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 Movie 5: End Story

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PostSubject: Movie 5: End Story   Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:35 am

TIME PLACEMENT: Chronologically Set 23 years after the battle with Zerox, this story takes place in an alternate future.

Act 1:
WARNING: This movie talks about what happened in Future Taisuka's future, so all of the characters introduced are their future counterparts.

"Hello, most of you may already know me but I'll introduce myself anyway. My name is Taisuka." A voice began to narrate. "This is my story of the hell I've gone through."

Our movie begins with a panning shot of East City, the entire city was burned to the ground as ash and rubble littered the once clean streets. The college campus on the outer edge of the city was destroyed as well, the large tower that extended up into the air and overlooked the city was torn in two with the top half laying in the center of a battleball field in the distance.

The scene transitions to another city, Satan City, where we see the same results as East City. Buildings destroyed, ash and smoke rising into the air as if this city had been destroyed recently. Dead bodies were scattered along the ground with blood leaking through the streets and draining into the gutters. So many cities were destroyed, that the ash and fire from the destruction permanently turned the sky from a lovely blue to an ashy red with smoke softly drifting through the sky like clouds.

It had been 23 years since the battle on Xerivon and the defeat of Zerox, and it had also been 3 years since Emperor Morge's Planet Trade Organization invaded the Planet. Our heroes were reluctant to survive the conflict, just barely thwarting off the threat in the end and upon their victory, Jaduko and his friends had managed to recover a mystical object that had been in Morge's possession, it was the Locket of Nether.

Just what exactly could this locket do? Was it something important? Something that held enough power that no mere mortal could hold? Was it a mistake that our heroes decided to hold onto the locket without destroying it?

It was, and the world would pay for their mistake. Nearly six months had passed since the defeat of Morge's PTO, Jaduko and Taisuka had pawned the locket off to Dende and Mr. Popo so the two of them could keep a close eye on it incase any threat dared to retrieve it, Seikyo and Violouh would occasionally stop on the lookout to aid the two of them in protecting the locket.

Unfortunately, Dende and Mr. Popo would tinker with the locket, trying to figure out it's secrets, and upon doing so it would release a demon trapped within the locket's gem. Reybuu swiftly killed Dende and Mr. Popo with ease, where he would escape The Lookout to begin his rampage against Planet Earth for imprisoning him. However, once Reybuu was far away enough from the lookout, he softly turned his head and stared back at the floating platform in the sky. Lifting his hand and firing a yellow beam towards the lookout, Reybuu sadistically grinned as the lookout exploded, fire coated the sky as chunks of concrete fell from the destruction towards the forest below. Korin's Tower would collapse from the rubble, killing Korin who was inside, and on top of that, a tiny indian village that resided on the ground underneath Korin's Tower would be destroyed and it's people killed.

Bouncing out of the rubble, the Locket of Nether rolled around until it rested on the grass far away from the destroyed indian village and ruined Korin Tower, it was unscratched from the attack.

"Seikyo and Violouh were the first ones to fall under Reybuu's reign of destruction. They were unfortunate to run into Reybuu during one of their trips to the Lookout." Future Taisuka narrated. "The two of them fought off Reybuu with the strength they had but it was no use, the two of them had their arms and legs broken in several different places... They were beaten to a pulp and left on The Lookout just as Reybuu had blown it up, killing the two of them in the explosion.."

"With Dende gone as well, the Dragon Balls cease to exist, meaning we can't with Seikyo or Violouh back.." Future Taisuka's narration voice lowered in tone.

For the next two and a half years, Reybuu would slaughter the majority of the world's population, drastically dropping the Earth's population from 7 billion to a mere 3 million people. All of the Earth's Cities with the exception of Central City, were leveled from his destruction and forests were burned down forcing those survivors to hide away in bunkers underneath the ground. But where were our heroes? Were they killed in the conflict as well?

Fortunately, with the exception of Seikyo and Violouh, our heroes were still alive mourning the loss of their friends and family. Like the surviving humans that remained on the planet, our heroes were forced to stick to the ground and travel on foot to avoid using enough energy that would attract Reybuu. The scene transitions to an ocean where we see Taisuka lifting his head over the waves, looking out into the distance, Taisuka could see a small island with a pink house and a red roof on it's shore, it was Kame Island. Ducking his head back into the water, Taisuka continued his swim towards the island.

