The story of Universe 93! This is a shared site with the United Z-Fighters. New chapters and episodes come out often.
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 OVA 1: Story of The Rejected

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PostSubject: OVA 1: Story of The Rejected   Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:33 am

TIME PLACEMENT: Between Chapter 40 and Chapter 41 of Universe 93

Slowly opening his eyes, Seiyogi slowly bobbed his head trying to keep it up, with his vision blurry, Seiyogi blinked several times until his vision went back to normal. Looking around, Seiyogi realized he was in a Saiyan Space Pod, but where was it going? Looking forward through the red glass on the hatch of the space pod, Seiyogi could see stars flying past, he was travelling through space.

"I remember now.." Seiyogi muttered to himself as his head continued to bob, he had blacked out in the space pod after putting in coordinates in the pod's control system, hoping he would return to Planet Kuristrak alive. "Those two Saiyans... those kids... They took away the last ounce of honor I had.." Seiyogi continued to mutter to himself as he looked down, seeing an unconscious Kyuti laying in his lap, both of their Saiyan Battle Armors were torn up and in shambles, Seiyogi could remember that the two of them had to cram into a single space pod and return home after being beaten on Earth.

"I'm glad that you survived... at least." Seiyogi muttered as he looked at Kyuti. "How am I ever going to explain this to King Nunber."

Leaning back in his seat and resting his head back, Seiyogi could feel the muscles in his body pulsate and burn, he was sore and tired from his duel with Jaduko and his friends back on Earth. Despite his physical pain, nothing could compare to the mental strain that Seiyogi was going through right now. He had one mission, one, and he failed it. There was no way that Seiyogi could return to Planet Kuristrak and stare King Nunber in the face ever again, he couldn't return and state that he was unable to retrieve the one person who could save his empire from destruction. He just couldn't do it, not without his honor.

"Yamu, I'm sorry for failing your cause." Seiyogi muttered as he stared out of the red glass of the space pod. "Kyuti, I am the one remaining family member you have now, but everyone was right.. I'm too weak to do anything to protect you.." Seiyogi closed his eyes, thinking about what he was going to do upon arriving in Kuristrak's atmosphere, but slowly drifted off into a deep sleep...

Darkness, pitch darkness, that's all that Seiyogi could see in his slumber, everything seemed calm, too calm. But then he could hear something, he started to hear a baby crying. Seiyogi looked around wondering what was going on, and that's when the pitch black darkness transitioned into a blinding white light, Seiyogi strained his eyes to see as his vision returned to normal and he now realized he was floating in the air above hospital beds. Looking around, Seiyogi noticed small children calmly sleeping in the hospital beds, but these weren't any ordinary hospital beds, they were the ones from the royal infirmary in King Nunber's Kingdom on Kuristrak! Seiyogi lifted his hands up and looked at them, realizing he could see through himself, and as he could see through himself he peered down onto a crying baby rustling around in his hospital bed. The baby had spiky, black hair that was styled exactly the same as Seiyogi's.

'Wait just a second..' Seiyogi thought to himself as he peered down at the baby, that was himself as an infant! 'What the hell is happening?' Seiyogi thought, this had to be a dream, it obviously was a dream.

But before Seiyogi could think to himself anymore, he could hear doors to the room opening up nearby. Turning his attention towards the doors, Seiyogi watched as three figures entered the room, one was wearing a white lab coat and had bright red skin. Seiyogi remembered the face, it was Professor Dax, King Nunber's personal assistant, except he looked much younger.

Following behind Professor Dax, a young King Nunber walked into the room who looked pretty much the same as his older counterpart, considering Saiyans age slowly. But the third figure, Seiyogi couldn't see who it was. Despite being in a brightly lit room, Seiyogi could only see the silhouette of the third figure, who was it?

"Is that screaming child yours, Ateiuchi?" King Nunber asked to the silhouetted figure. The silhouetted figure remained silent as the three men gathered around the hospital bed where the young infant Seiyogi was laying, screaming and crying.

