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 [Universe 93 Minus] Order of the Gods

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TIME PLACEMENT: 63 million years before 'Universe 93 Prologue: Planet Vegeta's Destruction'. This is the first chronological story in the Universe 93 lore!

Act 1:
At the beginning of time, there existed Gods and Demons, two sides of the same coin that laid balance to the twelve existing universes. The Gods were creators, protectors, and overseers who valued the integrity and safety of each universe. The Demons were quite the opposite, they were destroyers, eradicators, and bringers of evil that plagued the twelve universes. Both Gods and Demons were necessary for life to exist and the two forces lived in harmony above and below the twelve universes. That is, until the War of Gods and Demon broke through billions of years ago, at the start of time itself. Many Gods were killed and many Demons were destroyed and sealed away after the war had reached it's conclusion. But with a lack of both Gods and Demons, from the ashes rose the Order of the Gods, a group of surviving war veterans who would restore balance to the universe.. However, balance was never quite the same until a prophetic hero would rise and reclaim the universe from the clutches of evil... this is the story of Dragon Ball Universe 93..

"It all began at the beginning of time itself.." An elderly voice began to speak, our story begins on a pitch black screen that slowly brightens up and reveals the World of the Gods, a beautiful, diamond shaped world that hovers in the rift of space above the twelve different universes. On the World of the Gods, there are special teleportation stations that allow the Gods to travel from universe to universe with ease if they are not with an attendant.

With a purple sky and a view of small planets, galaxies, and universes in the sky, The World of the Gods was a planet that was quite peaceful for millions upon millions of years...

"Then the War of Gods and Demons occurred.." The same elderly voice continued, images of demons fighting with gods on the World of the Gods flashed into view, blood was shed and energy was fired back and forth in a bloody war for supremacy over the twelve universes. Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark. Gods vs. Demons...

"Our very hierarchy of God-like Deities was forged due to the aftermath of the War of Gods and Demons.." The elderly voice spoke once again. "My name is Arukoru, and I am the God of Governance. With permission from the Omni King, who rules over everything known to exist, I was able to forge the Order of the Gods after the War and keep track of all that occurred.."

"Why was the Order needed?" A younger voice spoke out.

"Well you see, before the War, there was quite an expansive number of Godly figures in this world, millions of Gods existed. However, with every number of god, there was a demon to match that number..." Arukoru continued. "Demons usually existed in their own world located underneath the twelve universes, opposite of where we Gods resided... but the Demons were able to travel to our planet and siege most of the Gods who existed near the beginning of time itself.."

"All of the gods... They were all killed?" The younger voice asked.

"Not all of them, son." Arukoru slightly chuckled as images of the War of Gods and Demons transitioned into the aftermath of the war. "With the war coming to an end and demons rightfully being sealed back in their home world, there were 8 of us Gods left alive, but do not fret, because over the years several more gods have been born just like you two. Millions of years would pass until enough gods would come into existence that was an acceptable amount to keep our universe stable, but with the fear of demons being set free to rampage over the twelve universes, each universe was appointed a God of Destruction, a God of Creation, and an attendant for both, to keep each universe in check.."

"And we here on the World of the Gods are higher in power than these Gods of Destruction and Creation, but are still under the Omni King?" The younger voice questioned.

"Correct, I watch over all of the gods and report to Omni King.. while others here help me oversee the universes and make sure each god do their part. That is where you come in... Kitai and Prince Seda.."

The scene transitions over to two young Gods, who bared the appearance similar to Saiyans... mortals... Kitai was a slender young man with spiky white hair, he wore white gi-like pants tucked into black boots. A blue and red gi-like top was worn over his chest and extended down his legs, a red and orange belt wrapped around his waist. He had black and orange fingerless gloves on. Kitai was known as the God of Serenity.

Meanwhile, Prince Seda was quite the opposite of Kitai. Seda had dark blue hair spiked upwards in the same style as Kitai. He had black gi-like pants and a black gi-like top supported by a yellow sash that extended down the front of his legs. He was wearing white boots with gold plating on them and on his hands were black and yellow fingerless gloves. A dark blue Saiyan tail wrapped around his waist. Prince Seda was known as the God of Hatred.

"You two are the most recent members to join the Order of the Gods, and it's a pleasure to have you!" Arukoru was a tiny, green skinned god with a white beard and eyes that never opened. He was a sweet little old man who thoroughly enjoyed his job as the God of Governance.

