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 Movie 4: Shiver's Retaliation

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TIME PLACEMENT: Between Chapter 77 and 78. Officially 1 year after the events of the Zerox Arc, and 2 years before the events of the Reybuu Arc

Act 1:
A little over a year has passed since the events of the Zerox Arc and the defeat of the Chief Officer of Trading for the Planet Trade Organization at the hands of Jaduko Masurao on Planet Xerivon. In the far corner of the galaxy, light years away from Earth, a massive disk-shaped spaceship that could easily store a dozen of Zerox's ships within it, slowly moved through the vacuum of space. Unlike Zerox's ship which was completely metallic and colorless, this ship was pitch black with yellow energy panels aligned on the outside of the ship, most likely to draw in space rays to keep power.

Within the ship, the interior was made of some sort of space metal similar to that of Zerox's ship, but instead of being black like the rest of the ship, the floor and walls were a dark yellow color. Soldiers wearing black Saiyan-like armor with gold plating walked from room to room but stopped what they were doing and saluted when they saw a tall figure walk towards the control room of the ship. The figure opened up the doors to the control room and stepped inside, in front of was a throne attached to the floor, the throne was on a balcony overlooking panels that beeped with multiple colors, soldiers were working the panels just like on Zerox's ship. There was a massive screen in front of the throne rather than small ones, and there was windows aligned along the walls so it would be easier to control the ship. Two figures stood on each side of the throne, both of them wore black capes with Elite Saiyan-like armor signifying they were high ranking members of the PTO. The figure on the left of the throne had a black hood thrown over his face while the one to the right had spiky black hair and red earrings dangling off of his ears.

"Grandfather... may I have a word with you?" The figure spoke in a shaky tone of voice, kneeling down behind the throne the figure had turquoise skin and white chest, wrist, and ankle plating similar to that of Zerox. His forehead extended above his head and spiked back (similar to Cooler's final form).

"Emperor Morge, Shiver has arrive as per his request." The figure with the black spiky hair leaned in close to the throne and whispered. His voice echoed over itself as if two voices were exiting his mouth at once. Emperor Morge lifted himself from the throne and Shiver gulped as his grandfather easily stood three or four feet taller than the two figures at his side. Morge walked in front of the figure to his left and walked around to the back of his throne until he was standing in front of Shiver.

"Speak." Morge's voice echoed throughout the throne room and Shiver started to shake in fear thinking of where to start. He lifted his head and stared at his grandfather, the evil emperor had black skin with grey plating that covered his chest, wrists, ankles, and neck. Morge had bright blue eyes with no pupils, the eyes glared down at Shiver.

"I-uh... The squadron of soldiers I dispatched to Planet Xerivon have returned, and I have terrible news." Shiver nervously continued. "Zerox's body was not recovered, nor were the members of Ender's Armored Squadron."

"None of them?" The figure with the black spiky hair turned around, Shiver noticed that the inside of the figure's black cape was green despite appearing black from the back. His Saiyan-like armor was black like his spandex and had gold plating. The figure had bright green skin and pitch black eyes with piercing red pupils, it was Lord Ender. Shiver shook his head in shame. Shiver noticed the second figure turn around to face him, he had the exact same outfit as Lord Ender except the inside of his cape was red instead of green and his Saiyan-like armor was white rather than black. The figure's light skin tone was similar to that of a human, and his eyes were covered by a shadow that was cast over his face by the hood he was wearing. The hood was black and had a purple gem on the front of it, it was Lord Warork.

"Grandfather.. er.. sir I should say.. It's been over a year since my cousin Zerox's assault on Xerivon and with no body to claim, wouldn't be the right time to assign a new Chief Officer of Planetary Trading and Shipping?" Shiver questioned. He should have kept his mouth shut.

"You speak with urgency as if you are one to order me around." Morge spoke, the room went silent. "Your demeanor is meant to be that of a soldier not a general. You are no Zerox."