Act 2:
Upon reaching the island, Taisuka crawled onto the shore and shook his head, water flew around and his spiky hair returned to it's normal shape. He looked up into the ashy red sky and let out a sigh of relief when he noticed Reybuu wasn't in sight. Stepping up towards the front door of Kame House, Taisuka opened up the door and stepped inside.

"Anyone home?" Taisuka called out throughout the dark house, he heard rustling in the far corner of the foyer. Turning his head, Taisuka watched Kyuti turn on a lamp that illuminated the darkness.

"I'm glad you're safe. It's been a few years since we last saw you." Kyuti mumbled with a sigh of relief, she looked out of the window towards the front of the house. "Were you followed?"

"No, are the others here?" Taisuka replied. Before Kyuti could reply, Jaduko appeared in the far corner of the room, he looked very different from his counterpart from the past. This older Jaduko had black gi pants tucked into blue Turtle School boots, an orange gi top with blue lining was thrown over a blue undershirt with a black belt supporting his top and pants. He had a blue headband wrapped around his head underneath his bangs with a scar torn down the side of his right cheek. This Jaduko also had a black wristband wrapped around his left arm, his other arm was completely gone, what had happened to it was unknown..

"I see you didn't bring Yitoro along, is she safe?" Jaduko questioned, walking forward towards Taisuka.

"Yeah, Konno and Lori are keeping her safe in the bunker underneath Macadmi Technology, I heard Lizz was there as well." Taisuka replied. "Is everyone else here?"

"Yeah." Jaduko muttered, he lifted his only arm up into the air and extended it back towards the stairs of the house, where 18, Maron, and Klio walked down the stairs. Krillin was no longer with them, dying of old age a few months back.

"Klio found something that might help us out when we head over to the Macadmi Technology bunker to regroup with everyone." Jaduko tilted his head and Klio stepped forward, reaching inside of his gi belt, where he pulled out a golden locket with a dragon design on it.

"Found it at the bottom of where Korin's Tower should have been when I went to see if I could find the bodies of... you know who." Klio muttered, not saying Seikyo's name as he looked at Kyuti. Taisuka reached forward and grabbed onto the locket dangling from Klio's fingers.

"We better leave as soon as we can, Reybuu may be looking for this locket." Taisuka muttered, Klio nodded and led the group outside of Kame House. Taisuka tucked the locket into his Saiyan armor and widened his eyes in fear as he looked into the sky, where he saw a grey figure zig-zagging through the smoke, it was Reybuu.

"EVERYONE MOVE!" Taisuka shouted, the others looked up into the sky and were reluctant enough to see Reybuu firing a yellow orb towards Kame House. Taisuka dove to the side with incredible speed, where he slid into the ocean to avoid the blast. Jaduko quickly lunged forward, grabbed onto Kyuti and the two went flying into the ocean as well.

Unfortunately, 18, Maron, and Klio weren't as quick as the two Saiyans, before they could lunge into the water, the orb hit Kame House and a massive explosion erupted from the island, pushing waves across the ocean. Jaduko wrapped his arms around Kyuti underneath the water and looked towards the surface of the water, fire and smoke erupted from the island as pieces of pink wood went flying everywhere, landing in the ocean around him. Closing his eyes, Jaduko lowered his power as low as it could get, Taisuka did the same as he rested in the water a few feet away from Taisuka and Kyuti.

A few moments of silence passed as the fire slowly simmered down, Reybuu looked around Kame Island but didn't see any sight of the Locket of Nether, with a growl, Reybuu tried searching for anyone who survived his attack, but with Jaduko and Taisuka lowering their power levels, the demon couldn't sense anything. Turning around, he darted off into the sky away from the destroyed Kame Island.

Jaduko, Taisuka, and Kyuti rose to the surface and lifted themselves onto the shore of the island. The three dropped their jaws in shock as a fire flared into the air where Kame House once stood, all of the grass on the island was burnt and the trees were destroyed, piles of pink and red wood were scattered along the island.

"Oh god, look!" Kyuti pointed towards the edge of the island where they saw three bodies laying near the edge of the water. Jaduko and Taisuka rushed towards the bodies with Kyuti following behind, the two Saiyans knelt down and closed their eyes when they saw the dead bodies of Klio, 18, and Maron. Their bodies were burnt to a crisp from the attack Reybuu had used. 18's body was on top of Maron's as if she was shielding her daughter from the attack.

