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 Movie 3: Demon of Destruction

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TIME PLACEMENT: 90 years after 'Movie 2: The Emperor's Entrance' and 4 - 5 years before Chapter 1 of Dragon Ball Universe 93

Act 1:
In Age 814 Shishito and his group of friends had made it to planet Earth, a planet in the northern portion of the galaxy. Earth would become their new home as it was quite peaceful when compared to Namek and Kuristrak, but would that peace have lasted for long..?

Upon arriving on Earth, Shishito was ashamed with himself for causing the death of Emperor Zero and for losing a close friend, Violouh. His Saiyan Pride was lost and he figured it was time to rename himself in honor of the Earthlings, who willingly accepted him, Yokaro, Retasu, and Papara as their own. Shishito renamed himself Shinzai (we'll refer to Shishito as Shinzai for the rest of this movie since that's his Earth name) so he could no longer be tied to any of his Saiyan heritage, however the other three Saiyans did not rename themselves.

Shinzai and Yokaro decided to adopt a last name as it was common for residents of Earth to have a last name, their last name would become "Masurao". Retasu and Papara also decided to come up with a last name with a similar style as Shinzai and Yokaro's. Their last name would become "Mouretsu". From that point on, the two families would live on Planet Earth in harmony as inhabitants of Planet Earth.

In Age 816, Shinzai and Yokaro had their first son. Not wanting him to be tied to any of his Saiyan heritage, Shinzai named the boy Rukiro Masurao. The young baby had black spiky hair that extended off to the side of his head, his hair wasn't as sharp as Shinzai's spikes but it didn't extend as far as Yokaro's, the spikes were perfectly rounded. Around the time of Rukiro's birth, Shinzai would become close friends with an Earthling named Krillin, who had recently become the master of a martial arts school known as the 'Turtle School'. Krillin would teach Shinzai, Yokaro, Retasu, and Papara the ways of martial arts considering they had no formal training in combat. The Saiyans would become close friends with the Krillin, his wife 18, their daughter Marron, and the Turtle School for years to come. Once Rukiro was old enough to walk, Shinzai would teach him the ways of martial arts similar to how Krillin had taught him.

We fast forward to the present, where the year is now Age 829, 13 years have passed since Rukiro's birth and 15 years have passed since the timewarp that thrust Shinzai and his family forward in time. A young 17 year old boy named Klio had recently joined the Turtle School with a 3 year old toddler in his care, the toddler's name was Konno. The two of them had joined the Turtle School after leaving the Crane School, but that's a story for another day..

The Locket of Nether was still in the possession of Retasu and Papara Mouretsu after Retasu picked it up from Emperor Zero's castle several years back. Retasu gave the Locket to Krillin to see if Krillin knew anything about the Locket, but the old Turtle Hermit sadly did not know what the Locket's secret was. Both Shinzai and Retasu were fine with not knowing what the Locket was capable of, all that mattered was that they had finally found a home to call their own. But would the peace remain unscathed for long..?

Act 2:
Hearing explosions ring outside of his castle, King Nunber awoke from his slumber and peered upwards to the window placed on the ceiling of his throne room. The sky was not black nor did it have any stars on it, but it was rather a bright orange and dark smoke slowly smoldered and blew in the wind.

"What in the hell is going on, it should be night.." Nunber spoke to himself as he lifted himself from his throne. He extended his arm and grabbed hold of the Crystal Ball placed on the armrest of his throne. Remembering The Watcher telling him about Reybuu, the Demon of Destruction, being sealed within the Crystal Ball, Nunber finally connected his thoughts.

'Is this an attack? An attack on my world of Kuristrak?' Nunber thought to himself in rage as he descended the set of stairs leading from his throne down to the ground.

The wall towards Nunber's left was completely made out of glass, allowing him to see down the mountain that his castle was located on, it also allowed Nunber to peer down into the capital city of the planet at the base of the mountain. With the large time jump due to The Watcher's Timewatch Crystal coming into conflict with Reybuu's ball, the castle was magically rebuilt over the course of the years and restored to it's former glory of when Emperor Zero ruled over Kuristrak.

Upon walking over towards the glass wall, Nunber tightened his firm grip on the Crystal Ball as he stared in shock at the capital city. Buildings were on fire and smoke was raising into the sky as explosions of different colors rang out throughout the city and on the horizon, the entire planet was under attack. Silhouettes of figures flew into the sky, causing Nunber to lift his head.

'Oh god..' Nunber thought, he grit his teeth and he realized black spaceships were hovering over the planet's atmosphere. The Planet Trade Organization was raiding their planet. Saiyans down on the surface of Kuristrak were fighting for their lives and defending their planet, King, and Queen against this evil force.

"Nunber! Are you alright?" A female voice called out from the entrance of the throne room, Nunber quickly turned his head and let out a sigh of relief as he saw Queen Kyatsu running towards him.

"I am fine, are you okay? Did Captain Runip or Onyo inform you of what's happening?" Nunber questioned.

"Yes, they kept me safe until I could come here and check on you." Kyatsu replied, she and Nunber turned their heads and saw Captain Runip and Onyo bursting off from the castle towards the capital city, they were about to join the fight. Silhouettes in the distance rose in the air and flew at the two Saiyans and all of them engaged in mid-air combat.