"B-B-But sir.... being your blood grandson, I-I thought it would be I took over Zerox's position since I am simply a soldier like you said. I am more than capable of taking on the task of enslaving planets, the amount of planets the Organization has enslaved drastically decreased since the death of Zerox and I believe I can pick it back up." Shiver lifted his head to look at his grandfather. "If it makes the task any easier, my squadron reported back to me stating that the Son of Shishito may be the one responsible for Zerox's death."

Morge rose an eyebrow and looked down at Shiver. He had hadn't heard the name 'Shishito' in many years, upon learning of the Saiyan's untimely death, he figured that the Son of Shishito was merely a myth created by the Saiyans. But now that Shiver brings him up... maybe the Saiyans truly didn't lie about him afterall.

Shiver noticed that Morge was wearing the Locket of Nether around his neck, gold chains wrapped around his neck and extended down the front of his chest to support the actual locket. This was the first time Shiver had seen the locket in person, it was a lot bigger than he imagined, being the size of a (space) softball, definitely big enough that someone would barely be able to hold it in their hand. The locket itself was gold just like the chain that supported it and it had an oval shape with diamonds aligning themselves on the outer rim of the locket. A golden design of a dragon that had the same appearance as Earth's Shenron spiraled around inside the oval shaped locket with it's head in the center, the dragon's head was pointed outwards towards Shiver as if it were staring him down. Shiver noticed that the dragon's mouth was open and he could see a small gem within the dragon's mouth but it was no ordinary gem, it was pitch black with small white lights that sparkled out of it as if the gem was containing space itself. A tiny latch was placed on the left side of the locket for someone to open it, but it wouldn't be a wise decision to do so.  

"If you are willing to prove yourself to take on the task that Zerox abandoned, I shall honor your request if you do for me one thing." Morge bargained.

"What is it?" Shiver questioned.

"Track down the Son of Shishito's location and annihilate him. Bring the dead body of he and anyone who dares to interfere back to me. But if you return to me empty handed..." Morge knelt down and placed his hand on the top of Shiver's head, a black aura started to emit from his hand and sweat started to drip from Shiver's forehead. "I will drench this ship and the cosmos in your blood." He growled.

Shiver gulped and nodded, Morge stepped back and allowed Shiver to get to his feet. Shiver saluted his grandfather and turned around, leaving the throne room. Morge turned around and walked to his throne, sitting down once more. Lord Warork turned his head and began to speak.

"Do you think he will have the power to defeat the Son of Shishito?" Warork questioned. "Shishito's bloodline was a myth among the Saiyan people as you already know, but now that his son may be real..."

"He won't return." Morge replied. All went silent and the Emperor stared out of the ship's windows into space.

Several days later on Earth, a 15 year old Jaduko and 11 year old Taisuka stood across from each other in the middle of Paprika Wasteland, a wide area covered in bright green grass and rocks that extended into the sky. It was early morning as Jaduko clenched his fists and bent down into his signature fighting position, Taisuka did the same and crouched into his signature fighting position that he created a few days prior. Jaduko was wearing the orange and blue gi he obtained for his 14th birthday and Taisuka was still wearing the old Turtle School gi despite the two having left the school over a year prior.

During the past year, Jaduko and Taisuka have personally been training with one another as student and teacher. Seikyo, Violouh, and Kyuti would occasionally train with the two of them but for the most part, the three of them would leave Jaduko and Taisuka alone.

"You ready?" Jaduko grinned as a blue aura flared around his body. Taisuka nodded, his white aura flared up as well. The two Saiyans remained still for a few seconds before bursting from their positions towards one another. Jaduko threw a punch towards Taisuka's face, but the boy ducked and spun mid-air, delivering a kick to Jaduko's abdomen. Jaduko let out a 'oof' of pain and went skidding across the ground, he looked up and noticed Taisuka had disappeared. Closing his eyes to sense any power levels, Jaduko spin around and jumped in the air, he opened his eyes and noticed Taisuka sliding along the ground underneath him. Jaduko chuckled and slammed his foot down onto Taisuka's chest, the ground around the two cracked. Taisuka rolled out from under Jaduko and got to his feet, the two then began exchanging punches and kicks with one another as the ground shook around them, rocks started floating from the power.

