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 VOL 14: Chapter 138 - "Corrupt Shenron"

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VOL 14: Chapter 138 - "Corrupt Shenron" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 14: Chapter 138 - "Corrupt Shenron"   VOL 14: Chapter 138 - "Corrupt Shenron" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2018 3:22 pm

Flying towards the Z-Fighters with immense speed, Corrupt Shenron leaned his head up towards the sky with his mouth wide open, giving the Z-Fighters only a few seconds to react, Corrupt Shenron slammed his snout down towards Jaduko in an attempt to catch him and the Locket in his mouth.

"Watch out!" Konno shouted as he and the others quickly leaped out of the way, Jaduko jumped backwards over the Wicked Dragon Balls and landed on the roof of the Temple. Concrete rubble flew in every direction causing Jaduko to block his face from the debris. Corrupt Shenron liftedhis head from the crater he created and glared at Jaduko.

With the Locket being held tightly in his grasp, Jaduko noticed Violouh fly into the sky behind Corrupt Shenron, his arm raised towards the sky motioning for Jaduko to throw the Locket to him.

"Heads up!" Jaduko shouted as he removed the Locket from his neck and tossed it fast and hard over Corrupt Shenron's head, the dragon followed the Locket's movement through the sky but was caught off guard with a swift punch downwards onto his snout from Kaj. Corrupt Shenron's head slammed into the concrete tiles as Kaj quickly backed away.

Catching the Locket with one hand, Violouh watched as Corrupt Shenron's head lifted up from the ground and his eyes stared straight at him.

Taisuka, K.O.N, and Nitzu rushed towards the Wicked Dragon Balls in an attempt to move them away from the fight but the three had no luck. The Wicked Dragon Balls had become too heavy to move, almost as if they were glued to the Lookout floor and were there to stay.

"Don't worry about the balls, worry about yourselves!" Kaj shouted as Corrupt Shenron's tail smacked him in the face, sending him flying down onto the Lookout with concrete lifting up as he tumbled across it. He eventually tumbled off the edge of the Lookout and quickly flipped, dashing along the underneath of the Lookout so he could come back up on the other side.

With Corrupt Shenron chasing after him with immense speed, Violouh quickly tossed the Locket of Nether over the dragon's head and he dropped to the ground before he ended up being a snack for the beast. Turning his head to follow the Locket, Corrupt Shenron noticed Konno with his hands pointed up towards the sky as if he was going to catch it. Letting out a monstrous roar, Corrupt Shenron dashed towards Konno just as soon as Kaj flew up from the side of the Lookout.

Dashing in front of Konno, Kaj stole the Locket causing Corrupt Shenron to take his attention off of Konno however the momentum kept the dragon in line to crash into the Earthling. With this window being given to him, Konno jumped into the air as Corrupt Shenron flew underneath him.

"SHERBET FLARE!" Konno shouted as an orange and white beam flashed from his hands, slamming into the top of Corrupt Shenron's head. The dragon winced and he smacked into the Lookout below, cracking the tile beneath as Konno continued to push the blast harder and harder.

Whipping his tail around, Corrupt Shenron smacked into K.O.N sending him flying towards Konno's direction, the Namekian slammed into Konno forcing the blast to be cut off, allowing Corrupt Shenron to move freely again. K.O.N flipped and landed on the edge of the Lookout, catching Konno by the back of his gi before he fell over the side.

"Whoa, nice catch!" Konno was surprised at K.O.N's actions.

Corrupt Shenron began to fire blasts of golden energy towards Kaj's direction, but the Potrean rolled through the air and dodged all of the blasts.

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Jaduko shouted from the top of the Temple, a blue beam slammed into the side of Corrupt Shenron's snout as he passed in front of the temple. Taisuka and Nitzu lifted their arms up below Jaduko's Kamehameha and fired their own blasts into the side of Corrupt Shenron's head, forcing him to roll and wriggle away.

Kaj slid along his feet and turned around to watch the spectacle as the three beams slammed into the beast that was following him. With a chuckle, Kaj felt an absurd level of energy rise from within Corrupt Shenron's body. The dragon's green eyes rapidly began to pulsate with green energy as he let out a mighty roar that forced Kaj, Konno, Violouh, and K.O.N to cover their ears. Nitzu stopped firing his beam and covered his ears as well, falling to his knees from the immense sound.

Taisuka and Jaduko however, kept firing their beams into Corrupt Shenron's head. Taisuka's hair fluttered upwards as he transformed into a Super Saiyan, Jaduko remained in his base form because he was still too weak to transform.

Kaj widened his eyes as a clear explosive wave erupted around Corrupt Shenron's head, pushing Jaduko and Taisuka's beams back towards them at an immense speed, Taisuka went tumbling inside of the Temple and Jaduko was send flying through the roof of the Temple, tumbling to the ground behind it and sliding only a few inches away from the edge of the Lookout.

"Jaduko!" Konno rushed towards his friend as K.O.N rushed towards Corrupt Shenron, who was regaining himself from the attack. Violouh landed on the ground next to Kaj as Corrupt Shenron began to slid along the Lookout tiles towards him.

"Give him everything you can!" Violouh shouted as he raised his hands towards the dragon. "SHIMMERING ARROWS!" Purple ki blasts in the shape of arrows began to fly rapidly towards Corrupt Shenron, slowing him down for the time being. With the Locket in his right hand, Kaj pointed his left hand towards Corrupt Shenron and a red blast began to form in his palm.

