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 VOL 2: Chapter 11 - "Grand Prize Dragon Ball"

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 2: Chapter 11 - "Grand Prize Dragon Ball"   Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:07 pm

Jaduko's adventures with the Turtle School over the next nine years took place in this spinoff, because those events did not directly affect the main U93 storyline:

Nine years would pass with the Turtle School becoming Jaduko's new home ever since he first stumbled upon the shores of Kame Island. He was 13 years old now, a teenager with a simple goal in his mind, to get revenge on the Saiyans that killed the only family he had. Throughout the years, Jaduko's strength had increased as he perfected himself in the art of martial arts alongside the unfriendly Konno and the cocky Klio. Taisuka joined world of martial arts a few years after Jaduko had, and the energetic boy had joined the other five students on their adventures over the years as each of them grew older. Their bonds were slowly growing as they grew to became the best team they could be.

One day however while Jaduko, Konno, and Klio were outside training, Master Krillin burst through the front door of Kame House, disturbing Lizz, who was cleaning dishes. He also started Taisuka, who was taking a nap on the front couch.

"Turn on the television, something big is going down!" The old man shouted, Taisuka leaned off of the couch and picked up the remote, clicking on the television.

Krillin snatched the remote from Taisuka's hands and flipped the channel, a man wearing a nice tuxedo and dark sunglasses was standing holding a microphone. Cranking up the volume caused the three students that were outside training, to rush into the house to see what was going on.

"Yes folks, it's that time once again!" The man on the television shouted. "It's time for the annual World Martial Arts Tournament!" As the action on the television seemed to liven up the room.

Klio started to speak up with his arms crossed. "What's so important this year that got you so hyped up?" He looked at Krillin.

"If you keep quiet and listen, you'll see why." The Master retorted.

"This year, we have a special prize for the fighter who can claim victory.." The man continued, he stepped aside and two women behind him pulled a certain apart, revealing a small orange ball sitting on a podium. "This wonderful work of jewelry will be available for the winner. Doesn't seem like a valuable prize? Well think again, cause this baby is worth exactly ten million zeni!" The fans applauded and cheered loud enough to cause Krillin to turn down the volume.

"That's.. That's a dragon ball.." Konno muttered, Krillin nodded.

"If we enter that tournament and win, then we'll have 5 of the Dragon Balls, remember those 4 other that Jaduko brought to us when he got here?" Krillin stated.

'That's right!' Jaduko thought to himself, he had brought those four Dragon Balls from his home when he first arrived here so many years ago. He knew they were worth something, but what could these Dragon Balls do and why did they serve such a meaningful purpose? He never thought of them as anything special other than an artifact he would remember his brother by so he never asked anyone about them.

When he opened his mouth to talk about them, Taisuka spoke up. "What does a Dragon Ball do?" He asked, taking the words right out of Jaduko's mouth.

Dumbfounded, Klio and Konno kept to themselves, not wanting to make any rude comments about how neither of them knew about Dragon Balls. Taking a moment to think, Krillin realized that he never told either of the Saiyans about the Dragon Balls and what they served in the past, getting old did have it's quirks.

"Well you see, Taisuka." He began, "Dragon Balls are mystical objects that can grant a person wishes if they gather all seven of them. Any wish a person desires can be granted, as long as the power of that wish does not surpass the power of Shenron, the Dragon granting that wish." This made Jaduko look dumbfound, he slowly looked at the ground realizing his mistakes. He could have wished Rukiro back if only he had gathered the other Dragon Balls rather than come here. Clenching his fists, he started to shake in anger at himself.

"Let me enter the tournament!" Jaduko shouted. Krillin expected Jaduko's answer and immediately replied, "I can't, the tournament is an adults only division this year, you are not an adult yet." This caused Jaduko's impatience to flare up. "What?! I need to enter for Rukiro!" Shouting towards Krillin, he took a step forward. Klio stepped in between the two and looked Jaduko dead in the eyes, telling him to calm down.

"I also uh, already signed someone up for the tournament." Krillin continued, he looked over at Lizz, who was still doing the dishes. "Lizz, you were the last registered fighter for the tournament." Lizz dropped the plate in her hands and it crashed to the floor. The sound of shattering glass caused the home to go silent.

Her mind rushed as she tried to find a way out of fighting. "Bu-But... I don't think..." Lori sighed. "I'll do it." She muttered instead, much to her surprise. She didn't want to fight, but she knew she couldn't let Jaduko down.

"Excellent, I knew I made the right choice rather than choosing Klio or Lori." Krillin replied, as he began to walk upstairs.

"What?! Why didn't you choose me?" Klio shouted up after him.

Krillin turned around and gave a smile. "Because you'd probably let your cockiness overtake your actions, and you'd lose the first match to a ringout." He laughed joyously as he then continued walking upstairs.

Konno laughed as Klio looked at the ground in shame. Jaduko looked over at Lizz, who seemed to be in a trance, staring at the television. The screen was froze on the Grand Prize Dragon Ball. As Konno and Klio ran outside to train, Jaduko knew that Lizz was in need of training as well.

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VOL 2: Chapter 11 - "Grand Prize Dragon Ball"
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