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 Kaj Aslolvir

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: Kaj Aslolvir   Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:35 pm

Basic Character Information
Full Name: Kaj Shizauke Aslolvir
Name Pronunciation: Kah-j As-lool-veer
Race: Potrean
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Planet Kerotyl
Alignment: Good
Age: Go to "Power Levels" Section
Personality: Silent at first but later becomes more short tempered but has good intentions at heart with a hidden sense of Masochism

Character Background Information
Date of Birth: (Insert Date), Age 834
Date of Death: Dies during Saiyan War Arc (Will Edit in Date Later)
Current Hometown: Roams Freely
Occupation: Martial Artist, Warrior
Height: 190 cm / 6'3" (Adult)
Weight: 84 kg / 187 lbs (Adult)
United Z-Fighters (Age ? - Age ?)
U93 Z-Fighters (Age ? - Age ?)

Appearances in Media
Appears In
Dragon Ball: Universe 93

Dragon Ball U93: United Z-Fighters[/i]
Dragon Ball: Netherworld
Movie 6: Wrath of Xin
Movie 8: Mayhem! Enter Yaroku!
Netherworld Movie: Origins
Netherworld Movie: King of Ancient History

Dragon Ball U93: United Z-Fighters - Volume 2
Dragon Ball: Universe 93 - Chapter ?: "?"
Dragon Ball Netherworld - Episode 6: "?"

Power Levels
I will edit this Arc
Click here to reveal Kaj's power levels for The Saiyan Arc:

Techniques and Abilities
Writing this all out: COMING SOON

Appearance and Transformations
Writing this all out: COMING SOON

List of Important Battles
Writing this all out: COMING SOON

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Kaj Aslolvir
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