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 VOL 13: Chapter 130 - "Bloodshed"

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PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 130 - "Bloodshed"   VOL 13: Chapter 130 - "Bloodshed" I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 20, 2018 2:30 pm

Some time has passed since Jaduko and Seikyo were last seen in battle, at this point in time, the top of Jaduko's blue gi has been torn off revealing his entire black shirt with tiny portions of the blue gi sticking out from his belt. Holes were scattered around his blue gi on his legs. Blood and scrapes were scattered across his skin and most of Chazke Village has been destroyed so far in the battle to match Jaduko's appearance.

Meanwhile Seikyo had few scrapers than Jaduko, yet the top of his black gi was torn in half revealing part of his blue undershirt. His black gloves were missing some of his blue plated fingertips but for the most part, Seikyo's appearance remained normal aside from some blood and scraps across his green veined skin. His veins softly glowed in synchronization with the large flames scattered throughout the village.

Lifting his head towards the sky, Jaduko noticed the sun was slowly setting.

"Say, doesn't this time of day remind you of our first battle?" Jaduko chuckled. "Way back on those islands?"

"Every time I see you, I'm reminded of our duel in the Archipelago." Seikyo retorted with a blank expression, his fists clenched. "However I should finish you quick, it's a common trait of yours to get stronger at night."

"Even as corrupted as you are, you're still Seikyo, cracking these jokes." Jaduko smirked. "But you're right, I'll finish you here just like the time I finished Zerox."

"You can try." Seikyo taunted as the two of them softly floated in the air, their golden and green auras sparking around their bodies. The two were about 20 feet apart from one another and they were high above the trees and mountains, the fire down in Chazke Vilage was slowly burning and looked beautiful from high in the sky.

Without any warning, both Jaduko and Seikyo charged at each other in the air, their eyes locked onto each other's. Seikyo opened his mouth and shouted as he lifted his right fist into the air to strike Jaduko from above whereas Jaduko's mouth remained close, indicating he was serious about the next level of this fight. He reeled his left fist behind his back as the two got closer and closer. Time seemed to slow down.

Taking a step in the air forward, Jaduko lifted his eyes up to lock onto Seikyo's and he thrust his fist forward towards the corrupted Saiyan's chest. Seikyo leaned forward and tilted his head down to stare at Jaduko, his teeth grit as he slammed his fist down onto Jaduko's head. A white light shined brightly from the two as their attacks collided and a pocket of air exploded from it, however the pocket of air appeared to be golden due to the light emanating from the two.

Jaduko and Seikyo's bodies and auras disappeared into the white light until a single beam of light shot up into the sky and exploded in the air, cutting through it almost as if it were glass. The light immediately disappeared and explosions sounded off in the horizon in a forest near Chazke Village. Within an instant, another explosion was set off and rocks were seen flying in the air on an island close to the shore, several miles away from the two warriors. Panning back across the land, a huge mountain was shattered along with a few nearby lakes shooting up into the sky like a geyser.

Jaduko and Seikyo were bouncing around the air striking each other with such speed and ferocity that it was impossible to see the two with a normal human eye. To a mere mortal, their fight could only be seen through air pockets exploding in the sky and large "booming" sounds exploding an instant after the air exploding. The Saiyan's and their battle was causing a lot of collateral damage upon this wildlife but Jaduko couldn't take the time to stop and care about it.

The two Saiyans pushed off of one another inside one of the lakes that they had created a geyser out of. Jaduko bounced back and forth along some brown rocks that were firing up into the sky alongside water as Seikyo bounced from tree branch to tree branch. Water rushed past their faces as it aimed for the sky but slowly stopped as the rocks and tree branches fell down towards the Earth with it.

Flipping around each other as the water fell back towards the Earth, Jaduko kneed Seikyo in the stomach sending him flying upwards out of the water.

"KAMEHAMEHAAAA!" Jaduko shouted as he aimed his hands up towards Seikyo's location. Within an instant, a gigantic blue beam fired towards his opponent and the force of the attack forced water to disperse around it completely.

Seikyo widened his eyes and swiftly floated towards the right, his hands lifted up as he moved and he felt the Kamehameha rush past his palms as it fired up into the sky.

