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 Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny

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PostSubject: Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny   Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2015 2:23 am

TIME PLACEMENT: 1 year after the 'Prologue: Planet Vegeta's Destruction' and 96 years before Chapter 1 of Dragon Ball Universe 93

Act 1:
A full year has passed since the destruction of Planet Vegeta, a young Low Class Saiyan named Shishito was reluctant to escape the genocide of the Saiyans as he and his partner in crime, Retasu escaped into the solar system with their wives, Yokaro being the wive of Shishito, and Papara, the wife of Retasu. In search of a new home, the 4 Space Pods the Saiyans used to escape crash land into a mountain side on Planet Namek, each of them taking heavy damage from the crash and were unfit for further voyages.

"God, this clunky Saiyan Armor is gonna be the death of me." Shishito kicked open the hatch to his space pod and he shuffled out of it. He took his chest armor off and threw it in front of him onto the turquoise colored grass he was standing on, his body was covered from neck to toe in blue Saiyan spandex, with white gloves and white boots. His black hair was spiky and pointed out to the side much like his future son would have (Rukiro), except they were more severe spikes.

"You got that right.." A female voice muttered as her space pod hatch slowly opened, a brunette haired Saiyan stepped out into view, it was his wife, Yokaro. She had spiky hair much like Shishito, except it was more rounded and less extreme, she had a similar hairstyle to her and Shishito's second future son (Jaduko). She wore blue spandex with white armor, gloves, and boots, coated in emerald plating.

"Where are we, Retasu?" Shishito asked his comrade, turning his head to look at Retasu. Retasu had brunette hair and black pants with a white armor piece, however no shirt was underneath the gold plated armor. Retasu shrugged his shoulders and started to speak.

"I believe it's the planet that those 'Namekians' call home, Planet Namek, it looks like a nice place to live, you see how clean the oceans are here, Papara?" Retasu asked his wive, a shorter woman stepped next to him and looked out into the horizon, she had brunette hair as well, with no spandex over her body, she had nothing but a blue chest piece and armored skirt with golden plating.

"The emerald waters are beautiful, unlike the oceans we had on Planet Vegeta." Papara responded.

"Well, not sure if we should live on the same planet as Namekians, their serenity just doesn't mix will with us. We should go find some to help us repair our space pods so we can keep looking." Shishito spoke out to his group, everyone nodded but before they could move, they picked something up on their scouters.

"You guys see that power spike?" Papara spoke up.

"Yeah.." Retasu muttered, "We should go check it out." Shishito nodded and floated up into the air.

"Yokaro, Papara, try to see what's wrong with the space pods, we'll go investigate the power level and report back here with someone to help give repairs." Shishito called out, Yokaro nodded and got to work with Papara as Shishito and Retasu burst off in the sky towards the power level.

After flying over the emerald ocean for nearly half an hour, Shishito and Retasu reached the shore and stumbled upon a small Namekian village, the two of them dropped to the ground and looked around, noting that no one was outside.

"Wonder where everyone is..." Shishito put a hand on his hip, scanning the area. An explosion erupted in the center of the village causing the two Saiyans to run to the action.

"Ha ha!" A voice shouted, there were two Namekians standing back to back with their palms facing outwards, energy blasts flew from their palms as they shot at each and every house in the village. There were sacks of goods and currency at their feet, hinting that they raided the village first. Villager Namekians rushed around trying to dodge the blasts, trying to survive, however most of them were killed by these two assailants in the massacre.

"This village never stood a chance against the might of Salt and Pepper!" The taller Namekian, Salt, shouted, he had a navy green, gi-like shirt that was worn over tan pants with brown boots. His partner, Pepper, wore the exact same outfit except a tan gi-like shirt and navy green pants.

Out of the corner of his eye, Pepper spotted a small boy running away, trying to esape. A sadistic grin spread across Pepper's face as he aimed his hand at the boy. The boy turned around in fear and fell to the ground as the beam shot from Pepper's hand.

When the smoke cleared, the boy was gone and Pepper gave a chuckle.

"Hey!" A voice shouted from above, Salt and Pepper lifted their heads and saw Shishito, who was shouting at them, the Saiyan had the young boy in his arms.

"An outsider!" Salt muttered, he and Pepper lifted their hands towards Shishito, but were both clothes lined by Retasu, who was on the sidelines waiting for them to get distracted.

"Get out of here, Shishito, I can handle the two of them!" Retasu called up to his ally as his brown aura flared and his hair fluttered from the power. Shishito nodded and burst off in the sky to safety, the boy in his arms.

Once in safety, Shishito let the boy drop to the ground, who fell backwards onto his butt in fear. "What's your name kid?" The Saiyan asked. The boy pointed at himself with a shaky finger, Shishito nodded.

"I-I'm Violouh." He muttered.