"Has anyone of importance arrived on these ships?" Nunber glared at Kyatsu who was scared and nervous from the attack. "Or are these simply grunts fighting for Morge and his Lords?"

"Captain Runip told me that he believes Lord Shadow and Lord Mustafa are on the planet, they're the only two leading the attack... I think" Kyatsu nervously replied. Nunber widened his eyes.

"Where is our son?" Nunber urgently demanded to know of his son's safety.

"On my way here, I dropped him off with Professor Dax and told him to keep Chives safe. He and the other scientists are locked in a bunker in the laboratory." Kyatsu retorted.

"The two of them will most likely be arriving at the castle any minute now." Nunber glumly stated, Kyatsu trembled. "They're here for the Crystal Ball." He held it out towards Kyatsu.

"Why? What's so special about it?" Kyatsu questioned.

"I can't say anything to you, if you know anything, they'll try to get that information out of you." Nunber blankly looked at his wife.

Before Nunber could continue, the entire castle shook, causing the King and Queen to lose their balance. Smoke exploded outside of the glass wall, indicating that something had broken into the castle walls.

"They used their PTO soldiers as a distraction to keep the Saiyans busy and to keep us busy so they could sneak in behind our noses!" Nunber exploded in anger as he felt two immense powers approaching. "Kyatsu! Take the Ball and hide behind the throne, quick!"

"Y-Yes!" Kyatsu extended her arms and grabbed the Crystal Ball, she sprinted across the throne room and ran up the staircase, sliding behind the throne so that no one could see her. Nunber turned his head after watching her and watched the door at the entrance of the room turn a bright orange and explode in a heap of smoke.

Emerging from the smoke, two tall figures strode into the throne room, their arms crossed and their capes flapping behind them as they turned their heads and noticed King Nunber. The Saiyan King had his fists clenched and his body was tense as he grit his teeth, sweat dripped from his eyebrows.

"Nunber! Long time no see.." The figure on Nunber's left called out, his voice was deep and had a slight echo behind it. It was Lord Shadow, he was a tall warrior who wore black spandex with white Saiyan-like armor that had navy blue plating on it. He also had white gloves and white boots with navy blue iron plates on it. A cape was attached to the top of his armor and it draped over his back, the back of the cape was black just like his partner's but the inside was a navy blue to match the iron plating on his armor.

Lord Shadow had a humanoid body but his head was anything but humanoid. Shadow's face was navy blue and eyes were pure black with yellow pupils. A black spike was placed above his eyes and extended off towards the sides of his head like large eyebrows, and three white spikes extended upwards from the top of the black spikes. Similar white spikes extended from the sides of his blue cheeks like sideburns and the back of his head had navy blue spikes, that spiked in all directions. These spikes gave him menacing features and what was even more menacing was that he was in charge of the Planet Trade Organization's elite squadron, the Hazmat Force.

"Cut the chat, Shadow. We're here for a specific reason." Shadow's partner spoke in a deep voice, it was Lord Mustafa. He was of the same race as Emperor Morge and Frieza, in fact he was the cousin of Emperor Morge. Rather than being black and grey with cyan eyes like his cousin, Mustafa had a light brown skin tone that worked well with his solid orange red eyes and the orange gem-like place on the top of his head. Black spikes extended from the sides of his head and lifted up towards the sky, they were sharp enough to draw blood if you even looked at them. Mustafa had black Saiyan-like armor with golden plating, a black cape was drawn over the armor just like Shadow's but rather than being black with a blue inside, Mustafa's cape was was colored golden on the inside.

"I-I wasn't expecting the two of you to see me. What business do you have with me?" Nunber nervously tried to sound dominating. "Were Lord Ender and... and Lord Warork unable to come with?" He had an issue with saying Warork's name.

"Unfortunately not." Shadow said in his echoing voice. "The two of them had to complete a special assignment with Emperor Morge."

"Our Emperor sent us and a few of the available soldiers we had to Kuristrak because we were ordered to retrieve something for him." Mustafa continued, he held his arms behind his back and walked over towards the glass wall next to Nunber, Shadow curiously looked around.

'Few of the available soldiers?' Nunber's eyes shook in shock. His entire planet was being raided and destroyed, but this was just a few of the soldiers they could get? He nervously glared back at Shadow and hoped he couldn't find Kyatsu behind the throne.

"What might he want you to retrieve?" Nunber questioned, turning his attention to Mustafa who didn't even turn to look at him.

"There is something that we believe you have that would help us in locating the Locket of Nether." Mustafa spoke as he glared out the window, a smile was on his face as he watched the capital city ring in mass colors of explosion. The Saiyans were giving their all against the PTO soldiers, ki was being thrown back and forth across the landscape, causing mass destruction.

"That object is?" Nunber questioned.

"The Crystal Ball containing the Demon of Destruction, Reybuu..." Mustafa replied within an instant. "You have it, kindly give it over to us before your planet goes down in ashes." Nunber gulped as Mustafa's piercing orange eyes glared at him. They were burning his soul.

"If I don't have the Ball, what would you plan on doing?" Nunber bit back. "I believe the Saiyans and the Planet Trade Organization had an uneasy co-existence organized ever since the death of my father, Zero."

"Yes, but we never waste time on a planet. If you don't have the Ball, you obviously did something to it." Shadow called out from across the room.