"Powerful..." Seikyo muttered as water splashed back into the lake below him and Jaduko. The two Saiyans circled around each other in the air. "You would have taken my head off if that made contact."

"We can't have that yet, can we?" Jaduko taunted. "I'm surprised that you keep getting stronger and stronger during our battle, yet I can feel you holding back.. If you wanted, you could flatten me like a pancake."

"Tch.." Seikyo scoffed as he grit his teeth and glared at Jaduko.

"I know you don't want to fight me, not this way." Jaduko still had his fists clenched, preparing for whenever Seikyo decided to rush him. "Tell me who is doing this do you so I can help you. You're fighting the wicked energy just as much as you're fighting me!"

"Enough!" Seikyo barked. "Those Dragon Balls told me that you cheated to get your power too! You used anger when I used pure determination to achieve Super Saiyan!"

"They told you?" Jaduko seemed confused. "Dragon Balls are able to speak.. you're letting yourself believe they can talk so you can have an excuse as to why you used them?"

"You may be too naive to see it, but the energy within me, it speaks to me.." Seikyo smirked. "It's allowed me to free myself just as I have freed it."

"Freed it from what?" Jaduko rose an eyebrow.

"Freed the energy upon the world." Seikyo's eyes squinted and glared at Jaduko. "The energy freed my inner self, allowing me to reach my true potential and in return, I freed that energy upon the world, I let it take over my body... so it could do what it wanted with the beings that shut it away!"

"Seikyo, you're making it sound like those Dragon Balls possessed you! I can tell your're fighting the power, it's become too much for you, we can stop it together before this gets out of hand!" Jaduko shouted.

"Quiet and witness the true power of a god!" Seikyo shouted but this time, his voice echoed behind itself except the voice that echoed sounded like a monstrous version of Seikyo's. Before Jaduko could move, Seikyo rushed forward and ignited his Ki Blade. With a single slice down towards the top of Jaduko's head, Jaduko had to act quick.

"S-Seikyo!" Jaduko shouted as he spun to the left, but the blade managed to strike his shoulder and cut down the side of his arm. "GYAGH!" Jaduko screamed in pain as his arm fell limp and blood began pouring down into the lake below.

"Don't interfere anymore, Son of Shishito!" Seikyo shouted as he headbutted Jaduko and burst off into the sky.

"S-S-Seikyo...." Jaduko muttered as his vision began to blur and his body began to fall. He tilted his head and saw Seikyo flying through the air towards a nearby town. Gritting his teeth, Jaduko spun his body and saw the lake down below coming closer and closer to him, the once blue water was now completely red from his blood. A memory flashed in Jaduko's mind and he remembered when Zerox dropped him in that lake back on Planet Xerivon, he couldn't let it happen again, not when Seikyo was on the move to harm innocents.

He used his functioning arm to reach down and grab the bag of Senzu Beans from his belt.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Violouh noticed that the sky was beginning to turn dark. He could sense Jaduko's energy rapidly draining from his body to the point of near death. Closing his eyes and gritting his teeth, Violouh fought the urge to scream at the fact he couldn't help his friend.

Just then, K.O.N and Mr. Popo rushed out of the temple. K.O.N held the cylindrical bottle out towards Taisuka and the Saiyan realized that the green energy had become a solid yellow, meaning it was now pure energy.

"That took a half an hour later than I would have wanted, but we don't have much more time if you want Jaduko to live." K.O.N muttered, ushering Taisuka along. "Take this bottle to Lori and help her set up the portal in Central City, the rest of you follow him and keep the energy safe incase Seikyo decides to interfere, I will remain here and guard the Dragon Balls." K.O.N spoke quick, he knew they were running out of time.

"B-But.." Nitzu muttered as K.O.N began pushing him too.

"No time right now, go, GO!" K.O.N barked. Narrowing his eyes and realizing how drastic the situation was, Taisuka's white aura flared up and he burst off the side of the Lookout with Kaj following close behind. Violouh knew that he couldn't interfere with the battle between Jaduko and Seikyo so he motioned for Nitzu to follow him and the others to Central City.

Racing to get to the portal in time, Taisuka was unaware at how much larger the situation was becoming. It was not just a minor inconvenience anymore, but lives were in danger now and realities were in peril.

Continue Onto Chapter 131:
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VOL 13: Chapter 130 - "Bloodshed"
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