"He must've come for the locket. He knew we had it..." Jaduko muttered as a tear slowly dripped from one of his closed eyes. Kyuti lifted her hands to her mouth as she stared at the burnt corpses of her friends.

"The bastard's gonna pay.." Taisuka muttered, gritting his teeth. "We have to leave, he might come back." Jaduko and Kyuti both nodded.

Taking a few minutes to dig graves for their friends, the three slowly jumped into the water and began to swim towards the shore of the mainland, where they would make their way to Central City.

Act 3:
Three days would pass before the three Saiyans made their way into Central City, the entire city was empty as if everyone had evacuated. Luckily, Reybuu hadn't destroyed this city yet. Running through the streets, Taisuka led Jaduko and Kyuti towards the heart of the city towards the Macadmi Technology Building, where they would head inside and head down the stairs to the bunker underneath the building.

"Konno, is everyone alright?" Jaduko shouted as he ran down the stairs into the bunker. Konno lifted his head and noticed the three Saiyans run in. The bunker they were in was fairly small, not capable of holding all 3 million people in the city, but just enough to hold a few people. Lori, Yitoro, and Lizz were scattered throughout the tiny bunker, they lifted their heads and grinned in relief when they saw the three.

"Yeah we're alright, we've just been down here for a few days eating and talking with each other, where's Klio?" Konno questioned. "What about 18 and Maron?" The room went silent for a few moments as Jaduko and Taisuka dropped their heads in shame.

"They... They didn't make it.. Kame House was destroyed." Kyuti softly spoke, watching Konno's face slowly turn pale.

"W-What..? It can't... they can't come back..." Konno was shocked by the news, he stumbled back and Lori stepped forward, grabbing onto Konno's shoulders so he wouldn't fall.

The room was silent for a few minutes before Konno picked himself back up, he knew that Reybuu had to pay for taking his friends and family away from him. Taisuka stumbled over to Yitoro, who lifted herself off of a couch in the corner of the room. Wrapping his arms around his wife, tears started to form in Taisuka's eyes.

"You alright?" He asked. "Is the baby alright?" He lowered his hands and placed them on Yitoro's stomach, which was slightly bloated, she was pregnant.

"We're fine are you hurt, Reybuu didn't get to you did he?" Yitoro was concerned. Taisuka shook his head. He lifted his hand and tapped his Saiyan armor.

"Klio gave us something before he died, it might be able to stop Reybuu but we have to figure out how." Taisuka replied. Lizz stood up and walked over to Taisuka and Yitoro, she wrapped her arms around Taisuka, glad he was alive.

"What did he give you?" Lizz questioned, she watched as Taisuka pulled out the Locket of Nether from his armor. A gem softly sparkled on the front of the locket.

"We thought you could look into it Lori, figure out what we can do to kill Reybuu before it's too late." Jaduko clenched his fist and looked at Lori.

"Toss it to me, I'll do my best, we're running out of options on what to do with that monster." Lori replied, Taisuka flicked his hand and tossed the locket towards Lori, who caught it in her hands. "Kyuti, if you would help me, that would be great." Lori motioned for Kyuti to follow her to the corner of the room, where they put the locket down on a work table and began to work.

"So I guess we just hang around for a little while?" Konno shrugged.

"Did everyone in the city make it out?" Jaduko asked. Konno nodded his head.

"They're hiding in bunkers underneath the buildings of the city, or they're just hiding in the buildings. They should be fine as long as Reybuu doesn't come along." Yitoro added in. Jaduko sighed in relief.

The group would spend the next four days studying the locket and what to do with it, but four days wouldn't be enough.. On the fourth day of hiding in the bunker, Taisuka lifted his head and scowled as if he felt something powerful approaching the city.

"Something wrong?" Yitoro asked, sitting next to her husband.

"Yeah..." Was all Taisuka could say before Reybuu lifted his hand and pointed it at Central City, a yellow light emitted from his palm as he sadistically grinned.

Act 4:
A barrage of beams fired from Reybuu's palm, each of them swirled around in the air and rapidly shot into every building he could see. Reybuu laughed as the city began to crumble. Underneath the ground, the bunker where our heroes resided began to shake, Lizz leaned forward and held onto Yitoro's hands as Taisuka got to his feet and rushed towards the stairs.

"Lori, the locket!" Taisuka shouted, he extended his hand towards Lori, who tossed the locket at him. Taisuka caught the locket and slid it into his Saiyan armor, he waved for Jaduko and Konno to follow him up the stairs where they would confront Reybuu.

