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 VOL 14: Chapter 134 - "A Saiyan's Guilt"

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VOL 14: Chapter 134 - "A Saiyan's Guilt" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 14: Chapter 134 - "A Saiyan's Guilt"   VOL 14: Chapter 134 - "A Saiyan's Guilt" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2018 11:49 pm

"OKAY THINK JADUKO, THINK!" Jaduko shouted to himself as he chased after the gigantic red blast that Seikyo fired towards Central City. Jaduko was fortunately able to outspeed the blast, but it was too big to stop with his own bare hands. If he were to fly in front of it and attempt to take it head-on, he'd be vaporized.

"Should I try to rush in front of it and fire a Kamehameha at it?!" Jaduko spoke out loud to himself, as he approached the beam from behind, he could feel the heat emanating from behind it. It's almost as if he was chasing the sun and he was only 25 feet away from the blast. "I-I-I DON'T KN-"

Before he could finish his partial thoughts, Jaduko noticed sparks flying backwards from the beam due to it moving so fast. Red sparks shot past Jaduko's body, scraping his cheek, his legs, arms, and the sparks were tearing at his gi. They felt like daggers slicing open his skin.

"S-Should I attempt to destroy it from back here?!" Jaduko closed one eye and tried dodging all of the sparks as if they were part of a meteor shower, he noticed the ocean and forests rushing underneath him luckily far enough below the beam that they weren't being harmed. "No... If I caused the blast to explode, it would kill every living thing for miles.. What do I do?!"

Opening his one eye, Jaduko stared directly into the blast and grit his teeth as a spark sliced through his right cheek towards his ear. His aura flared up and he began to deflect the sparks firing back at him, sending them flying upwards into the sky. The energy emanating from this blast was so immense that he didn't even know how far they had flown, they could almost be to Central City by now for all he knew!

With all of his might, Jaduko rushed upwards towards the sky so he could stare down at the beam. Upon reaching a high enough altitude, Jaduko began to speed forward once again with his fists clenched and his arms bent at his sides.

'Those sparks are causing the blast to shrink, it's almost as if it can't contain it's own energy..' Jaduko thought to himself as he following close behind the blast. Luckily, Central City was still about 200 miles away, but it was coming closer, fast.

'There's not enough time for me to let it shrink itself into nothing, it would still be bigger than a whole city block by the time it reaches... my friends!' Jaduko widened his eyes. Despite throwing himself after the blast, his main focus was stopping it before it reached Central City, he didn't want it to kill the millions living in that area. The idea of his friends being at the portal never crossed his mind.

"I can't let this make impact, it'll kill them all instantly!" Jaduko shouted, he positioned his right arm backwards and his left arm in front of him as he dashed along the top of the blast until he could fly down in front of the blast and drop below it, the heat was too intense but he had to endure it.

"A Kamehameha would risk exploding the blast, I can't have that." Jaduko continued to think of ways to stop the blast, but everything he thought of would result in chaos. Considering he was below the blast towards the front of it as this time, he was closer to the forest down below. Lifting his head, Jaduko let out a gasp as he shifted his body to the left allowing a tree to brush past him.

Tree after tree, Jaduko dodged left and right, even ducking and flipping midair to avoid a few branches, this wasn't helping his train of thought. But the trees became too much, there were too many close calls for Jaduko to keep up with the blast and he began to fall behind. Being forced to lift his hands in front of him, Jaduko fired a Kiai wave without even thinking to completely destroy a tree directly in front of him. The gust of wind that destroyed the tree gave Jaduko a great idea.

"That's it!" Jaduko shouted, he lifted himself up from the forest so he was several inches away from the underbelly of the blast. Now that he did a full orbit around it, Jaduko realized the blast was shaped like a bullet, so it was narrower towards the front than in the back. Using more of his might, Jaduko sped towards the front and clenched his fists once he was close to the front of the blast.

With his back facing the blast, Jaduko kept his head straight ahead so he could tell where Central City was.

"HRAGHHHHHHHHH!" Jaduko shouted as his veins began to bulge, a white air pocket began to rapidly explode around his body, he was using a stronger than average Kiai wave as an attempt to push the blast up towards the sky.

There was only about 100 miles left until Central City and the blast was getting faster. Jaduko noticed small towns and cities begin to pass underneath him, the civilians on the streets looked up in awe at the red blast passing above them, some of them were excited about seeing it and others were shocked, terrified.

Jaduko could tell that the blast was getting small and it was pointing more towards the sky but it was still on a direct course to hit the Tengoku no Hari building where the Netherworld Portal was located. From his fight with Seikyo, Jaduko's gi was ripped with only half of his black innershirt remaining, but the pressure from this blast caused the shirt to completely tear off, so now Jaduko was completely bare-chested, luckily his black belt was still supporting his blue gi pants.

Lifting his eyes, Jaduko widened them in shock as Central City drew closer. A few seconds passed and the blast was flying directly above the streets in between the buildings.

"Anyone else feel that?" Konno questioned.

"I SEE that!" Taisuka shouted, pointing towards the edge of the rooftop. Everyone looked and noticed a gigantic red blast travelling through the buildings towards the Tengoku no Hari building, it was a straight street from the edge of the city until the building, so there was nothing to get in the blast's way.

