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 VOL 14: Chapter 139 - "The Dragon's Flame"

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VOL 14: Chapter 139 - "The Dragon's Flame" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 14: Chapter 139 - "The Dragon's Flame"   VOL 14: Chapter 139 - "The Dragon's Flame" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2018 5:11 pm

As Corrupt Shenron began to conjure electricity in the sky up above the Lookout, Konno noticed that Jaduko was still powering up.

"Don't you think you're wasting up a lot of energy just by doing that?" Konno shouted at his friend. Before the two of them could react, blue bolts of lighting began to slam down towards the two of them. Jaduko's aura stopped flaring up and he lunged forward, rolling along the concrete tiles as Konno jumped backwards off of the Lookout, hovering backwards in the air.

The lighting bolt slammed into the ground where the two of them were and once it vanished, Konno's heart began to pound from terror. Before he could say anything, he noticed Jaduko's golden hair spike even farther up than it normally did, leaving only a single bang over his forehead and two bangs framing his forehead. His face looked more menacing and small bolts of electricity began to circulate around Jaduko's body, he had become a Super Saiyan 2!

But to Konno, it appeared as though Jaduko was just struck by the dragon's lightning, he had no idea this was a new form.

"Y-You alright?" Konno questioned as he floated back onto the Lookout.

"Better than ever." Jaduko's tone of voice was lower and more stern, he smirked and quickly hopped into the air towards the Temple, where he landed on the roof. Konno remained still with his eyes wide as he watched Jaduko move with incredible speed.

"This day can definitely get weirder." Konno muttered to himself as more lightning attempted to strike him.

"Look out!" Taisuka shouted as a big bolt of lightning struck the ground where he and the others were standing. Jaduko stood on top of the Temple as he watched Taisuka, K.O.N, Violouh, Kaj, and Nitzu jump around the entire Lookout dodging lightning bolt after lightning bolt.

Looking up into the sky, Jaduko noticed Corrupt Shenron turn his head to stare down at him and with this, Jaduko realized the lightning wasn't actually coming from the sky, but was being conjured up by the back of Corrupt Shenron's neck.

The Super Saiyan 2 burst off from the Temple roof towards the dragon high above in the air, cracking the building a tiny bit. Corrupt Shenron snarled and opened his mouth, firing a golden beam of energy towards Jaduko. Jaduko spun around in the air and back flying along the side of the beam. That golden beam slammed down onto the Temple creating a massive explosion.

All of the Z-Fighters lifted their hands to block the debris flying towards them. Once the smoke faded, the Temple was completely destroyed.

"MR. POPO!" K.O.N shouted as rubble began to rain down from the sky where the Temple once stood. Luckily, the inside of the Lookout remained untouched.

"He's alright! I can still sense his energy, so I'll find him!" Konno shouted as he hopped into the rubble from the other side of the damage, he rushed into the inside of the Lookout to find Mr. Popo.

"Look at Jaduko, he's rushing towards Nether's Shenron!" Nitzu shouted, pointing towards the sky. With Corrupt Shenron's attention focusing on Jaduko, the lightning striking the Lookout had stopped.

"He looks different, what happened?" Kaj questioned. He and the others watched as Jaduko's body rapidly vibrated in and out of view before Corrupt Shenron's head was sent spiraling into the air, his body trailing after the head. Jaduko somehow managed to knock the dragon upwards with just a simple kick.

"His Super Saiyan form has electricity around it?" Taisuka was shocked.

"That power... I think he's found a level beyond that of a regular Super Saiyan..." Violouh muttered, he could feel that this was the same power he had experienced earlier when he felt Jaduko's first transformation.

"No way..." Taisuka muttered. The Z-Fighters watched as Corrupt Shenron quickly circled around, attempting to slap Jaduko with his tail. The Super Saiyan 2 quickly dodged the tail and grabbed onto it, flipping around and throwing the dragon down towards the Lookout. However before the dragon made contact, he quickly sped off towards the side of the Lookout, dashing alongside the side of it and going underneath.