"Your planet will be destroyed if you can't cooperate with us, we have no need for you Saiyans aside from this Ball. Give us the Crystal Ball and we'll let your planet live." Mustafa demanded.

"You think I'm dumb enough to give you something that allows access to a stronger artifact such as the Locket of Nether?" Nunber growled. "Leave this planet and I'll try to find the Crystal Ball for you, just give me time. Please leave my people alone, all they do is live."

"Time is not something you need nor is pity." Mustafa threatened. "You will give us the ball now or else this supposed throne room will become a sky-deck."

Widening her eyes and gasping, Kyatsu quickly held her hand to her mouth. Shadow was on the stairs of the throne and quickly twisted his head, he felt Kyatsu's power slightly surge from the gasp and he heard her, barely. Kyatsu's eyes shook in fear. She didn't want their castle or planet to be destroyed, it had been so many years ever since it was restored to it's glory, they couldn't take it away again! However Kyatsu was completely oblivious to Shadow walking up and standing next to her as she thought of these fears.

"Mustafa! I found the Ball!" Shadow sadistically grinned and lifted his foot back, Kyatsu turned her head and was met with a foot to the face as she was sent flying across the room. Nunber and Mustafa both turned their heads to the throne and watched as Kyatsu dropped to the ground behind the stairs, falling at least 30 feet to the ground. The Crystal Ball followed after her, however Shadow's body fizzed into view and grabbed onto it before it shattered on the ground. Shadow descended to the ground and held the Ball in his hand as he looked at a shocked King Nunber.

"Kyatsu!" Nunber shouted in anger, the blood in his veins surged and he felt a power he hadn't felt in a long time. His black hair spiked further upwards than it already had and within an instant, his black eyes and black hair turned into a bright emerald color. An emerald aura flared around his body as he prepared to lunge towards Lord Shadow in a fit of rage. This power was Super Saiyan Emerald, he hadn't needed to use it ever since his father first injected the power within him at a young age.

"Interesting form.." Shadow muttered, staring at Nunber in his Super Saiyan Emerald form.

"Give that Ball back!" Nunber shouted, he lunged forward and shouted in anger as he prepared to strike Shadow, but Mustafa's body sprinted towards the Saiyan King with incredible speed, he was able to keep up with a Super Saiyan Emerald's flight simply with his feet. Straightening his arm, Mustafa chopped Nunber in the neck and the Saiyan King's emerald hair reverted back to it's black color. Nunber's eyes turned white and spit exploded from his mouth as he was sent flying downwards towards the ground. He was unconscious.

"We thank you for your cooperation, Nunber." Mustafa taunted as he straightened his body and began to walk out of the throne room entrance. Shadow followed behind with the Crystal Ball in his hand.

"We'll make sure to visit again soon, King Nunber!" Shadow laughed in his echoing voice and the two Lords exited the throne room.

Several minutes passed and Kyatsu softly pushed herself up from the ground, she's a Saiyan, why didn't she fight back? The power of just a single Lord was terrifying. She stood to her feet and grit her teeth, noticing the black spaceships lifting from the atmosphere of Kuristrak. All of the Planet Trade Organization soldiers had retreated in the ships and they were returning back to their headquarters. Nothing but smoke rose from the Kuristrak cities and horizon, it was terrible. Saiyans were dead, some were injured, and some were alive. They had all fought for their King and Planet.

"Nunber! Oh god, are you alright?" Kyatsu noticed her husband knocked out on the floor next to her, she shook him and realized that the Crystal Ball was gone. What were they going to do? Kyatsu grit her teeth as she shook her husband to get him awake, she looked out of the window and noticed Captain Runip and Onyo rushing back towards the castle.

War had begun between the Saiyans and the Planet Trade Organization..

Several hours had passed and the entrance to Emperor Morge's throne room had opened up, Lord Shadow and Lord Mustafa walked in and looked forward, they kneeled behind Morge's throne as the evil emperor stared forward, peering out of the window of his spaceship with PTO workers down below the throne. Two figures stood on each side of the throne, one of them had green skin with spiky black hair, it was Lord Ender and the inside of his cape was green like his skin, the other had a black hood draped over his head and that was Lord Warork, the inside of his cape was red. This meant that the Four Lords underneath Emperor Morge all had different colored capes, pretty neat huh? Don't worry about these two lords however, we will get to meet them on a different day..

"My Emperor..." Lord Shadow spoke up as he looked down at the floor.

"We have retrieved the Crystal Ball for you." Lord Mustafa continued from that. Upon hearing the news, Emperor Morge placed his hands on the side of his throne and lifted himself up. He was several feet taller than both Lord Ender and Lord Warork on his sides, and was even taller than Lord Shadow and Lord Mustafa who were both taller than the two by Morge's sides.

"Warork, Ender, please keep watch of the workers and tell them where to go." Emperor Morge ordered, the two Lords nodded their heads as the Emperor turned around and walked back towards Shadow and Mustafa.

Shadow extended his arms upwards towards Emperor Morge, he was still looking at the ground and kneeling but the Crystal Ball was in his hands. Morge reached forward and placed a hand on the Ball and noticed a silhouette swirl around the inside, the silhouette had bright red eyes and it quickly disappeared.

