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 VOL 13: Chapter 129 - "Reality Bending Magic"

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VOL 13: Chapter 129 - "Reality Bending Magic" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 129 - "Reality Bending Magic"   VOL 13: Chapter 129 - "Reality Bending Magic" I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 20, 2018 1:46 pm

Kyuti lifted her head up after changing Resei's diaper and had fallen asleep. She looked out of the window in his room and noticed that the sun was setting over the horizon of North City, Jaduko still hadn't come home yet. But what caught her attention was the sudden spike in energy down towards the South.

Recognizing the energy, she could tell that Jaduko was fighting someone and his energy was slowly dropping as each minute passed. Kyuti couldn't sense who he was fighting but deep down, she knew it was Seikyo. Her expression saddened as the sun continued to set, it would be dark within the next half hour.

With Jaduko's energy continuing to drop, Kyuti's hand began to tremble as she feared the worst. Had Seikyo been fully corrupted because of his usage of the Wicked Dragon Balls? Was he going to kill Jaduko if given the chance? This wasn't like him..

'Please come back..' Kyuti thought to her self. 'Both of you..' But to avoid standing around, she continued to do work around the house, despite being forced to sense Jaduko's energy and life slowly drain from him.

"You guys feel that?" Taisuka spoke out as he and the others on the Lookout stood around the Wicked Dragon Balls.

"Yeah, that energy feels familiar.." Nitzu muttered as he lifted his head up and peered over towards the side of the Lookout.

"That is Jaduko..." Violouh spoke up. "His energy is quickly dropping, he must be fighting Seikyo."

"You really think someone like Jaduko would lose to someone like that punk?" Kaj scoffed.

"Those Kaioshins informed you all that Seikyo's energy could reach godly levels if fully corrupted didn't they? Perhaps Seikyo is close to that limit.." K.O.N shuddered.

"I've only heard tales of how Jaduko fights whereas I've seen Seikyo fight in person. If everything I know about Jaduko and how he defeated Zerox were true, that kid can survive anything." Kaj remarked. "I've never seen him fight in person."

"He's amazing!" Taisuka's attitude brightened up. "He's the guy who trained me and helped me become a Super Saiyan."

"Being the Son of Shishito, his power is remarkable." Violouh smirked.

"I've fought him, he could still use some practice but I won't deny that he has potential to get stronger with each passing breath." Nitzu glared at Kaj and K.O.N slightly smirked and chuckled in the background.

"Well I have never seen the kid in action and if he spent nearly an entire year training to help me encounter Juzo, it's best I go and see how he fights for myself." Kaj began to walk away from the Dragon Balls. "He may need my help, perhaps I wouldn't even need his help against Juzo if he's losing to someone like Seikyo.."

"Stop!" K.O.N shouted and lifted his cane towards Kaj, the Potrean immediately froze in place and his body trembled trying to move.

"H-Hey! Let me go!" Kaj ordered.

"Jaduko is our best chance at stalling Seikyo at the moment. If Seikyo is under the control of Nether like we theorized, he may eventually end up here in order to get Seikyo to release him upon the world." K.O.N sternly spoke towards Kaj, who managed to turn his head and stare back at the Namekian out of the corner of his eye.

"It's best we all stay here rather than scatter around the entire world so it's easier for us to return home, Kaj." Nitzu tried reasoning with him. "Don't you see that?"

"I haven't trained my entire life and gone through what I've gone through to just sit here and wait to be saved." Kaj growled. "If there is a fight, I'm there, and if someone is in danger of dying, I need to help him, even if he is a Saiyan.." Taisuka's expression loosened as if he was saddened by Kaj's distaste for Saiyans.

"You will only need to remain here for a few more hours." K.O.N wiggled his ears. "I can sense that Lori, Churippu, and the rest are almost complete with the portal, they managed to manipulate the Locket of Nether into manipulating reality, but they need a trigger."

"What do you mean by a trigger?" Violouh questioned.

