach, but the Super Saiyan folded his arms in an 'X' shape to block the attack. The two pushed off of each other and spun around so their backs were facing one another, Jaduko extended his right arm and Seikyo extended his right arm as well, the two arms collided and a small air pocket exploded from the impact. Seikyo's body quickly shifted towards the left as Jaduko attempted to spin around and deliver a kick to Seikyo's stomach, however as a counter, Seikyo formed a red orb in his hand and fired it into Jaduko's stomach sending him spiraling through two nearby buildings.

Flipping to catch himself, Jaduko noticed Seikyo rushing after him through the debris turning all of the wood into smoking piles of fire and dispersing the dust from the buildings. Jaduko realized that Seikyo's red Ki Blade was once again ignited and he was attempting to slice him when he was caught off guard. Jaduko quickly ducked as the blade pasted over his hair and back, completely dispersing the smoke around the two. Lifting his hand into the air, Jaduko placed it on Seikyo's back and pushed him in his direction, he quickly spun on his right foot and thrust his left leg up into the air where he pushed Seikyo. The foot slammed into Seikyo's chin causing green blood to spurt from his mouth, it appeared as if those green veins turned his blood green just like his aura.

Flipping from the attack, Jaduko followed up by elbowing Seikyo in the jaw exactly where his kick made contact, Seikyo's face tightened up as his face moved along with Jaduko's elbow. Seikyo leaned forward and headbutted Jaduko in the face, pushing the Super Saiyan away from him. The two skid across the dirt and debris as small flames danced around the two from the burning debris of the buildings.

Before Jaduko could open his mouth, Seikyo rushed forward and slammed his fist into Jaduko's cheek causing him to look off to the side. Seikyo quickly jumped in the air and slammed his foot onto Jaduko's neck, pushing off of it and spinning in the air only to use his other foot to kick Jaduko in the cheek where he punched earlier. Jaduko's face slammed into the ground and Seikyo simply held his hand out and used a clear Kiai wave to throw Jaduko through the air.

Jaduko's blue gi was slightly torn up from the fight along with Seikyo's being torn as well. Blood streamed down the two's faces as they stood on the ground about 55 feet apart from one another.

"I'm surprised you're holding on for so long." Seikyo spoke as he began to huff.

"Me too. If only you were this strong due to your own training... I'd be having more fun right now.." Jaduko smirked and huffed as well.

Seikyo clenched his fists and burst forward towards Jaduko, he was flying along the ground causing dust to lift up into the air. Jaduko flew towards Seikyo immediately after, the two glared at one another with their faces completely blank.

Seikyo opened his mouth and began to shout as power began to bubble up inside his body, Jaduko began to shout back as his aura flared up around him and the two Saiyan warriors shouted with completely synchronization, their voices echoed throughout the entire world similar to that of a dragon roaring.

Within seconds, Seikyo's image appeared in Jaduko's pupils and the two collided to continue their bloody battle.

Continue Onto Chapter 129:
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VOL 13: Chapter 128 - "Jaduko vs. Seikyo - Rematch!"
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