"You may stand and speak." Emperor Morge demanded, Lord Mustafa and Lord Shadow both got to their feet and looked at their superior. Morge had black skin with grey pieces of natural armor on his body and his eyes were a piercing cyan color, alongside several gem-like places on his head, arms, and legs. Morge had a black cape draped over his shoulders and it extended down his back.

"King Nunber graciously gave us the Crystal Ball." Lord Shadow chuckled.

"We had to steal it from him, and I believe he won't be happy upon waking up. He may wish to steal it back, war is on the horizon my Emperor." Mustafa added onto Shadow's sentence.

"Let him try to steal it, by the time we awakens, the Demon of Destruction will be under my control and I will have the Locket of Nether in my grasp." Morge lifted the Ball into the air.

"Shadow, guard the door." Mustafa ordered, Shadow nodded and stepped back until his back touched the entrance of the throne room. Mustafa stepped back as well and allowed room in front of Morge.

Tightening his grip on the Crystal Ball, a cyan aura began to emit from Emperor Morge's hand. He grit his teeth in victory and in anger as he could feel the Ball tense up. A crack formed on the surface of the Crystal Ball and small chips of crystal flew in the air. Dark light began to swirl around inside of the Ball.

"Demon of Destruction, I call upon your name. Reybuu! I summon you to my feet for the first time in millions upon millions of years, emerge at my feet and obey the commands of I, your master!" Morge shouted triumphantly with his deep voice as he shattered the Ball in his hand, he formed a fist as Crystal shards exploded around it and evaporated into the air, a black mist floated in the air and swirled around viciously.

Emperor Morge laughed sadistically and Lord Shadow and Lord Mustafa watched in awe as the black mist began to form a figure, it formed a humanoid creature... The creature fell to the ground on it's knees and color began to form on the creature.

A tendril formed on the top of the creature's head and two spikes behind each ear of the monster formed, it opened it's mouth and sharp teeth rapidly grew. Color began to form on the creature and the monster's head, tendril, arms, legs, and feet were all grey. The chest turned black with a golden gem forming on his stomach and black braces with golden rimming the tops and bottoms of it formed around the monster's wrists and ankles. A golden gem formed on the monster's head right where the tendril extended and the creature opened it's eyes. They were pure black with red pupils that could pierce someone's soul.

It was Reybuu, the Demon of Destruction had been released from it's imprisonment set from the Gods!

"Demon of Destruction.. Reybuu, do you know why you are here?" Emperor Morge stared down at the Demon, who looked up at him. Lord Mustafa and Lord Shadow both clenched their fists as the Demon growled, they were prepared to attack if it tried to attack their Emperor.

Reybuu was unable to speak, but he stopped growling. It was the first time he had been released from imprisonment so this man in front of him must have meant something.

"Not a talker, are you?" Morge questioned. "Fine, I don't need you talking back anyway. I simply need you to retrieve something for me before anyone can stop you. Can you do that?"

Morge knelt down and peered into Reybuu's eyes, the Demon was blank.

"Locket of Nether.. That word must trigger something in you.." Morge replied, and sure enough, Reybuu's tendril whipped back and forth like an animal's tail, but it wasn't something cute, it was threatening as the Demon sadistically smiled. "I need you to retrieve it for me. That is all I ask. Your mission to bring it back to me, begins now."

Reybuu got to his feet and and peered at Lord Shadow, who stepped out of the way and allowed Reybuu to leave the throne room.

"My Emperor, are you going to let him casually leave?" Lord Shadow questioned as the throne room door closed.

"That demon knows it's mission. Let it find the Locket and bring it to me. I have faith in it." Morge retorted as he walked back to his throne and sat down. Sure enough, everyone in that room could see a grey and black figure fly in front of the spaceship's window, a golden aura around it's body as it burst off in space in search of the Locket of Nether..

Our story then transitions to Planet Earth, we see our hero, Shinzai Masurao resting on the grass of Kame Island alongside his friend, Retasu Mouretsu. The two Saiyans casually pick grass and let it blow in the wind as they watch Shinzai's son, Rukiro sparring with the air.

Kicking his foot into the air, Rukiro quickly lifted his fist upwards as if he were punching someone in the jaw, he spun around and kicked the air, bouncing back on his foot. He flipped and kicked the air and grit his teeth as sweat flew from his forehead and landed on the sand below. The ocean water softly splashed against the sandy shore of Kame Island and rushed over the spot where Rukiro's sweat landed, the ocean water reeled back, leaving the sand. All was silent on the island with the exception of the soft breeze, ocean water, and Rukiro's grunts as he jumped and bounced across the sand.

"Nice form, Rukiro! You're doing well!" 18 shouted from the house, causing Shinzai and Retasu to turn their heads. 18 walked past the two Saiyans and held her fists on her hips as Rukiro gave her a thumbs up. She evaluated his performance and was pleased with Rukiro's actions.

"Thanks! Want to join?" Rukiro questioned, his black hair swept off to the side of his head just like his father's, but it was more rounded thanks to his mother's hair genetics as well.

"Maybe in a bit, Marron is making lunch for us, I'm just here watching how you do." 18 replied.

"Your son is a good fighter, Shishito, we should put him up to the test someday." Retasu bumped his elbow into Shinzai's side.

"Well we taught him well, he'll get better through practice. Why do you keep calling me Shishito? You have been ever since we made Earth our home." Shinzai questioned.