"This buildings gonna blow, we need to get out!" Lori shouted, she and Kyuti rushed to Lizz and Yitoro, the three women helped the pregnant woman up to her feet and they quickly began to rush up the stairs after the three men.

Upon exiting the Macadmi Technology Building, Taisuka widened his eyes as the city erupted in smoke and dust, beams were firing rapidly throughout the area as people's screams were heard, slowly the population of Central City began to drop.

As soon as the four women exited the bunker, Taisuka noticed a barrage of yellow beams flying straight for the Macadmi Technology Building.

"LOOK OUT!" Taisuka shouted, turning around as the beams struck the building. Kyuti lifted herself into the air above the group and began firing brown ki blasts at falling debris.

"All of you leave, get to safety!" Kyuti shouted, smoke began to erupt around the building as Konno and Taisuka rushed forward, leading Yitoro, Lori, and Lizz away from the building.

"Kyuti, get out of there!" Jaduko shouted. He was about rush in and help Kyuti as the debris from the building continued to drop, the Saiyan girl began sweating as she fired blasts to keep the rubble from hitting into her friends.

"No, you get out of here, you need to stop Reybuu!" Kyuti shouted. Jaduko widened his eyes as one of the yellow beams shot into her leg, with a shout of pain, rubble stopped firing ki blasts and the rubble toppled on top of her, pushing her down towards the ground.

"KYUTI!" Jaduko shouted, he took a step forward to save her but felt a hand grab onto the back of his gi. Konno used all of his strength to pull Jaduko away from the collapsing building as the rubble hit the ground and Kyuti's screaming stopped, smoke erupted into the air as the ground shook, Jaduko lifted his only arm up and covered his eyes from the smoke until the ground stopped shaking and the smoke slowly disappeared. The Macadmi Technology Building had completely caved in on itself and nothing was left but rubble, the rubble smashed into the ground and caused the underground bunker to cave in on itself as well, it was smart for everyone to leave.

Jaduko grit his teeth and tears began to form in his eyes as he stumbled forward, using his free arm to push away rubble so he could dig to find Kyuti.

"Kyuti! KYUTI!" Jaduko repeatedly shouted her name as he dug through the rubble to find Kyuti, his heart dropped to his stomach when he saw a bloody hand resting underneath the rubble, Kyuti had sacrificed her life to let her friends escape the falling rubble in time. Jaduko fell to his knees on the rubble as his friends widened their eyes and dropped their jaws in shock at the loss of Kyuti. Taisuka lifted his head to the sky in the opposite direction and grit his teeth.

Jaduko clenched his fists as a teardrop dropped from his eye and landed on his hands. Within an instant, Jaduko's hair shot up towards the sky and turned golden as a yellow aura flared around his body. Konno frowned, seeing his best friend lose someone he cared so deeply about. A spark of energy flashed through Jaduko's head as he raised his head and turned around, the group followed Jaduko's gaze and stared up in the sky in fear as Reybuu floated above the destroyed city.

Within a matter of minutes, Central City was destroyed and the majority of it's people had been slain, smoke rose from the buildings and the rubble around them. Taisuka clenched his fists and his hair spiked further up than it normally did, his hair turned golden just like Jaduko's.

"Lizz, take Yitoro and leave, now!" Taisuka shouted, without any further question, Lizz quickly grabbed onto Yitoro's wrist and began running with the pregnant woman as fast as they could. Reybuu noticed the two running and lifted his hand to fire a blast at them. A yellow orb shot from his hand towards the two, but before it could make contact, Taisuka's body fizzed into view and deflected it into the sky, where it fired across the city before exploding on the opposite end of the city.

"Kikiki..." Reybuu chuckled, he watched as Jaduko stepped forward to stand next to Taisuka, the two Super Saiyan auras blended together and formed a massive flame, Konno and Lori stood at their side with their fists clenched. Reybuu lunged forward towards the group, his body fizzed in front of Jaduko, catching the Super Saiyan by surprise.

Jaduko rapidly lifted his hand and blocked a punch thrown by Reybuu, the demon quickly spun in the air and kicked Taisuka with his left foot and Konno with his right. Lori rushed forward and threw a punch at Reybuu, but she was no match for the demon, before even taking a step forward to throw the punch, Lori felt Reybuu's fist smack into her stomach. Blood spurt from her mouth and she was sent flying back across the ground.