"Violouh?" Shishito repeated, he stuck his hand down for a hand shake. "Nice to meet you." Violouh slowly reached and shook Shishito's hand.

"A-Aren't you a-a Saiyan?" He shakily asked, Shishito nodded his head.

"I'm not like other Saiyans though, so don't fear me, if I was like other Saiyans, I wouldn't have saved your ass, right?" Violouh shrugged, now feeling a little more at ease.

"I guess," Violouh remarked. "You shouldn't be here, the King doesn't like outsiders intruding on our planet."

Shishito rose an eyebrow. "The King? What King?" Violouh got to his feet.

"King Trom, he's the one who ordered those two monsters to destroy my village, just because our Village Elder wouldn't pay the taxes on time." Violouh replied.

Shishito crossed his arms. "I hate people like that." He scoffed. "Want me to have a word with him?" Violouh eagerly nodded his head almost immediately. With a smirk on his face, Shishito floated into the sky and was surprised that Violouh could do the same. "Then show me to him, I'll make sure he doesn't hurt your village again." The two then burst off in the sky towards King Trom's castle.

Act 2:
After flying for nearly a half an hour, Violouh halted in the air, Shishito stopped flying right next to him. The two looked down and saw a large, grey castle, the castle alone was at least three times the size of Violouh's village. The castle was surrounded by a kingdom that spread for miles, Namekians thrived down in the heart of the kingdom.

"This is where he's at?" Shishito asked, Violouh nodded.

"It will be very tough getting inside the castle walls." Violouh replied. Shishito snickered at the remark.

"I'm a Saiyan, I can do whatever. Stay here and watch out for me." He dropped from the sky towards the top of the castle. Violouh dropped from the sky within the kingdom, trying to blend in with the other, higher classed Namekian people. Sliding down the roof of the castle, Shishito hopped onto a balcony window and snuck through a window, making his way into a royal looking hallway.

Hearing guards talking, Shishito straightened his body and planted himself against the wall, he looked out and watched as two Namekian guards walked past him, not noticing him. Once in the clear, he walked in the direction they came from.

Minutes passed with Shishito sneaking from hall to hall, room to room. Eventually he plowed his way through the front doors of King Trom's throne room, blasting the doors open with an energy blast. King Trom sat up in his throne and the royal guards within the throne room looked at the smokey doorway. Once the smoke cleared, Shishito was seen holding his hand up as if he were about to shoot at the King.

"Are you King Trom?" The Saiyan asked, dropping his hand. The Royal Guards instantly rushed at Shishito, who didn't move.

"HALT!" Trom shouted from his throne, causing the guards to freeze in place, inches away from slicing the Saiyan in two. "You may approach me, outsider."

Shishito confidently strode down the red carpet and halted a few yards in front of King Trom's throne. "Why thank you." He sarcastically spoke.

"Why are you here?" Trom asked as he stood from his throne, he had a black gi-like uniform with brown boots. Red gloves covered his hands and a red cape was drawn over his back, like any other king would have.

"I happened to land on this planet and ended up making peace with a little kid today, and he said your guards were the big bully on campus." Shishito replied, crossing his arms. "So I'm here to talk to the principal and have a little sit down." King Trom looked confused.

"What?" The King asked. Shishito shook his head in disbelief.

"Don't have schools on this planet do ya... I'm here to tell you to leave the Namekian people alone." Shishito remarked. Trom laughed as he stepped forward, he started to circle around the Saiyan who dared threaten him.

"Why would I do that?" He asked.

"Well, aren't you the king, or are you a dictator?" Shishito questioned. King Trom shook his head.

"I am neither a king nor a dictator, I am merely a savior of the Namekian people." Trom replied as Shishito turned his head and watched Trom walk over to a window in the throne room, he looked out over the Kingdom of Trom, which is supposedly what he named this big hunk of concrete slabbed in the middle of nowhere.

"A savior? You literally had your men massacre a whole village a few minutes ago. Not something I'd see a savior do." Shishito crossed his arms. Trom shrugged and turned his head to look at the intruder.

"What would you know, outsider, be grateful, the only reason I wish to speak with you is because I know that you're a Saiyan and your race has earned itself a great reputation throughout the galaxy. You don't understand what these Namekians have done, I make them work, I make them slave over each other, all because they're gotten lazy, too lazy to work or do anything. They all value their ancestry and thrive off of the old magic and spells our Namekian ancestors used to possess. The Dragon Balls are all we have, and I want them to work rather than rely on a mystical object."

Shishito rose an eyebrow, he didn't know what a Dragon Ball was, and he sure didn't care. "How are they going to do that if you kill them?" He asked.

Trom violently turned around and looked at Shishito with sharp eyes. "Kill? I only do that to Namekians who aren't willing to accept change, they are not worthy of life." This angered Shishito. After a moment of silence, the Saiyan lunged forward and grabbed onto the front of Trom's gi, thrusting his head out of the window he once looked out of.