"I've known you for your entire life, man. You'll always be Shishito to me." Retasu smirked.

"Well I'm glad you, Yokaro, and Papara didn't change your names or else I'd have an issue remembering them." Shinzai chuckled. "I'm glad Rukiro didn't inherit my memory because he'd be forgetting everything just like I do. I hope my next kid doesn't inherit it either, but I hope he inherits our family's skills."

"I nearly forgot that your wife was pregnant." A voice called out behind the two Saiyans causing them to turn their heads. Master Krillin was standing behind them holding his wooden cane, he had a purple turtle shell hanging around his back.

"Yep, our little buddy is gonna have another kid soon" Retasu replied, turning his head back towards the sea as Krillin sat down behind the two. "You guys are going to have a handful of kids running around, with Rukiro, Marron, Shinzai's soon to be born kid, and those two boys who recently joined the school."

"Klio and Konno, they've had a tough life up until this point, but that's what the Turtle School is for isn't it? I'll teach anyone that is willing to learn and I'll keep them safe." Krillin smiled underneath his white mustache.

"When's your kid due?" Shinzai looked at Retasu "You ever gonna have one with Papara?"

"I've thought about it, she says she wants one but doesn't want to go through the labor, especially after what we saw Yokaro go through with Rukiro's birth." Retasu laughed. "She's a Saiyan Warrior, I don't think she could handle being a mother."

"Shame, our kids could train together." Shinzai looked at Rukiro. "I wonder how this kid is gonna turn out, I wonder if he'll look like myself or like Yokaro.."

"When is the kid gonna be born? You have a name yet?" Retasu questioned.

"He should be born in 3 or 4 months. We're trying to think of a name that fits a Saiyan and an Earthling." Shinzai replied. "I want something like Shinzai Jr., but she said that sounded dumb. She thinks a name like 'Jaduko' would be good." Shinzai chuckled and shrugged. Yokaro and Papara were both together right now, baby shopping for her future son.

"Jaduko is a good name, it reminds me of a best friend I used to have." Krillin replied. "If your boy turns out anything like that man, who was also a Saiyan. You'll be proud of him, or her, you never know." Krillin smiled and closed his eyes.

"I guess Jaduko is a good name, it works well with Rukiro's name don't you think?" Shinzai looked back at Krillin.

"Oh yes." Krillin replied. "Works well as a mixture of Saiyan and Earthling heritage." Retasu noticed that Krillin had the golden Locket of Nether hanging around his neck, he had held onto it ever since the Saiyans landed on Earth several years ago.

"Krillin, have you figured anything out about that Locket that's around your neck?" Retasu questioned, pointing at the Locket.

"Not yet, but the carvings and engravings on it are something out of this world, almost as if it's godly language. I believe it has something hidden behind it, something powerful.." Krillin muttered. "Isn't that right 18?"

"Correct." 18 called back towards her husband, she was still watching Rukiro train. "Alright, time for lunch, Rukiro!" She wanted to leave the discussion to the adults.

"Sweet! You better train with me afterwards, 18!" Rukiro followed after her, but stopped and looked at his father. "You'll train with me too, won't you dad?"

"Of course, I'll always train with you." Shinzai winked, and watched Rukiro run inside after 18.

"You don't think it has any evil behind it, do you?" Retasu questioned.

"It could. Didn't you say you found this during a battle with that Zero guy?" Krillin questioned.

"Yeah, we did." Shinzai cut the two off. "We knew there was a reason as to why someone with that high of power had it, and we knew it had to mean something, but we don't know what."

"Don't you think it's unsafe to have it on this planet? Krillin questioned.

"We can't let it fall into anyone's hands, or else it would then be unsafe." Shinzai barked back.

Before the conversation could continue, the three widened their eyes as they felt a massive power drop down onto the planet and quickly start rushing towards them. Krillin in particular felt something coming after him, he looked down at the Locket and noticed the gem on it was glowing faster with each second as the power closed in.

"Speak of the devil.. Someone must be here to retrieve it!" Retasu grit his teeth and got to his feet. "Should we take Rukiro and go to it?"

"No, this power is too dangerous for Rukiro to handle, you and I are the only ones that can handle it. Let's go!" Shinzai shouted, he burst off into the sky and began flying towards the immense power.

"Let me have the Locket, it's better for us to take it than have whatever is coming after it to find you guys." Retasu extended his hand and grabbed the Locket of Nether as Krillin handed it to them. Retasu burst off into the sky after Shinzai and the two Saiyans prepared to fight, not for themselves but for their friends, family, protection of the Locket, and for their new home, their new planet.

Act 3:
With the wind quickly brushing past their faces, Shinzai and Retasu burst across the top of the ocean as the water lifted into the sky and sprayed the air behind them as if they were planes. Retasu quickly put the Locket around his neck and followed after Shinzai, the two Saiyan's faces were serious and their eyes were set straight ahead. They knew something was coming and they had to stop it.

"Is that it? In the distance?" Retasu shouted over the air as he and Shinzai raised themselves into the sky, an archipelago was scattered on the ocean below and there were multiple island scattered around the ocean floor. In the distance, a golden aura was flying rapidly towards the two, it was getting bigger and bigger as the figure inside the aura got closer.

