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 VOL 1: Chapter 7 - "City Folk"

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Jaduko Masurao
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PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 7 - "City Folk"   VOL 1: Chapter 7 - "City Folk" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2015 11:51 pm

The sun was now fully set as a dark sky replaced the once vibrant orange. Walking through the streets of Satan City, Jaduko was amazed at how many people there were. He passed through people's legs as they walked past him on the sidewalk, occasionally his backpack bumped into someone. It felt weird, everyone was staring at him as if he was a child that had just ran away from home, but no one cared to worry as they recognized the gi he was wearing.

Jaduko made his way to the center of the metropolis, a beautiful scene he had never seen before. Cars rushed past each other as they moved from place to place. The young boy had lived his whole life in secrecy, hidden away in the forest and making friends with it's animals as he trained alongside his brother.

"Rukiro!" Jaduko remembered, the beauty of the city's towering skyscrapers and speeding vehicles had made him almost forget why he ventured here in the first place. Continuing down the sidewalk, Jaduko pulled the map out of his backpack, looking at it as he walked.

"There's gotta be someone here that can help me find Kame House." He muttered to himself. Urgently, he tried asking people that passed him by if they knew directions, yet no one could help him.

Throughout the night, Jaduko had no luck in getting anyone to help him, and he felt as if hope was lost, but that's when his luck came into grasp.

Pressing a button as he watched other people do throughout the night, Jaduko started walking across lines painted on the road, this was supposedly called a 'crosswalk'. Before he could even take a step, two cars violently flew past his face, causing the young boy to stumble back onto the sidewalk with other civilians turning their heads to see the commotion. His heart pounding, Jaduko turned his head to see the two cars that almost crashed into him, he noticed the two of them speeding down the road as if the two cars were engaged in a chase.

"Hey kid, you alri.." A man started to question as people gathered around Jaduko, however he was cut off by the young boy floating into the air and boosting off towards the two cars. This left the crowd of men and women in awe as they watched him chase down the cars.

Jaduko wasn't quick enough to catch them, the car in front had hit the side of a curb and the driver was flung from the car. Fortunately, he landed in a nearby hedge of grass, softening his fall. The car that was chasing him, halted to a stop. Three men wearing suits stepped out of the car and stepped onto the sidewalk, watching as the man painfully made his way out of the hedge.

"Yo Jerome!" A small pudgy man standing in front of the other two suited men started to speak up. He pulled the cigar he was smoking out of his mouth. "Ya find the money in that bush?" He chuckled.

Jerome was this man's name, he painfully stood up and picked his broken glasses up off of the ground, sliding them onto his face. ", sir." He replied as his body shook. "Like I s-said, I don't have... the money.." He looked at the ground.

"Tsk tsk, ya know what happens when people don't keep to their words and pay people back." The pudgy man lifted a finger as the two suited men behind him pulled pistols out of their suit jackets. They aimed the guns at Jerome, who stiffened up as he closed his eyes. With a swift kick, the two guns flew out of their hands and across the sidewalk, they turned their heads to see what was going on. Jaduko placed his hand on the side of one of the men's heads, and slammed the two skulls together, throwing them across the ground.

Surprised, the pudgy man stepped to the side as he witnessed this little kid take out his goons. "Wha-What?!" He shouted. Jerome opened one of his eyes and noticed Jaduko standing confidently where the suited men once stood. "Y-You lost kid?" The pudgy man shouted at Jaduko, who shook his head.

"What are you doing to this guy? It doesn't look very nice." Jaduko looked dead into the man's eyes. "Leave him alone."

Frantically opening his suit jacket, the pudgy man pulled out another pistol and aimed it at Jaduko. "Kids are supposed to listen to adults, not the other way around!" He shot at Jaduko's face. Jaduko tilted his head to avoid the bullet, it scraped against his cheek causing blood to quickly leak from the gash. In an instant, he shot towards the pudgy man and swiftly kicked him in the stomach, sending him skidding down the street.

Jerome let his jaw hang loose as he watched the events unfold in front of him, all three men were knocked out from Jaduko's attacks, police sirens rang off in the distance, getting closer with each second. Jerome took hold of Jaduko's arm and pulled him behind the buildings. "Quickly, the police aren't the kind of people we wanna mess with!"

The two ran for a few minutes until they made sure they were away from the police. This was when Jerome started to speak to Jaduko. "Hey, thanks kid." He said through pants. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

"My brother." Jaduko replied. This shocked Jerome.

"Really? You didn't learn it from them?" He pointed at the emblem on Jaduko's gi, causing Jaduko to look down at his chest. "Oh, no, I'm looking for them, you've heard of the Turtle School haven't you?"

Jerome nodded. "I'm the master of the Crane School, a rival school to the Turtle School. I didn't want to come into conflict with those mafia members or else my family would be in grave danger, so I tried to make myself appear weak in their eyes." He replied trying to keep his statement simplified so the kid could understand.

Jaduko jumped back in surprise. "Really?" Jaduko asked ignoring the part about the mafia and skipping straight to the point. "That must mean you know where Kame House is, can you show me where?"

Jerome smiled, "It's the least I can do for you saving my life." Jerome replied, he pointed off into the distance. "If you head straight over that way, you should reach a body of water, fly out straight from there and you'll find a tiny island with a pink house on it, that's Kame House. But being a teacher of the Crane School, I'd rather you join us than those silly Turtles. Want to come with me?"

Jaduko shook his head, "My brother taught me the ways of the Turtle School, so that's where I gotta go" He floated up into the air as Jerome lifted an eyebrow in surprise as it seemed the kid already knew how to fly.

"Thanks sir! Get yourself someplace safe and rest up, those goons won't mess with you again!" He burst off towards the direction he was supposed to head. Jerome waved after him, grateful for the young boy saving his life, but disappointed that he wanted to become a Turtle rather than a Crane.

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VOL 1: Chapter 7 - "City Folk"
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