"Bastard!" Konno shouted, he rushed forward and threw a spin kick towards Reybuu's neck, but the demon rapidly lifted his arm and blocked the kick with his forearm. Konno widened his eyes as he saw Reybuu's arm bend with the kick, only for his arm to repel back, spinning Konno backwards in the air. Reybuu laughed and jumped in the air, kicking Konno in the back. Blood spurt from Konno's mouth and his pupils dilated as he went flying towards his wife, the two tumbled across the ground. The two of them were severely overpowered by this demon, who had almost beaten them in merely two attacks.

Reybuu lifted his arm into the air and fired a beam towards Konno and Lori, the two weren't quick enough to get out of the way, but Konno got to his feet and shielded himself in front of Lori as the beam struck them. Konno turned around and stared at his wife one last time, neither of them screamed but instead stared at each other. The beam was too powerful that the two of them completely disintegrated, leaving nothing behind.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Jaduko shouted angered at the loss of Konno, Lori, and especially Kyuti. He threw a punch towards Reybuu's stomach and quickly threw a rapid barrage of punches into the demon's stomach. Reybuu looked down as his stomach began to cave in from the Super Saiyan's angered punches, but in an instand, Reybuu's stomach shot forward, smacking into Jaduko's face. The Super Saiyan went skidding across the ground, smacking into the rubble from the Macadmi Technology Building.

"BANG!" Taisuka shouted, a golden beam shot from his finger and pierced through the side of Reybuu's head, the demon stumbled to the side as a hole was formed in his head, but within an instant, the skin and flesh began to re-form itself around the wound. Taisuka grit his teeth.

Reybuu turned around and fired a yellow beam at Taisuka, who shifted his torso to the side and twisted it, allowing the beam to cleanly pass over his armor, the power emitting from the beam was enough to crack the Saiyan's armor and tear his spandex. Taisuka widened his eyes, remembering that the locket was still in his armor... Reybuu WAS looking for it, if only he and his friends had destroyed it when they had the chance, none of them would have died today.. It was Taisuka's fault.

"Kame...Hame....HAAA!!!" Jaduko shouted, Reybuu turned his attention back towards the Super Saiyan and quickly lifted his arms to grab onto the end of the blue beam that Jaduko fired with only one arm. The two struggled, pushing the Kamehameha back and forth. Jaduko grit his teeth, looking off to the side he noticed Taisuka slowly sneaking away from the fight. He wasn't running away, he was trying to protect the locket. Jaduko knew what Taisuka was doing, so he used all of the enrgy he had left to try and hold Reybuu off, so Taisuka could escape.

Slowly, Reybuu began walking towards Jaduko, pushing the Kamehameha with him. This demon was indestructible.. there was no way to beat it in a head on fight. Jaduko shouted with all his might as his hair slowly reverted back to normal, allowing Reybuu to walk towards him with ease. Once he reached Jaduko, Reybuu deflected the Kamehameha away where it destroyed a large chunk of the city. Jaduko angrily threw a punch towards Reybuu's face, but the demon caught the Saiyan's wrist and used his other hand to grab onto Jaduko's face.

Only having one arm, Jaduko was unable to fight back, he yelled in pain as a yellow light emitted from Reybuu's hand and fired into the Saiyan's face. Taisuka quickly ran through the city away from the fight as his hair reverted back to normal. A large explosion erupted behind him as he ran, Jaduko had perished from Reybuu as well.. Taisuka was the only one left who could stand a chance against the demon, he had to find Yitoro and Lizz, quick.

Noticing Taisuka had disappeared, Reybuu hovered into the air and looked around for the Saiyan, Taisuka ducked behind a piece of rubble from a building and looked into the sky, Reybuu's grey figure quickly zig-zagged through the city to look for Taisuka. Little did the Saiyan know, Reybuu would continue to destroy the city, knocking down buildings on top of surviving citizens, and even destroying the building that Yitoro and Lizz were hiding in, the two of them were hiding with a family who were scared for their lives. With the beams firing into the building they were in, rubble began to fall on top of the family and Lizz, Lizz was smacked in the head by falling debris as she tried to get the family to safety, she was dead. Yitoro looked at the family and realized what she had to do to save their lives..

The events of Chapter 78 would then take place.

Continue Onto Chapter 85:
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Movie 5: End Story
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