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 VOL 1: Chapter 8 - "Turtle Hermit"

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VOL 1: Chapter 8 - "Turtle Hermit" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 8 - "Turtle Hermit"   VOL 1: Chapter 8 - "Turtle Hermit" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2015 4:20 pm

Waves splashed against the sandy shores of Kame Island. A young 8 year old boy stood with his arms crossed, watching the cool water hit against his boots. He had a blank expression on his face and intently stared at the water as if this was the only enjoyment he had gotten in a long time. This young boy's name was Konno Kureno, he was one of the four students training on Kame Island in the Turtle School, and he was the youngest of the students.

Behind him on the porch of Kame House, Konno could hear a toddler laughing as a 12 year old girl made random sounds trying to entertain it. The girl was named Lizz, and was also one of the students. Lizz was one of those girls that had motherly instincts as a young child, and she was the one who mainly took care of this toddler.

Out of the corner of Lizz's eye, she saw the sea parting as if a plane was flying close to the water, lifting her head to get a better look at it, she saw a small spec rather than a plane. Picking the toddler up and holding him in her arms, she looked towards the horizon as the object got closer to the island. Once it got close enough, she could tell that it was a person.

"Master!" She called into the house, "Someone's coming to visit us!" A bald, old man instantly rushed outside of the door, followed by a girl that looked a little younger than Lizz and a man who looked to be in his early twenties. The two were wearing orange uniforms signifying they were students

Jaduko softly dropped onto the sandy shore, water rushed past his feet as he landed. Each of the students looked at him, noticing the orange gi he was wearing. "He's wearing the turtle gi.." The man whispered to the old man.

Lizz replied with a "He's not a student is he? Why have we never met him?"

The old man stepped off the porch and walked towards Jaduko, he was wearing a purple turtle shell on his back and had a long white beard. Six dots were placed down his forehead. "Ah, is that you, Jaduko? I'd recognize that hair anywhere." The old man asked as he approached, much to the students surprise.

Jaduko walked off of the sandy beach and onto the grass until he was close to the old man. "Huh? How do you know my name?" He asked, but respected the man by giving a martial arts bow.

The old man replied. "You don't remember me? My name is Krillin, the Turtle Hermit of the Turtle School. I was good friends with your father, and I've known your brother since he was about your age... what was his name again?" He questioned, stroking his beard in embarassment.

"Rukiro." Jaduko said with a bummed out tone. "That's why I came here." Silence struck the island as the Turtle School students looked at Jaduko out of curiosity, they've never seen this kid but it seems as though the master has known him for a long time despite just barely meeting him.

"Ah.. I can see what happened in your feelings, I'm sorry for him." He placed a hand on Jaduko's shoulder. Jaduko shot his head up and looked at Krillin seeming confident.

"That's why I came here!" He repeated. "I want you to teach me to become strong! I want to know the kame kame wave!"

"Well you don't have to shout, I'm right here." Krillin jokingly retorted.

Konno scoffed in the background. "Do you mean the Kamehameha?" He held his hands at his side and a blue orb formed in his hands. He fired it off into the ocean with a loud 'boom', as the water parted away from the beam. The other students sighed in annoyance at Konno showing off. Once the Kamehameha wave disappeared from Konno's hands, Jaduko ran past Krillin and up to Konno.

"You know how to do it too?!" He shouted in excitement.

A disgusted look came over Konno's face, but before he could reply, Krillin called over to Jaduko. "Leave him be, Jaduko. Let's head inside, tell me what happened to Rukiro." With that, Krillin walked onto the porch and entered Kame House, with Jaduko and the School Students following him, leaving Konno outside on the sandy beach. Water from the ocean sprayed down like a rainfall from his technique as the water slowly settled to a calm.

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VOL 1: Chapter 8 - "Turtle Hermit"
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