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 [PROLOGUE] Planet Vegeta's Destruction

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PostSubject: [PROLOGUE] Planet Vegeta's Destruction   [PROLOGUE] Planet Vegeta's Destruction I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2015 2:21 am

TIME PLACEMENT: 1 year before 'Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny' and 97 years before Chapter 1 of Dragon Ball Universe 93

Act 1:
Our story begins in the year of Age 737, the powerful warrior race ruled by King Vegeta and his royal family known as the Saiyans are known throughout the galaxy as the strongest warrior race to ever exist. At the time, King Vegeta and his Saiyan Army were in an alliance with the Planet Trade Organization, commandeered by King Cold and his sons, Lord Frieza and Lord Cooler. Serving as soldiers of the PTO, Saiyans would form small brigades and travel to planets throughout the cosmos, eradicating it's people and opening it up to the Planet Trade Organization's planet selling market in exchange for high tech weapons, armor, and space pods that allowed the Saiyans to roam around the galaxy at will.

This particular story revolves around a certain group of five low class Saiyan soldiers, known as Shishito's Intergalactic Cleaning Unit. This unit consisted of Shishito, the man who would become the father of Jaduko and Rukiro Masurao, his hair was black and spiked out to the side similar to his son's hairstyles. As his second in command, Shishito's wife named Yokaro had spiky hair similar to his except it was slightly more rounded and it was completely brunette. The two of them were accompanied by Retasu and Papara, the people who would become the parents of Taisuka Mouretsu. The two of them both had brunette hair that was slightly spiked upwards. These two couples were accompanied by a man named Shrum, his hair was black like Shishito's and his hair spiked to the side of his head with a small mullet resting on his shoulders.

These five Saiyans have been at work for several months now cleaning up planets for the Planet Trade Organization. With each raid, the five of them grew stronger thanks to their Zenkai Boosts. But after a short while of eradicating planets, Shishito had realized something.. We now transition to Planet Vom, where Shishito's Intergalactic Cleaning Unit is in the midst of a battle with it's people, the Vomitians.

"Hey Retasu!" Shishito called out, he was sitting on a piece of rubble that had fallen from a nearby building, Retasu was standing several yards away from him with his arm pointed upwards towards a group of Vomitians. The small, olive green, slug-like people charged towards Retasu in hopes of striking him down, but a brown ki blast erupted from the Saiyan's hands, blasting into the group and leaving all of the Vomitians in a smoking pile of bodies.

"What's up?" Retasu turned his head towards his ally and friend, the two of them were wearing Saiyan armor.

"I know we've been doing this for months, this whole... cleaning out planets so Frieza and his men can sell it, but..." Shishito shook his head. "I just feel like it's wrong.." A ki blast exploded in the distance, Yokaro and Papara were firing into a crowd of Vomitians.

"What?" Retasu rose an eyebrow. "Did one of these Vomitians spit their acid into your brain or something?" He put his hands on his hips. "You're a Saiyan, we are the strongest race in the entire universe, it's our job to do this kind of stuff."

"Yeah, but.." Shishito replied, he noticed Shrum walking up towards the two of them. "Imagine yourselves in the shoes of all the people we murdered, you're living life and enjoying it too, you have a family, a well paying job... and then someone from space just comes down and murders your entire race just because they're strong enough to do it."

"You're saying we're bullies?" Shrum listened in on the conversation as he walked up to the two Saiyans, he had on dark blue Saiyan armor with gold plates, underneath his armor was dark grey spandex tucked into black boots with gold plating. "You need to grow up Shishito, this is our job, we can't disappoint King Vegeta or Lord Frieza."

"We're an independent brigade of Saiyans who run around the universe without a care in the world, how long are these planets vacant for until Frieza shows up and sells them off?" Shishito asked. Before he could continue speaking, Yokaro and Papara landed on the ground next to the three Saiyans, their armor was scratched and their spandex was slightly ripped.

"Phew.. looks like that's all of them!" Papara piped up, Retasu lifted his arm up and playfully punched her in the arm.

