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 VOL 14: Chapter 140 - "Last Stand"

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PostSubject: VOL 14: Chapter 140 - "Last Stand"   VOL 14: Chapter 140 - "Last Stand" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2018 5:46 pm

As Corrupt Shenron slowly re-approached the Lookout, Mr. Popo quickly hopped on his flying magic carpet to escape the battlefield as instructed. Taisuka charged past Jaduko to face the dragon head on. Nitzu, Kaj, and Violouh followed quick behind with K.O.N struggling after them especially since he lost a lot of stamina after regenerating his arm.

Konno running forward in preparation to attack, however before he could fly forward, Jaduko's arm shot out to his right and held Konno in place.

"Hold on a second, Konno." Jaduko muttered as the others began firing blasts at Corrupt Shenron.

"What's the big idea? The quicker we get back into the fight, the quicker it ends." Konno seemed confused.

"I don't want to sound rude or anything, but you guys can't win this, none of you." Jaduko muttered, Konno rose an eyebrow.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Konno crossed his arms. "Just because you keep getting stronger and stronger doesn't mean we should leave everything up to you."

"No that's not it, I'm trying to tell you that if you guys keep fighting, this thing WILL end up killing you." Jaduko stared at Konno with a blank expression, Konno uncrossed his arms as he felt the sincerity in Jaduko's voice.

"If that's the case, we have Dragon Balls to wish us back, remember how Dende made the Dragon Balls so they didn't have a restriction on death?" Konno tried to lighten the idea.

"That thing ate the Locket of Nether whole, it got what it wanted yet it's still attacking us." Jaduko retorted. "It's here to kill us. Konno, we're adults now, you have a kid, I have a kid.." Jaduko's voice went distant. "I have a kid..."

"So? We fight together, we're all a team. It's why you called us the Z-Fighters, we never back down from a fight." Konno replied.

"Teamwork has been great up until this point, but sometimes the bigger fight is knowing when to back down." Jaduko looked at his friend. "I have a plan on how to beat Nether."

"Well whatever it is, we'll do it as a team." Konno began to walk forward, but Jaduko put his arm in front of Konno yet again, his Super Saiyan 2 strength was too much for Konno to budge.

"Hear me out on this. I need you to listen quick." Jaduko demanded, the others were holding their own against Corrupt Shenron at the end of the Lookout but while they were losing stamina, Corrupt Shenron was not.

"What?" Konno seemed short.

"I need you to get everyone off of the Lookout. I'm gonna try to retrieve the Locket of Nether from inside that dragon and attack it from the inside, but it won't work if there are too many distractions." Jaduko instructed.

"Are you crazy? If all of us together can't take this thing down, what makes you think you on your own can? It's a suicide mission." Konno's tone of voice began to get angrier.

"Yeah, but it has to be done alone." Jaduko seemed confident.

"Jaduko, you're my best friend." Konno tried to plead with his friend as he realized what he was finally trying to say. "You and I, all of our friends, we have gone through hell together. We've gone through so much and somehow, you've defied death multiple times. You've gotten stronger than any of us ever thought was possible and most of all, you've helped us find our purpose in lives and strive to be better. What you're saying right now is making me think you're going to try to kill yourself in order to beat this thing when you don't need to. We can beat it together, just like we did with every other thing that tried to put a stop to us."

"Remember what happened with Future Taisuka and Reybuu? Remember what that Watcher guy showed us, how my dad died?" Jaduko seemed to ignore what Konno had just said.

"Don't." Konno's voice went monotone.

"If this thing is Nether just like K.O.N told us and if Reybuu IS the creation of Nether, then there's only one way to beat this, if it's one of his creations too.. We're not going to beat it with our fists. Future Taisuka tried, my dad tried, but they couldn't do it. There was only one way to beat it, and it was by sealing the monster away within the Locket itself." Jaduko implied as his aura flared around him and electricity cackled around his fists.

"But they both died sealing Reybuu away, Jaduko! You can't change that, who's to say it won't kill you too?" Konno shouted. "You have a wife! You have a child, man!"

"So did my dad." Jaduko clenched his fists. "Maybe us Saiyans aren't meant to have happy endings. We're a race of soldiers that do nothing but fight, I learned that a long time ago the hard way."

"You've changed the Saiyan Race, Jaduko." Konno pleaded. "You tried to recover the past by reviving Rukiro but in your journey you met someone who could help you cope with that feeling of loss. You and her had a child together, you can't abandon your family. They NEED you.."

"I know, it's a tough decision and I've been thinking it throughout this entire battle.." Jaduko's head hung low but he quickly looked up. "With this power that I've unlocked, I'm stronger than Future Taisuka or my father ever were." Jaduko seemed to act cocky, as if this form's newfound power was speaking for him. "If I can seal Nether away from inside the Dragon, I could still live, possibly." Jaduko peered over at Konno.

"And what if you don't?" Konno questioned.

"It's better than none of us surviving." Jaduko gave Konno a stone cold glare. "Just, please... Can you get everyone off of the Lookout? I need to do this."