'Ateiuchi?' Seiyogi thought to himself, realizing that this was a dream, but had an odd sense of deja vu as if he had lived through this moment before. 'Father....' Seiyogi thought again as his expression softly drooped into a frown. Seiyogi remembered hearing Ateiuchi's name throughout Nunber's Kingdom and would remember Yamu referring to their father by that name.

But, after Seiyogi was born and before he was old enough to remember certain things, his father mysteriously vanished leaving Yamu as the guardian of Seiyogi and Kyuti. Whether their father was killed in battle or simply left his children was a mystery, all that was known was that Yamu was the father figure of Seiyogi's life, not this.. faceless silhouette of a man.

"Your highness." The silhouette of Ateiuchi spoke, his voice was deep and gruff like the man who has seen much bloodshed during his lifetime. "He is my child by blood. But as a Saiyan, as my son.." The silhouette softly shook his head and sighed. "One day, I hope to see him become a warrior."

"That day most likely will not be soon." Professor Dax spoke up. "This infant's power rating is very low compared to the other infants in this room." He was looking down at a holographic clipboard, scanning the power levels of each of the infants.

Why was Seiyogi thinking about this? If he could hardly remember his father, who he was, or even what his name was, why was he remembering this moment in time so clearly? Seiyogi closed his eyes and tried to imagine Ateiuchi's face, but he just couldn't do it, the only thing that came to his mind as a father figure was Yamu.

"Yamu..." Seiyogi muttered as he opened his eyes, the scenery was different now, instead of floating in the middle of a hospital room, he was floating in pitch darkness, he could see multiple different visions of events from his life.

One vision was of him as a 4 year old child, being attacked and harassed by other Saiyan children, the children were making fun of him for being weaker than the rest of them. Seiyogi was unable to defend himself against the stronger children. Most of the visions that Seiyogi could see consisted of himself being picked on and being harassed for being a weak Saiyan, the sad part was that both children and adult warriors were picking on him. Seiyogi could remember all of the pain he received due to his former friends and his fellow Saiyans grabbing his tail and whipping him around like a rag doll.

Feeling angry and embarassed, Seiyogi closed his eyes and re-opened them, hoping that the visions would go away. Reluctantly, they did, but this time he was floating in the center of King Nunber's throne room. Looking around the room, Seiyogi could see Saiyans in Battle Armor lined up throughout the throne room, watching as a teenage Yamu guided a young, 6 year old Seiyogi up to the King's Throne.

"Speak your business Yamu." King Nunber ordered down at the Saiyan. Yamu kneeled down on the ground as the younger Seiyogi did the same.

"Your highness, I stand before you today stating that I want my little brother to join my Saiyan Task Force." Yamu confidently spoke as he looked at the ground in front of the stairs leading up to King Nunber's throne. The room was silent.

"You wish for Seiyogi to join your Task Force? What was your force called again, the Saiyan Brigade?" King Nunber questioned. Yamu nodded his head and remained staring at the ground.

"It is a pity that your father is not here to witness this day." King Nunber retorted as he stood up from his throne, walking down the stairs so he could be on ground level with Yamu and Seiyogi. "Your father would be proud to know that you are giving your younger brother a chance at being a strong warrior," King Nunber continued, "But at the same time, he would be ashamed at what his son has offered."

"What do you inquire, your highness? I insist on having my brother join my Task Force so he can feel what it's like to be a true Saiyan out in the field of battle, I want him to be able to handle himself during his lifetime. I do not wish for him to be a weakling, like he is now." Yamu continued.

"Seiyogi, you may rise." King Nunber stated, the younger Seiyogi immediately stood up and his Saiyan tail wrapped itself around his waist. "Your father would want me to assure you, Yamu, that Seiyogi is fit to be a Saiyan out in the field. I must test that now."

Upon saying that, King Nunber lifted his fist up into the air and extended his index and middle fingers out towards Seiyogi's body. "Step forward, Saiyan." King Nunber ordered. The younger Seiyogi took a step forward so the clothing on his chest was touching King Nunber's fingers. King Nunber moved his hand around so his fingers were pointing at the right side of Seiyogi's chest, away from the young boy's heart.

"What are you planning on doing your highness?" Yamu asked, looking up from the ground and at Seiyogi.

