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 Movie 2: The Emperor's Entrance

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TIME PLACEMENT: 1 year after 'Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny' and 95 years before Chapter 1 of Dragon Ball Universe 93

Act 1:
"It has been a while since I last spoke with you, my beloved wife." A low and gritty voice spoke out in the darkness. "There is much you have missed." A bright green light began to glow in the darkness, shining through the fingers of the man who was speaking. The man's hand was clenched in a fist but he slowly released it, revealing a small glass tube filled with emerald colored liquid that sparkled in the darkness.

"My research is finally complete, and all of the tests have been successful.. at least, that is what I hope." The man tilted the green vial in his hands and the sound of metal clanging together erupted into the silent air, the man picked up a small, gun-like device and inserted the vial into the top of the device. The emerald liquid began to flow into the gun and light erupted from the gun, enveloping the room in a green hue.

The man holding the gun was wearing grey Saiyan armor with a crimson Saiyan Empire logo and golden plating worn over grey, sleeveless spandex, his hands were tucked into black gloves and his black boots were on his feet, both were covered in gold plating. A brown Saiyan tail wrapped around his waist and a black cape was drawn out behind his back. A golden locket was dangling from his neck.

The Saiyan lifted the gun into the air and swirled it around, mixing the emerald liquid inside of the gun. His hair was grey and it was in the style of King Vegeta's, he also had a grey goatee and a scar extending from the left side of his forehead down into his eye. He was blind in one eye due to this scar. This Saiyan was no ordinary Saiyan, it was Zero, one of King Vegeta's royal guards! However it appeared he was alone in the room, talking to himself as if reciting a message he would deliver to his wife, Sabi.

"This is risky of me, to inject myself with science." Zero muttered, letting out a nervous huff. "I am not fully aware of this substance is safe to use, but I must use it to obtain my goal.. our goal.." He slowly lifted the gun-like device up to his neck and placed the tip of the device on the side of his neck. "Perhaps it would be best if I shared with you warming memories to soothe me."

Zero let out a cough and closed his eyes, he remembered landing on a cold and desolate planet with his wife, Sabi, their son, Nunber, and Nunber's close friend, Kyatsu. The four of them had survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta due to Zero wanting to find a way to achieve the power of a Super Saiyan. Being a royal guard in King Vegeta's army, Zero would not allow someone as low as Shishito to become stronger than him. Zero remembered the vow he made to honor King Vegeta's death by killing Shishito and finding a way to make the Saiyan race thrive.

The planet that Zero and his family had landed on was known as Planet Kuristrak, recently haven't been inhabited, this was the perfect planet for Zero to enact his plan. Two years would pass after the destruction of Planet Vegeta and Zero had somehow successfully found a way to repopulate Kuristrak with Saiyans and Saiyan-like beings. He and Sabi began to rule over this new population as Emperor and Empress with Nunber becoming their Prince.

"I am glad we were able to haul in Saiyans over the course of these two years, it's almost as if our planet had never been wiped out in the first place.." Zero muttered as he felt the Locket of Nether around his neck. "I am grateful for this Locket... for giving me the faith and power to repopulate this planet with you, Empress Sabi.." He gulped and his fingers began to tremble around the gun-like device's trigger.

The Locket of Nether had made it's way into Zero's possession before the destruction of Planet Vegeta and he had used it to earn himself King Vegeta's trust. However with the King and the Planet both gone, this Locket seemed pointless... or was it?

Zero turned his head and noticed a Crystal Ball sitting on a podium in the corner of the room he was in, it was slightly shimmering with white sparkles similar to the black gem on the Locket he was wearing. Zero remembered the Locket guiding him to this Crystal Ball located within a damp cave on Planet Kuristrak, almost as if the Locket and Crystal Ball were linked somehow. Maybe the Locket was worth something after all.. but what was this Crystal Ball?

"There's no point in backing down now, I must finish my research!" Zero pulled the trigger on the device and a needle extended from the tip of the gun, piercing the Saiyan's neck. The emerald fluid began to flow through the needle until it emptied out of the gun, Zero dropped the device on the floor and the room began to darken as the emerald fluid began to glow through Zero's veins. Zero's muscles bulked up and his veins stopped glowing. All went dark and silent as Zero began to laugh, it appears his experiment had been a success.

The year was now Age 739, two years had passed since the destruction of Planet Vegeta and a year has passed since Shishito's clash with King Trom on Planet Namek. The universe has supposedly returned to normal with the Planet Trade Organization continuing their reign over the universe despite the lack of Saiyans to aid them in their tyranny. Our story begins with Emperor Morge, who has been co-conspiring with King Cold and Lord Frieza over the past several hundred years. He may not be related to either of them, but Emperor Morge allowed King Cold and Lord Frieza supervision over the rest of the Planet Trade Organization, with him being the man behind the curtain making sure things go according to plan.

Standing in front of his throne, Emperor Morge crossed his arms and stared out of the front window of the ship he was on, PTO soldiers worked terminals down below him. Morge was surprised when the ground and air around him turned silver and cracked like a crystal. Footsteps tapped the ground behind Morge, causing the Emperor to turn around and walk around his throne, the footsteps came from someone who surprised Emperor Morge.

"You're... a Kaioshin, correct?" Emperor Morge muttered, staring down at the person. This Kaioshin had green skin and purple hair in the style of a mohawk, a black cloak wrapped around his body and he had on brown and silver armor.

"Your tone of voice tells me that you are as diligent as I had heard." The Kaioshin spoke, his arms were crossed behind his back. "My name is The Watcher, and I have come to meet with you, Emperor Morge of the Planet Trade Organization."

"I may be aware of your position as a Kaioshin, but I am not afraid of your power nor am I aware of this crystal technique you have used. Release my men from your control and I won't have to take action." Morge threatened.

"I apologize but I physically would not be able to speak with you in your world without the use of the Timewatch Crystal." The Watcher replied. "I am here to bargain with you, bargaining is what you are known for throughout the universe is it not?"

"I'm listening, but be quick." Emperor Morge crossed his arms.

