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 VOL 2: Chapter 13 - "The World Tournament

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VOL 2: Chapter 13 - "The World Tournament Empty
PostSubject: VOL 2: Chapter 13 - "The World Tournament   VOL 2: Chapter 13 - "The World Tournament I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2015 2:42 pm

It was finally the day for the World Martial Arts Tournament. Fighting was all that was on Lizz's mind as she and the other Turtle School Students roamed the grounds of the arena. She didn't want to admit that she was afraid that she would lose or that anything bad would happen, especially not since everyone was having so much fun.

The Tournament Grounds were like decorated and filled with booths, much like a festival or carnival. It really was a beautiful place to be and Lizz was mesmerized by the sounds of fun and joy filling the air.

"Hey Lizz, over here!" She heard a voice call out. Turning around, she saw Lori waving to her, telling her to come over to her. Lizz immediately ran over and gave Lori a hug. "Whoa, what's with the hug?" Lori asked.

"No reason, just going through some stress and I felt like I needed a hug." Lizz laughed awkwardly as she let go. The two of them were wearing their orange Turtle School gi's.

"Well I don't mind a hug every once in a while either." Lori added on. "Anyways, the others already found their seats in the stadium, let's go find them so we can enjoy the fights being held today." She grabbed onto Lizz's wrist and pulled her through the crowds of people rushing around.

On their way to the seats inside of the arena, Lizz noticed a huge billboard next to the entrance of the arena. A bracket was on the billboard with all of the contender's names on the very bottom row. Sixteen fighters were fighting in the first round, four fights today and four fights tomorrow.  The winner of each match would advance to the next round, only eight fighters could advance past the first round. After the second round, the semi-finals would consist of two more matches, deciding who will fight in the final match in a one on one fight.

Lizz caught glimpse of her name, she was the final fight of today's match ups. A nervous thought shot into her mind as Lori pulled her into the dark tunnel leading into the arena. The two made it to their seats where they found Krillin, Jaduko, and the rest of the Turtle School who greeted them. The arena was massive, thousands of fans gathered together on the seats, all of them staring down to a simple square ring made of concrete sitting in the middle of the grass.

Feeling nervous as she watched the fights, Lizz watched victor after victor leave the ring with their opponent defeated, battered and broken in the center of the ring. It was her turn to fight. Getting sent off with wishes of good luck from the Turtle School, she made her way out of the stands and towards the building next to the arena, where she would wait to be introduced into the ring.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she listened to the announcer outside, and her heart sank deeply in her chest when she heard the announcer call her name. "and now, the fighter representing the Turtle School comes onto the stage, Lizz get on out here!" The crowd shrieked and applauded as she walked down the concrete sidewalk towards the arena. She walked up the steps and entered the ring as the announcer called out her opponent.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the one who dares to challenge the might of Lizz! He's a rising star in martial arts, the warrior from East City, please welcome Takahiro to the stage!" The crowd cheered just as loud as Takahiro walked into the ring.

The announcer quickly made his way out of the ring letting Lizz and Takahiro prepare for their match. Lizz lifted her hands up and tied her hair into a pony tail, listening to Jaduko's advice about her hair. Takahiro was a bald and tall fighter. He had slightly darker skin than Lizz and was wearing black gi pants and a white tank top. He had bandages wrapped around his wrists and up his forearm, he tightened them as he snickered.


Takahiro rushed towards Lizz, much like Jaduko did the other night. Not letting fear get the better of her, she took a stride to the left, letting Takahiro fly past her and he countered by throwing a kick towards her face. Surprised at his movement, Lizz let the kick smack into her cheek, sending her spiraling through the air. She lifted herself up as Takahiro rushed in. Punch after punch, she let him attack her, hitting her arms, her torso, and her face.

"What are you doing?!" Konno shouted from the stands.

"Defend yourself Lizz!" Klio chimed in with a worried tone.

Cuts and bruises started appearing on her skin, she was frozen in place, driven by fear for fighting, she couldn't move.

"What's the matter?" Takahiro panted as he kept punching her. "I don't like when I'm given a win." He punched her cheek and she was sent sprawling towards the ground, sliding near the edge of the ring. Slowly, she stood up as blood dripped from her nose and onto the grass next to the ring.

Takahiro laughed as he ran towards her, jumping in the air and throwing a kick towards her direction. Rolling to the right, she slipped out of his way, letting him crash to the grass.

"Ring out!" The announcer chimed in. The crowd cheered as Lizz lifted her arm and wiped the blood from her nose. Takahiro remained standing on the grass, in utter embarrassment.

"She... let him beat on her.." Taisuka muttered. Krillin closed his eyes and Jaduko sat next to him, watching silently as Lizz slowly walked off of the arena, towards the main building.

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VOL 2: Chapter 13 - "The World Tournament
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