There was tension between the two and all was silent as the fight happening in the background was being blurred out.

"What if you don't live..." Konno's voice became soft.

"There's always the Dragon Balls, right?" Jaduko chuckled, Konno stared at his friend in disbelief and couldn't understand why at a time like this, when talking about giving his own life to stop a monster, that Jaduko was chuckling.

"I'll get everyone away from the Lookout, but you have to survive this, if not, I'll kill you myself." Konno extended his fist out towards Jaduko, who tapped his fist against Konno's. "You'll be needing these." Konno opened up his fist and handed Jaduko the two remaining Senzu Beans.

"Give one to K.O.N, I'll only need one of them." Jaduko tossed one of the beans back at his friend.

"You're risking death here." Konno walked forward and turned around to face Jaduko.

"I always have, it's worked out hasn't it?" Jaduko smirked.

Konno gave one last look at Jaduko before turning around to get the others, luckily Corrupt Shenron had circled around underneath the Lookout giving enough time for Konno to instruct everyone on what to do.

"Everyone! Jaduko has a plan on how to beat this thing but he needs us to leave!" Konno shouted.

"What?!" Violouh shouted.

"How does he plan on beating it?" Nitzu shouted.

"He wants to take it down from the inside, but with all of us here he said we'd serve as an unnecessary distraction." Konno shrugged.

"That's a ridiculous notion." Kaj scoffed. "But he has reached a power none of us have ever dreamt of before. Perhaps he's onto something."

"This is for you K.O.N, Jaduko thought your little arm mishap took a big toll on you, and as Earth's Guardian, you'll need to get back up to full strength." Konno flicked the Senzu Bean he had towards K.O.N, who took it and ate it.

"It's best to listen to Jaduko if he knows what he's doing, let's get out of here and if he needs us, I'm sure he'll bring the fight over to us." Nitzu waved for everyone to follow him. Kaj and K.O.N followed after with Violouh being hesitant.

"We can't leave him, are you nuts?!" Taisuka shouted, his hair reverting back to it's base form.

"He needs us to, just for the time being." Konno instructed.

"I'm not leaving." Taisuka sternly said.

"It is a tough decision for us to leave a comrade behind. But if he requests to enact a plan, we must respect it." Violouh blankly stared at Jaduko from across the Lookout, Jaduko was staring back at them. With a nod, Jaduko gave a warm smile as Corrupt Shenron rose into the sky behind Jaduko. As Jaduko turned around, Violouh's eyes widened as he remembered Jaduko's father, Jaduko was becoming more and more of a warrior every day.

"We're leaving. NOW." Konno grit his teeth and grabbed Taisuka by the wrist attempting to pull him off of the Lookout, but shockingly enough, Taisuka was tougher than him.

"You want to abandon him?!" Taisuka shouted.

"No!" Konno barked back. "But he's our friend who has gone through hell to keep us safe over these years, he's done everything he could to make us better people, and when he tells us to do something, we do it! He was your teacher for hell's sake!" Konno struggled with Taisuka but surprisingly, Violouh karate chopped Taisuka in the neck. This caused the Saiyan to fall unconscious.

"I know it is hard for all of us to leave Jaduko behind. But like you said, we should respect his decision." Violouh nodded to Konno as he extended his arm and picked Taisuka up, lifting him over his shoulder.

"Yeah, thanks for that." Konno muttered. "Let's leave before we want to stay too." With that, the three left the Lookout following after the others who had already disappeared.

Watching all of his friends leave, Jaduko turned his head towards Corrupt Shenron, who surprisingly wasn't dashing to attack him. While the dragon stared down at the Saiyan warrior, Jaduko walked towards the center of the Lookout, not taking his eye off of Corrupt Shenron.

"I can't believe they actually left as easy as they did." Jaduko muttered out loud to himself. Corrupt Shenron's nostrils flared as if he was attempting to reply.

'Maybe an outssssside forcccce helped talk them into leaving... Jusssst sssso it would be you and I here, to finisssh thissss battle, Ssssson of Sssshissshito...' A voice echoed in the back of Jaduko's mind as Corrupt Shenron stared down at him.

"Nether?" Jaduko questioned out loud, widening his eyes at the dragon in front of him. "You somehow used magic to persuade them to leave easier than they would have.." Jaduko chuckled.

'Thissss battle is meant to fulfill desssstiny, assss you are a more important child than you think of yourssssself assss.' Nether's voice spoke out in Jaduko's mind.

"I'm not important, just the son of a Saiyan named Shinzai, or Shishito if you prefer to call him that." Jaduko bent down into a fighting pose in front of the dragon. "I'm putting an end to this, Nether. You've been haunting all of our lives for far too long."

With Jaduko the only Z-Fighter remaining on the Lookout, does he have a chance in taking down Nether's Corrupt Shenron? What exactly is his plan and how does it tie in with the Locket of Nether and the Wicked Dragon Balls? Will Jaduko live this deadly encounter that has been building up ever since the beginning?

Continue Onto Chapter 141:
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VOL 14: Chapter 140 - "Last Stand"
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