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 VOL 2: Chapter 15 - "Trials and Tribulations"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 2: Chapter 15 - "Trials and Tribulations"   Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:04 pm

With the first round's match ups completing themselves, it was time for round two of the World Martial Arts Tournament to commence. Jaduko and the Turtle School made their way to the stands, where they had been sitting the day of Lizz's first fight, however Lizz was not with them.

"Where's Lizz?" Jaduko asked to the others.

"She's already getting ready for her fight. She'll do fine." Klio had an unsettling tone in his voice. Jaduko was a little put off  by Klio's rude comment and waited for the fight to start as he sat next to Lori and Taisuka.

Waiting for her name to be called to the ring, Lizz's mind was filled with the nightmare she had the other night. Holding back her tears, she heard her name called out in the arena, so she made her way to the ring. As she walked up the steps she knew she shouldn't let her fears overcome her, she had to win again. But what if luck isn't on her side this time?

"Let's welcome our second contender for today's match up. One of the representatives from the Crane School, please welcome Chizuko to the stage!" The crowd cheered, Lizz looked off to the side of the arena. She tied her hair into a ponytail like she did the day before.

What Lizz saw was a woman wearing the Crane School Uniform, she walked up the steps and shook her head, her long blonde hair matched well with the green color of the uniform.

"It's one of those Crane Bastards.." Lori muttered out loud. Konno turned his head and looked at Lori but before he could speak, the crowd went wild as Chizuko made her way to the center of the ring and stood across from Lizz. With a laugh, she started to mock Lizz as the announcer made his way off of the stage.

"You're the Turtle girl huh? What a pity I have to fight someone as weak as you." Chizuko giggled as Lizz kept her composure.


Chizuko cartwheeled towards Lizz, who waited for her moment to strike. When Chizuko finished her cartwheel and brought herself up for a kick, Lizz dodged to the side and slammed her foot into Chizuko's chin, slamming her onto the ground.

"Ha ha!" Lizz couldn't contain her excitement as she jumped back. Chizuko got to her feet and rushed at Lizz, landing a punch on her chest. Lizz grabbed Chizuko's wrist and swung her around to the edge of the arena. Chizuko slid to a halt as her foot tapped the edge of the stage. She kicked off and threw a punch at Lizz, landing it directly on her cheek.

As Lizz went flying, Chizuko took the chance to lunge after her. She wrapped her hands around Lizz's neck and pinned her to the ground as Lizz's eyes widened. She was stiffening up. What if she was strangled to death like Yui? She couldn't do anything but sit there looking into Chizuko's eyes as she squeezed the fight out of her.

"She's letting her fear take over her again.." Krillin shook his head as the crowd chanted over the fight. Jaduko stood up causing Lori and Taisuka to look at him.

"GET UP!" Jaduko shouted over the crowd with his fists clenched, the people around him looked at the boy like he was a maniac. Lizz turned her head and saw Jaduko shouting, yet she couldn't hear anything he was saying.

Gritting her teeth, she lifted her hands up and clasped them around Chizuko's neck. She pushed against Chizuko and the two women sat there, choking each other. Eventually Chizuko let go of Lizz's neck, allowing Lizz to roll to the side and kick her off of the stage, earning her another ring out victory.

The crowd cheered as Lizz stood up, she rubbed her neck and looked over at the cheering Turtle School. Not even making a smile, or giving them a thumbs up, she turned around and walked off of the stage towards the main building. She let her fear take over her, again, she might have won the battle but she didn't win the war and she was disgraced with herself.

Scoffing at the fight, the man that confronted Lori the other day at the bracket board stood up and started walking towards the entrance of the arena. He pushed his glasses up disappointed at Chizuko losing the fight in such a pitiful way. Lori turned her head and noticed him, she kept an eye on him as he left her sight.

He waited and watched as Chizuko's name was crossed off of the bracket board, and Lizz's name was moved up in the semi finals. It was placed next to his name, the man smiled as he noticed the Turtle School exit the arena out of the corner of his eye. With a laugh, he patted the board where Lizz's name was written.

"Enjoy the victory for now, Turtle. This will be the last time you claim victory against the Cranes. For I, Jerome, will show you what a true warrior has what it takes to win.." Jerome muttered as he turned away and began walking.

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VOL 2: Chapter 15 - "Trials and Tribulations"
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