Their training session would last for several hours until slowly calming down. Jaduko reached in his belt and pulled out two Senzu Beans, popping one in his mouth and tossing the other to Taisuka. The sky was blue signifying that it was a little after noon. Taisuka sat down on a boulder that was lifted from the ground during their fight and Jaduko stood in front of him.

"Great session today. You did well." Jaduko was proud of Taisuka, who chewed the Senzu Bean and swallowed it.

"I gotta say, I really appreciate you training me. Before our time training, I had never felt so strong!" Taisuka chuckled, but his happiness quickly changed when he felt something powerful drop down on the planet. Turning his head to the North, Taisuka glared into the horizon and noticed the clouds were slowly moving apart as if something dropped down from the sky.

"You felt that too?" Jaduko questioned, Taisuka nodded. "We better check it out, see if our training came in handy." The two floated up into the air and burst off to the North.

Act 2:
After a few minutes of flying, Jaduko and Taisuka eventually came across smoke rising from North City. The two Saiyans dropped down into the snowy city and heard screams erupting from civilians, running all over the place in terror. People bumped into Taisuka much to his anger and he tried brushing them off as he followed Jaduko through the streets towards the source of the smoke. Jaduko slid to a halt when he made it to the city's center plaza, where a small crater was created in the ground where a fountain once stood and water started flooding the streets. A tiny spaceship was sitting inside of the crater where the city's fountain was. This was an odd spaceship since it wasn't a Saiyan Space Pod, nor was it big enough to be a ship like Zerox's. It was a tiny ship that could easily carry three or four people.

"What do you think it is?" Taisuka asked, looking at the ship, legs extended from the ship and picked it up from the crater, letting the water from the fountain rush down into where it was resting.

"Not sure, but stay behind me." Jaduko replied as the front hatch of the ship opened up. Steam erupted from the hatch as he created a ramp down towards the ground similar to Zerox's ship. The ship was metallic like Zerox's but it was painted black and silver with green lines coursing across it like veins. A silhouette emerged from the ship and stepped down the ramp, Jaduko widened his eyes as he saw Shiver standing in front of him, the alien stood two feet taller than he did.

"Zerox?!" Taisuka muttered, peering out from around Jaduko.

"No, he looks... different." Jaduko muttered, the hatch to the spaceship closed behind Shiver signifying that he was the only one who traveled to Earth.

"You are the Son of Shishito?" Shiver questioned, looking at Jaduko, his eyes were white and shaped similar to Zerox's, but his pupils were orange.

"Yeah, why does it matter?" Jaduko questioned, clenching his fists. Shiver smirked.

"So you're real after all... excellent." Shiver chuckled and looked around, he watched the civilians of North City running in terror and screaming at the top of their lungs. "You wouldn't happen to have killed my cousin now, would you?"

"Cousin?!" Jaduko widened his eyes and dropped his jaw.

'I'm sensing this guy is a hell of a lot stronger than Zerox... How is that possible?!' Taisuka thought to himself, stepping out from behind Jaduko and clenching his fists alongside his mentor.

"I'm afraid I'm gonna have to bring you to Emperor Morge. If you would..." Shiver stepped to the side and extended his hands towards his ship. "Please come with me."

"Morge? I've been warned about him by someone before, no way in hell I'm comin' with you." Jaduko growled.

"Either we can do this the easy way or Emperor Morge will find and kill you himself, then destroy this planet afterwards, you wouldn't want that wished upon you or this planet." Shiver warned.

"I said no. Who is this Morge guy anyway?" Jaduko questioned, he remembered what his father had said about the Locket of Nether. "You guys wouldn't be connected to the Locket of Nether would you?" Taisuka looked over at Jaduko and rose an eyebrow, he had no clue what his mentor was talking about.