"Tch.. I think you're forgetting to tell us something." Prince Seda muttered. "I've been here long enough to do a head count, there are only 9 of us in the Order. That's an odd number, considering each of us are supposed to mirror at least one other god."

"Ah.. you must be referring the the lack of the God of Peace, correct?" Arukoru questioned.

"God of Peace? I'm the God of Serenity, aren't those two things the same thing?" Kitai asked.

"The two of them might be similar in stature, but their life forces are quite different. You are aware of Godlife Forces, correct?" Arukoru questioned, Seda and Kitai shook their heads. "Well it's the reason you two Saiyans are able to be Gods in the first place.. Godlife Forces are living souls created at the start of time, they travel from host to host and empower the user both physically and mentally to godly proportions until their death. When a God dies, the Godlife Force travels throughout the twelve universes to find someone who is worthy of it."

"So I became the God of Serenity, and he became the God of Hatred?" Kitai questioned.

"Correct. But to answer your question, there is much difference between Serenity and Peace." Arukoru replied.

"Like?" Seda questioned, he crossed his arms.

"Being the God of Serenity means you are to promote the principle of calmness, you make sure lives of mortals from the twelve universes remain serene and untroubled. Where as the God of Peace, rather than promoting calmness, he makes sure all evil is dispelled to enact the peace. The God of Peace and God of Serenity work together in harmony to promote well being for all universes."

"Well then where is the God of Peace? If we work together, shouldn't we meet each other?" Kitai asked.

"You have not heard of the story of Nether, I believe.." Arukoru muttered. "Nether was the original God of Peace among the twelve universes nearly 200 million years ago. He was a great help in the War of Gods and Demons and was even respected as a hero amongst the gods for driving the demons away. However, he wasn't satisfied with simply being a hero.."

"He wanted more?" Seda asked.

"He wanted more.. Nether wanted to prove his worth to the rest of the surviving Gods by creating a demon himself.. the Demon of Destruction known as Reybuu.. Nether believed if he slayed the demon, he would be as respected as I am. But unfortunately, Reybuu was too powerful and nearly wiped us all out. The Order of the Gods had to work together to seal Reybuu away in a magical Crystal Ball, within the ball, Reybuu's soul was frozen in time and space making sure he would not be able to break free. Reybuu's Crystal Ball was placed on a desolate planet in one of the twelve universes to make sure no one would ever touch him for millions and millions of years, that planet is supposedly known as Planet Kuristrak. Kuristrak is a word I personally made up that means desolate, is it a funny name?" Arukoru chuckled. Seda scoffed and Kitai nervously laughed, Arukoru was a sweet old man, but he wasn't really that funny. "Nether however, was severely punished for nearly causing the extinction of the Gods, again."

"What happened?" Kitai asked.

"Like the demon he created, Nether's soul was stolen from his body and placed inside of a mystical Locket that we refer to as the Locket of Nether. We keep it hidden in secrecy on the Sacred World of the Kais, which is a planet inhabited by beings that have adopted physical traits that resemble Nether's own traits. It's quite a fitting place to keep the Locket hidden, so he can be with his own people." Arukoru replied.

"Sacred World of the Kais huh..." Seda muttered, he looked at Kitai and then over towars Arukoru. "If he's sealed away, does that mean the God of Peace Godlife Force is still roaming around the twelve universes?"

"It is, it just needs to find the right person to become it's host.. It may take a year, or millions.." Arukoru replied.

"Interesting.." Seda muttered.

"Well, I suppose that's enough information for the two of you younglings for now, why don't you look around the World and meet the others in the Order of the Gods? I'm sure they'd love to meet you!" Arukoru bowed and walked away, leaving Kitai and Seda to do whatever they wanted.

"I'm interested in hearing more about this hierarchy of the twelve universes. What about you?" Kitai asked.

"I want to learn more about this, God of Peace." Seda replied. "We should find the other Gods, meet with them, and learn what we can." Kitai nodded, the two began to walk on the light purple grass to find the other Gods.

Act 2:
Splitting apart from each other, Kitai and Prince Seda ventured around the World of the Gods to meet up with the other members of the Order to learn more about the universe and their tasks as the new God of Serenity and God of Hatred.

Wain, the God of Wisdom was the first deity that Kitai would meet with. Wain was a tall, anthropomorphic white fur colored wolf with yellow and green eyes, he was wearing ancient brown gi-like pants that was supported by a light blue sash, part of his brown gi extended up around his right shoulder. Around Wain's neck was a necklace made out of tiny blue gems that were softly sparkling and it mirrored Wain's calm attitude.