Shinzai and Retasu floated above one of the islands in the archipelago and flinched as the figure in the golden aura suddenly stopped in front of them, the two were several yards away from it. The figure was flying so fast and stopped so suddenly that the wind behind him travelled forward and slammed into the two Saiyans, causing them to wince.

"What the... What the hell is that?" Shinzai muttered to himself as he stared into the grey and black figure in front of him, the tendril on the creature's head flapped back and forth as it opened it's mouth and let it's long tongue droop out of it's mouth, the wind softly moved the tongue. It was Reybuu..

"It's eyes are so terrifying, even for a Saiyan.." Retasu mumbled, he peered into Reybuu's black and red eyes and grit his teeth as the demon quickly turned his gaze over to him. Retasu rose an eyebrow as Reybuu's eyes lowered and peered into the Locket of Nether.

Looking backwards, Shinzai noticed that the gem on the Locket was glowing in sync with the golden gem on Reybuu's body, putting two and two together, he realized that someone had sent this Demon of Destruction after them.

"Retasu, move!" Shinzai shouted, but it was no use, Reybuu lunged forward and grabbed Retasu by the face, he began flying downwards towards the island below and sadistically laughed as he slammed the Saiyan's head into the ground, forming a crater on the island.

Pushing Retasu's face further into the dirt, Reybuu growled as he felt Shinzai approaching from above, ready to strike. Reybuu lifted his head and removed his hand from Retasu's face, the demon flipped and kicked Shinzai in the jaw as he got closer, the Saiyan went flying into a nearby tree, the only tree on the island.

Retasu quickly rolled out of the ground and lunged forward, his aura flared up and he kicked Reybuu in the cheek, sending the demon flying into a nearby cliff that extended up from the side of the island. Reybuu shook his head and growled from the surprise attack as Shinzai lifted himself from the tree.

"You alright?" Shinzai asked as he cracked his neck.

"I'm peachy." Retasu retorted. "We need to get off of this island, that guy is too quick."

"Agreed." Shinzai replied, the two Saiyans floated up into the sky as Reybuu followed after them.

Letting out a demonic roar that echoed throughout the area, Retasu winced as he and Shinzai both flew up in the air. Reybuu was flying directly at him with his yellowish golden aura flaring around him, Retasu had to react quick to get him off of his back. With a shout, Retasu flipped in the air and kicked Reybuu in the neck, sending the demon flying back towards the ground below.

"Nice kick, Retasu. That'll teach the son of a bitch!" Shinzai shouted triumphantly as he floated up behind Retasu.

"Now would be a good time to power up, Shishito." Retasu replied. "The bastard's getting up again." The two Saiyans looked down towards the island they were floating above and they could see Reybuu flying up towards them with his tongue flapping in the wind as it hung out of his mouth.

"Give me a few minutes, I'm testing this ugly fella's strength." Shinzai retorted. "STRIKE!"

The two Saiyans shouted as they lunged downwards at their opponent. Retasu fired brown ki blasts towards Reybuu, who fired yellow ki blasts back at the two, once the ki blasts smacked into each other, small explosions rang out through the air. Shinzai took advantage of this and flew through the smoke, he threw a few rapid punches into Reybuu's face and kicked the golden gem in the demon's stomach. Reybuu was sent flying out of the smoke and he shook his head.

The two Saiyans burst after the Demon and rapidly punched and kicked at the Demon, but Reybuu smiled and bit his tongue as he rapidly bobbed and weaved out of the way of the punches and kicks. His yellow aura exploded around him and it sent the two Saiyans spiraling off in different directions, their orange and brown gi's ripping in the process from the amount of energy that dispersed from Reybuu's body.

"HiYRRRAHH!" Shinzai shouted as his black spiky hair spiked upwards and turned golden, he had transformed into a Super Saiyan and his golden aura flowed nicely with Reybuu's aura flaring as well.

"About time." Retasu huffed as he was quickly losing strength. He watched Shinzai and Reybuu drop to the ground, their feet making quick 'pat-pat' sounds as they landed.

Reybuu lifted his arm and pointed it at Shinzai, a yellow beam rapidly blasted out towards Shinzai. The Super Saiyan ran along the ground towards the beam but quickly bent his torso backwards, allowing the beam to glide over his chest. Shinzai continued to slide along the ground on his knees as the beam blasted into an island that was near the one they were on, the island exploded and water flew into the sky as the ground shook. The scene panned up towards Retasu who had removed the Locket from his neck and was now holding onto it.

Reybuu lifted his head and noticed Retasu holding the Locket, gritting his teeth, the demon punched Shinzai in the mouth and sent the Super Saiyan skidding across the ground as dirt and rock lifted up underneath him. Reybuu burst from his position up towards Retasu.

"Shishito, catch!" Retasu shouted, he clenched onto the Locket and hurled it down towards the ground, Shinzai got to his feet and caught the locket. Looking up, Shinzai noticed Reybuu throwing a barrage of punches and kicks into Retasu's stomach and chest. "I'll... I'l hold him off! Just end this!" Retasu shouted through the attacks, blood exploded from his body and his gi ripped from the impact of each punch.

"Retasu hold on!" Shishito shouted, he burst from his position up towards the two with the Locket in his hands, but before he could reach his friend, Reybuu placed his hand on Retasu's stomach, a yellow aura emitted from the demons hand as Retasu's blood leaked onto his hand.

