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 VOL 3: Chapter 21 - "A Dragon Ball is Gone?!"

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VOL 3: Chapter 21 - "A Dragon Ball is Gone?!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 21 - "A Dragon Ball is Gone?!"   VOL 3: Chapter 21 - "A Dragon Ball is Gone?!" I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2015 8:23 pm

A week had passed since Lizz won the 1 Star Dragon Ball as the grand prize of the World Martial Arts Tournament and today was a special day. It was Jaduko's 14th birthday and she managed to get the perfect present for him with the help of Konno and Lori. The sun was shining on this bright summer day, the ocean calmly swerved as Master Krillin, 18, and Marron set up a party for Jaduko outside.

"Come on Jaduko, get up!" Taisuka tugged at Jaduko's arm trying to pull him out of bed.

"Tch.. just let me sleep.." Jaduko grumbled. "It's my birthday, I need the rest." His voice was muffled in the pillow as Taisuka successfully pulled him onto the floor. Smacking his head on the cold floor, Jaduko sharply opened his eyes. "Hey!" He shouted as he picked himself up. "You should know by now that anyone who wakes me up is a dead man!" Taisuka stuck his tongue out at Jaduko, upsetting him. Jaduko shot up and ran after Taisuka, who led him outside.

Almost managing to grab Taisuka on the back of the neck, Jaduko stumbled off of the front porch of Kame House and sprawled out onto the grass. He picked himself up and noticed balloons set up around Kame Island as everyone moved their attention to the front door. "SURPRISE!" They all shouted, and a smile spread across Jaduko's face.

"What's going on here?" He asked. Konno walked in from the side and lifted a fist up, bumping it into Jaduko's who was surprised to see Konno next to him.

"It's your birthday doofus, we set up a party so you could enjoy yourself. With a slap on the back, Konno sent Jaduko stumbling forward into the middle of everyone.

"We have cake and everything, today is your special day." 18 called out as Marron nodded next to her. The two were sitting on lawn chairs next to a nearby table.

With a laugh, Jaduko scratched the back of his head. "Thanks guys, that's really kind of ya do to somethin' like this for me." He then looked around. "Where's Klio?"

Lori shrugged her shoulders and spoke up, "I haven't seen him for a few days, what about you Lizz?" Lizz shook her head, indicating that she hasn't seen him either.

Master Krillin looked down at the ground in a disappointed manner as if something was wrong, he quickly shook off the thought and walked over to Jaduko. "He's off doing his own thing, don't worry about it. In the meantime, why don't you open your presents?" He leaned in and whispered into Jaduko's ears. "Now that you're 14, you can get into dirty magazines." Krillin chuckled. 18 smacked him on the back of the head and spoke up, "If you're gonna act like that old man Roshi, you're gonna get treated like him." Krillin shrugged and chuckled and Marron joined in.

"Oooh, open this one first!" Lizz rushed to a table and grabbed a small, wrapped box off of it. She ran over to Jaduko and handed it to him. "It's from Konno, Lori, and I, we spent the whole week getting it for you. We think you'll enjoy it."

Jaduko ripped off the present's wrapping and saw a small black box, something you'd keep jewelry in. "You got me jewelry?" He asked. "Just open it up and look." Lori ushered.

Upon opening the box, an orange glisten flashed onto Jaduko's face and his eyes widened, he saw a small orange ball with 5 stars on it. "You found me another Dragon Ball?" Jaduko's voice hyped up as Lizz and Lori nodded.

"Now you only need one more to revive Rukiro." Master Krillin piped up with a smile.

"Here, let me see it, I'll take it into the house and put it with the rest of the Dragon Balls." Lori insisted. Jaduko handed her the Dragon Ball and she vanished into Kame House. Jaduko spent the next few minutes opening up the rest of the presents he got. Dirty magazines from Krillin, as promised, he also got a gift from 18 and Marron, which was a new gi with blue pants and an orange gi top. Taisuka gave him some new wristbands, a new belt, and new shoes to go along with the new gi. He went inside to change into the new gi.

Replacing his old gi with his new gi, Jaduko emerged from the house and showed off the gi with a few poses, Lizz and Taisuka clapped while Konno shook his head in embarrassment for Jaduko. Thanking them for the gifts, Jaduko turned his head as Lori ran out of the house in a hurry.

"One of the Dragon Balls are gone!" Ushering everyone to follow her, they rushed into Kame House to where the Dragon Balls were. They noticed the 2 Star Dragon Ball missing.

"Wha-" Konno seemed to question as Jaduko piped up. "Klio! That bastard must've taken it and left us, that's why he's gone." He grit his teeth.

Lizz lifted her hands and tried to calm Jaduko down. "Don't assume that much, maybe it's just a coincidence?"

"No, he's the only one who would have been able to take it, I don't know why he would though." Konno spoke up, his voice was low as if he was ashamed, Master Krillin nodded.

"He came to me earlier this week and told me he was leaving the Turtle School. He didn't seem like himself though,when I asked why, he didn't give an answer, he must've had the ball in his possession when he left." The Master shook his head in dismay.

Jaduko sharpened his eyes on the case containing the Dragon Balls, the only ones in there were the 1 Star, 3 Star, 6 Star, and 7 Star balls, along with the new 5 Star Ball that Lori added in.

"Konno, follow me." Jaduko piped up as he left the room, Konno followed after him and the two exited the house. "What's wrong?" Konno asked.

"We're gonna track Klio down and take the Dragon Ball back from him. You two have a history together and know each other well, you should be able to help me find him." Jaduko added on as he floated into the air. Konno nodded and floated in the air after him, the two burst off into the sky as the other Turtle School members ran out after them, trying to get them to stop but were too late.

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VOL 3: Chapter 21 - "A Dragon Ball is Gone?!"
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