"We are in the Timewatch Crystal, I believe I have all of the time in the universe." The Watcher retorted, lifting an eyebrow in a sly manner. Emperor Morge growled. "But I did not come here for jokes, I have come to you on behalf of Nether."

"The God of Peace? You and he conspire with one another?" Morge questioned.

"Former God of Peace, yes." The Watcher replied. "I assume you are aware of the Locket of Nether?"

"Not entirely." Morge replied.

"The Locket of Nether is a physical object that contains Nether's soul that was encased in it after the Gods stripped him of his power due to him abusing it, the Locket has incredible power and cannot be in the possession of a mere mortal. I require your aid to retrieve it so I can free Nether from the Locket." The Watcher informed Morge, who was raising an eyebrow. "However the Locket was last seen by Nether and I on Planet Vegeta, but before I could retrieve the Locket from whoever was in possession of it..-" He was cutoff by Morge.

"Planet Vegeta was blown up, I know." Emperor Morge replied. "An underling of mine was responsible."

"Y-You mean.. not only do you claim and resell planets.. you destroy them?" The Watcher was shocked at this news.

"Did you not know this?" Morge asked.

"I did not.." The Watcher replied. "You're not the man I was told you would be."

"I also know that the Locket of Nether is in the possession of Zero, or as he prefers to be called nowadays, Emperor Zero.. He has it on Planet Kuristrak." Emperor Morge chuckled as The Watcher dropped his jaw in shock at how much information Morge knew. "I was not interested in a mere Locket, but now that you have come to me and explained to me it's power, I should find it for myself.."

"You can't handle the Locket's power, if it comes into your grasp, you would be unstoppable, I mustn't allow that." The Watcher replied. "You were the wrong person to come to in order to help me free Nether.."

"I apologize, friend." Morge replied. "I am a man of want and destruction, I don't help others, I help myself. I have no interest in freeing Nether, someone who could stop me." He shrugged and The Watcher scoffed in disgust. The Watcher's body vanished without any further warning and the Timewatch Crystal disappeared, Morge could hear his soldiers continue their work.

"Men! We are changing our route!" Morge shouted as he walked around his throne and sat down. "Take me to Planet Kuristrak, I have business there.."

Meanwhile on the opposite end of the universe, five Saiyan pods are flying steadily through space. It had been a year since they were repaired on Planet Namek. Who was inside these pods you may ask?

Shishito was sitting in the pod up front of the five. Yokaro and Violouh were by his sides as Retasu and Papara flew behind the three of them. They had been travelling in space for a year since leaving Planet Namek, stopping on several planets along the way to see if they could make a new home there, but planet after planet, none could meet the task of a perfect home.

Violouh's child-like body had grown into a teenage body since he was now a full year older than before. Namekians age at a higher rate than Saiyans which is why his change was so drastic. But Shishito and the others didn't question it, they accepted him as one of their own, bringing him along on their journey and showing him the wonders of the universe.

The five of them were all asleep in their pods and unable to spot the Solar Winds they were flying into. Due to this, the five Saiyan pods rushed into the winds and began to swirl around in space, but since the winds were so soft, none of them had woken up. The wind softly swirled them around each other until the gusts slowly disappeared, fortunately shooting all five pods in the same direction. However it was in a different direction from where they were originally headed..

Undisturbed by the Solar Winds, the five pods crashed onto a mountainside on Planet Kuristrak several hours after being thrown off course. The five pods opened up and the four Saiyans stepped out. Violouh fell onto the ground in front of his pod and stretched.

"Where are we this time?" Violouh questioned with a yawn.

"Not sure.. let me check my pod.." Yokaro muttered, peering inside her pod, she looked at the coordinates and read the name 'Earth'. "Apparently this planet is known as 'Earth', what a pretty name!"

"Earth huh?" Shishito looked around the barren mountainside, the ground was colored a greyish white. "Pretty boring if you ask me.."

"Hopefully there are people on this planet, we should go find them and see how they live before we assume that this planet's boring." Retasu remarked.

"Follow me, let's look around!" Papara shouted, waving the others into the air. Their auras flared around their bodies as they flew off into the distance to find civilization.

The group had flown for nearly ten minutes before stumbling upon a huge city with a large castle overlooking the city on a cliff. Shishito rose an eyebrow, recognizing the castle's structure. It was the similar to King Vegeta's castle back on Planet Vegeta. He waved for the others to follow him as he flew towards the castle. Yokaro and Papara stared down into the city and noticed people roaming the streets wearing Saiyan-like armor. Brown tails flailing behind them. The two women widened their eyes in shock and disbelief at what they saw.

Landing on the ground in front of the castle, Retasu and Violouh studied the castle's structure as the doors opened up, a man in grey Saiyan armor stepped into the fresh air with two guards behind him. Shishito lifted his head and widened his eyes when he recognized the man with the grey armor.

"Zero?!" Shishito shouted, the others dropped their jaws in shock.

"Long time to see, Shishito!" Zero shouted, extended his arms outward as if he were welcoming the group into his castle, he wasn't arrogant like he was on Planet Vegeta.. he seemed calm and confident. "I had been expecting you to show up on my Planet Kuristrak eventually, what do you think of my NEW Saiyan Empire?"

Zero let out a chuckle as Shishito grit his teeth, Retasu clenched his fists and Yokaro, along with Papara, both widened their eyes. Violouh rose an eyebrow in confusion, he didn't know who this Zero guy was.

Act 2:
"New Saiyan Empire?" Retasu asked. "What have you been planning?"

"Forget about that, how are you alive?!" Shishito shouted, clenching his fists. "The tone in your voice makes me think you're trying to be all buddy-buddy with me, but it won't work. I remember you blasting me in the back!" He took a step forward towards Emperor Zero but the two guards behind him fizzed out of view and reappeared in between the two Saiyans, blocking Shishito from taking a step forward.