With a demonic shout, a yellow explosion fired from Reybuu's hand and into Retasu's stomach, the explosion ruptured through Retasu's body and flew out behind the Saiyan as blood exploded from the wound with the beam. Retasu's pupils turned white and dilated as blood dripped from his mouth, the yellow explosion slowly faded and a large hole was left in Retasu's stomach.

"RETASU!" Shinzai shouted, he watched as Retasu's body slowly fell towards the ground until it landed on the dirt down below.

Fortunaetly, Shinzai could see that Retasu's body was still moving, his friend was alive, but barely!

"You'll pay for this, you bastard!" Shinzai shouted as he lunged forward at the Demon of Destruction, he placed the Locket around his neck so he could continue the fight.

Reybuu laughed sadistically as Shinzai slammed his fist into his face hard enough to cause blood to spurt from the demon's mouth. Grabbing onto the tendril on Reybuu's head before he had the chance to react, Shinzai began to swing the demon around and slam him down towards the ground below. Reybuu flipped in the air and Shinzai burst after him. Reybuu lifted his hand and pointed a finger at the Super Saiyan, a yellow beam exploded from the demon's fingertip but Shinzai was able to dodge it by simply spinning around it. The Super Saiyan continued flying downwards and slammed his fists onto Reybuu's head, sending him into the ground below.

Getting to his feet, Reybuu felt a punch slam into the golden gem on his stomach, he smiled as Shinzai's body appeared in front of him, the two rapidly exchanged a flurry of punches and kicks until Shinzai swept the demon's leg and rolled on the ground, kicking him up into the air.

Shinzai was pissed.

Their fight was bloody, brutal, and incredibly fast, it seemed as though Reybuu was having fun and wasn't trying to actually fight Shinzai, because he was taking in all of the Super Saiyan's punches.

Running out of stamina, Shinzai was caught off guard when Reybuu got serious and rushed forward, the Super Saiyan flinched as he was kicked into the air and rapidly slammed back down into a crater next to where Retasu was wounded. Shinzai slowly got to his knees and looked up at Reybuu, who was hovering in the air without a single scratch on his body. The Super Saiyan huffed and tried to breathe but something caught his eye before he could continue the fight.

Turning his head to the right, Shinzai widened his eyes as the air around him began to crystalize and form a picture, someone was looking at him through the fabric of time and space. What on Earth?

Widening his eyes, Shinzai was able to see through the crystalized fabrics of reality and saw a boy with brown spiky hair that waved off to the side of his head just like his own, and Rukiro's. The boy's eyes were blue just like Yokaro's and he was wearing a martial arts gi that looked exactly like a generic Turtle School gi, it even had the logo on the front too, except it was navy blue with a black inner shirt instead of orange and blue.

'That boy looks like Rukiro... but his hair is brown and he looks like a teenager..' Shishito thought to himself and he suddenly widened his eyes as he realized he was peering into the future. Shinzai made eye contact with the boy and finally realized who it was.

'J-Jaduko...?' Shinzai was referring to his unborn son's unofficial name, because that's who he was staring at, he was staring at his son's future self. Lifting his arm, Shinzai tried to reach out for his future son and he noticed that Jaduko was doing the same, but as quickly as it had come, the image had disappeared and Shinzai was holding his hand out towards the air.

Shinzai lowered his hand and looked back towards Reybuu who was staring in the same spot as him, it seems as though he saw the images as well. Gritting his teeth, Shinzai realized why he had to fight.

"If I let you grab onto this locket and take it to someone or something... it could mean the end of the universe.." Shinzai grabbed onto the Locket and tightened his grip. "I can't have that! Not if what I saw was correct and my son can grow up and have a normal life! I fight for him and his future and I'm not going to let you destroy it!" Shinzai shouted. "This is for Rukiro and Jaduko, for Yokaro, Retasu, Papara, and the rest of our friends on this Earth. I will destroy you, monster!"

Yanking the Locket off of his neck, Shinzai burst from the ground and flew at Reybuu, the Locket of Nether in his hand. Reybuu widened his eyes as Shinzai slammed the Locket into the golden gem on his forehead as if he were trying to destroy it. But little did Shinzai know, it would cause something entirely different.

Upon touching the black gem of the Locket onto the goldem gem on Reybuu's forehead, the white sparkles inside the black gem on the Locket grew brighter as Reybuu shouted in pain, the gem on his head was connected to the black gem in the Locket and upon contact, the two reacted with one another.

Reybuu shouted in pain as a golden light burst from his body, the locket, and Shinzai's body. Shinzai struggled in pain as the golden light felt like it was tearing his body apart. Reybuu continued to shout as his body jolted back and forth until it finally disappeared inside the locket. Shinzai closed his eyes and smiled as he thought of the future, of his sons living together and having kids of their own, living in peace. He smiled as his body slowly disappeared as well.

Shinzai had sacrificed his life to seal Reybuu inside of the Locket of Nether. He was a hero without even realizing it, and he would live on in the hearts of his sons for the rest of their lives. As soon as the golden light disappeared, the Locket floated in the air until it fell back towards the ground with a loud 'thunk' sound. It rolled along the ground and ended up at the base of the tree, far from Retasu's wounded yet still breathing body. He had seen the whole thing.

On the other side of the world, Rukiro lifted his head and felt Shinzai's power vanish, but he was unsure of what it had meant. Krillin lifted his head too and softly shook his head in sorrow.

