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 VOL 1: Chapter 4 - "Tailless Monkey"

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VOL 1: Chapter 4 - "Tailless Monkey" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 4 - "Tailless Monkey"   VOL 1: Chapter 4 - "Tailless Monkey" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2015 8:29 pm

Rain trickled down Rukiro's neck and ran down his back as he rested on one knee. Looking down at the grass, he tried to stop panting by regaining his energy. A foot rammed into his chin and he flew upwards. In almost an instant, the same foot slammed against his chest and he went flying across the wet grass, sliding into a rock.

Jaduko's smile dropped as he witnessed Rukiro get attacked. "What are they... doing...?" He whispered to himself, his Saiyan tail slumped to the ground behind him in confusion.

"Letish!" One of the Saiyans called out. "Stop playing around and kill him already!" The blue haired Saiyan who attacked Rukiro quickly spun around and looked at his leader.

"Geez Yamu, can't you calm down and let me do this my way?" He scoffed, turning back around. Rukiro began to stand up, fighting against the pain.

"You're.. that strong and.. you take orders from someone else?" Rukiro sputtered. He instantly gave a laugh and cracked his neck, seeming to gain energy almost instantly. "Guess you aren't as mentally strong as you are physically. I believe they call you a lackey, or a minion?" He laughed and locked eyes with Letish.

Letish didn't smile nor frown, he gave a blank stare to Rukiro, halting in his tracks. "Brawn is better than having a brain when it comes to Saiyans." He lifted his hand up, pointing his palm towards Rukiro as a red orb appeared in his hand. "You clearly, are not a Saiyan." The orb grew ten times it's size in a split second and exploded towards Rukiro, completely destroying the rock where he once stood, along with the area behind it.

Rukiro's body appeared in the air above Letish. Spinning in mid-air, he slammed his foot down towards Letish's head, who threw his palm up, with the sole of Rukiro's boot making an impact directly into his flat hand. An airwave exploded around them, causing the grass and weeds to rustle. Rukiro spun again and threw his other foot directly towards Letish's head. His opponent threw his arm up and blocked the kick with his forearm. The two engaged in hand to hand combat.

Jaduko couldn't help but jump in excitement in his hiding spot as he watched the fight. "Rukiro, you're so cool!" He shouted. The younger of the two Saiyans standing on the side lines heard Jaduko's shout and curiously looked up towards the rocks. Jaduko was reluctant enough to hide just in time.

The fight seemed to continue forever as the two exchanged melee and beam attacks, completely destroying the landscape of the valley they were in. Jaduko watched in awe as the two's ki blasts exploded nearby rocks and destroyed chunks of the mountain he was near.

Flipping off to the side, Rukiro lunged forward and slammed his fist into Letish's cheek, sending the navy blue haired Saiyan flying, his scouter was crushed from the force of the attack. Letish flipped and slid along his feet as Yamu and Seikyo both turned their heads to watch Rukiro following close behind. Lunging forward, Letish had a huge grin on his face as he thrust his fist forward, Rukiro was reluctant to use his momentum and throw a fist back at the Saiyan, they collided and the ground around them shook in power as electricity felt like it was sparking around their fists. Their arms trembled and seemed like they were magnetically stuck together, Letish and Rukiro both thrust their other fists together, with their hands collided the two quickly wrapped their fingers around each other's hands and shouted as the ground began to shake. A crater began to form as rocks lifted in the air from the power emitting from the two.

'This is awesome!' Jaduko thought to himself as he watched Rukiro headbutt Letish and kick off of him, the two collided in another flurry of fast punches and kicks.

Rukiro threw his punch towards Letish's nose. Letish managed to move his head as Rukiro's fist scraped his cheek and blood slipped out of his skin. Recoiling with an attack, Letish straightened his hand and threw it into Rukiro's stomach with enough force, breaking through the skin and muscle. Letish pushed his hand further into Rukiro's wound until his full hand was in his stomach. Giving a smirk as he watched Rukiro's expression struggle in pain, Letish's eyes glistened as a lightning fast beam shot from his pupils into Rukiro's eyeballs.

It was silent for a few seconds, until Letish slowly and painfully pulled his hand out of Rukiro's wound, he finished it off with a headbutt, smacking into the paralyzed Rukiro's nose, and sending him sprawling onto the ground, back first and lifeless.

Time seemed to slow down as Jaduko watched his brother fall to the ground, blood flying in the air and dripping off of Letish's hand. Gritting his teeth, Jaduko couldn't witness this anymore. The young boy exploded and the rocks around him were completely destroyed as he flew down from the cliff he was on, heading directly towards Letish in a fit of anger.

Letish turned his head and saw Jaduko flying towards him at an immense speed, his face still had a blank expression even after killing Rukiro. Jaduko screamed as tears flew past his cheek, he charged towards Letish hoping to attack him. Blindly, he felt a sharp force hit him in the back as he shot to the ground, bouncing up from the impact. A foot landed on his head and he was pinned to the ground as Yamu stood on Jaduko's head.

"Seiyogi!" Yamu called out. "Remove this runt's Saiyan Tail, he doesn't deserve it." His foot firmly planted on Jaduko's skull, Jaduko struggled to break free.

"B..but.. You know I can't do th-" The young Saiyan spoke up, he only looked a few years older than Jaduko.

He was cut off by Yamu. "DO IT NOW!" The older Saiyan shouted. "I AM YOUR BROTHER AND YOUR SUPERIOR, REMOVE THE TAIL!"

Seiyogi couldn't do anything else except slowly approach the pinned down Jaduko. He firmly grabbed onto the Saiyan's tail, causing Jaduko to stop struggling. With a hard tug, Jaduko's tail slowly started to rip from his skin, until it was fully removed.

Jaduko felt Yamu remove his foot from his head, and he then blacked out.

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VOL 1: Chapter 4 - "Tailless Monkey"
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