"Hello sir!" Kitai shouted, walking up behind Wain. Kitai bowed as Wain turned around, the wolf man bowed as well and a smile.

"Ah, you must be one of the new Gods, your name is Kitai correct?" Wain questioned.

"You are correct, I'm the new God of Serenity and I wanted to meet the people I would work with." Kitai replied.

"Your physique reminds me that of a mortal." Wain rose an eyebrow and studied Kitai up and down.

"I cannot recall much of my past life, but Arukoru told me I was a mortal in my past life." Kitai replied.

"That means you are susceptible to corruption." Wain replied, Kitai tilted his head in curiosity. "As a mortal, you were easily able to be corrupt by evil influences, but as a God, you mustn't let that happen. As the God of Serenity, you must free yourself from corruption and promote well being. Understood?" Kitai nodded, Wain's God of Wisdom title wasn't just for show, this wolf man truly was wise.

On the other side of the World of the Gods, Puruke, the God of Reality, was the first God that Prince Seda had come into contact with. Seda landed on the ground behind Puruke with a loud thud, the deity turned around and glared at Seda with solid red eyes. He was a large yellow, anthropomorphic bull with white horns and purple gi pants with ancient markings running down the side of his legs. Puruke was shirtless, revealing a large scar running diagonally down his chest and stomach. Lifting himself to his feet, Puruke stood at least five feet taller than Prince Seda, but Seda wasn't afraid.

"You are the God of Hatred?" Puruke asked, a smoke cloud puffed out of his bull nose and he spoke with a skippy and gritty tone.

"I am, you are who?" Seda questioned.

"I am Puruke, the God of Reality. I had figured the successor of the God of Hatred Godlife Force would be someone who doesn't look so... puny.." Puruke let out another huff.

"I would not suggest to underestimate someone of my stature, God of Reality." Seda threatened.

"Well, your attitude certainly lives up to your title. At least that's somewhat realistic." Puruke crossed his arms.

"I wish to know more about the Locket of Nether and the Sacred World of the Kais, and since you are the God of Reality, would you be able to tell me about it?" Seda questioned.

"I assume Arukoru already informed you of the origins of the Locket of Nether, but I am not obliged to give you information on it's location." Puruke replied. "Just know that the Locket of Nether is dangerous."

"What about the God of Peace Godlife Force, it's still out there, where is it?" Seda questioned.

"Even we gods cannot pinpoint the location of a Godlife Force, right now it is roaming throughout the twelve universes, trying to find a proper host." Puruke replied. Seda scoffed and realized Puruke wasn't going to help him any further. Lifting himself up into the air, Seda burst off through the purple sky to find any other god who would be willing to help him.

After meeting with Wain, Kitai made his way over to meet Ramusake, the Goddess of Happiness. Ramusake was kneeling on the ground, touching a pink flower that extended upwards from the purple grass, she heard Kitai's footsteps behind her and slowly lifted herself up. Ramusake's appearance was quite different than Wain's, as she had the appearance of a human with pink skin and ears that extended over her head like bunny ears. She was wearing a golden crown and golden earrings, gold bracelets wrapped around her neck, arms, and legs and were wrapped around a white dress with golden ancient markings on it. Ramusake was wearing a golden belt with a pink gem on the front of it.

"Oh hello!" Ramusake's voice was soft, high pitched, and cute. She picked the pink flower out of the ground and handed it to Kitai, who smiled and bowed at the gift. "You are Kitai?"

"Yeah, I am. Who are you?" Kitai questioned, lifting the flower up and putting it in his belt.

"I am Ramusake, the Goddess of Happiness." She lifted her arms and waved them around her body. "My appearance is the literal embodiment of happiness, wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah, you're quite beautiful." Kitai replied causing Ramusake to blush. "I recently visited Wain, and he gave me some insight onto my role as God of Serenity, I was hoping you had some wisdom to give to me about happiness and serenity itself?"

"Wain and I were the perfect deities to meet with for questions, you are a smart young lad. But I have no advice to give you." Ramusake replied.

"O-Oh..?" Kitai was confused as Ramusake pointed towards his heart.

"Happiness is something that cannot be learned, it is something that is within everyone from the moment they are born until the moment they die. I have it, you have it, even Gods of Destruction, Gods of Wrath, and Gods of Hatred have happiness in their heart, but it's buried underneath darkness. You, as the God of Serenity must unleash your happiness and not allow it to be shrouded in evil. Love the lighter things in life and respect others with your utmost ability, that is what it means to be happy."

