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 Juzo Laboter

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Basic Character Information
Full Name: Juzo Laboter
Name Pronunciation: JUZO (Joo-Zoh)
Race: Arcosian
Gender: Asexual
Homeworld: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Age: Go to "Power Levels" Section
Personality: One of the most sadistic characters in Locket Of Nether, Juzo does not place himself above even the most heinous of acts, and not listening or taking orders except for the few of his comrades who he shows respect for. While he only shows bitterness, hatred, and a sadistic act to any being he encounters while scouting planets.
                   Juzo's Sadistic habits lead him to be very mentally unstable, but one of the deadliest of the Planetary Trade Organization Generals to date. Juzo is not one too take lightly when it comes to combat. What he lacks in mental Stability, he makes up for in brutality, ruthlessness, and unpredictability when fighting. Giving him an edge when fighting, since few know what his tactics are before meeting their untimely end.

Character Background Information:

Date of Birth: Age: 740
Date of Death: Age 823?
Current Hometown: Unknown
Occupation: Planetary Trade Organization General
Height: 5'6
Weight: 139 Lbs
Prince Seda's scout
Planetary Trade Organization (General)

Appearances in Media
Appears In
Taruno (background cameo)
Dragon ball: Locket Of Nether
Volume 2: Chapter 9 (spotted in the crowd, looking at the reader)
Episode 9: The trio arrive! The fate of earth is in the balance!

Power Levels:

Birth: 100

Planetary trade Organization Soldier: 17,890

Planetary Trade Organization Liutenant: 27,349

Potrean Massacre: 105,300

Planetary Trade Organization General (War for Earth saga)150,000

Techniques and Abilities

Like his brothers before him, Juzo possesses transformations, but only has his base and second form, this form boosts his power greatly, but with the cost of becoming even more mentally unstable, more sadistic, and careless.

1st form theme:

2nd form theme:


Genocide Wipeout: Juzo grabs his opponents head, grasping it with enough power to break through Katchin, before blasting the enemies face with a charged up ki blast

Screams of the weak: Juzo's eyes roll into the back of his head as he reminisces the screams of the ones he killed, giving him more bloodlust as he uses his claws to savagely cut his opponent

Peace disruption: Juzo unleashes a black most that covers the area for miles, slowly poisoning anyone in the vicinity.

Strength of a Tyrant: Juzo channels all his strength into one arm before vanishing, appearing behind his opponent. Sweep kicking them off their feet, then kicks their side before they hit the ground. Followed by a catch as his opponent is sent flying, only for him to slam them into the ground with a flip kick.

Sadistic barrage: Juzo starts to laugh Sadistically as he barrages his opponent with ki blast after ki blast, before ending it with a knee to the gut.

Dark Skies: Juzo vanishes, appearing above his opponent, smashing them to the ground with a hammer punch, before spreading his arms and unleashing a small beam of ki towards the center of his opponent, causing a massive explosion the second Rey make contact with the ground.

Paralyzation: Juzo takes off his scouter, as his red eye flashes black, causing his opponent to become as stiff as a board, giving him the time to attack, or plan his next move.

Blood buster: Juzo leaps forward, throwing a red orb of Jo at his opponent, at a fast speed.

Appearance and Transformations:

A blue skinned arcosian, with gray armor plating across his body. A purple she'll spotted on his abdomen with a black spot where his lower core is. Juzo possesses Red eyes, along with a green scouted over his right eye, and a gray plate of armor covering his lower jaw, with curved horns sprouted from his head.

2nd Form: Juzo loses his armor plating, along with his skin changing from blue to purple, spikes sprouting from his leg armor and Gauntlets, along with his tail taking a more sharpened edge, strong enough to cut through titanium in one fell swoop if needed. Juzo's head stretches back slightly, along with His mask coming off, revealing his sadistic smile, striking fear into his opponents.

List of Important Battles
Juzo Vs Kaj (round 1)
Juzo vs Kaj (round 2)
Second form Juzo vs Enraged Kaj

Trivia: The few that Juzo respects is his commander, Seda, and comrade Tox.

Juzo is first villain in Locket of Nether to undergo a transformation, and cause a transformation as well
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Juzo Laboter
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