The two of them were wearing the same exact Saiyan outfits with the exception of color. One of them was wearing black spandex with white Saiyan armor, gloves, and boots, silver shoulder pads and plates were placed on them and a silver hood extended from the back of his Saiyan armor over his head, it wrapped around his mouth making it so no one could see his face with the exception of his nose and eyes. He had a white tuft of hair extended down the side of his forehead. The other Saiyan was wearing the exact same outfit but the silver plates and hood were replaced with bronze plates and a bronze hood. His hair wasn't white, it was a light brown.

"I apologize for their interruptions, Shishito." Zero lifted his arm and extended it towards the Saiyan wearing the silver plated Saiyan armor. "This is Nitro." Nitro closed his eyes and bowed causing Shishito to blink in confusion. Yokaro and Papara waved.

"This is Dextro." Zero pointed towards the bronze plated Saiyan, who bowed as well. Retasu crossed his arms and scoffed as Violouh carefully studied the two guards. He noticed both of them had brown Saiyan tails wrapped around their waists.

"These men are Saiyans and you say you are the emperor of a New Saiyan Empire.." Violouh muttered. "Who exactly are you, and what did you do to revive a near extinct race?"

"You have found a young Namekian boy, I see." Zero looked over Shishito's shoulder towards Violouh. "Looks like I wasn't the only one who was busy looking for a new home!" He chuckled.

'I'm not sure how I feel about this... two years ago, he tried to execute me with King Vegeta's permission, but now he thinks we're close kin..' Shishito's mind raced.

"I'm curious as well, how did you managed to revive the Saiyans and move them all here to Kuristrak?" Retasu asked.

"I'm still a little bummed that my pod lied to me.. this isn't Earth." Yokaro whispered into Papara's ear.

"Well you see, Retasu was it?" Emperor Zero began. "It should be no concern to you about how I brought everyone back, it should be a glorious site to learn that your race has thrived beyond the incomprehensible! Frieza and his men may have tried to wipe us out, but it turns out their troubles led to nothing!" Footsteps echoed out behind Emperor Zero.

"Father, I apologize for interrupting your meeting with these outsiders." A voice called out, everyone turned their attention towards a 19 year old Nunber who was wearing blue Saiyan spandex underneath white Saiyan armor with gold plating. He was walking side by side with a 15 year old girl wearing dark yellow spandex underneath grey Saiyan armor with white plating, this girl was Kyatsu.

"No worries, my son." Emperor Zero turned around and looked at his son. Papara lifted her head and noticed the two glare at each other as if there was some sort of uneasy spark between the two of them. "These are no outsiders, they are members of the True Saiyan Race just like you and I."

"And the Namekian?" Nunber asked, looking at Violouh. Violouh's eyes twitched and he glared at Nunber, there was a spark between them as well.

"He's their guest." Zero replied.

"Surviving members of the Saiyan Empire? Wow!" Kyatsu was ecstatic and rushed up to Yokaro and Papara. "They plan on rekindling with us right? They wanna stay here and live with the other Saiyans?"

"Well actually-" Yokaro nervously replied, but Zero cut her off.

"I was hoping they would stay, but there seems to still be some uneasy history between Shishito and I. Kyatsu, would you take Retasu, his wife, and Shishito's wife down to the city? I wish for them to see what it's like, living back in Saiyan society."

"Will do! Follow me!" Kyatsu grabbed onto Yokaro and Papara's hands and pulled them up into the air, Retasu followed the girls down towards the city below the castle leaving Shishito, Violouh, Zero, Nunber, Nitro, and Dextro alone on the summit.

'Something about this seems off..' Violouh's voice echoed in Shishito's mind. Shishito shifted his eyes to the right and began exchange thoughts back and forth using ki energy with Violouh, despite him being in front of the Namekian boy.

'I agree, I don't trust Zero for a second.. I want to figure out how he managed to revive the Saiyans.' Shishito replied. He noticed Nunber scoff at his father and turn around to head back inside the castle walls.

"Would you two like to accompany me inside of my humble castle?" Zero extended his arms. "I can show you around, get you two acquainted so you can decide if you want to remain here with your kind."

'I will stay and study the castle from outside, you can handle things inside.' Violouh's thoughts echoed in Shishito's mind. Shishito nodded and intended for Violouh to see it, but Zero saw the nod and thought he was accepting the offer.

"I will stay outside for now and wait for the others to return." Violouh replied.

"Suit yourself, Nitro, Dextro, lead the way please." Zero muttered. The two Saiyan guards nodded and walked in front of Zero, they led him and Shishito inside of the castle walls. The doors closed behind them and Violouh narrowed his eyes as he began to study the castle.

Within the castle, Shishito was surprised at how reminiscent of King Vegeta's castle it was. The foyer of the castle was nice and richly built, hallways leading into living quarters, dining halls, recreation rooms, science labs, and just about anything you could imagine. Zero had began to tour throughout the castle, showing Shishito all of the rooms on the first floor.

"What's down the stairs in the basement?" Shishito asked, pointing to a cellar door in the corner of the castle room they were in. Zero rushed in front of Shishito and urgently spread his arms.

"It is none of your concern, that cellar contains something only the royal family can know about." Zero's voice was somewhat shaky. Shishito glared into Zero's eyes and the two felt the tension that they felt the first time they met, back during Shishito's execution.

"Fine, I won't bother with it then." Shishito replied, he widened his eyes and noticed something appear out of the corner of his eye. Shifting his head to peer past Zero, Shishito stared up at a a portrait on the main wall of the foyer, the picture had Zero standing next to a woman and their arms were placed on the shoulders of Nunber and Kyatsu like a family portrait.

Zero lifted his head and turned around, noticing the portrait that Shishito was staring at. Shishito gazed around the room and noticed other pictures of the same woman scattered around the place.

"Who is the woman in those pictures? She has grey hair like yours." Shishito muttered. The woman in the portraits was had grey spiky hair with two long strands of hair framing her face like sideburns, she looked relatively young just like Zero despite having grey hair.  This woman was wearing grey spandex underneath white Saiyan armor with gold plating, a brown Saiyan tail wrapped around her waist and an emerald colored cape was draped over her back. Shishito noticed that the woman had emerald colored earrings dangling from her ears, they were sparkly.

