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 VOL 1: Chapter 9 - "Way of the Warrior"

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VOL 1: Chapter 9 - "Way of the Warrior" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 9 - "Way of the Warrior"   VOL 1: Chapter 9 - "Way of the Warrior" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2015 5:51 pm

Upon entering Kame House, Jaduko looked around his new surroundings in awe. Inside of the house was nice and cozy, it was surprising that this was a school for martial arts rather than a vacation home. The Turtle Hermit walked over to a small table in the center of the room, he sat next to two blonde women, who weren't wearing the turtle school gi.

"Jaduko." Krillin began. "I'd like you to meet my family. This is Lazuli, but she likes to be refered as '18'." Krillin chuckled as he recounted the first time he met 18 during the events of "Dragon Ball Z"

The woman waved and smiled at Jaduko, who smiled and waved back. "This is my daughter." Krillin introduced the other blonde woman.

"Nice to meet you Jaduko!" The girl stuck her hand out to shake Jaduko's hand. When he extended his hand, she pulled him in for a hug, "My name is Marron." Jaduko laughed awkwardly, he wasn't used to this much attention. Marron let go of Jaduko and continued to talk. "You don't smell too good.." Marron softly said, but was whacked by Krillin on the head with a cane.

"Marron, manners!" He said. "Lori, will you show Jaduko to the bathroom and make sure he cleans himself?"

Lori nodded and motioned for Jaduko to follow her, she had beautiful black hair that rested on her shoulders, short enough for the Turtle School Emblem to be proudly displayed on her back.

"So your name's Lori, huh?" Jaduko tried to start a conversation as he followed her down the hall to the bathroom.

Lori replied with a "It sure is. Nice to meet you." Her voice had a nice tone to it, the two made it to the bathroom, where Jaduko entered and took a bath. After Jaduko's bath, he and Lori made it back downstairs, where they sat around the table where Krillin and his family sat. The man who looked to be in his early twenties was standing off in the corner of the room. His name was Klio and he had messy brunette hair. Lizz playing with the toddler next to the table.

"So, Jaduko..." Krillin began. "Mind telling us what happened to Rukiro?"

Klio chimed in. "And why you rudely showed up on this island, shouting nonsense." He was immediately slapped by Lizz due to his rude comment.

"Well.. from what I remember." Jaduko looked down at the table. "He was telling me stories at the firepit, and then I fell asleep.. I woke up and he was gone.." He sniffed, but no tears came out. The others listened in carefully. "I went out in the rain to find him, and I saw him fighting three men in armor, and they... killed him." 18 patted him on the shoulder.

"Three men wearing armor?" Lizz asked.

"Who do you think they would be?" Lori added in.

Krillin ordered the two of them to quiet down. "What did the armor look like?" He asked Jaduko.

Jaduko thought for a moment and then continued talking. "They all had golden shoulder parts, they were black with golden armor in the center of the chest, right here." He pointed to his chest.

"Sounds familiar, doesn't it?" 18 looked over at Krillin, who closed his eyes and nodded.

"That's why I came here." Jaduko continued. "I want to show the three of them that Rukiro and I aren't something they should mess with." He stood up and turned around. "They took my tail." Everyone's eyes widened looking at the gaping hole in Jaduko's gi where his tail used to be.

Krillin ordered for silence in the room as he carefully thought. "I normally don't do this Jaduko.. but since I'm familiar with your family. I'll allow you into the turtle school, I see you already know how to fly, so I'm assuming Rukiro has taught you all the basics of Martial Arts." He stood up and looked at Jaduko. "From this point on, we'll train you to become a warrior!" He lifted one foot on the table and formed a smile as Jaduko excitedly jumped up in glee.

"Thank you si- I mean, Master Krillin!" He was on his way to becoming a warrior, like his father and brother before him. Jaduko's excitement was cut off by the toddler's laughter on the other side of the room, he was laughing at Krillin's display.

"Hey, Lizz was it?" Jaduko asked. "What's that toddler's name? I don't think we've gotten to know each other yet." He walked over as Lizz picked him up.

"This little guy?" She laughed. "His name is Taisuka."

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VOL 1: Chapter 9 - "Way of the Warrior"
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