Konno and Taisuka rushed side by side and pointed their hands at the beam, they began to charge a Kamehameha in an attempt to destroy the beam.

"No stop! You can't do that in a populated city!" Lori shouted.

"What are we supposed to do?!" Konno shouted back, the two Kamehameha's faded.

"NO!" Jaduko shouted, he flipped his body around so he could face his palms towards the blast. The Kiai wave around his body moved until it surrounded his hands and he repeatedly fired blast after blast in an attempt to push it upward faster.

"Look, it's moving upwards!" Nitzu shouted.

"It looks like it's aiming directly at us rather than the building now.." Kaj muttered, Violouh twitched his ears and despite the loud whirring sounds of the portal and the sounds emanating from the beam, he could hear Jaduko's grunts as he attempted to push it towards the sky.

"Jaduko is there under the blast!" Violouh shouted, everyone widened their eyes.

"COME ONNNN!!!!!" Jaduko shouted, his mouth was wide open as he could feel the blast lift higher and higher up, it was still about 50 yards in length though so if it made impact, that's still plenty of collateral damage.

A few seconds of struggling past and Jaduko couldn't take it any longer as his Super Saiyan 2 hair reverted back into it's base form appearance, the blast pushed him away but luckily, he was at the same altitude as his friends on the rooftop. The blast was sent spiraling up towards the sky at a 75 degree angle, but luckily it didn't hit any buildings. Jaduko was sent flying back first towards his friends on the rooftop. Violouh rushed forward and jumped in the air, catching Jaduko in his arms. He landed on his feet and slid backwards towards the edge of the building but Nitzu and Kaj placed their hands on his back to stop the slide.

Konno, Taisuka, and Lori looked up towards the red blast and watched it quickly vibrate once it got within a few feet from the yellow beam. The red blast exploded and caused the sky to turn red for a split second. Everyone covered their eyes and noticed green energy leaking from where the red blast was, it was being sucked into the yellow beam. Once a few seconds past, the yellow beam along with the yellow energy in the portal's wiring, was now a lime-green color.

"Oh my god, is he alright?!" Lori shouted.

"He is fine, unconscious, but alive." Violouh felt Jaduko's pulse and lowered him onto the ground as the Saiyan softly breathed.

Meanwhile back in Gatestown, Seikyo slowly opened his eyes. He lifted himself up so he was sitting on the roof and shook his head. A sharp pain jabbed into his skull causing him to place both hands on his head. He had no idea what had just barely happened, it's almost as if his memory was wiped. He thought the pain would go away but the pain got sharper and more tense.

"RAGGGHHHH!" Seikyo shouted in pain as his head automatically lifted up towards the now green beam piercing into the sky from Central City. He could tell that the beam was slightly pulsating. The green beam quickly flashed white and Seikyo's head felt like it was splitting in two. Seikyo's eyes rolled in the back of his head and the pain finally disappeared as if something had just left his body, a dark presence...

He slowly opened his eyes and noticed a figure standing in front of him, staring down at him.

"W-Who are... you...?" Seikyo fully opened his eyes and noticed that the figure had metallic golden boots on with black buckles on. Orange spandex were tucked into the boots and a golden belt was wrapped the orange pants with golden cloth hanging down the belt towards his feet. The figure had light blue skin and a sleeveless, skin-tight orange shirt connecting to his spandex pants. He had orange and golden skin-tight gauntlets that allowed his knuckles and fingers to be visible, these gauntlet had ancient dragon markings on them.

His hair was the exact same as a Kaioshin's, but pure white and he had earrings with golden balls dangling from them. A golden halo with golden sparkles around it hovered above the figure's head and he had piercing green eyes that glared at Seikyo.

"This appears to be the first time you and I have met, my name is Nether." The figure spoke and dusted off his sleeveless shirt.

"N-Nether..." Seikyo grit his teeth as if he heard that name before. This person had the same voice as the wicked voice within his mind, the voice from the Wicked Dragon Balls.

"I apologize for my crude words a few minutes ago, turns out you had more power hiding within you, enough to free me from my prison within Netherworld." Nether pointed at the green beam in the sky, signifying the negative energy from the red blast caused the purified yellow energy to revert back to it's green, wicked energy, and since the portal is almost fully operational, Nether was capable of making his way through into our realm.

"I must be off however, sleep it off kid, you earned a quick nap." Nether remarked to Seikyo as he floated up into the air. An orange aura slowly enveloped his body and a thicker, godlier blue aura surrounded that orange aura. Within an instant, Nether's body turned into an orange light and it rapidly fired into the sky towards the direction of the Lookout.

Left alone, Seikyo slumped forward and slammed his face into his hands. He couldn't believe what he had done. Cheating to power, and now this? This was the ultimate amount of guilt that any Saiyan could feel..

What could Nether possibly have in store for Planet Earth now that he has been unleashed upon our reality? Why would he possibly be heading towards the Lookout? Find out next time!

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VOL 14: Chapter 134 - "A Saiyan's Guilt"
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