"That is my wife, Empress Sabi." Zero softly replied. "Beautiful woman, isn't she?"

"Yeah, you and her actually look pretty good together." Shishito replied with sincerity. "Where is she? Could I meet her?"

"Sadly, you cannot meet her." Zero replied.

"How come?" Shishito asked, Nitro and Dextro shifted in front of Shishito and softly shook their heads with their eyes closed much to Shishito's confusion, but Zero waved them off.

"Empress Sabi has been dead for nearly a year and a half now. We had made it our goal to make the Saiyan race thrive again but before our dream could become a reality, she became victim to a heart attack." Zero closed his eyes and Shishito's tenseness dropped.

"I-I'm sorry.." Shishito muttered.

"She may have looked young, but her age was nearing 51." Zero replied. "Her body became less defensive against natural occurrences, things such as a heart attack." He let out a sigh. "Sabi was killed before our Empire could flourish, but our people worship her as if she were still among us, and I still worship her as well."

"At least she has the opportunity to be in a better place." Shishito replied.

"Yes, but I wish to honor her by creating the Saiyan Empire from scratch, and I would do so using science and magic unseen by any person before." Zero clenched his fist and looked up at Sabi's portrait.

"Science and magic, what do you mean?" Shishito questioned. He noticed the golden he had seen two years ago was still dangling from Zero's neck, he had kept it all this time. "Are you implying that these Saiyans... were created unnaturally?"

"It was the only way to bring my people back. It does not matter if they are natural or unnatural, as long as they are here." Zero replied.

"It's wrong to tamper with things you can't control, these people... they shouldn't exist." Shishito clenched his fist, but Nitro and Dextro glared at Shishito, causing him to ease up.

"You and I are the same, we would do anything for our wives. For you, it's transforming into a Super Saiyan.." Zero's tone of voice lowered. "For me... it's reviving our people, you and I are the same, except.." Zero turned around and glared at Shishito from over his shoulder. "Your wife survived her near death experience..."

Shishito's eyes widened and he could feel Zero's eyes pierce through his. He gulped and softly nodded, realizing that this man still remembered the whole Super Saiyan ordeal.

"You and your friends may stay the night, but just know... that I know things about you Shishito. You and your family were destined to crash land on Kuristrak, to rejoin your people. You will soon see that it's time to return to your true home." Zero replied, his cape flapped in the wind as he walked up a nearby staircase and began walking towards his throne room with Nitro and Dextro following behind. Shishito dropped his shoulders.

Kyatsu would eventually return with the group and entered the castle with Violouh following them. Violouh had reported to Shishito that there was nothing suspicious about this castle. Shishito was surprised to hear that both Yokaro and Papara were excited to walk around the Saiyan city down below the castle. It appeared the both of them had missed their planet despite the hardships their families had been through.

The group would spend the night in the living quarters on the castle's first floor. Shishito waited for Yokaro, Papara, and Violouh to fall asleep so he could wake Retasu up. Shishito softly crept through the dark castle hall over to Retasu's living quarter and creaked open the door, he woke Retasu up with a loud slap in the face.

"What the hell?!" Retasu shouted, sitting up as fast as he could. Shishito lifted his finger to Retasu's mouth and shushed him.

"Somethings off here, Violouh and I both think something's up with this Zero guy.." Shishito softly spoke. "Well, I don't think, I know."

"Know? How?" Retasu asked, lifting himself out of bed.

"This guy's a creep, apparently all of the Saiyans you saw today were made, with either magic or science, I'm not sure, but either way they aren't naturally born." Shishito continued.

"Impossible, how could he spawn a planet full of fully grown Saiyans within two years." Retasu was skeptical.

"Not sure, he wouldn't let me go into the castle's cellar. So you and I are gonna break into it." Shishito smirked.

"You're an idiot, you know that right?" Retasu replied.

"Hey, we're in this together, aren't we buddy?" Shishito asked.

"I guess, lead the way." Retasu rolled his eyes.

The two Saiyans left the living quarters and descended down the nearby staircase towards the foyer of the castle, Shishito softly walked over to the cellar door he saw from earlier and quickly opened up the hatch. The two Saiyans descended down into the dark cellar and frantically searched for a light switch.

"Found it!" Retasu softly spoke, his hand smacked into a light switch and he turned it on. The ceiling began to light up revealing that the two were in a private workshop underneath the castle with desks, tables, and large containers of emerald colored liquid scattered throughout the room.

"What is this place?" Shishito asked, walking further into the workshop, he peered into the emerald liquid in awe as he passed each container. "What's this stuff?"

"If I had the answers, I would tell you." Retasu replied, he was curious as to what this emerald liquid was as well. The two Saiyans ventured through the workshop passing more containers filled with the liquid, they eventually reached a tiny desk on the far end of the room with a small gun-like device placed on top of a notepad.

"Couldn't possibly be stuff that powers the castle or the Planet's electricity, could it?" Shishito questioned, lifting the gun-like device off of the table. Retasu shrugged as Shishito tossed the device back towards him. Catching the device, Retasu slowly looked over the design of the device and noticed there was a tiny needle dripping emerald liquid on the tip of the device.

Shishito picked up the notepad on the table and flipped it open, he began to read through different passages of words, none of it was making any sense to him however.

"You think Emperor Zero wrote all of this mumbo jumbo?" Shishito asked, skimming over the words.

"He's the only guy who could come down here, so I would assume so." Retasu replied, looking back at the containers of emerald liquid, realizing the liquid on the device was the same as the one in the containers.

With a shrug, Shishito continued to skim through the notepad's pages until something caught his eye. The name 'Sabi' flashed by his vision and caused him to turn back. Retasu noticed Shishito stop flipping through pages and decided to take this time to carefully look at the emerald liquid containers.

