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 VOL 15: Chapter 141 - "The Lone Warrior's Resolution"

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VOL 15: Chapter 141 - "The Lone Warrior's Resolution" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 15: Chapter 141 - "The Lone Warrior's Resolution"   VOL 15: Chapter 141 - "The Lone Warrior's Resolution" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2018 9:09 pm

"I'm guessing it's too late to ask you to grant me a wish?" Jaduko shouted up towards Corrupt Shenron as the wind rustled through his hair. The entire Lookout had been destroyed making it completely flat, nothing but the Saiyan, the Dragon, and tons of rubble.

'I already granted it, you wanted your friendsssss to leave you in ssssolitude, didn't you?' Nether's voice rang out in the back of Jaduko's mind. 'Assss a former God, one of my powerssss involvesss  persssuasssion.'

"Then how about you persuade yourself to give me back my Locket, get back into those Dragon Balls, and leave all of us alone?" Jaduko's fists clenched as he prepared to defend himself incase Corrupt Shenron began to strike.

'Thissss reality hasss alwayssss been my home.' Nether's voice hissed, Jaduko thought his prolonged 'S' sounds were becoming annoying. 'I wassss unrightfully punisssshed for creating Reybuu.'

"Why did you create that thing in the first place?" Jaduko questioned. "It killed my dad and one of my best friends. You're supposed to be someone who stands up for peace."

'Ssssomething you musssst know about the God of Peace, isss that peace cannot be achieved without underssstanding what the antonym for peace issss.' Nether instructed. 'If we godssss didn't fight to uphold what we thought wassss right, it wouldn't be upheld.'

"But why create Reybuu?" Jaduko questioned.

'Reybuu wasss a demonsssstration...' Nether informed the Saiyan. 'After peace was essstablissshed after a war between Godsss and Demonsss at the beginning of time, I couldn't be taken ssseriousssly asss a god who didn't have a purpose. Thussss, I wasss forced to create a demon who I planned on defeating to prove myssself asss an advocate of peace.'

"But I'm guessing that didn't work out and he was too much for you?" Jaduko couldn't believe he was talking to a dragon, but at least he was recovering some stamina in the process.

'Correct.' Nether replied. ' I wasss banissshed within the Locket and my ssssoul formed it'ssss own entity within the Locket. A reality wassss born within my heart and it thrived for billionssss of yearsss. I loathed the idea of sssstaying within that Locket but luckily, a fellow God had found it and meant to ussssee it for hissss own purpossssessss, but I wassss grateful, assss it lead to my path interlocking with yourssss, your family, and your friendssss.'

"You're trying to say WE'RE the ones who set you free?" Jaduko grit his teeth. "We... they... did everything to seal your monster back in that Locket where it belonged until we finally managed to destroy it, something you couldn't even do yourself." He began thinking of his father and Future Taisuka.

'My path hassss finally met it'ssss end. I sssshould be grateful that I've finally been ssset free now that my act of vengeance can be forced upon the godssss, but there issss sssssomething about you that the Locket drawssss me to. I finally wissssh to find out what.' Nether's voice cut off in Jaduko's mind and Corrupt Shenron began to snarl and open his wide mouth.

Jaduko widened his eyes and quickly leaped towards his left as a golden beam dashed out of Corrupt Shenron's mouth. The golden beam broke through the Lookout tile where Jaduko once stood and traveled along the ground until it disappeared.

Rushing forward with his hand glowing yellow, Jaduko fired a rapid barrage of Ki Blasts into Corrupt Shenron's open mouth and nostrils causing the Dragon to lift his head up. Floating upwards in the air with about 15 feet of distance between him and Corrupt Shenron, Jaduko didn't flinch as the dragon opened his mouth and let out a roar that echoed throughout the entire area. The force of energy erupting from Corrupt Shenron's roar was enough to slightly push Jaduko backwards in the air.

"That all you got?!" Jaduko shouted as he and the dragon were now about 40 feet apart from each other. Corrupt Shenron reeled his head back and fired another golden beam directly towards the Super Saiyan 2. Jaduko widened his eyes and flinched his body back a bit but with quick thinking, his golden aura flared around him as he charged towards the beam. Inches before it would make contact, Jaduko quickly rolled towards his right and began flying alongside the beam towards the dragon's mouth.

"Take this!" Jaduko shouted as he quickly stooped below the beam and flew directly into the bottom of Corrupt Shenron's jaw, delivering a massive punch that sent the dragon's head skyrocketing towards the sky.

With his aura dispersing around him, Jaduko noticed Corrupt Shenron's head still pointed towards the sky. A blue electricity began to spark between the brown horns on the dragon's head causing Jaduko to widen his eyes. Remembering the electricity blasts from earlier, Jaduko looked up towards the sky and realized he was even closer to being struck than he was back down on the Lookout.

Given only a second to dodge out of the way, Jaduko opened his mouth in shock and dove away towards the ground as a bolt of electricity struck downwards where he once was floating. As he approached the Lookout down below, Jaduko flipped and landed on his feet with his body facing Corrupt Shenron. He clenched his fists and looked upwards as the dragon stared down at him.