"You alright?" Shishito lifted his head and asked his wife, Yokaro.

"I just watched a mother embrace her son for the last time before I killed them.." Yokaro muttered, looking at the ground, her voice was soft and sounded hoarse as she spoke. "I don't think I can do this anymore.." Shishito stood up and wrapped his hands around his wife.

"What's gotten into the two of you? Have you lost the pride you possess and forgotten the reason as to why you were born?" Shrum stood up and looked at the two in anger.

"You don't have anyone to love, Shrum." Shishito shifted his head and glared at Shrum, the air around the two Saiyans began to heat up. "If you had someone you cared about, you wouldn't want them going through this every single day, you wouldn't want them to risk their lives so some scumbag named Frieza gets his way. I don't want to lose my wife." Retasu and Papara widened their eyes, all of their lives, they were taught to be fierce warriors and marriage was just for reproduction so your offspring could become a fierce warrior like you. The two of them looked at each other and realized that like Shishito and Yokaro, the two of them truly cared for one another after all of this time, they weren't just Saiyans, they were mortals, they felt emotion and they realized they were taking it away from all of these people they were slaughtering all this time.

"You just called Lord Frieza... a scumbag?" Shrum's voice was shaky and he slowly grit his teeth as Shishito let go of Yokaro. "You're the scumbag for betraying the lifestyle of your people, Shishito!"

"You don't need to raise your voice, I'm standing right in front of you." Shishito taunted.

"If you two were to fight, Shishito would kick your ass, Shrum. There's a reason as to why he's the leader of our brigade." Retasu lifted his head.

"After all of the Zenkai Boosts we've received over these past few months. I wouldn't be surprised if Shishito could stand toe to toe with Frieza himself, watch yourself." Papara grinned and chuckled.

Before Shrum could lunge forward and throw a punch at Shishito, the sound of a ki blast echoed in the distance, the five Saiyans turned their heads and a bright green ki blast shot through Yokaro's chest. Shishito widened his eyes as his wife fell to the ground. Lifting his head and gritting his teeth, Shishito noticed two surviving Vomitians laughing with their hands pointed towards Yokaro. With the Saiyans tired and weak from this raid, it was easy for these two to catch them off guard and strike one of them down.

"Yokaro!" Papara ran over to Yokaro and softly lifted her up as blood leaked onto the ground.

"Get her back to the pods, we have to get her back to Planet Vegeta for medical attention!" Retasu shouted. Papara softly picked Yokaro up and a brown aura erupted from her body as she followed after Retasu towards their space pods.

Shrum lifted his hand and a bright green light began to emit from his palm, he was about to fire at the two Vomitians but before he could, he noticed Shishito's muscles slightly bulk up. Turning his head, Shrum noticed the air around Shishito swirl and rocks begin lifting from the ground below. Shishito grit his teeth to the point of them cracking and his eyes quickly flashed from their base black color to a bright cyan. His spiky hair shot up towards the sky as he let out a roar of anger, his black hair burst with golden colors as it flared up in the wind.

'What?! It can't be.. he's the Super Saiyan of legend?!' Shrum gasped and his eyes began to shake as Shishito lifted his hands and fired a barrage of yellow ki blasts into the two Vomitians, killing them.

After receiving so many Zenkai Boosts from his planetary raids, it appears that Shishito was able to transform into a Super Saiyan after watching his wife falling in battle. Shishito lowered his hands and his hair softly reverted back to it's base form, he was strong, but he wasn't strong enough to retain the form for more than ten seconds..

"Get back to the pods.." Shishito growled at Shrum. Shrum gulped and burst off towards his Saiyan pod, Shishito followed after. The two arrived at their pods and typed in the coordinates for Planet Vegeta, their pods lifted from the ground and burst off into space after Yokaro, Papara, and Retasu's pods.