'December 8th, Age 738 - Sabi, the emerald component in your earrings was the perfect source I needed to further my research! It mixed perfect with the crystals I had uncovered on this planet shortly after your passing. During my search, I had found a small crystal ball that I decided to keep by myself, as it emitted a black hue and white sparkles, it felt like something you would enjoy so I decided to keep it in our workshop by my side, it reacts to the Locket of Nether for some particular reason but my research on my current project is more important.. I apologize but I was forced to destroy your beloved earrings, but it's for the sake of my experiment, so I hope you can understand.' The notepad read, Shishito's eyes narrowed as he quickly gazed over the next few words, the notepad was Zero's notes for research on an experiment he was conducting.. but what experiment? Shishito noticed Zero mention the Saiyans living on the planet, but there was nothing indicating that they were cloned.

'December 20th, Age 738 - My research on the Saiyan Blood Compound is steadily progressing, my experiment has arrived at it's first checkpoint but I have been fearful to test it on myself, I need a test subject...' Shishito rose an eyebrow after reading the words 'Saiyan Blood Compound', turning his head towards Retasu and the containers full of emerald liquid, the Saiyan had realized this emerald liquid was artificial Saiyan Blood mixed with the emerald mineral within Sabi's earrings and resources native to Planet Kuristrak.

'February 14th, Age 739 - It has successfully been a month since I tested the Saiyan Blood Compound on our son, Nunber. No sign of side effects aside from resentment. But I can live with that.. wouldn't you agree, Sabi?' Shishito was shocked after reading this, Zero had tested his experiments on his very own son without knowing what it would do. What if it had killed Nunber? Nunber giving his father the cold shoulder back at the front of the castle made sense now that Shishito had figured out what the history between these two was like. What does this stuff even do? Shishito grit his teeth and held back the urge to smash all of the containers.

'September 14th, Age 739 - After witnessing no side effects on Nunber, I had made myself brave enough to inject myself with the Saiyan Blood Compound. Sabi... My project was a success... I was able to replicate the Super Saiyan form of that low class Saiyan, Shishito, back on Planet Vegeta! Your death will not be in vein and neither will King Vegeta's, I will make sure to use this newly created Super Saiyan form to it's advantage and unite the Saiyan race in your honor.. But I need a name for this form... Maybe I should name it after the mineral you desired? Super Saiyan Emerald... I like that name, and I hope you do too.'

That was the last journal entry in the notepad. Shishito softly closed the notepad and glared at the size of the notepad. It was chuck full of notes and research over the past two years. Zero was able to do it... he was able to replicate the Super Saiyan power and physique with the help of science. This monster neglected his son due to greed... greed to achieve a form he couldn't naturally attain. Shishito crumbled the notepad in his hands and heard footsteps behind him. Retasu turned his head and stumbled backwards into Shishito, causing the Saiyan to turn around.

"I knew you would have ventured down here despite my warning." Zero muttered, his arms were crossed and he stood several yards away from Shishito and Retasu. Shishito tossed the notepad on the ground in front of Zero and fired a tiny blue ki blast into it, the pages began to burn.

"You should be ashamed of yourself.." Shishito muttered.

"For?" Zero questioned.

"Not only did you recreate a race that shouldn't exist.." Shishito continued. "You tampered with science, a science that created a power you can't control... a power I can't control.. You should be ashamed that you let yourself be consumed by greed and neglect your son, the only family member you have left. You say you have wanted to honor Empress Sabi's name but all I see behind her name is something you built out of a lie."

"All of this liquid... you're trying to emulate Shishito's power, that he achieved with hard work and anger of nearly losing someone?" Retasu asked.

"He doesn't deserve the power of a Super Saiyan. He's low class trash who was lucky to have his wife survive an attack on Planet Vom, I am a warrior, a Royal Guard of Prince Vegeta... I am an Emperor! My wife died before our dream could come true and this was the only way I could have her memory live on!" Zero shouted.

"How many people?" Shishito questioned. "How many people did you inject this 'Saiyan Blood Compound' or whatever into?"

"Only Nunber and myself. I did not want a planet full of artificial Super Saiyans.." Zero replied. "Besides, Nunber and I are the only ones capable of withstanding the power of a Super Saiyan Emerald. We are true Saiyans."

"You are scum." Shishito spat back, Retasu glared at Zero. "I didn't believe it, but I hoped you had changed. I wanted to empathize with you about your wife, but after learning that you turned her legacy into your own experiment, it makes me sick."

"Her legacy was made by me, Super Saiyan Emerald is her legacy." Zero retorted.

"No, her legacy was Nunber. You and her both put your legacy into him, he is your offspring, your son... and you just turned him into a guinea pig." Retasu continued what Shishito was saying.

"How dare you..?" Zero muttered, he uncrossed his arms and lifted them to grab onto the Locket of Nether around his neck, he lifted it up and placed it on a nearby work table. "You can't simply walk into my home and disrespect my family, I will make sure you face the full wrath of a TRUE Super Saiyan.."

Zero lowered his arms to his side and a black aura flared around him, his veins began to glow green through his skin as his aura sharply transitioned from black to emerald with feint white sparkles. With a growl, Zero's grey hair spiked up slightly and turned into an emerald color as his non-blind eye turned emerald as well.

Shishito and Retasu lifted their arms as the glass containers around Zero slightly cracked and the floor began to shake from the power emitting from Zero's body. Slowly, everything had calmed down and Shishito lifted his head to see Zero in his Super Saiyan Emerald form.

"Now I can kill you and complete my experiment... to make sure my hypothesis was correct about Super Saiyan Emerald being able to beat the original!" Zero softly chuckled.

"I-Incredible... I had my doubts, but this is insane power!" Shishito muttered, all was silent with the exception of the shimmering white sparkles on Zero's emerald aura making feint 'wizz' sounds.

"That Locket.." Retasu turned his head and noticed Zero had taken it off before transforming. "You didn't want to destroy it, why is it important to you?"

"Since the two of you will be executed before word can spread, I might as well tell you. This object is known as the Locket of Nether, I was given to it by a young fellow nearly four decades ago when I first joined King Vegeta's Royal Army. The lad had spiky blue hair and referred to himself as Seda, he had told me I would be able to use the Locket to increase my influence on my Saiyan peers. I used it to make my way up the ranks until I was King Vegeta's most trusted soldier. Too bad I never saw Seda again to thank him.."