"I'm not allowed to give out information about the Locket of Nether." Shiver looked around in fear. "Morge is my grandfather, the leader of the Planet Trade Organization, I assume you've heard of them?"

"Once or twice, your cousin was in charge of enslaving planets right?" Jaduko questioned, Shiver nodded.

"I intend to take over his position but the only way I can do so is by bringing your body to Morge." Shiver continued. "He's the strongest in the universe but fears that if the Saiyans get their hands on you, it will cost him the war."

"Well you can leave and tell your grandpa that I don't have any reason to take part in your war, so you guys can leave me and my friends alone!" Jaduko retorted.

"Seiyogi is on this planet... isn't he?" Shiver glared at the Saiyans in front of him.

"No, Seiyogi isn't on this planet, he was killed by Zerox a while back." Jaduko lied, Seiyogi had changed his name to Seikyo so he could distance himself from the Saiyans.

"You're lying, I can sense it. You will come with me and die the easy way or I will make your life a living hell!" Shiver shouted. He looked down at Taisuka and glared at the boy, as if he were telling him that he would obey as well.

"I'm not one to give in without a fight." Jaduko smirked and clenched his fists, Taisuka looked at Shiver and did the same. The three warriors glared at each other.

Act 3:
Jaduko, Taisuka, and Shiver hovered into the air so they were high above the city. Shiver looked around and noticed that the city was surrounded by a large mountain range covered in snow before turning his attention towards the two Saiyans. With one swift front flip, Shiver slammed his leg into Jaduko's cheek with intense speed and ferocity, Jaduko close one eye and winced in pain as he was sent flying back through the air. Taisuka lunged forward and thrust a punch towards Shiver's chest, the alien crossed his arms and blocked the punch with his forearms. Taisuka recoiled with a second punch, aiming it at Shiver's neck, but the alien lifted his right arm and blocked the punch again with his forearm.

Shiver did a backflip and slammed his foot onto Taisuka's head, the Saiyan went flying down towards the city below as Jaduko rushed towards Shiver and thrust his arm towards Shiver's head, the alien tilted his head and let the arm glide past his neck but he was surprised when Jaduko karate chopped down onto his neck. Shiver's eyes dilated in pain as Jaduko lifted his other arm up and punched his cheek. Closing one eye in pain, Shiver grit his teeth as gusts of wind swirled around the two. Shiver reeled back and slammed his fist towards Jaduko's stomach, but the Saiyan quickly moved his hands together and blocked the punch before it made contact. Gritting his teeth, Jaduko pushed off of Shiver only to be headbutted by the alien, he was sent flying towards the ground.

Shiver fired a barrage of orange ki blasts towards Jaduko, who quickly deflected them all away so none of them would hit any civilians but some of them hit into nearby buildings, causing debris to fall. Catching himself in the air, Jaduko swiftly turned his freefall into a flight pattern as Shiver chased him throughout the city, Taisuka followed the two, catching falling debris from the ki blasts. Shiver lunged forward and thrust a punch towards Jaduko, who twisted his torso and raised his arm as the punch slid past his forearm. Jaduko spun in the air and delivered a punch into the alien's stomach sending him flying towards a nearby car tunnel of glass that was suspended above the road. Shiver dropped to the ground just before smacking into the tunnel and he continued sliding along the ground. Jaduko rushed forward and shouted as he thrust a kick towards Shiver's chest, but the alien recoiled by grabbing the Saiyan's leg and throwing him backwards. The two flew out of the city and continued their fight into the nearby mountain range.

'They're lucky no one was killed...' Taisuka thought to himself as he lowered a few civilians onto the ground after having picked them up during the conflict. He flew after the two.

"YOU WILL REGRET THIS DECISION, SON OF SHISHITO!" Shiver shouted, he watched Jaduko backflip onto the ground and slid across the ground, Shiver rushed forward and threw a punch towards Jaduko's face, gusts of wind spiraled around his fist. Jaduko lifted his arms and crossed them, blocking the punch before it made contact, a crater formed around the two and rocks shot into the air as a wave barrier exploded around the two. Shiver kicked away from Jaduko and the two stood, staring at each other in a forest nearby North City.