With a shout, Jaduko's golden aura flared back up around him as electricity sparked furiously around his body. A bright flash of light caused Corrupt Shenron to wince and once the light faded, Jaduko had his teeth gnarled together, he was glaring up at the dragon.

"You better quit toying with me and actually fight!" Jaduko threatened over the sound of his aura and electricity.

Lowering his head down to the same level as the Lookout's floor, Corrupt Shenron backed his body up. Clenching his fists, Jaduko prepared to strike once the dragon rushed him. But once Corrupt Shenron dashed forward along the top of the Lookout, he was going hundreds of times faster than he was before against the other Z-Fighters, his speed was enough to startle even a Super Saiyan 2.

Widening his eyes, Jaduko quickly rolled towards his right and slid on his hands and feet as chunks of rubble slapped into his body, those chunks of rubble were kicked up from the Lookout as Corrupt Shenron broke through the tile.

Barely having enough time to get back on his feet, Jaduko turned his head and noticed Corrupt Shenron dashing towards him from the other side of the Lookout.

"Whoa!" Jaduko shouted as he quickly burst upwards into the air, Corrupt Shenron's scales were centimeters away from grazing his feet. Jaduko contemplated of slamming his foot down onto the dragon's back but before he could finalize his decision, Corrupt Shenron's body was out from underneath the Super Saiyan 2's body.

Flying upwards into the air and turning around, Corrupt Shenron dashed downwards at an angle towards Jaduko who was still floating in the air. Opening his jaw to snack on the Saiyan, Jaduko noticed just in time.

"DIYAH!" Jaduko shouted out loud as he burst off into the air towards his left, barely avoiding Corrupt Shenron's teeth chomping down where he once floated. The dragon's head slammed into the tiles of the Lookout giving Jaduko some breathing room. With a flip to catch himself, Jaduko began firing a barrage of yellow ki blasts towards the dragon's head as it was struggling to pick itself up.

"KAMEHAME-" Jaduko reeled his hands back in an attempt to fire the beam at the dragon, but felt a spark of energy jolt in the back of his mind. Opening his mouth and turning his head to the left, Jaduko noticed Corrupt Shenron's tail flying towards him.

Cancelling the Kamehameha, Jaduko crossed his arms in an "X" formation and braced himself as the dragon's tail smacked into him. Using all of his might and speed, Jaduko pushed the tail forward to get enough room so he could attempt to grab the tail and throw the dragon back down into the ground.

Upon grabbing Corrupt Shenron's tail, Jaduko realized just how heavy it was and quit trying to throw the dragon around. He dropped down towards the ground and slammed his foot onto Corrupt Shenron's back as the dragon lifted himself out of the Lookout, only to have his body slam back into it.

Angered by this, Corrupt Shenron twisted his neck around and fired a rapid golden beam towards Jaduko. Widening his eyes, Jaduko pushed himself backwards, allowing the golden beam to slam into the dragon's own tail.

"HaHA!" Jaduko laughed as he expected the dragon to roar in pain. Instead, Corrupt Shenron just tilted his head towards Jaduko causing the beam to make it's way in his direction. Without any time to react aside from blocking his face, Jaduko was engulfed by the golden beam and pushed onto the ground of the Lookout. He began to slide along the tiles until his feet broke through them as he was pushed towards the edge of the Lookout, unable to react.

Luckily, the golden beam quickly disappeared and Jaduko lifted his head over his arms. With a sigh and his body bleeding, he noticed Corrupt Shenron lift his head up towards the sky with his mouth open. A large, golden ball of energy began to form in the air above the dragon's head.

'Should I deflect it?' Jaduko thought. 'Nah, too powerful.. a Kamehameha won't do either..' But before he could think of a plan of action, the ball of energy was sent flying towards him.

Considering he was at the edge of the Lookout, Jaduko simply took a step backwards and dropped towards the Earth below. He lifted his head towards the sky and watched as the golden beam destroyed part of the Lookout where he was standing and continue down towards the planet.

With his aura flaring around him, the golden ball of energy exploded in the air so luckily he didn't have to worry about it. Jaduko flew alongside the underneath of the Lookout hoping to catch the dragon off guard on the other side. During his flight, he threw the last Senzu Bean given to him by Konno in his mouth.

Feeling his body power up to it's highest, especially thanks to all the Zenkai Boosts he's received all day, Jaduko flew over the ledge on the other side of the Lookout but was caught off guard when Corrupt Shenron's head was pointed at him, it's mouth wide open.

"I'll end this... no matter what!" Jaduko shouted despite not being given any time to dodge out of the way of Corrupt Shenron's mouth. He held his arm at his side and began forming a blue ball of energy in his hand, supposedly part of the Kamehameha wave. He flew into Corrupt Shenron's mouth and fired the quick Kamehameha wave once he made his way down into the dragon's stomach.

With a roar, Corrupt Shenron pointed his head towards the sky as he coiled up in the air above the Lookout as his body began to glow blue from the Kamehameha wave, then it began to glow golden.

Rays of golden light scattered across the sky and a quick flash of light covered the entirety of it from this final attack of Jaduko's. Power could be felt rippling throughout the entire world, catching the attention of everyone who could sense Ki.

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VOL 15: Chapter 141 - "The Lone Warrior's Resolution"
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