"Y-Yes!" Kitai nodded. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me, just take the happiness in your heart and use it to protect the universe." Ramusake winked and went back to picking her flowers. Kitai was finally understanding what his role as the God of Serenity meant, he just had to meet with one more god..

However, Prince Seda was getting flustered, he was not trying to figure out his role as a God of Hatred, he was trying to find a way to come into contact with the Locket of Nether so he could find the God of Peace Godlife Force and unleash it. He needed a proper rival... and Kitai would not be capable of putting up the challenge.

Landing on the ground behind a group of two Gods, Seda crossed his arms and watched as Azoora, the God of Curiosity, and Yaroku, the God of Wrath, turned around to face him. Azoora had a humanoid appearance just like Seda, however his skin tone was darker and tanner than Seda's. His hair was a bright red and was spiked upwards, shooting out backwards from his head with a single bang dangling over the front of his forehead. Azoora had on black gi pants tucked into white boots and wore a black gi top that was supported by a purple belt. He was also wearing a golden kilt with ancient designs on it. Azoora clenched his fists, which had on black and purple fingerless gloves.

Yaroku had a humanoid appearance just like Azoora but his skin tone was a light blue. He had spiky green hair that fluttered in the wind just like a Saiyan hairstyle. Yaroku's outfit consisted of tan gi pants tucked into black boots with purple plating and a grey gi top that was supported by a purple belt. The grey gi had purple markings running down the sides of it and Yaroku had on a purple undershirt. He was also wearing black and purple fingerless gloves, just like Azoora, however the purple on his outfit was lighter than the purple on Azoora's.

"Oh boy, a new face around here! Who are you?" Azoora questioned, stepping forward. He studied Seda up and down as Seda glared into Yaroku's eyes.

"I am Prince Seda, the new God of Hatred." He noticed Yaroku scoff. "You two are who?"

"I am Azoora, God of Curiosity. Which is why I'm curious about your appearance." Azoora poked Seda's Saiyan tail.

"My name is Yaroku, I am the God of Wrath." Yaroku replied.

"I suppose since we are in possession of similar Godlife Forces, our attitudes don't really like each other." Seda replied. "But I did not come here to chat with you.. Do you know of the Locket of Nether's location?"

Yaroku and Azoora nodded, the stood side by side and realized Seda was searching for the Locket, he wanted to find the God of Peace and find the opposite side of his coin..

"Tell me where it is." Seda ordered. Azoora and Yaroku looked at each other, they smirked and realized it would be best to give Seda the information he needed.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Planet, Kitai was meeting with Horilo, the Goddess of Dreams. Horilo was another humanoid deity with light green skin and pointy ears. Her hair was white and extended down her back. She had purple markings extending up the sides of her neck that moved up the sides of her cheeks. Horilo's outfit was simple compared to the other Gods, she was simply wearing a white dress with her midriff cut out, revealing her belly button. The white dress had gold trimming and she was wearing golden bracelets on her wrists.

"Thank you for your advice, Horilo!" Kitai bowed in front of the Goddes of Dreams. "I will use the knowledge that you, Ramusake, and Wain have given me to become the best God of Serenity I can!"

"If that's your dream, then you just have to claim it and make it come true." Horilo smiled and gave Kitai a thumbs up. The two of them heard a loud boom in the sky and turned around to see a pillar of light shooting up into the sky and shoot off into the distance towards one of the twelve universes.

"Someone is using the teleportation system to travel down to a universe? Who could it be?" Horilo questioned.

"Seda... He wanted to know more about the Locket of Nether, so he must have gone down to one of the universes to search after it!" Kitai mumbled, he stepped forward but Horilo's hand grabbed onto his shoulder, stopping him.

"Your job as God of Serenity is not to intervene at the first sign of trouble, your job is to enlighten and promote serenity.. If this Seda, the God of Hatred, you speak of intends on doing harm to the Kaioshins on the Sacred World of the Kais, let someone else handle it." Horilo replied, Kitai let out a sigh and softly nodded.

Act 3:
A pillar of light flashed downwards onto the ground of the Sacred World of the Kais. The green grass rustled in the wind until the pillar of light softly disappeared, and the purple sky returned to it's calm hue. Prince Seda clenched his fist and stepped forward on the green grass to find a Kaioshin could aid him in his search.

Seda walked across the hilltops for several miles, passing beautiful trees with fruits extending downwards from the branches. Despite walking for quite a while, Seda had not come into conflict with any Kaioshin, were they all hiding from him?