"I gotta admit, you're just as strong, if not stronger than Zerox." Jaduko wiped blood from his mouth as he panted. Shiver had scratches on his body but he didn't respond, he simply clenched his fists and held his arms at his sides as he stared at the Saiyan in front of him.

"I'm surprised you gave him trouble." Shiver spoke, he didn't seem fazed by any of Jaduko's previous attacks.

"Did Morge warn you of what I used to defeat your cousin?" Jaduko questioned with a smirk. Shiver rose an eyebrow curious as to what he meant. The wind swirled around Jaduko's body as his blue aura flared up, the muscles on the Saiyan's body began to bulk up and his veins started popping out. Jaduko huffed in anger as if he were trying to control the power surging within him. Taisuka floated above the forest the two were in, watching everything go down.

"HUAAAAAAHHHH!" In an instant, Jaduko stiffened his body and lifted his head, with a shout, Jaduko's hair shot towards the sky and transitioned from brown to golden as his aura flared up, becoming a yellow flame. Shiver winced as the brightness nearly blinded him, the nearby trees began to bend as the power emitted from Jaduko's body. After a few moments of powering up, Jaduko returned to his calm composure and glared at Shiver with a grin. Over the past year, he had been training nonstop with Taisuka which allowed him to control the Super Saiyan form with ease, allowing him to access it on a whim.

"You're.. You've... transformed?!" Shiver seemed surprised. "But... But how?!"

"A little trick your cousin helped me achieve." Jaduko taunted, he lifted his hands and motioned for Shiver to charge. The alien grit his teeth and lunged forward, throwing a punch towards the Super Saiyan's face. Jaduko's arm shot upwards immediately and caught the fist.

'There you go, kick his ass!' Taisuka thought to himself, watching from above.

Shiver lifted his knee up to strike Jaduko's stomach, but Jaduko quickly lifted his own knee to block the attack. Jaduko recoiled by trying to elbow Shiver in the neck, but Shiver recoiled with his own elbow, blocking the attack. Jaduko blinked and opened his mouth in shock as Shiver matched him blow for blow, had he been holding back this whole time?

The two warriors collided with intense speed, exchanging punches and kicks as rocks lifted from the ground around them and blood sprayed onto the ground beneath them from each attack that made contact. Shiver flipped backwards and tackled Jaduko through the air, pushing him through nearby trees and nearly leveling the forest behind him. Taisuka rushed forward after them and realized he needed to help.

Jaduko, annoyed at being a battering ram through these trees, flipped out Shiver's grasp. The two hovered in the air. Rushing forward, Jaduko smacked his fist into Shiver's cheek, wind crushed the ground underneath the two. Shiver quickly recoiled by lifting himself up and delivering a similar punch to Jaduko's cheek. Jaduko winced in pain and rushed forward, kneeing the alien in the stomach. Shiver grabbed onto Jaduko's leg and flipped the Super Saiyan down onto the ground, the two were now in a clear opening in the middle of the snowy forest they were in with boulders scattered around the whole area.

Jaduko lifted himself up from the ground and used a boulder to support himself, blood dripped from his mouth and he was nearly out of energy, his hair reverted back to it's base state and he grit his teeth as Shiver landed on the ground in front of him.

'No! Not now! I shouldn't have used this form, I don't have full control of it after all...' Jaduko thought to himself, Shiver slowly walked towards the Saiyan with blood and scratches all over his body, he looked as though he was about to faint but remained on his feet.

"Y-You... made the wrong decision." Shiver muttered as he stood a few feet in front of Jaduko, who was kneeling on the ground resting against a boulder. Shiver pointed his palm towards Jaduko and an orange aura began to glow as if he were about to fire a beam into Jaduko's face. Jaduko grit his teeth as he stared into the light, blood dripped from his forehead and mouth.

