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 VOL 2: Chapter 17 - "Overcoming Fear"

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VOL 2: Chapter 17 - "Overcoming Fear" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 2: Chapter 17 - "Overcoming Fear"   VOL 2: Chapter 17 - "Overcoming Fear" I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2015 6:38 pm

When the semifinals rolled around, the Turtle School were notified that Lizz's opponent, Jerome, had dropped out of the match. This gave her a bye for the tournament and she was automatically moved up to the Championship Round. Giving her an extra day to lay around and relax, she spent the entire day training with Jaduko for the final match.

Later that night, Lizz had fallen into a deep sleep from the long day of training she had. In her dreams, she thought about Klio and Lori standing up for her the other night when Jerome had tried to kill her.

Her dream soon turned into a nightmare.

Realizing she was now approaching the Championship Round, Lizz knew she had to win it all, was she strong enough to win, or was she going to lose and fail Jaduko, or even worse, would she die like her sister? This thought got to her mind as her dreams of friendship turned dark.

Lizz opened her eyes and knew something was wrong. She wasn't in her bed, she was laying on the dark and cold ground, black with complete darkness. Looking up at the sky, she noticed it wasn't blue, it was blood red. Birds were flying in the sky and rain fell onto her face. Shaking in fear, she stood up and looked around, dark and leafless trees were scattered across the dark land she was standing in, she knew this was a nightmare. Making things worse, she couldn't hear anything, not even her own breathing. It was silent, until she heard Yui's voice.

"Don't worry Lizz." the voice said, it repeated itself multiple times. "Don't worry Lizz. Don't worry Lizz. Fighting is just a sport." Lizz tried to call out to Yui as she saw a dark silhouette walk towards her from the horizon, however her voice made no sound. The silhouette vanished as a wind gust picked it up and carried it away. Lizz turned around and saw a dark silhouette of a young child with piercing red eyes, like a demon.

"My dream is to become strong like you! Like you! Like you!" it repeated, only to be picked up by another wind gust. Lizz closed her eyes as the silhouette vanished and blew past her like sand.

'What's going on?!' she thought to herself, she looked around and saw the dirt crumbling around her feet. Jumping out of the way, she watched as a black skeleton climbed out of the dirt like a zombie. She yelped in fear as she looked around and saw hundreds of the same black skeleton, doing the exact same thing, each of them sprouting like weeds.

The skeletons started walking towards her, she panicked and tried to back away from them. "I'm not afraid... I'm not afraid.." She mouthed as she saw the silhouette of Klio and Lori appear next to her.

"Lizz is our friend!" They said, and they simply vanished as soon as they had come.

'Am I going crazy?' Lizz thought as the skeletons got closer to her with each passing second. She felt something grab her foot and she instantly lifted it up, pulling a silhouette of Jerome up with her.

"I'll teach you what it's like to mock and disgrace the Crane School!" The silhouette punched up towards Lizz, who blocked with her hand and slammed her foot down, the silhouette faded away. Turning around, she saw Jaduko and Taisuka standing side by side.

'No, no more!' Lizz shouted, she was getting angry, she threw a punch at Taisuka's face, who faded away. She didn't need to care for him anymore, he was getting older and was becoming a warrior, she was no longer his protector.

She was about to throw a punch at Jaduko's face when she stopped herself. Jaduko didn't move or vanish, instead he started to speak. "Be confident." He said.

"What?" She said, she could now hear her voice.

"Like I said the other day. I'm confident because I have a reason to fight. Yui is your reason, I am your reason, we are your reason." With that, silhouettes of the Turtle School appeared behind Jaduko, standing side by side.

"You have to win. For Rukiro. For Yui. For yourself." Jaduko stepped forward and at Lizz dead in the eyes, his red eyes began glowing as the silhouette faded, and she could now see Jaduko's actual figure. "I'm counting on you." He said, however Yui's voice replaced his own.

With that, Jaduko vanished. Lizz looked around and noticed the skeletons were getting closer. She shook her head and grasped onto her hair with her hands, she squeezed at her brain as she kneeled down. The skeletons surrounded her, as if trying to dog pile onto her.

"Enough! No more! I'm not afraid, I will be confident. I. AM. NOT. AFRAID!" She exploded, standing up and pushing the skeletons off of her. She started to scream at the top of her lungs, the red sky above her started to fade away as she screamed, as if her body emitting a light that was piercing the heavens. The skeletons started to fade away, she kept on screaming. A red aura exploded around her body and the sky completely turned blue. The birds, the skeletons, and the evaporated. She looked up at the blue sky and fell back.

Lizz woke up in a sweat, noticing that it was now the morning. She looked out of her window and saw the calm blue ocean, not a sound was heard other than the waves crashing against the shore.

She wasn't afraid.

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VOL 2: Chapter 17 - "Overcoming Fear"
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