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 VOL 2: Chapter 20 - "The King's Orders"

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VOL 2: Chapter 20 - "The King's Orders" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 2: Chapter 20 - "The King's Orders"   VOL 2: Chapter 20 - "The King's Orders" I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2015 8:21 pm

'Space.. It's beauty is unmatched..' King Nunber thought to himself as he peered out of the huge window ceiling in his throne room. Giving a sigh, he crossed his legs and rested his head on his hand, tapping his fingers on his throne. 'What am I going to do...' Nunber thought to himself as he watched the stars, Saiyan space pods flew above the glass, as if getting from place to place.

"My king, I have urgent news for you." A voice shouted from the entrance to the throne room.

"Ah yes! Come in!" Nunber called down, lifting himself up off of his throne. Seiyogi, who was now in his early twenties, walked into the throne room, the light from the stars peered into the throne room, and Seiyogi stepped into the King's view.

"Oh, it's you." Nunber replied, seeming kind of bummed out. He flapped out his cape behind him and sat back down. "Where is Yamu, could no one else from your brigade bring me the news?" Seiyogi knelt down and looked at the ground as he continued speaking.

"Yamu had urgent business to attend to, along with my sister, and well, no one knows what happened to Letish." Seiyogi gulped. "So I was the only one, I apologize sir." He had anger and sorrow hidden in his tone of voice, but disguised it so the King wouldn't notice.

"Oh well." Nunber retorted. "What is your news?" He questioned, crossing his legs once more.

"We have news from Planet Earth, someone sent you a gift my sir." The young Saiyan answered.

"A gift you say?" Nunber laughed. "Who would be foolish enough to send me a gift, show it to me." Seiyogi's Saiyan Tail unwrapped itself and moved in front of him, he pulled something out of it's grasp. He lifted an orange ball with two red stars on it towards the King.

"They call it a Dragon Ball. It's supposedly one of the seven located on Earth, but how someone on that planet was able to locate Kuristrak.." Seiyogi stopped and Nunber stood from his throne. He walked down and grabbed the Dragon Ball, holding it in his white glove as the light from the stars sparkled against it's surface.

"But?" King Nunber asked. "Continue."

"Planet Earth is where Letish killed that rogue Saiyan, and where I.. detailed his little runt of a brother." Seiyogi continued, looking down at the ground.

"Do you think.. the one you detailed is the one that can help us?" Nunber asked.

Seiyogi nodded.

"YOU FOOL!" Nunber shouted, causing Seiyogi to flinch as he continued staring at the ground. "We want that 'little runt' to help save us, not become part of what's destroying us!" Seiyogi listened to the king, wanting to apologize but was immediately cut off as the 2 Star Dragon Ball was dropped onto the ground in front of him, rolling close enough that he could see his own reflection in it.

"Take this Dragon Ball to Dax and his scientists. Tell him that I order them to study this object so we can track it back to Earth. Whoever sent that to us must be working with King Morge, no one could know we're located on this planet, especially not a simple Earthling." King Nunber instructed. Seiyogi nodded and exited the throne room.

King Nunber turned around and looked up at his throne. "And make sure you bring back the son of Shishito with you on your return trip. He may be our last hope..." he walked up to the throne, and sat down

King Nunber crossed his legs and closed his eyes, "I'll need you to help us... son of Shishito..." he then fell into a deep sleep.

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VOL 2: Chapter 20 - "The King's Orders"
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