The five Saiyans would return to Planet Vegeta in less than an hour. Retasu and Papara rushed Yokaro into a rejuvenation chamber where she would fortunately be healed from her wound. The two Saiyans had made it just in time to save her life. Shishito disbanded his Saiyan brigade upon arriving on the planet after his outburst back on Planet Vom, he would sit outside of the rejuvenation chambers day after day waiting for Yokaro to heal as Retasu and Papara spent more time together, learning what made Shishito and Yokaro's marriage click.

Shrum, angered at the disbanding of their group, reported to King Vegeta about Shishito's decision to no longer kill planets and his Super Saiyan transformation..

"Captain Zero.. I entrust you in finding this low level trash who dares betray Lord Frieza's rule and dares question his Saiyan ancestry." Lifting his hand, King Vegeta ordered his Zero and his royal guards to search the planet for Shishito and bring him in for execution. Captain Zero was a young man spiky grey hair and a grey goatee, his hairstyle was very similar to King Vegetas except it was grey. Captain Runip led the royal guards out of King Vegeta's castle and they began their search for Shishito.

Act 2:
Nearly a full day would pass until King Vegeta's royal guards returned to the the Saiyan King's throne room. Kicking open the wooden doors that were at the end of the room, Captain Zero escorted Shishito across the red carpet towards the throne and shoved him to the ground beneath the steps that led up to King Vegeta, Shishito was still wearing his armor except it was scratched and torn as if he had struggled to fight the Zero and his guards. Shackles were tightly locked around his wrists and ankles, restricting him from moving.

Shishito lifted his head and stared around the King's throne room, he had never seen the inside of it before. The floor underneath the red carpet was made of shiny marble and pillars extended upwards from the ground, patterning themselves along the walls with King Vegeta's throne having the symbol of the Saiyan Empire and Saiyan Army plastered on the wall above his throne. White curtains hung from the ceiling and connected to each pillar making the room look extravagant.

"Your highness, I have returned with the Saiyan known as Shishito." Captain Zero bowed and stepped back next to his men, Shishito noticed a golden locket with a dragon design hanging from Zero's neck, but before he could ask what it was, King Vegeta began to speak.

"Excellent work, Zero. Now I suppose you understand why you are here, Shishito was it?" King Vegeta questioned, two guards stood by the side of his throne.

"Look, I'm gonna cut the formal talk since I know you plan on executing me no matter what I say." Shishito retorted. "I know why I'm here, but who told you about my desire to stop exterminating planets?" Shishito's tone of voice caused King Vegeta to narrow his eyes in ferocity, he normally would not allow people with such disrespect to survive long enough to finish this kind of statement, but considering he knew what Shishito was capable of, he had to make sure not to get on his bad side.

"Your comrade named Shrum came to me yesterday after you and your brigade had returned from Planet Vom." King Vegeta replied. "He told me how you and your wife had decided to rebel against Lord Frieza's orders, to rebel against the Saiyan Army's orders and to defy the treat that I and Frieza had created."

'Shrum... that bastard!' Shishito grit his teeth. He knew he and Shrum never saw eye to eye but this was too far, Shrum was willing to give away the life of a comrade and a friend so he could get on the King's good side?

"You leave Yokaro out of this!" Shishito glared up at the king. Captain Zero stepped forward and blasted a green ki blast into Shishito's back, the Saiyan winced and fell forward onto his knees but King Vegeta lifted his hand and stopped Zero before he could fire another beam.

"I have sent a tiny unit of guards to find your wife in one of the rejuvenation chambers, she will be executed before she even has the chance to wake up from her slumber in the tanks." King Vegeta spoke without remorse. "I made sure her death would be no issue, while as yours... I wanted you to be executed by my own hand."

"How dare..." Shishito muttered. "All we've done has been out of respect and loyalty to you, but when the two of us want to live a new and safe life, you spit in our faces and order our execution."

"You dare talk to King Vegeta in such a disrespectful manner?" Zero grit his teeth.

"He is talking high and mighty because he thinks I am unaware of the power he unleashed back on Planet Vom." King Vegeta glared down at Shishito, who widened his eyes.