As soon as the blast fired, a white orb smacked into it from above, the two blasts hit the snowy ground and disappeared. Shiver looked up and was surprised when two fists smacked into the top of his head. Taisuka had a look of bloodlust in his eyes as he rapidly punched Shiver in the face, pushing the alien farther away from Jaduko.

"Jaduko! Get out of here!" Taisuka shouted as he continued to pummel on Shiver, blood exploded from Shiver's mouth as the fully powered Saiyan whaled on him. Shiver tried to retaliate but he couldn't find a chance to recoil, it's almost as if this little boy knew where he was going to attack and how he was going to do it.

Jaduko widened his eyes as he watched Taisuka pummel on Shiver. The young Saiyan was insanely strong, especially now after the two trained together. A few minutes passed and blood painted the snow, but Taisuka eventually backed away from Shiver, who knelt down on the ground in front of Taisuka, the two panted in exhaustion.

"Y-Y...You're just a child.." Shiver was speechless. "You can't have this much power!"

"But I do.. thanks to the man you're trying to kill.. You won't kill him. I won't let you!" Taisuka clenched his fists and his muscles bulked up, Jaduko widened his eyes as he saw a feint golden color flash over Taisuka's hair but quickly disappeared, was he going Super Saiyan? No... He wasn't strong enough.

With a shout, Taisuka's white aura powered up around him, the light shot up into the sky causing both Jaduko and Shiver to close their eyes. The ground around Taisuka started to crack and Shiver was losing consciousness from the sheer power emitting directly in front of him.

"Fist... OF A THOUSAND SUNS!" Taisuka shouted, he lunged forward and a white aura emitted from his right hand, he reeled back and his fist began to emit yellow sparkles. He thrust the punch into Shiver's chest and the two shouted, one in anger and one in pain. When the punch made contact, a yellow blast exploded in front of Taisuka.

Jaduko dropped his jaw in shock as he watched his student and friend create a new, devastating attack. Power erupted from the boy and the wind pushed into Jaduko, but after a few moments, everything went silent. Jaduko noticed Shiver's lifeless body laying several dozen feet away from Taisuka, who was panting from his attack.

'Amazing...' Jaduko thought. 'He's not strong enough to transform into a Super Saiyan yet... but he could generate enough power to kill a man stronger than Zerox...' Jaduko grinned and got to his feet as Taisuka turned around, the two chuckled at each other.

'I'll continue to train you Taisuka, you're gonna get stronger so you can be a Super Saiyan like myself, I just know it.' Jaduko made it a promise

Act 4:
After burying Shiver's body in the ground underneath the snow, the two Saiyans returned to North City and assured everyone would be safe. Jaduko destroyed Shiver's spaceship and he, together with Taisuka, would help the towns people rebuild their city from the damages during the fight. The construction would be finished after four or five days.

During their time in North City, Jaduko couldn't stop thinking about what Shiver had said about the PTO and the Locket of Nether. Was Morge really the strongest person in the universe? Why couldn't he talk about the Locket of Nether, was it really that important? All of these questions but no answers.. It didn't matter, everything was over now, or so Jaduko had thought.

After the towns people thanked Jaduko and Taisuka for their help, the two Saiyans left the city and began to fly South where they would rest and continue training the next day.

"They were some nice people." Taisuka piped up as he flew side by side with Jaduko. "But the city was a little cold for my liking. I'm more of a warmer climate kinda guy."

"I dunno, I kinda liked the cold." Jaduko chuckled. "I might wanna move there when I'm older, seems like a nice place to settle down with Kyuti and have a fa-" Jaduko caught himself after he realized he was rambling off, he blushed and Taisuka began to laugh.

"You like Kyuti huh? Oh man that's great!" Taisuka laughed, Jaduko scowled at his mistake, the two continued to fly through the sky with a goal to get stronger in mind.

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Movie 4: Shiver's Retaliation
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