Act 3:
King Trom's antennas wiggled as they pointed backwards towards Shishito, a green electric shock flew from the tips and shocked the Saiyan, causing him to let go of the King.

"You dare put your hands on me, you wretch?" Trom asked, untying his cape and letting it drop to the floor. "I'll skin you for that, outsider..."

Shishito shook off the shock from Trom's antennas and got into a fighting stance. "Come at me, dipshit. That's an insult from where I come from." Trom lunged at Shishito and threw a punch towards his nose. Shishito lifted his hand and grabbed hold of Trom's fist, he swung around and threw the King into his throne. Angered at the destruction of his precious seat, Trom lunged forward and the two collided in a fast brawl, punches and kicks flailing wildly as wind started to pick up, creating cracks in the walls and floor.

Meanwhile outside the castle, Violouh had succeeded in blending in with the higher classed Namekians, stealing black gi-like pants, red boots, a blue waistband, and red wristbands, fitting the color scheme of the other Namekians, colored clothing seemed to separate the different Namekian Classes. He looked up into the sky and saw Retasu floating in the sky, the Saiyan dropped to the ground next to Violouh causing the Namekians to spread out in awe, disgust, and horror.

"What are you doing here?" Violouh asked Retasu in a low tone.

"I made quick work of those chumps at your village, so I tried to track Shishito down, you guys having any problems?" The Saiyan replied

Violouh shook his head. "No, everything's fine."

After Violouh finished his sentence, a large tremor shook the ground as crashing sounds were heard. Namekians screamed and pointed up at Trom's castle causing Retasu and Violouh to look up as well. They noticed King Trom greatly increasing in size, nearly the size of a skyscraper. Shishito was giving Trom a beating, so he was forced to use his 'Great Namek' transformation in order to even the odds. A golden aura erupted from the castle roof next to Great Namek Trom, it was Shishito, now transformed into a Super Saiyan. Violouh was surprised as he watched the golden aura fly higher up into the sky, it was a miracle that these two Saiyans landed on Namek to free the people from Trom's monarchy.

"I'll kill you!" Trom shouted at Shishito, swiping at the Saiyan like a fly, his voice had a low tone due to his size. Violouh turned towards Retasu and started to speak.

"We have to find the Sword of the Guru!" Violouh turned his head and looked up at Retasu.

"The what?" Retasu questioned.

"In ancient legend, there's a sword in this village that was hidden long ago, it was forged as a weapon so someone would soon rise and throw over a ruler who disgraced the title of King, we need to find it and give it to Shishito!" The Namekian boy replied. Retasu rose an eyebrow.

"You sound like you're making that up, a sword forged to overthrow a king that was hidden long ago? Talk about cliche." Retasu asked, Violouh nodded. "Tch, whatever you say, let's go find it." The two went off in search of the sword.

After nearly a half an hour, the two found the Sword of the Guru, they made it back to the heart of the kingdom and looked around, Trom had nearly destroyed a dozen houses, and completely demolished his own kingdom during his fight with Shishito, the two were still going strong in their fight.

"Hey pal! Catch!" Retasu shouted as he floated into the air and swung around, he hurled the sword up towards Shishito, who was unable to do any damage to King Trom in his Great Namek state despite holding his own against the Namekian.

"Thanks!" Shishito replied, he spun around and swiftly caught the hilt of the sword as it flew past his head, continuing the spin, time seemed to slow down as Shishito dropped in the air, he held the sword firmly and impaled it directly into King Trom's right eye. The King roared in pain and slowly shrunk in size until he was back to normal size. Retasu and Violouh flew over to an abandoned alleyway in the now crumbling kingdom where the Super Saiyan and the Great Namek were, making it just in time to see Shishito pull the sword out of King Trom's face and slice the King's head clean off. The monarchy had ended with one simple slice of a sword.

Act 4:
Weeks had passed and the Kingdom of Trom was destroyed, the castle at least. A huge memorial was put in the castle's place with the Sword of the Guru placed in stone, located in the center of the memorial.

Over these past few weeks, a young Namekian ironically named "Guru" rose to power and became the world's guardian, where he would eventually grow to become the world elder, overseeing everything on the Planet and ensuring that each Namekian lived a free life.

Shishito and his group's space pods were also fixed using the power of the Namekian Dragon Balls, found by Violouh, who in exchange for gathering the Dragon Balls, was brought along on their trip for a new home, the Namekian claimed that he wanted to travel the galaxy and this was the perfect time to do so. Violouh wished for his very own Saiyan Pod and after a short time of teaching him how to fly, Shishito and the rest blasted off of Planet Namek in search of a new planet to inhabit. The Namekians down below waved them away, thanking them for their kind deeds.

CONTINUE ONTO Movie 2: The Emperor's Entrance:
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Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny
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