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 VOL 1: Chapter 6 - "Jaduko the Tiger Hunter"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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VOL 1: Chapter 6 - "Jaduko the Tiger Hunter" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 6 - "Jaduko the Tiger Hunter"   VOL 1: Chapter 6 - "Jaduko the Tiger Hunter" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2015 9:33 pm

(Also known as the filler chapter)

Later that morning, Jaduko began stuffing item after item into a big backpack, filling it full of stuff from his room and extra pairs of clothing. Afterwards, he found a map inside of Rukiro's room, however there were no written directions towards Kame House, where he stated that the Turtle School resided.

Packing the map into his pack, Jaduko decided it was time for him to make his way in the world. Running past the living room, light flashed into Jaduko's eyes causing him to stop dead in his tracks, he walked into the living room and noticed sun glaring off of the 7 Star Dragon Ball sitting on a table, it was the Dragon Ball he found the other day. It was sitting next to the 3 Star, 6 Star, and 2 Star Balls, ones that Rukiro had found throughout recent years. Quickly swiping them off the table and into a special pocket in the backpack, Jaduko decided to take them along incase they ever served a purpose later on down the road.

Saying goodbye to his home, Jaduko locked it's doors and headed off towards the woods with the huge backpack slung over his back, he was wearing the gi he wore into the battlefield earlier that morning. "I should make my way towards Satan City, I hear that's close by my house, maybe someone there knows where Kame House is." Jaduko levitated off of the ground and started flying through the trees to try and gain more ground.

Hours passed as the sun rose high into the sky, signifying that it was high noon. Jaduko quickly hopped from hill to hill with intense speed, as if he was training his agility with the pack's weight. Jumping high into the sky, the young boy looked around and noticed that there was nothing but forest and mountains for several miles around him. Softly falling to the ground, he began a mad dash through a path in the forest, enjoying the run as the energetic boy he was.

However, he didn't watch his steps. Along the path, Jaduko stepped on a tail sticking out of a bush, however he was moving too fast to stop and notice it. The animal that the tail belonged to quickly shot up and jumped out of the bush it was resting in, letting a screech of pain. A large tiger crept into the opening and noticed dirt clouds made by Jaduko, and the animal decided to follow.

Orange quickly replaced the blue colored sky as the sun started to set. Jaduko skidded to a halt as he looked through the treeline and noticed city skyscrapers in the distance. Panting and out of energy, he slowly lifted his mouth into a smile as he confidently took a step down the path.

SNAP! Without completing his step, a branch snapped next to Jaduko, causing him to look down to see if he caused it. Catching the scent of damp fur, he saw the tiger out of the corner of his eye. The tiger lunged towards Jaduko, who quickly evaded and slid along the dirt. The two locked eyes.

"A cute little tiger?" Jaduko questioned. "I'm just trying to get to that city over there, can you let me pass?" He stood upright and placed his fists on his hips. Nothing but a growl was the tiger's response. "I guess I'll have to walk around you?" Jaduko asked, moving to the side. Bad move. The tiger lunged forward and swiped a paw at Jaduko, who dodged to the side, a claw catching on his leg and creating a huge gash in the leg of his gi.

"No, these are my only gi pants!" He shouted, kicking the tiger mid-air, sending it flying in the distance. The tiger spun in the distance and disappeared in a small glisten for comedic effect.

Wiping dirt off of his gi, Jaduko looked off towards where the tiger flew. "Huh.. I hope it lived." He laughed and scratched his head, continuing on his way towards Satan City.

Continue Onto Chapter 7:
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VOL 1: Chapter 6 - "Jaduko the Tiger Hunter"
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