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 VOL 14: Chapter 132 - "The Time Has Come"

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VOL 14: Chapter 132 - "The Time Has Come" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 14: Chapter 132 - "The Time Has Come"   VOL 14: Chapter 132 - "The Time Has Come" I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 20, 2018 5:30 pm

Central City quickly began to rise over the horizon as Taisuka sped up with the Purified Wicked Energy given by K.O.N in his hands. Clutching onto the bottle tight, he kept his eyesight peering forward not letting anything distract him.

Behind the young Saiyan, Kaj, Nitzu, and Violouh followed, all three of them using more power simply to keep up with Taisuka's sheer speed. The flight from the Lookout up until now was fairly quiet, as everyone had their minds set on delivering the energy to Lori in time. However, a spark went off in the back of Violouh's mind causing his eyes to widen. He turned his head towards the right and noticed Nitzu turn his head as well to face the same direction.

The two of them noticed the clouds in the sky start to roll away from a specific location on the horizon as if a power level was forcing them to move away. Before Violouh could even take in the idea of who it might be, Kaj spoke up from in front of the two.

"That friend of yours is definitely something." Kaj remarked, Violouh noticed that even he too, was staring in the same direction that they were. "Conjuring up that much energy just to keep Seikyo at bay."

"Let us just hope he manages to calm Seikyo down before anything terrible happens." Violouh muttered. None of them had any idea what Seikyo had already done..

A few seconds passed and Central City's skyscrapers quickly sped underneath the four Z-Fighters, their aura's rapidly disappeared as they all dropped using the momentum from their flight to propel themselves towards the Macadmi Technology facility.

Landing on their feet, Taisuka immediately began sprinting through the front doors of Macadmi Technology, Nitzu and Kaj landed with such a high velocity that they were forced to roll and continue chasing after the Saiyan, but Violouh took the time to slow his fall by levitating above the ground, hovering behind the two as they made their way towards the underground laboratory.

"LORI!" Taisuka shouted as he pushed open the door to the laboratory, sending a massive echo throughout the entirety of it. His yell caused dozens of scientists to peer in his direction. Lori was in the middle of the entire facility next to her dad and Konno with Yamada in his arms who was awoken from Taisuka's yell, the two of them watched the four Z-Fighters make their way down the steps from the entryway and begin to run after them.

"What? We're all really very busy down here." Lori seemed agitated, as the four approached her, they noticed hundreds of papers scattered around, seemingly full of failed scientific equations.

"He's got something in his hand." Konno remarked, as Taisuka was too out of breath from the flight and his previous yell. The young Saiyan handed the cylindrical bottle to Konno, who grabbed it with his free hand. Konno noticed yellow energy softly swirling around within the bottle, he was tempted to shake it to see if it would stir like a regular liquid, yet he could feel something emanating  from it.

"What's this?" Lori questioned, swiping the bottle out from her husband's grasp, she too could feel a power from within the bottle. Lifting it up to her face so she could peer through it, Taisuka managed to catch his breath.

"Pure energy... it's purified energy from those green, Wicked Dragon Balls.." Taisuka replied.

"K.O.N managed to remove most of the wicked energy from those Dragon Balls and purify it through magic, he says it's clean energy from Netherworld that could help you out with the machine to get us back to our homes." Nitzu continued.

With that being said, Lori's eyes widened as she saw a large machine through the yellow energy. Lowering the bottle, a smile came to her face as she stared at a large portal on the other side of the laboratory. It was fully capable of functioning to teleport people from one place to another, but it lacked a source of energy.

Lori began to slightly giggle as she floated into the air, Taisuka and Konno stared at each other and then back to Lori as she rapidly darted towards the portal. With a 'tap-tap' of her feet landing back on the ground in front of the portal, she tapped a few buttons and opened up the side of the portal. The others made their way over to her as scientists began to talk amongst themselves and stare at the portal as if something would happen. The Locket of Nether was attached to the other side of the machine from where Lori was standing, as if it was helping power the portal.

"What is going on?" Violouh questioned, he noticed that this portal was about 25 to 30 feet tall and 15 feet wide, the metal on it looked incredibly heavy and thick.

"Did you figure it out, dear?" Lori's father questioned as Konno handed Yamada over to him. Lori remained silent and opened up the bottle, before any of the energy could escape she dumped it into the open portion of the machine and quickly shut the hatch. Tapping a few more buttons, Lori stepped back as the portal began to make a large "whirring sound".

Within a few seconds, little wires on the portal began to glow yellow signifying that the energy was powering the portal up. Scientists began to cheer and Lori clapped as she smiled at Konno, but something still seemed wrong. Her smile dropping, Lori knew that the portal machinery was working, but yet the portal itself wasn't working.

Taking a step forward, Lori rushed through the portal.

"Hey! What are you thinking?!" Konno shouted in shock, but realized that Lori was still there.

"Why isn't it working?" Kaj questioned.

"I don't understand, this portal should be fully functional." Lori's father muttered, he watched as Lori ruffled through pieces of paper on a desk next to the portal machine. Taisuka scratched his chin and looked towards the top of the portal, the yellow energy pulsating through the machine's wiring wasn't connected towards the top, almost as if the energy was resisting against being shot out from the top.

"Hey guys, look up there." Taisuka pointed, causing everyone to look, Lori lifted her head and noticed the energy pulsating oddly as well.

"That's it.." Lori muttered. "Everyone, I need you to help me lift this!" She grasped onto the machine but everyone awkwardly stared at her.