"It had an influence on the King? What made it so powerful?" Retasu rose an eyebrow.

"I was told that it had a power deep within it's black gem that would dispel darkness, that a being of light and peace would emerge from it one day to erase all evil from the universe.. King Vegeta had recognized the Locket somehow before I was even able to tell him what Seda had told me." Zero replied.

"A Locket containing a being of light and peace?" Shishito scoffed. "Sounds crazy... and dangerous."

"Enough talk, show me your Super Saiyan form and let me finish my experiment." Zero clenched his fists and glared at Shishito, who glared back. The Saiyan's black hair didn't stand up, it remained in it's base form.

"What's wrong?" Retasu asked.

"I can't transform at will, I need to be forced into the form, which is why I don't wanna tustle with this guy." Shishito tried to whisper back, but Zero overheard him.

"So the Super Saiyan form can't be achieved on whim, unlike the Super Saiyan Emerald form.. guess I'll have to coax it out of you!" Zero lunged forward and punched Shishito in the jaw, the Saiyan winced and went flying upwards through the ceiling. Retasu stepped to the side and watched Zero fly up after him, their fight had begun. Retasu ran over to the Locket of Nether and grabbed it, he wrapped it around his neck and burst off towards the living quarters, he had to wake the others.

Act 3:
"Come on, show me your true power!" Zero shouted angrily as he continued punching Shishito upwards through the levels of his castle. Shishito winced in pain as his back slammed into ceiling after ceiling until the two were in the fresh air above the castle.

"S-Stop!" Shishito shouted, Zero thrust a punch into his chin and sent him flipping upwards, Zero's body fizzed out of view and his foot slammed onto the back of Shishito's back. Shishito's pupils dilated and spit flew out of his mouth.

"If you won't transform, I will order Nitro and Dextro to kill your friends and family. I tried being nice but you didn't accept my offer, and your poor wife will have to pay for your mistakes!" Zero shouted, an airwave around his foot exploded and sent Shishito flying down towards the ground with the wind knocked out of him. Shishito shook his head to regain himself and grit his teeth as the air rushed past his ears, he caught himself and peered upwards towards Zero.

Zero began to fire a barrage of emerald ki blasts down towards Shishito, the blasts were powerful enough to destroy the castle down below. This guy was crazy, he was willing to destroy his own home just to kill Shishito! Then it hit him, Yokaro, Papara, Retasu, and Violouh were all still inside the castle, they would be killed if Zero managed to destroy it.

"I said... STOP!" Shishito shouted, his aura flared around him as the ki blasts flew past him, he crossed his arms and huddled up as the beams shot into him and scraped past him, pain surged through Shishito's body until everything exploded from within.

Shouting in pain against the sound echoing from the ki blasts, Shishito's hair stood on end and turned golden, he continued to shout as his body fizzed out of view and reappeared behind Emperor Zero. Shishito thrust his foot upward and kicked Zero in the stomach, putting an end to the barrage of ki blasts. The duel between the Super Saiyan and the Super Saiyan Emerald was just beginning.

Meanwhile inside of the castle, Retasu was leading Yokaro, Papara, and Violouh out of the crumbling castle.

"What's going on out there?!" Papara shouted at her husband.

"Shishito's dueling with Zero, turns out the guy wasn't as nice as he seemed." Retasu replied, the group successfully made it out of the castle before parts of the walls crumbled where they once exited from.

"That Kyatsu girl was awfully nice, too bad Zero or his son weren't the same." Yokaro replied, letting out a sigh of relief as she stared at the crumbled castle. Violouh tapped her on the shoulder and pointed up towards the sky, the group could see a golden aura clashing against an emerald aura, the two of them were flying around the sky, swirling through the air like ice skaters.

"Incredible, they're fast!" Papara muttered.

"Yokaro, you and Papara need to get back to our pods and get them ready for evacuation. We can't stay on this planet for long once Shishito beats Zero." Retasu looked at Yokaro, who nodded.

"The two of them look pretty matched, are you sure Shishito can handle him?" Papara questioned.

"When you pit science and nature against each other, nature always wins." Retasu smirked. "Now get a move on, Violouh and I will make sure nothing gets out of hand from the fight." Yokaro nodded and led Papara through the air back towards their pods.

"Should I head inside and make sure everyone made it out safely?" Violouh questioned.

"That would be smart, I'll head down to the city below and make sure the fight doesn't carry into harm of the Saiyans." Retasu burst off into the sky and Violouh began running towards the ruined castle.

"I see you have some fight in you afterall.." Zero chuckled, his aura softly flared around him. Shishito remained silent as his aura flared as well.

Without any further conversation, the two Saiyan warriors rushed towards each other and began exchanging a barrage of punches and kicks at immense speed. The two of them were moving so fast that the average eye could not see them, air barriers exploded randomly throughout the sky with loud booming sounds echoing from their fists. The two rapidly shot back and forth through the sky until Zero eventually got the upper hand and slammed his fist into Shishito's cheek causing the Super Saiyan to stumble backwards in the sky.

Inside of the castle, Violouh searched through the rubble but found no bodies. Meaning Kyatsu and Nunber had safely made it out of the castle. Violouh let out a sigh of relief but was cut off when he heard rustling coming from the cellar door. Raising an eyebrow, Violouh walked over towards the cellar door and reached out to open it, but before he had the chance to open it, Dextro burst through the cellar and began attacking Violouh with a barrage of punches.

"Hey, watch it!" Violouh shouted, blocking all of Dextro's punches. He leaned back and threw a headbutt into Dextro's hooded forehead, the Saiyan winced in pain and stumbled back. Violouh lunged forward and the two exchanged a barrage of punches and kicks in the castle's rubble as the fight between Shishito and Zero continued up above.

"You do not talk, do you?" Violouh questioned, spinning around and blocking a kick from Dextro with his shin. "That is fine with me!" He hopped back and aimed a purple ki blast at Dextro but realized the Saiyan was extended his arms up above Violouh's head.