"W-What?" Shishito asked, sweat began to form on his forehead because he didn't even know what the King was talking about.

"Shrum told me that you had also achieved the form of legend yesterday after witnessing your wife struck down. He explained to me about your golden hair, your golden aura, and your ferocious eyes and attitude." King Vegeta explained, Shishito's body began to tremble and he slightly opened his mouth in shock.

"You have become the Super Saiyan of legend, a chosen warrior who awakens once every one thousand years.." King Vegeta's words seemed to bounce of of Shishito as the low class Saiyan knelt on the ground in shock. The Royal Guards in the room gulped.

"B-But... I didn't even know... Shrum told you everything..?" Shishito's voice was shaky, but he slowly calmed himself down.

"That is the main reason as to why I have ordered your execution by my hands. I mustn't allow the Saiyan people to see me as a weakling who wasn't chosen as the vessel for the Super Saiyan legend. As king, I must do I duty and eliminate you for that reason alone, but there are other reasons as to why I should execute you." King Vegeta stood from his throne.

"What does that mean..? Why kill me?" Shishito asked.

"You are unable to recall what had happened to you back on Planet Vom upon transforming into a Super Saiyan, your rage is uncontrollable. If the Super Saiyan form is unleashed again, you could possibly wipe out our entire race in a feat of anger. I will not allow you to be a threat to my wife, my sons, or my planet." King Vegeta glared at Shishito and lifted his hand so his palm was facing the low class Saiyan, a purple aura began to emit from the King's hand as he charged his Execution Beam.

"You must be executed! HIYAAHH!" King Vegeta shouted as a purple beam exploded from his palm and shot towards Shishito, the lighting of the room darkened and turned purple from the beam's light. Shishito's eyes glistened and his hair spiked upwards, turning golden in the process. The purple beam slammed into his body and dispersed around his chest, creating scratch marks on his armor. The beam evaporated into the air and the lighting of the room returned to normal as Captain Zero and the other Royal Guards stared in shock at Shishito, his aura was golden and softly fluttering with a slight 'whirring' sound. King Vegeta lowered his hand in shock, Shishito was strong enough to take the blast as if it were nothing.

"I guess I understand what you meant by uncontrollable rage." Shishito's tone of voice was low and grim. "Looks like you brought this upon yourself!"

Before Shishito could get to his feet, a brown ki blast shot into the room and sliced his shackles open, Shishito turned around in shock and noticed the shackles laying on the ground behind him. Getting to his feet, Shishito turned around and noticed Retasu standing in the doorway of the throne room with his hand pointing forward. Zero turned his head as the Royal Guards began to fire ki blasts at Retasu.

Shishito's body shot forward in front of Retasu and deflected all of the ki blasts into the nearby walls, creating a ball of smoke between the two of them and the King's subjects.

"We have to get out of here, I heard everything!" Retasu shouted as he pulled Shishito through the castle halls, Shishito's hair was still spiked upwards and golden.

"Get out of here? I can easily escape from a castle, we need to get back to Yokaro before King Vegeta's guards kill her." Shishito replied.

"I had Papara head there after we heard news of your execution, I came here to rescue you, but it seems as though you didn't need my help." Retasu retorted.

"Actually, those shackles were pretty tight." Shishito smirked and Retasu smirked back, the two Saiyans floated up into the air.

"We have to get our wives and leave the planet, we're no longer safe here, we have to find somewhere else to reside." Retasu remarked. "Papara and I have to thank you and Yokaro, the two of us spent more time together trying to figure out what made you two love each other the way you did, and I think the two of us finally figured it out."

"Looks like we're all evolving from our Saiyan barbarian ages." Shishito replied. The two burst off through the castle until they found an exit, the two would then fly off into the sky hoping to find Yokaro and Papara in time.