Before any of the Z-Fighters could react, Corrupt Shenron's head popped up next to them and rapidly opened it's mouth. A golden beam rapidly burst from the dragon's mouth towards the group forcing them to leap away from each other. Taisuka and Kaj leaped into the air towards the right while K.O.N, Nitzu, and Violouh leaped towards the left. The golden beam burst through the rubble of the Temple.

Within that rubble, Konno was reluctant enough to hold back for a bit as he and Mr. Popo were emerging from the rubble, the two of them stumbled down the flight of stairs they were on and watched as the golden beam passed several feet above their heads.

Jaduko rushed back down towards the ground to help his friends.

'Nether's kicking up the fight a bit ever since I transformed, almost as if he was holding back waiting for me to transform..' Jaduko thought as he watched Corrupt Shenron reel his head back away from the Lookout. 'The guys won't last long, he's too powerful!' He noticed K.O.N clutching onto the Locket and knew that he had to get a hold of it so the dragon would target him instead.

With his head reeled back, Corrupt Shenron rapidly dashed forward towards K.O.N, Nitzu, and Violouh. The dragon's body traveled along the top of the tiles on the Lookout and was preparing to ram into the three warriors.

"He's going fast!" Taisuka shouted as he and Kaj landed on the ground away from the dragon. Konno and Mr. Popo made their way over to the two of them. Nitzu and Violouh leaped to the left out of the way of Corrupt Shenron's path while K.O.N leaped to the right, the Locket of Nether grasped tightly in his left hand. However the dragon was too quick and noticed what K.O.N was doing.

Slightly shifting his direction to his left, Corrupt Shenron opened his mouth and managed to catch K.O.N's arm on his teeth. The Namekian let out a scream of pain as his arm was torn completely off. Closing his mouth as he continued dashing over the Lookout, Corrupt Shenron swallowed K.O.N's arm with the Locket of Nether still in it's grasp.

"NO!" Jaduko shouted as he landed on the ground next to K.O.N with a giant 'THUD'. "Are you alright, K.O.N?!"

"G-G-Give... me... a moment.." K.O.N muttered with purple blood leaking from his mouth and spurting from his arm wound. With a shout of agonizing pain, K.O.N regenerated his arm, Jaduko watched as a new arm extended from K.O.N's shoulder, the Super Saiyan 2 raised an eyebrow. "I should be fine now."

"What are we gonna do now that the Locket is inside the dragon?" Taisuka shouted from across the Lookout, all of the Z-Fighters along with Mr. Popo rushed over to Jaduko and K.O.N as they watched Corrupt Shenron maneuver himself around so he could face the Lookout.

"I'm not sure yet.." Jaduko muttered, the others looked at him.

"That form of yours, it feels powerful." Violouh complimented Jaduko. "I could sense it earlier today."

"Thanks, I think I'll call it Super Saiyan 2." Jaduko chuckled and clenched his fist in front of his face as electricity sparked around his body. Taisuka widened his eyes and grinned, hoping he could reach that level one day too.

"You continue to surprise us all." Konno chuckled, Mr. Popo nodded.

"I couldn't have reached this power without Seikyo's help." Jaduko replied, not taking his eyes off of Corrupt Shenron. Despite having the Locket inside his body, he still seemed intent on killing off our heroes as he slowly flew towards the Lookout.

"I bet he wasn't happy about that." Nitzu remarked.

"Not at all." Jaduko replied.

"It's a shame he isn't here, he seemed full of himself back at the Tournament." Kaj snickered.

"If Jaduko found a new realm of power, I'm sure all of us will be fine teaming up against this dragon!" Konno slammed his fists together, the others got into a fighting pose as Mr. Popo summoned his flying magic carpet, as if he was told by Konno to escape the battlefield. The entire Lookout was nearly destroyed with all of the buildings being torn down into rubble.

'Let's hope you're right Konno. But I don't think it's safe for any of you here.' Jaduko thought to himself as Corrupt Shenron roared as he approached the Lookout. 'What are we gonna do if we don't have the Locket?'

But then, an idea hit Jaduko's mind.

Continue Onto Chapter 140:
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VOL 14: Chapter 139 - "The Dragon's Flame"
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