Before Violouh could fire the ki blast, a bronze ki ring lowered downwards and circled around Violouh's body.

"W-What is this?!" Violouh shouted, but the ki ring quickly shrunk and ensnared Violouh with his arms at his sides. Violouh struggled to fight the ring but noticed the technique was slowly draining his stamina, he had to fight to escape. But everything was going dark.. Violouh's eyes softly closed and he fell forward onto his face with the ki ring still trapping him. Nitro lifted his head out of the cellar door and caught Dextro's attention, who grabbed Violouh by the antennae and dragged him down into the cellar.

Meanwhile back in the fight, Shishito lunged forward and slammed his foot into Zero's stomach, knocking the Emperor back a few feet. Shishito shot forward and kneed Zero in the chin, rapidly continuing his combo throughout the sky.

"You're definitely a challenge, it's no wonder why King Vegeta couldn't execute you." Emperor Zero taunted, taking the punches. "But I am no King, I am an Emperor!" He shouted and slammed his fist into Shishito's stomach, he fired an emerald blast into Shishito's stomach and the blast carried the Super Saiyan upwards into the sky.

"I can tell you're tiring, your Super Saiyan Emerald form is meant for show, you failed in your experiment." Shishito called down to Zero.

"How would you know if my experiment was a failure?" Zero questioned, aiming his palms upwards towards Shishito, an emerald light formed at the end of his hands.

"Your Super Saiyan Emerald form can't handle itself in a fight. I give you props for creating a version of my Super Saiyan, but you're simply too weak of a fighter, using too weak of a form!" Shishito shouted, he aimed his hands downwards and fired a yellow beam towards Zero, who fired an emerald beam back. The two beams collided and the sky lit up from the power emitting from the two warriors.

Both Saiyans put their strength into their blasts, their muscles bulked up and the two began to shout in power as the air in the sky exploded around the beams.

The clash between the two Saiyans echoed in the sky as Retasu landed on the castle remains, he had managed to get everyone away from the point of battle and had come back to check on Violouh, but was surprised when Violouh was nowhere to be seen. Retasu urgently searched through the rubble but he had no luck in finding Violouh. That is, until a large noise echoed from the cellar door.

Retasu ran over to the cellar and opened up the door, he hopped into the cellar and quietly began to run through the large room, he stopped when he saw an unconscious Nitro and Dextro on the floor.

'Wow, I haven't given that kid enough credit, he showed these Saiyans what it meant to be a warrior!' Retasu smirked, but heard voices mumbling in the distance.

Sneaking through the workshop, Retasu hid behind a container of Saiyan Blood Compound and peered out around it, he noticed Nunber talking to someone, an unconscious Violouh was on his knees next to Violouh, Dextro's ki ring was wrapped around him.

'Oh no...' Retasu thought to himself, he shifted his head and noticed Nunber was talking to a large figure with black skin and grey, armor-like plates encasing his body. Nunber was talking to Emperor Morge!

Although he could not make out any words, Retasu could see Morge get angered at Nunber's words, what were the two talking about? Retasu could feel the power emitting from both Nunber and Morge, if he made a move to rescue Violouh, he would be killed.

Nunber grabbed onto Violouh's antennae and shoved the Namekian over towards Morge, he mouthed a few more words and Morge grit his teeth, with a scoff, Morge lifted his hand and aimed it at a nearby container containing Saiyan Blood Compound. A cyan blast fired from Morges hand and destroyed the container, setting off a chain reaction through the workshop. Morge grabbed onto the top of Violouh's head and the two bodies fizzed out of view, their power disappeared completely. Retasu widened his eyes in fear, was Violouh just kidnapped? With the containers exploding in the workshop, Retasu watched Nunber fly through the ceiling to escape the blast, Retasu had to do the same as he quickly rushed towards the cellar door and opened it up. He burst into the sky as green lights began to shine into the sky.

Shishito's beam struggle with Zero began to go in his favor as Zero's Super Saiyan Emerald form lost it's juices, Zero's hair reverted back to it's base color and the Emperor widened his eyes in fear as Shishito's beam shot towards him.

"No! Wait! I apologize for everything, Shishito!" Zero shouted, he tried to catch onto the beam but it overpowered him and began pushing him towards the exploding castle.

"Sorry, but you had your chance. I'm taking my family and leaving this planet!" Shishito shouted, he watched as Zero screamed and fell into the castle ruins with the beam pushing him down towards the workshop. Green lights exploded from the ground and Shishito widened his eyes, had he caused it? Without any further warning, Shishito burst off into the sky away from the exploding castle, leaving Zero for dead.

Arriving back at the pods, Shishito's hair reverted back to normal and he noticed Yokaro and Papara waiting for the others to return. Retasu landed on the ground and quickly hopped into his pod as the castle exploded in the distance.

"Whoa!" Papara shouted at the sight.

"Where's Violouh?" Yokaro questioned.

"I-I'm not sure how to explain it.." Retasu muttered.

"He wasn't in the explosion was he?" Shishito asked, Retasu shook his head.

"Some large, black and grey alien took him, we have to find him and get off this planet before the Saiyans realize their Emperor is dead because of us!" Retasu shouted, he hopped in his pod and entered in random coordinates, he could slightly feel Violouh's power in space and he couldn't lose it, or else they'd lose their friend forever. Yokaro and Papara's pods closed as Shishito looked back at the exploding castle.

'I wish you put up more of a fight, Zero. Your Super Saiyan Emerald form intrigued me... but it can't beat the original.' Shishito closed his eyes and stepped inside of his pod. The four Saiyan pods shot up into the sky, leaving Violouh's pod behind, hoping they could return to retrieve it with their friend in their clutches.

What were Nunber and Morge talking about? Were they negotiating a trade? Where did Morge take Violouh? All these questions, yet so little answers..

Act 4:
Once the explosion of Zero's castle had faded, Nunber and Kyatsu landed on the ground in front of the wreckage.

"Oh god.. Emperor Zero!" Kyatsu shouted, running towards the flaming rubble, Nunber followed after her and began to dig through the castle's remains. Nunber eventually found the dead body of his father, Zero was burned from head to toe from the explosion.