Captain Zero and his Royal Guards ran through the exit of the castle after Shishito and Retasu left, they were too late to stop them. Zero's eyes narrowed in the distance and the image of Shishito's Super Saiyan form flashed in his mind. The power was incredible, he wanted it... but how could he get it..? He lowered his head and stared down at the golden locket around his neck, it had helped him in life so far, maybe it could help him find a way to achieve the Super Saiyan form..

Act 3:
Upon arriving at the facility where Yokaro was being kept, Shishito's hair reverted back to it's base form and he ran inside of the building with Retasu trailing behind him. The sounds of ki blasts echoed throughout the halls as the two Saiyans ran, their speed increasing in fear of them being too late to save their wives.

Sliding to a halt, Shishito pushed a combination on a keypad to open up the doorway to the rejuvenation chambers, but he couldn't press the buttons fast enough. The sounds of ki blasts firing stopped in the room.

"Tch.. step aside, you're too slow." Retasu shoved his friend aside and placed his palm on the sealed door, he fired an explosive brown beam into the door with a loud shout and the door exploded into the room.

Upon stepping inside, Shishito and Retasu were both relieved and shocked to see Saiyan Royal Guards scattered along the floor with Yokaro and Papara standing in the center of the room, their armor and spandex slightly scratched and torn.

"What happened here?" Retasu looked around and noticed Papara snickering. Shishito rushed forward and wrapped his arms around Yokaro.

"I'm glad you're safe... are you fully healed?" He asked.

"Yeah, don't worry about me, I'll be fine." Yokaro patted Shishito on the back.

"She was fully healed when I got here, so me and a few scientists got her out of the chamber just as those guards rushed in. They shot the scientists and were about to kill Yokaro, but we managed to stop them with a little teamwork." Papara lifted her arm and bumped it into Yokaro, the two of them chuckled.

"Glad to see you two could handle yourselves." Shishito nodded.

"I see the rescue mission went well?" Papara looked at Retasu.

"Yeah, but long story short, the King's not very happy with the two of us and could most likely be sending his forces to come find us." Retasu replied.

"What do we do?" Yokaro asked. "We're fugitives of the King now!"

"We have to leave the planet, we'll steal our pods away from their containment units and we'll just head off into space." Shishito replied.

"But where will we go?" Yokaro and Papara asked in unison.

"Wherever we're welcome." Shishito replied, Retasu nodded.

The four Saiyans left the rejuvenation chambers and began sprinting through the halls of the facility they were in. Upon entering the fresh air, the four Saiyans burst off into the sky in search of their space pods that were in containment from yesterday's mission to Planet Vom.

Lifting her head, Yokaro noticed that the sky was glowing slightly brighter than usual, as if there was a second sun that was getting closer and closer to the planet.

The four Saiyans eventually found their space pods and got into them without any further talk, they were all ready to leave. Shishito opened the hatch to his space pod and stepped in, but before he sat down, he leaned out of the pod and aimed his hand at a fifth pod that was vacant. Firing a blue ki blast from his hand, he destroyed the pod. It was Shrum's pod.

'That's what you get, bastard..' Shishito muttered as his pod closed it's hatch.

The four Saiyan pods shot up into the sky towards space, flying in unison together.

However the four of them were unaware of what was happening in the sky outside the planet. As soon as they left the planet's atmosphere, Frieza's devestating Supernova smashed into Planet Vegeta. Many lives were lost in Frieza's Genocide of the Saiyans.

Turning their heads, Shishito, Yokaro, Retasu, and Papara noticed their planet exploding, thankful that they had reluctantly made it off of the planet before it's destruction.

Act 4:
"It's gone... It's all gone.." Yokaro muttered, she stared out of her pod and watched as the explosion that swallowed Planet Vegeta slowly shrink into nothingness.

"Nice call getting us off of the planet before it exploded." Shishito spoke through his pod intercom and transmitted it over to Retasu's pod.

"I honestly didn't know our planet would explode.." Retasu's voice was shaky, as if he had just faced death and narrowly escaped.

"Now that I think about it, I heard someone shouting about Frieza intending on destroying our planet. Do you think he was right?" Papara asked.