Act 4:
Nearly an hour had passed after Reybuu was sealed away within the Locket of Nether, Retasu was ashamed in himself for not being to help Shinzai much in the battle and he did his best to sit up, with his wounds he struggled to sit up but he managed to do it using the little Saiyan strength he had left. Lifting himself onto his knees, he winced in pain and reget.

'Damn it!' Retasu thought to himself as he slammed his fist onto the ground. 'Why'd you have to go and do that... Shishito... Shinzai... You idiot..' He grit his teeth at the loss of his best friend and for the first time, it felt like something was coming out of his eyes. Tears were forming.

In the distance, Retasu could feel two power levels slowly approaching. He lifted his head and saw Papara rushing towards him with Yokaro closely behind, she was moving slowly to make sure the baby inside her stomach would be safe.

"Retasu!" Papara shouted, she landed on the ground and ran past the tree, oblivious to the Locket and ran towards her husband. "Are you alright?!"

Yokaro landed on the ground softly and hovered over to the two as fast as she could, Papara helped her husband up to her feet.

"I-I'm fine.." Retasu humbly replied.

"Your stomach, what happened to it?!" Papara shouted, ripping apart some of the towels she and Yokaro had gotten for the baby, using them as bandages.

"Had a run in with something trying to kill your husband and I." Retasu looked at Yokaro. "We shouldn't have picked up that Locket from Kuristrak.." Come to think of it, he had no clue where the locket had landed.

"S-Shinzai... Where is he...?" Yokaro softly muttered, not wanting her thoughts to be true. The wind blew through her brunette hair and pushed it to the side of her head moreso than it already was.

"He killed the thing coming after us, He did it for you, for us, all of us on this planet.." Retasu didn't know any other way to break the news. "He did it for Rukiro, and your son, he wanted to name it Jaduko."

Yokaro's eyes began to softly form tears as she fell to her knees, Papara rushed to try and grab her.

"He wanted to name him Jaduko, did he..?" She tried to smile through the tears, knowing her husband protected both of his children's lives. "He did it for you.." She rubbed her belly softly and winced in pain.

"We should get the two of you some medical attention, quick!" Papara lifted the two in the air and slowly flew off into the distance, leaving the Locket of Nether behind on the island.

Little did the remaining Saiyans know, but someone aside from Reybuu had followed them to Earth in search of the Locket of Nether. Placing a white glove on the side of the tree, a person stepped out from his hiding spot and dug through the grass, lifting the Locket into the air.

The man had black spandex on underneath white Saiyan armor, white gloves, and white boots, all of which had dark cyan plating. He had a brown Saiyan tail extending from his behind and a red scouter was placed over his ear on his eye, he grinned and his navy blue hair waved in the wind, his hair was spiked upwards and to the side of his head, he gave a laugh as he planned on delivering the Locket to someone in due time, but stay tuned for that..

3 and a half months would pass and Yokaro was due to give birth to Jaduko without her husband. Retasu, Papara, Rukiro, Krillin, 18, and Marron were all present for the child's birth and were ready to congratulate Yokaro on giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. But unfortunately, she would pass away seconds after giving birth to the boy. Retasu could sense through the hospital they were in that the baby was emanating a power far too strong for Yokaro to handle, and upon releasing it, she was killed from the baby's hidden power, the doctors stated that her stomach was glowing, but no one believed them. Retasu on the other hand, realized that Jaduko had incredible power that could be released one day, but it had vanished once he hit fresh air. Perhaps it would unlock itself one day..

With both of his parents dead and a feeling of abandonment from both of them, Rukiro would take Jaduko to raise the boy on his own for the next 4 and a half years, raising him and teaching him the ways of Martial Arts. The two would live in a small house in the Mountains to the East of Hercule City, and North of Mount Paozu. The two completely vanished from the map, leaving the Turtle School alone, and leaving Krillin to train Klio, Konno, and whoever else joined their ranks.

Those 4 years would rush by quickly as Jaduko was raised in the woods, but did we forget about Retasu and Papara? Retasu would live in pain and agony for the next 4 years until finally dying from damage from the inside of his body, he would die almost exactly at the same time as his son, Taisuka, would be born. Being in the same boat as Yokaro was, Papara gave her newborn baby to Krillin and 18 to look after. She would then leave the planet in fear of someone coming after her baby, and her being the only Saiyan to protect him. Thinking it was for the best and for the safety of her little baby boy, Papara departed from Earth and would not be seen for a long time and Taisuka would be raised in the Turtle School.

However around the same time as this, the navy blue haired Saiyan would finally deliver the Locket of Nether to it's destination. The Saiyan had given it to Emperor Morge, completing the Emperor's mission despite Reybuu being gone. The Saiyan would then return to Planet Kuristrak and inform his King Nunber that there are remaining Saiyans on the Planet of Earth, and that one of them is the Son of Shishito. The Saiyan would then tell King Nunber of the Saiyan's tremendous power and how he would greatly help them in the war against the Planet Trade Organization, thus creating the prophecy of the "Son of Shishito".

This Saiyan's name however? His name was Letish, and he would soon be sent to Earth to set off a chain of events that would form the story of Dragon Ball: Universe 93!

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Movie 3: Demon of Destruction
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