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 VOL 15: Chapter 143 - "Peace"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 15: Chapter 143 - "Peace"   VOL 15: Chapter 143 - "Peace" I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2018 1:12 am

Nether remained on his hands and knees in the water as he softly panted, somehow Jaduko forcing him to lose stamina. He eyed the Locket in the Saiyan's grasp and knew he couldn't make any sudden movements towards it.

With his grasp tightening on the Locket, Jaduko noticed the black gem softly pulsate as if it were speaking out to him. Narrowing his eyes, a jolt of energy shot off in the back of his mind and he could see into his own reality through the gem on the Locket.

'He won't be the only one to take the spotlight!' Seikyo's voice shouted in the back of Jaduko's mind. Everything was dark but Jaduko's vision slowly dissolved into the face of his friend, Seikyo. Jaduko noticed that Seikyo was attacking Corrupt Shenron back on the Lookout, he was alone but luckily the dragon was moving very sluggishly. Jaduko slightly chuckled to himself because even after everything the two of them had been through, Seikyo still couldn't sit back and let Jaduko handle everything himself.

Nether winced in pain as he struggled to get to his feet. Jaduko's vision of Seikyo in his reality quickly faded away and he set his eyesight on the Kaioshin, who was snarling his teeth. It appeared as though Nether still had control of Corrupt Shenron back in Jaduko's reality, but since nobody was attacking the dragon, he could focus his full attention on Jaduko leaving Corrupt Shenron dormant . But with Seikyo taking the offensive after arriving on the battlefield, Corrupt Shenron was being controlled alongside Nether's physical form, causing an immense toll on his body.

"I guess all of the Z-Fighters ended up stopping you, huh?" Jaduko called out to Nether, who was holding onto his gut. "You had me thinking for a while that Seikyo reverted back to his old ways, but it was all you. You killed those people!" Jaduko grit his teeth and narrowed his eyes towards Nether.

"That doesn't deny the fact that it was his body who committed the acts.." Nether slightly chuckled.

"I'm going to stop you here, today." Jaduko remarked. "You have no right to attempt to reclaim your place as a God of Peace. You're anything but a peaceful person."

"What makes you say that?" Nether questioned.

"You can't achieve peace without getting your hands dirty, I get it. My friends and I have managed to achieve peace many times in our lives." Jaduko clenched his fists. "But if your main focus is enacting vengeance or taking a life to achieve peace, it's not peace at all!"

"You're incredibly naive." Nether managed to stand straight but before Jaduko could speak another word, the Kaioshin rushed forward towards him.

Jumping into the air while placing the Locket within his belt, Jaduko noticed that Nether followed towards him, the two collided fists in the middle of the air and the two warriors pushed off of each other. The scenery around them began to rapidly spin around, twist, and turn as the two warriors rapidly bounced back and forth at each other in the air causing air pockets to explode around the two of them. Jaduko managed to kick Nether down into the puddle of water and the momentum pushed him back towards one of the mountains surrounding the area.

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Jaduko shouted as he flipped backwards in the air, placing his feet on the wall of rock behind him, causing the rock to crack at his feet. He fired it down towards Nether and as the beam rushed closer towards the ground, walls of water rushed towards the sky around the beam as it made contact.

A massive explosion of water shot into the sky that could be seen for miles but no living thing was capable of seeing it aside from The Watcher, who knew of Nether's plan from the very beginning.

As the water fell towards the ground and the Kamehameha faded, Jaduko noticed Nether rushing through the falling water towards him.

"RAGGGHHHHHH!" Nether shouted, his voice had an echo behind it that sounded eerily similar to Corrupt Shenron's roar.

Pushing upwards from his position in the wall, Jaduko managed to dodge Nether just as the Kaioshin's fist slammed into the rock where he was once positioned. Without thinking, Nether lunged towards the Saiyan once more to attack and the two rapidly bounced along the side of the rock wall, colliding fists and exchanging a variety of kicks. The two warriors rapidly circled their way around the mountain range encasing the pond below and in the madness of fast moving action, the Locket of Nether had slipped from Jaduko's belt and tumbled down the many cliffs jutting out from the mountain.

As the Locket bounced, the gem began to pulsate faster and faster until it made it's way down towards the very bottom of the area, sliding along some snowy grass until it stopped on the edge of the pond next to a gigantic boulder.

Nether pushed off of Jaduko, allowing him to travel further backwards but forcing Jaduko to slam backwards into some rocky spikes hanging out of the cliff. He grabbed onto one of the spikes and spun around it to gain some momentum towards Nether and let himself fly forward towards the Kaioshin. However Nether noticed the Locket resting on the ground below.

'I have no choice, this kid is getting more powerful by the second...' Nether thought to himself as he sliced his finger in the air towards the cliff below him. The cliff broke into thousands of pieces of rubble and began tumbling down the mountain side in the direction of the Locket. If the rubble covered the Locket, the heavy weight could potentially destroy the artifact.

Noticing that Nether didn't attack him but instead caused a rock slide, Jaduko turned his attention towards the ground and noticed the Locket had slipped from his belt. Widening his eyes, Jaduko quickly flipped and slid his feet along the rock wall next to him causing him to stop. He used all of his energy to push himself off of the wall towards the Locket as he began dodging falling rocks.

With a snicker, Nether lifted his hand and unbeknownst to Jaduko, began to levitate the water from the pond, causing it to spiral into the sky like a pillar. Time seemed to slow down as Jaduko inched closer and closer towards the Locket, he managed to grab it just before a boulder smashed on top of it but before he had the chance to move, dozens of rocks began to cover his entire body, smashing into the ground at an immense speed.

Nether waved his hand and the pillar of water thrust itself towards the rocks encasing Jaduko. Water slammed into the boulders with frost on them and with a little bit of magic, Nether managed to ice the rocks together so they couldn't be moved. He had both Jaduko and the Locket trapped within this ice dome.

His face blank, Nether floated down into the now empty pond and studied the rocks for a short time. He cracked his knuckles and held his hand out towards the rocks with his palm facing them.

"This was an interesting battle, Masurao. But you failed to prove yourself to me." A golden beam began to form in Nether's palm as he chuckled. Without hestitating, Nether fired the golden beam into the rock dome and after a few seconds, the dust and smoke cleared from the attack. Everything caught within the beam was disintegrated.

Nether began to chuckle and that chuckle turned into a full on laugh as he closed his eyes and looked up towards the sky. However little did he know, there was someone standing several feet behind him..

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VOL 15: Chapter 143 - "Peace"
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