"For what?" Violouh asked.

"The energy needs to be discharged in order for the portal to work long distance, it won't work if we're down here in the basement, so we need to take it outside." Lori replied.

"How about we take it a step further and take it to the tallest building in Central City?" Konno smirked as he and the others walked towards the machine to help Lori lift it.

"Are you crazy? This thing weighs a ton!" Nitzu shouted.

"He's right, higher altitude could potentially give us a quicker result!" Lori shouted, even with Konno, Taisuka, Nitzu, Kaj, and Konno barely lifting the machine off of the ground, it would be incredibly difficult to take it to a rooftop, not to mention the tallest one in the city.

With his hair spiking farther upwards, Taisuka powered up into a Super Saiyan as the rest used all of their power to lift the machine into the air, the scientists down below watched in awe as it slowly got closer and closer to the laboratory ceiling.

"If only Resei was a little older so we could have Kyuti here to help us out!" Lori muttered, she was the weakest of the bunch but even then, she was still putting all of her effort into lifting this machine. She looked at the ceiling, the speed they were going wasn't enough to break through the ceiling.

"Are you sure we should do this, Lori?" Violouh questioned.

"Yeah, we can repair the damages later on, we have enough money." Lori cockily struggled to laugh. "But there's no way we'll be able to break through the ceiling with all of our hands tied!"

Before anyone could say another word, Violouh opened his mouth and fired a beam towards the ceiling, dust erupted above the machine and rubble fell down on the scientists below as Lori's father covered Yamada from the debris.

"Whoa!" Konno shouted.

"Since when could you do that?" Nitzu questioned.

"It is just a thing we Namekians do." Violouh replied, on the other side of the machine, Kaj slowly lifted his frown into a slight smirk.

Several minutes would pass and the machine was lifted into the foyer of the Macadmi Technology building, everyone was staring at it in shock as it burst through the front windows of the building. Fresh air slapped Lori in the face which was a relief after non-stop hours of work.

"Steady, don't drop it!" She shouted.

"Where should we take it?" Taisuka questioned.

"What's the tallest building in Central City?" Kaj questioned.

"I think it's the Tengoku no Hari office building, three blocks south of here." Konno struggled to think. "It's at least a two thousand feet tall, which is a couple hundred feet taller than most buildings here."

"Let's take it there then, everyone lift up!" Taisuka shouted. The group began to slowly make their way towards the rooftop of the Tengoku no Hari building in hopes of finally activating this portal.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Jaduko's immense power caused all of the nearby flames from Seikyo's attack to fade away leaving the two in a scorched street with ash located all around them. All was silent aside from Jaduko's steady aura and rapid sparks of electricity around his body. Seikyo chuckled and noticed Jaduko's face was even sharper than before, his single bang hanging in front of his forehead and the two bangs framing his forehead further made that look more menacing.

"Ho, ho? What's this?" Seikyo rose an eyebrow as the green in his veins pulsated with excitement. "That's a new level of power that I've never felt before.. is it a new transformation?"

Jaduko's face remained blank and he silently strode forward, each footstep echoed throughout the area as he approached Seikyo.

"I can't believe it. Your power is still spiking higher and higher.. Even with my newfound powers.. you still find a way to surpass me..?" Seikyo grit his teeth and his green aura flared around him, his black eyes narrowed as his blue pupils flashed in anger. Clenching his fists, he thrust them to the sky and began to shout.

"HrrrrAAGGHHHHHHH!" Seikyo shouted as he threw his arms back down towards the ground. Rocks and ash began to float in the air around him causing Jaduko to stop in his tracks, the ground began to shake as Seikyo powered up. The green veins on Seikyo's body slowly bulged and pulsated faster than before, their green color slowly turning white alongside Seikyo's aura as everything suddenly flashed, seeming to blind Jaduko for a second.

With that quick explosion of light, Seikyo expected to rush Jaduko and catch him off guard. But with the flash quickly disappearing within the blink of an eye, Seikyo still remained in the same spot as before rather than in front of Jaduko like he had wanted.

Lowering his head down to his stomach in slow motion, Seikyo's eyes widened as he saw Jaduko's fist jabbing into his stomach. Lifting his head back upwards, Seikyo watched Jaduko's fierce expression step back normally and remove his fist from Seikyo's stomach. Jaduko seemed to be moving relatively normal but Seikyo was stuck in slow motion until he quickly realized that all of this was taking place within a single second.

After that sudden realization, Seikyo was sent flying backwards until he crashed into a car that was caught on fire. An explosion rang out around him, ripping at his skin and his gi but as soon as the flames faded away, Seikyo didn't sit up from the wrecked car.

'I-Impossible...' Seikyo muttered. 'That speed, it's unreal!' He sat up from his position and noticed Jaduko walking towards him again, but this time even faster than before.

Seikyo's heart began to beat incredibly quick, something he hadn't felt before. But before he could sit up and attempt to attack Jaduko again, a large beam of yellow energy shot into sky towards his right. The beam caused the ashy sky above the two Saiyans to disperse. Jaduko turned his head towards his left and noticed the beam as well. It turned the sky into a dark color and had so much force that it pushed a large gust of wind through Jaduko and Seikyo's hair.

"The energies around that beam of light... I recognize them.." Seikyo chuckled to himself, Jaduko heard his former friend's statement, noticing the evil intent behind it and glared at Seikyo. He too knew who was behind the beam.

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VOL 14: Chapter 132 - "The Time Has Come"
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