"Showing young Seiyogi the pain of being a true Saiyan." Upon saying that, King Nunber's fingers started to glow red as a faint aura swirled around them. A smile creeped onto Nunber's face as he blasted a quick blast through Seiyogi's chest and out of his back. The beam shot into the ground behind Seiyogi. With his eyes dilating and blood gushing out of his chest wound, Seiyogi's body stumbled backwards.

"YOUR HIGHNESS!" Yamu shouted, getting to his feet, preparing to catch Seiyogi as he fell back. King Nunber jolted his arm and pointed his fingers at Yamu, causing the Saiyan to freeze in place to avoid being shot.

"I did not aim for his heart, he will live. Just observe what he does." King Nunber ordered, the two looked down at Seiyogi, who finally fell onto his back.

Unable to scream or groan in pain, Seiyogi's body started to twitch on the ground as if he was fighting the pain. Blood poured out of his wound and onto the floor as every Saiyan in the room watched the young boy struggle to fight for his life and honor on the ground. Several minutes past of Seiyogi heavily breathing and twitching on the ground.

"Enough of this, he has managed to survive long enough to endure the pain of a Saiyan, but was unable to act upon it." King Nunber stated. "Guards, take Yamu and Seiyogi out of here, get the young one medical attention." With that, the King started walking up to his throne.

"But what about him joining my Task Force, your highness? I'll train him, Letish and I can do whatever we can, just don't kill him because he's weak, please!" Yamu asked as he got to his feet with Saiyan Guards guiding him out of the room.

"He can be apart of your team as long as you and your ally, Letish, toughen him up. As of now, he's a weakling." Nunber replied as he walked up the stairs to his throne. Yamu looked over at the young Seiyogi and looked down at the ground, shamed that his brother was still considered weak.

Watching his brother and younger self exit the throne room, Seiyogi closed his eyes and opened them once more. Seeming to travel backwards in time, Seiyogi could see a younger version of himself, who was now 5 at the time, holding a young baby girl who had just been born. This baby girl was his younger sister, Kyuti.

"No, I'm not reliving anymore of these moments, not anymore.." Seiyogi thought to himself as he watched his younger self carry Kyuti around, playing with her happily. "Especially not this one.."

Unlike most other Saiyans, Seiyogi cared deeply about his family, consisting of Yamu and Kyuti. But ever since Kyuti was born, Seiyogi put it upon himself to be her big brother and take care of her, to protect her, and to save her whenever needed. But there was one thing keeping him back from all of that.

"I'm weak.." Seiyogi muttered as the vision of him holding Kyuti faded, he was now floating in pitch darkness again.

"Yamu is dead, Kyuti is all I have left, I will most likely lose her too now that I was unable to bring the Son of Shishito to King Nunber.." Seiyogi muttered as he stared into darkness. "I can't protect her, she's all I have left." He remembered what Jaduko had said about the two of them living on Earth, but why would he make such a random request. Was it possible, Jaduko wanted to be friends? No, Saiyans can't be friends with one another, they are either enemies or comrades, nothing more.

"There is no way I can be both a Saiyan and a compassionate brother, I have to be one or the other.." Seiyogi continued as visions of Jaduko and Taisuka started appearing in front of him. "No.. they're not Saiyans.. they're...." Seiyogi couldn't continue saying what he wanted to say, because everything then went completely dark.

Opening his eyes, Seiyogi was still in the Saiyan Space Pod, he looked out of the red glass and could see planets closing him, Seiyogi realized he wasn't heading towards Planet Kuristrak, but was sent off course and was flying towards a different planet. That didn't matter to him, on this planet he would focus on a plan on how to get back to Earth to take out Jaduko and return him to King Nunber.

"I'll show them all, I'll show the Saiyans that I am a true warrior, I will not be weak anymore because soon enough, I will return to King Nunber holding Jaduko in my grasp... the Son of Shishito.." He looked confidently out of the glass as the Space Pod with a still unconscious Kyuti in his lap as their pod approached a grayish green planet. Planet Xerivon.

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OVA 1: Story of The Rejected
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