"What happened?!" Kyatsu shouted at Nunber.

"H-He must have been caught in the explosion.. He's gone.." Nunber pretended to form tears in his eyes and noticed Kyatsu quickly ramble around the castle, everything was gone. Nunber had purposely left out the details of Shishito's fight with Zero, or the negotiation he made with Morge.

"What does this mean? No one can rule over Kuristrak now that our Emperor and Empress are dead!" Kyatsu was freaking out.

"You and I, together we can rule this land, in honor of my parents.. I can be King of this world and you, my queen." Nunber muttered, Kyatsu turned her head and looked at Nunber, forgetting that since both of his parents were now dead, he was technically the ruler of Kuristrak. "The Saiyans in the city down below are probably wondering what happened to our castle, you should go down there and tell them that we are the rulers as of tonight."

"Y-Yes!" Kyatsu muttered, she blushed at the fact that Nunber offered for her to be the Queen to his King. She hovered into the air and burst off towards the city.

Nunber chuckled and dropped the body of his deceased father on the ground.

"You got cocky in your fight with Shishito.. You believed in your 'Super Saiyan Emerald' and unfortunately, it was weak in comparison to a regular Super Saiyan.." Nunber grit his teeth and his veins began glowing emerald, he was technically able to transform into a Super Saiyan Emerald as well due to the experiments his father performed on him, but he knew he couldn't waste the form without proper training.. It had to be controlled like the natural Super Saiyan form.

Stepping over his father's dead body, Nunber descended into the destroyed workshop and scoffed.

"You even let Shishito escape with the Locket of Nether.. I had nothing to trade to him in exchange for this planet's safety underneath my rule, aside from that Namekian Boy as a slave.." Nunber noticed a glowing Crystal Ball in far corner of the workshop, he walked over to it and picked the ball up, it was about as large as a basketball.

"But at least I have one mythical object kept in secrecy from Emperor Morge.." Nunber smirked. "When he finds out about this.. He'll probably send his men to come and find it.. or I could use it's power to free the Saiyans from his and the PTO's rule and regain the Locket from Shishito. I could create a war that extends throughout the galaxy.. just from this ball and that Locket.."

Before Nunber could utter another word, the area around him turned silver and shattered like a Crystal, Nunber rose an eyebrow and turned around, he noticed The Watcher standing behind him.

"And you are?" Nunber questioned.

"The Watcher, an acquaintance of Nether, the former God of Peace. I heard everything you had said and thought of.." The Watcher replied. "You would have given Emperor Morge the Locket of Nether if you had it with you, correct?"

"Correct. But since I didn't have it, I couldn't." Nunber shrugged.

"The Locket of Nether is dangerous in the possession of someone like Morge. It was smart of Shishito and his allies to take it, they can handle the Locket responsibly until I retrieve it from them." The Watcher replied. He noticed Nunber holding the Crystal Ball in his hands and the face of a grey demon with piercing black red eyes quickly flashed over the front of the ball, disappearing as quick as it had come.

"Something wrong, Watcher man?" Nunber asked, The Watcher began to tremble as he stared at the ball.

"W-What are you doing with that ball?!" The Watcher muttered.

"It was in possession of my father, I could have given this to Morge, but I figure I could use it to my own advan-" Nunber was cut off.

"You fool! That isn't an ordinary Crystal Ball! That is the Crystal Ball containing Reybuu, the Demon of Destruction! His magic is destructive power can easily unleash itself when in the presence of the Timewatch Crystal!"

"What?" Nunber was confused. But before he could say anything, the Crystal Ball exploded in light and the Timewatch Crystal began to glow as well. The Watcher and Nunber both began to scream as light began to pierce through their bodies, Nunber dropped the ball on the ground and a massive time wave spread out from it. The time wave extended over the horizon of Kuristrak and extended out into space. The wave shot past Shishito and the other Saiyan pods and extended even further.

Reybuu's magic from the crystal ball was clashing with the Timewatch Crystal, he was trying to break free. The Watcher struggled to fight Reybuu's magic as the Timewatch Crystal lost control, no longer were he and Nunber stuck in time, time was speeding forward in the real world.. Luckily, The Watcher was able to seal away Reybuu's magic back into the ball and the Timewatch Crystal returned to normal, Nunber blinked in shock.

"What happened there?" Nunber questioned.

"You idiot.." The Watcher fell to the ground and panted as the Timewatch Crystal began to shatter around him. "Because of that little incident, because of you being in possession of Reybuu's Crystal Ball while within my Timewatch Crystal.. Reybuu was able to fast forward the crystal's time stopping ability... we are now in the future, 75 years ahead of the year we used to be in.."

"W-What?!" Nunber was shocked.

"The entire southern portion of the galaxy was effected by this time warp... it froze in time for 75 years until I was able to free it.. It is no longer Age 739, but it is now Age 814..." The Timewatch Crystal shattered completely and The Watcher's physical body disappeared, leaving Nunber alone in shock.

The entire southern part of the galaxy has just jumped forward in time by 75 years. What could this mean for Shishito and his group, what could it mean for Nunber and Emperor Morge? Who was this Reybuu demon that The Watcher spoke of? Nunber looked down at the Crystal Ball in shock and softly smirked, he realized that he had all the power he needed...

Meanwhile on the opposite end of the galaxy, now that time has skipped forward. Shishito and his group of friends crash land on a special planet known as Earth. They were unfortunately unable to locate Violouh's power due to the time warp, and Violouh would now become one of the billions of slaves captured by the Planet Trade Organization...

Fortunately, after much stress after the loss of their friend. Shishito, Yokaro, Papara, and Retasu had decided Earth was now the home they could claim as their own. With a time jump of 75 years, Shishito is unaware of the threats looming around the corner. With Morge angered at the Locket of Nether being on Earth with Retasu and Nunber in possession of Reybuu's Crystal Ball, what could happen next?

CONTINUE ONTO Movie 3: Demon of Destruction:
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Movie 2: The Emperor's Entrance
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