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 VOL 2: Chapter 18 - "Champion!"

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Jaduko Masurao
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PostSubject: VOL 2: Chapter 18 - "Champion!"   Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:08 pm

"Earning herself a bye straight into the Championship Round, please welcome Lizz to the stage!" The announcer shouted into his microhpone.

It was time for the Championship Round to commence. Lizz confidently strode onto the World Martial Arts arena as she tied her hair into her pony tail. The crowd cheered for her as she walked up to the announcer. Lizz looked up into the stands and noticed the Turtle School shouting and wishing her luck. She gave them a thumbs up and waited for her opponent. Now was her time to win, she had to win for the others.

"Wish Lizz all the luck you've got, she'll be facing the returning champion, please welcome Rugulo to the stage!"

That name caused Lizz to go stiff. Rugulo. Slowly turning her head, she saw a man wearing a blood red martial arts gi walk towards the arena, he was massive, twice the size of Lizz. Not wearing any shoes, his feet were dirty from walking around all day, this man had scars all along his face and arms showing that he was a professional martial artist.

"Don't tell me..." Konno said out loud, he looked at Krillin. "Master, is that.."

Krillin nodded. "The man who killed Yui."

Rugulo laughed as he looked down at Lizz. Bending over to get a better look at her, he sneered. "You look like that one girl I killed a few years ago.. what was her name?" Lizz grit her teeth and turned her head.

"Yui, the girl you killed.. her name was Yui." She looked angry. "I'm surprised they let you enter this tournament again after committing homicide.. Or did you somehow negotiate with the cops in order to make your way into this tournament?"

Rugulo straightened himself out and laughed as he pounded his fists together. "I guess if that's what you call negotiating, sister." He laughed sadistically as he watched the announcer get off the stage.

"LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!" The crowd went wild.

Scenes of Yui's fight with Rugulo flashed in Lizz's mind. All she saw was image being displayed on the television where Rugulo was squeezing the life out of her, until it all vanished. Tears formed in Lizz's eyes as she watched Rugulo slowly walk towards her, a grin on his face.

"I won't let you get away with her death.." Lizz muttered, her expression was blank as tears rested in her eyes. Rugulo was getting closer.

"You won't be the one to stop me will you? Surely you'll need help. You're too small just like she was." He taunted.

Lizz clenched her fists and lifted them up to waist level, her power flared up as the ground around her shook. A faint aura flared around her as the tears lifted off from her eyes and flew into the air, he hair rustled in the wind.

Rugulo lunged forward and lifted a fist, his hand was the size of her head. He slammed it down onto Lizz's head. With enough speed, Lizz crossed her arms and lifted them above her head, they caught Rugulo's fist before it made contact onto her skull. The force of his attack pushed Lizz down, creating a slight crack in the cement. Lizz lifted her arms and pushed Rugulo's arm up. He went stumbling backwards as she rushed towards him, thrusting a punch into his gut. Rugulo opened his mouth in surprise and lowered his hands, grabbing onto Lizz's arm. He lifted her up in the air with one hand and started punching her in the face with the other. Punch after punch after punch, he wouldn't stop. Blood started spurting from Lizz's nose and mouth.

Fighting the pain, she lifted her legs and placed them on Rugulo's chin, she started to push. Pushing hard enough, she cracked his jaw, causing him to let go of her arm, she fell to the ground. Rugulo lifted his hands to his mouth and held his jaw, kicking his leg up, catching Lizz in the hip. He kicked her up into the air, causing her to flip. Lizz caught herself mid-air and hovered there, looking down at him. The crowd was surprised that she could fly.

Lizz thrust her arms in front of her, pointing them at the stunned Rugulo. "Ka...." she muttered.

"What are you doing?!" Krillin shouted.

"She's not seriously gonna fire the Kamehameha is she? She'll destroy the ring!" Taisuka chimed in, the others were stunned.

"Impossible, she hasn't mastered the Kamehameha yet.." Konno muttered.

"ME...." Lizz pulled her arms back to her sides as she let herself drop to the ground, standing in front of Rugulo.

"What are you doing?" Rugulo was still holding his mouth, so his voice was muffled.

"Haaamee...." A blue orb appeared in Lizz's hands as a small 'whirring' sound was made, the air seemed to circulate around her hands.

"I know what she's doing." Jaduko stated, the others looked at him in confusion. "Just watch."A smirk spread across Jaduko's face.

"HAAAA!!" She thrust her hands forward towards Rugulo's stomach, the orb shot forward and created a small spark, it instantly vanished with a sound that a whoopee cushion would make. Rugulo looked at his stomach confused, nothing happened, a beam didn't strike him.

"Heh.. think you're funny?" He lifted his head and noticed Lizz wasn't in front of him anymore.

"Where did yo-" A foot slammed against the back of his neck, causing him to fly forward. Lizz managed to get around him, using a fake Kamehameha to distract him. Rugulo flung forward, knocked out from the kick.

The crowd roared in excitement at the new victor. "Lizz has won the Championship Round, she is the winner of the Martial Arts Tournament!" The announcer shouted into his microphone as the crowd roared even more. Lizz stood upright and lifted her head to the sky confidently. She had avenged Yui, and kept her promise to Jaduko.

"Lizz, if you would follow me, we'll award you your prize in the main building." The announcer bowed and pointed Lizz off towards the main building, while paramedics rushed out and picked up Rugulo.

With that, the crowd dispersed and the tournament had officially ended.

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VOL 2: Chapter 18 - "Champion!"
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