"They need a way to power the portal up long enough and they need a way to trigger the portal into opening up into Netherworld." K.O.N informed his fellow Namekian. "They have the materials needed that point towards Netherworld, but they need power."

"How can they get it?" Nitzu asked.

"The Wicked Dragon Balls..?" Taisuka tapped his chin causing everyone to look at him.

"Taisuka, you're a genius!" K.O.N shouted. The Namekian handed the Saiyan boy his cane and quickly ran over to the Wicked Dragon Balls, ushering for Violouh and Nitzu to step back.

"What are you doing? I can't see!" Kaj shouted.

"I'm attempting to pull the remainder of the wicked energy from these Dragon Balls and contain it, purify it, and attempt to send it over to Lori and the others." K.O.N muttered as he waved his palms over the top of the Dragon Balls, their black stars began to sparkle. "MR. POPO!"

Mr. Popo rushed out of the tower at K.O.N's request and realized what was going on. Before anyone ordered him to do anything, he turned around and ran back inside to obtain some type of object that would contain the wicked energy.

Eventually Mr. Popo came back out and in his hands, he held a glass bottle in the shape of a cylinder that was sealed tight with a magical seal. Mr. Popo removed the seal and held the cylinder bottle with the open end pointed towards K.O.N.

K.O.N closed his eyes and the others all went silent so he could concentrate. Nothing happened for a few moments until K.O.N began chanting some sort of ancient Namekian language that only Violouh could understand.

"What's he doing?" Nitzu whispered to Violouh.

"He's attempting to reach out to Nether's spirit." Violouh replied, K.O.N continued to chant. "Nether isn't there, but some form of negative energy is."

K.O.N continued to chant and hover his hands above the Wicked Dragon Balls as the stars rapidly began to flash on them. The green Dragon Balls startled to sparkle and become a lighter color almost as if the green was being sucked out of them so the orange balls could be revealed once more.

Several minutes began to pass until K.O.N began to sweat, he opened his eyes and the entire Lookout began to shake as the wicked energy was attempting to fight back.

"Mr. Popo, steady!" K.O.N shouted as his hands began to glow a bright green, Taisuka and the others began to tremble as the Lookout rapidly vibrated. Wind picked up and started blowing the trees back and forth. "NOW!"

K.O.N lifted his hands up and aimed them at the bottle, he gave a shout and the green energy began to fire into the cylindrical bottle Mr. Popo was holding. Once the green energy was gone from K.O.N's hands and into the bottle, Mr. Popo resealed the bottle and shook it in his hands, the green energy glowed brightly inside.

Looking down at the Dragon Balls, Taisuka noticed that they were a brighter green, but were still green with black stars.

"Is the wicked energy completely omitted from the Dragon Balls?" Violouh asked.

"Not entirely... most of the wicked energy has been drained, but there is still a huge portion within it that I'm not sure how to get rid of.." K.O.N began to huff in exhaustion.

"I can still sense Jaduko's energy fading." Taisuka pointed out.

"It appears I was only able to take a portion of the wicked energy away rather than most of it.. I wonder if our departure back to Netherworld remains as the only cure for your world's Dragon Balls.." K.O.N felt saddened. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be, we're all in this together and we'll figure it out one way or another." Taisuka smiled and patted K.O.N on the back, his exhaustion allowed Kaj to move freely again but rather than run off, he decided to stay put.

"I believe the magic within that bottle should be enough to power the portal to Netherworld long enough for us to return. We must purify it first and send it off to Lori and the others." K.O.N managed to get to his feet.

"How do you plan on purifying it?" Kaj questioned.

"Magic." K.O.N winked, he and Mr. Popo walked inside of the temple leaving the four warriors out on the Lookout to guard the Wicked Dragon Balls. Taisuka lifted his head and noticed the sun was nearly setting, there was about a half an hour left of sunlight until the entire world went dark.

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VOL 13: Chapter 129 - "Reality Bending Magic"
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