"Who knows, part of me hopes he was right, because that means I was right... But part of me wishes he was wrong.." Shishito muttered. "If Frieza and King Cold had planned on killing us all in the end, and we were just his pawns... we can't be the only ones.."

"Do you think others made it off of the planet safely?" Retasu asked.

"Hopefully." Yokaro muttered as the four pods shot through the dark vacuum of space.

Meanwhile in space, heading in the opposite direction of wherever Shishito's group was heading. We see another set of four Saiyan pods flying through space. Captain Zero was sitting in the pod up front with his wife, Sabi in the pod next to him. Their teenage son was flying in the pod behind him, his name was Nunber, and the pod flying next to Nunber was being piloted by a young 13 year old girl named Kyatsu, she was Nunber's close friend since their childhood ever since her parents were killed in a planetary raid.

"Did you know about Planet Vegeta's Destruction, and that's why you ordered us all off of the planet?" Sabi spoke up, her voice transmitting into Zero's pod.

"No I did not, but I'm glad we all made it off safely." Zero muttered.

"Why did we even leave the Planet in the first place, father? You just told us all to get in our pods and we just left without any question." Nunber asked.

"That Saiyan's power... I would be unable to achieve it by sparring with members of our race. I must find a different way to achieve the status of a Super Saiyan.." Zero muttered.

"Well thank you for deciding to take us all with you on your journey especially after our planet's destruction, Mister Zero." Kyatsu spoke.

"We're all family, we have to stick together." Zero replied. "I'm glad I acted as quick as I did."

Zero lifted his head and stared off into space.

'I will achieve the power of a Super Saiyan.. and I will hunt you down in honor of King Vegeta... low class scum, Shishito!' He grit his teeth and the four pods continued to fly through space, with no set destination.

Our scene transitions one last time to the distant planet known as Planet Saptor, here we meet a tall and muscular Saiyan who had just finished claiming a planet for the Saiyan Army. This Saiyan had black hair that extended up and down the back of his head, his hair was long in the back like a mullet and his long hair rested on his shoulders. Part of his hair curved forward down the front of his forehead and he had a black goatee. This Saiyan was wearing sleeveless black spandex tucked into brown Saiyan boots with black toe plating, brown Saiyan armor was placed over his chest and the armor had black plating as well.

This man's name was Ateiuchi, and he served as one of King Vegeta's closest subjects. Ateiuchi was a lone wolf and traveled alone, gaining information on Planets that he would return to King Vegeta, who would forward that information over to Lord Frieza. Ateiuchi would kill anyone who got in his way.

Ateiuchi was resting down on the ground he was on, the environment of Planet Saptor was very wet and jungle-like. Most of the Saptorians on the planet were still alive, as Ateiuchi was not an eradicator of Planets, all he was required to do was retrieve information and report it back to the King. The Saiyan's red scouter beeps loudly and Ateiuchi opened his eyes. Sitting up, he tapped the side of his scouter and looked off into the distance. Power levels of his fellow Saiyans had completely disappeared with the exception of a select few. Ateiuchi narrowed his eyes and took off his scouter, realizing that Lord Frieza had turned against his race after all this time. With the scouter in his grasp, Ateiuchi grit his teeth and crushed the scouter in his brown, fingerless gloves causing red glass and wires to splatter onto the ground below.

After crushing the scouter, Ateiuchi laid back down and closed his eyes. Despite knowing that his race had ultimately met their demise, he knew some of them had managed to escape with their lives. He smirked and made a promise to himself to reconcile with these surviving Saiyans in hopes of creating a rebellion against Lord Frieza and the Planet Trade Organization.

With Captain Zero and his comrades attempting to hunt down Shishito and kill him for the sake of the Saiyan Army and Ateiuchi wanting to gather them all together to take down Frieza after the destruction of their planet. What would happen to Shishito and his group? Would they find a new home or would they run into trouble? Only time will tell..

CONTINUE ONTO Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny:
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[PROLOGUE] Planet Vegeta's Destruction
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