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 VOL 1: Chapter 5 - "And So His Journey Begins"

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Jaduko Masurao
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VOL 1: Chapter 5 - "And So His Journey Begins" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 5 - "And So His Journey Begins"   VOL 1: Chapter 5 - "And So His Journey Begins" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2015 9:03 pm

Jaduko slowly opened his eyes as he regained consciousness, he noticed that the rain had stopped from earlier. Slowly getting to his feet, Jaduko's body felt sore, very very sore. Trying to regain his senses, he looked around and noticed he was in the valley where Rukiro had fought those... monsters...

"Rukiro!" Jaduko shouted as he looked around, finding no trace of Rukiro or the Saiyans that had attacked him. "Was it all just another dream?" The young boy wondered, holding onto his sore head as he walked forward. Walking far enough, Jaduko managed to see red blades of grass, signifying the blood that Rukiro lost during his battle. Jaduko tried to cry, however he had no tears to shed, anger was all that was on his mind. He softly fell to his knees as he looked at the blood drenched grass, he felt behind him trying to feel for his Saiyan Tail, however, nothing was there.

Angrily, Jaduko slammed his fists down into the ground in front of him, realizing that his brother was gone forever, just like his parents. "He.. lied to me.." He muttered as he closed his eyes, every single one of the stories that Rukiro told him, they were all a lie. The Saiyans, they weren't heroes, they were destroyers. His parents, they weren't heroes, what were they? "I'LL NEVER KNOW!" Jaduko threw his hands down again, creating cracks in the dirt where his brother's body rested.

"I have to do something." Jaduko softly spoke, trying to calm down. He remembered the craters that the Saiyan's space pods made. Looking over towards them, he noticed that all but one of them, were gone. Quickly rushing over to the space pod, Jaduko kicked the red glass and completely smashed it. He looked around inside it, but found nothing. Glumly, Jaduko slumped into the space pod's seat. He deeply thought, remembering the Saiyan's names.

"Yamu and Seiyogi, they took away my tail." He thought out loud as he rubbed where his tail once was. "and that blue haired guy... Letish.. He took away my brother." He wanted to hit the side of the space pod, but realized he shouldn't damage it. "I'll get them back one day.."

The dark clouds dispersed and the morning light started to shine down into the valley where Jaduko stood. He looked up into the sky and realized that he needed to get revenge for Rukiro. He needed to be the hero he thought his dad once was, he needed to get stronger.

But how would he get stronger? Jaduko dropped his head and noticed the white circle over the heart of his orange gi, it had writing on it. Urgently taking off the top of his gi, he looked at the emblem. It was the symbol for 'Turtle'.

"The Turtle School, that's it!" Jaduko grabbed his clothing and urgently ran off towards his house, leaving the space pod and the battlefield behind him. "If I want to get stronger, I just have to find the Turtle School! They'll help me become strong again, I remember Rukiro telling me that our dad took him to train there every so often!"

With that, Jaduko began on his journey.

Continue Onto Chapter 6:
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VOL 1: Chapter 5 - "And So His Journey Begins"
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