"DEMONIC BLAST!" Kaj shouted as a red blast of energy pushed away from his hand towards Corrupt Shenron, Violouh's Shimmering Arrows began to circle around Kaj's Demonic Blast and the two attacks hit the dragon full force, causing him to roar in both pain and anger.

Nitzu flew into the air high above the Lookout and watched the chaos unfold below him. The trees on the Lookout were either blown completely away or were struggling to stay rooted and the tiny buildings next to the Temple were beginning to crack and rip apart. He watched Kaj and Violouh's attacks slow down the dragon and he tried thinking of how to approach the situation.

Rushing behind Corrupt Shenron, K.O.N managed to climb up on the dragon's tail. He slowly crawled his way along the dragon's back towards the head as Kaj and Violouh ended their attacks.

"TOSS IT HERE!" K.O.N shouted as Corrupt Shenron rushed forward through the smoke from the attacks. Kaj acted quick and tossed the Locket barely above Corrupt Shenron's head, causing the dragon to try and catch the Locket in his mouth. K.O.N lifted his wooden staff into the air and caught the Locket by it's chain and swung it down so he could grab onto it. Corrupt Shenron flew high into the air trying to gnaw at K.O.N on his back with his teeth. Kaj and Violouh looked up and watched in awe as Taisuka stumbled out of the Temple, falling off of the little platform of the entryway onto the title.

Sliding on his knees next to Jaduko, Konno quickly rolled his friend over on his back and watched as he struggled to gain energy. Jaduko's cuts from the blast from earlier weren't healing too well.

"You alright man?" Konno questioned as he struggled to grab the Senzu Beans from his belt. "You're the strongest out of all of us, we need you out there!"

"T-This day's... been pretty hectic.... hasn't it?" Jaduko chuckled through pain as Konno pulled out a Senzu Bean and fed it to his best friend, there were only two beans left.

"Yeah, this morning I made eggs for my kid thinking we'd send all of these guys back home. But now we're fighting an evil dragon that can shoot electricity from the sky. I'm not sure if we can win this one.."

Feeling the Senzu Bean working on his body, Jaduko rolled on his back and flipped onto his feet, his cuts were fully healed and his stamina was restored back to one hundred percent.

"We'll win it, even if Seikyo isn't here to help." Jaduko clenched his fists and his hair spiked upwards, he became a regular Super Saiyan. His body bent forward and his veins began to bulge as the ground around him began to shake. Konno rose an eyebrow as he got to his feet behind Jaduko. He could feel his power skyrocketing, higher than it ever has before.

Meanwhile in the air, Nitzu noticed a golden light pulsating on the ground. He smirked and knew it was Jaduko. But he didn't have much time to acknowledge Jaduko's power up, as Corrupt Shenron was spiraling upwards through the air towards him with K.O.N on his back.

"I got your back, K.O.N!" Nitzu shouted, holding his hands above his head, facing his palms together. A brown beam began to form in between his hands and he rapidly thrust his hands towards Corrupt Shenron as he drew closer. "DOSHAKUZURE!" The brown beam burst off from Nitzu's hands as he held them above his head and the brown beam slammed into Corrupt Shenron's head causing him to recoil downwards from the attack.

K.O.N flew upwards from the momentum but quickly turned around and caught Corrupt Shenron's tail as it flapped upwards. He tightened his grip on the dragon's tail as Corrupt Shenron pushed away from the beam and circled around the beam so he could spiral up towards Nitzu around it.

"W-What?!" Nitzu cancelled the attack before it could make contact with the Lookout, but the dragon was too quick. Corrupt Shenron opened his mouth in an attempt to catch Nitzu in his mouth.

Looking upwards from the dragon's tail, K.O.N was forced to let go of the Locket and use his free hand to thrust his index finger and his middle finger up towards the sky. Below Corrupt Shenron's head, a clear Kiai wave slammed into the dragon's jaw, forcing him to lean up away from Nitzu. Nitzu dashed backwards away from the dragon and watched as multiple Kiai waves slammed into the dragon's head from every direction. He looked down at K.O.N and noticed him doing hand movements with his two fingers, he was the one controlling those Kiai waves.

"Nice one!" Nitzu shouted. K.O.N nodded and gave a mighty roar as he clenched his fist together and thrust it upwards, a massive Kiai wave uppercutted Corrupt Shenron in the jaw sending him flying higher up into the sky. Because of this, K.O.N was knocked off of the dragon's tail and began falling down towards the Lookout.

Nitzu burst from his position down towards K.O.N, he noticed the Locket was flying towards the ground as well. The Lookout was approaching fast but Nitzu couldn't keep up with the speed of K.O.N's descent. Much to his surprise, Nitzu watched as K.O.N flipped and began to levitate above the ground, catching the Locket in his free hand. Nitzu lifted his legs up and his body began to stop itself before he crashed into the Lookout. He landed on the concrete with a large 'THUD'.

"What, you didn't think I could float?" K.O.N snickered at Nitzu, who shrugged.

Kaj, Violouh, and Taisuka who was still in his Super Saiyan form rushed over to K.O.N and Nitzu so the five of them were standing in between where the palm trees on the Lookout used to be. Before any of them could catch their breath, they heard Corrupt Shenron roar high up in the sky. They all looked up and noticed him conjuring blue lightning from higher in the sky despite there not being any clouds.

"Oh come on..." Taisuka muttered.

"That doesn't look good..." Konno muttered as Jaduko was still powering up, oblivious to the lightning forming in the sky up above.

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VOL 14: Chapter 138 - "Corrupt Shenron"
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