"H-Hey! You can't be here!" A female voice shouted from behind a tree, causing Seda to stop in his tracks. Turning his head, Prince Seda noticed a young Kaioshin girl with pink skin and light violet hair that rested on her shoulders. She was wearing golden Potara Earrings and had on a white Kaioshin vest with red trimming that was supported by a red belt and sash. Underneath the white kaioshin vest was a long sleeved yellow shirt and yellow gi pants that were tucked into grey boots.

"Oh? Do you not know who I am, little girl?" Prince Seda rose an eyebrow and stared at the little Kaioshin girl. The girl noticed a golden badge on the front of Seda's gi, the design on it was something that only a member of the Order of the Gods could wear.

"Oh don't mind her, Prince Seda sir!" A male voice called out from behind the little girl, a grown Kaioshin male placed his hands over the girl's mouth to quiet her. "This is Saikku, she is my apprentice and she has much to learn, especially manners in front of a God!" The male nervously laughed.

The Kaioshin male had light purple skin and orange hair that spiked upwards from his head, he had on golden Potara Earrings like Saikku. He was wearing a green Kaioshin vest that had gold trimming on it, it was supported by a blue belt and a blue sash. Underneath the vest, the man had on a long sleeved, blue colored shirt and blue gi pants that were tucked into yellow boots. Saikku grabbed his hand and moved it from over her mouth so she could speak.

"Superior Kai... this guy... is a God?" Saikku asked, Superior Kai nodded and bonked her on the back of the head for her behavior.

"I am the God of Hatred in fact, you two are Kaioshins, correct?" Seda questioned, crossing his arms. He walked towards Superior Kai and Saikku.

"Y-Yes sir, we are Kaioshins." Superior Kai replied. "I am the Superior Kai, a member of the Supreme Kais, while this is Saikku, my apprentice!" Saikku waved at Prince Seda.

"So you should be able to tell me about the Locket of Nether's location, correct?" Seda questioned. Superior Kai softly nodded as sweat began to form on his forehead, he knew what Seda was here for.

"But why would you want it? The last Kaioshin who touched the Locket was sucked into it and was trapped in there with Nether." Saikku muttered, Superior Kai growled at Saikku.

"Do I look like a Kaioshin to you?" Seda questioned.

"N-No sir! I just want you to remain safe!" Saikku nervously laughed.

"Who was this Kaioshin that was trapped in the Locket with the former God of Peace?" Seda asked.

"His name was The Watcher, when the Kaioshin race began to flourish and grow, he was an outcast with the rest of the Kais and wanted to free Nether from the Locket, but couldn't handle the power of the Locket." Superior Kai replied.

"I wish to find the Locket and use it to find the God of Peace Godlife Force. I need my rival to emerge from his chains." Seda replied.

"I-I'm sorry sir, Arukoru specifically told us Kaioshins that the Omni King wanted us to not let the Locket fall into anyone hands, not even the Gods." Superior Kai replied, but he was immediately cut off by Seda raising his hand. A blue aura with a black center began to form in front of Seda's palm as he aimed it at Superior Kai and Saikku.

"Tell me the location, or I exterminate you." Seda threatened.

"I-It's over in that direction... It's not hard to miss." Superior Kai pointed off in the distance, but before he or Saikku could continue speaking, Prince Seda burst off into the sky towards the Locket's location.

After a quick search, Prince Seda managed to grab hold of the Locket of Nether, a golden locket with a dragon design on it. A black gem was placed in the dragon's mouth. With a slight chuckle, Prince Seda placed the Locket in his gi belt and teleported away from the Sacred World of the Kais.. He would be in possession of the Locket for millions upon millions of years, waiting for the right moment to let destiny take it's course.

Act 4:
Millions of years would pass and life would continue normally with the Locket of Nether safely in Prince Seda's possession and the God of Peace Godlife Force still roaming around the universe looking for a proper host. Seda and Kitai would bond with the other members of the Order of the Gods and would become professionals in their roles of God of Serenity and God of Hatred.

The year was now Age 702.. On Planet Plant (Planet Vegeta before it was named Planet Vegeta), a young 12 year old Zero had recently joined Prince Vegeta's Saiyan Army, an army made up of Saiyans who co-existed on Planet Plant with the Tuffles. As a child, Zero had always wanted to work side by side with King Vegeta, but with so many other stronger and professional Saiyan Guards in front of him, Zero was simply forgotten and just seen as a regular member of the Saiyan Army.

That is, until Zero met a tall man with spiky, dark blue hair on a fateful day that would change history. Prince Seda had traveled down to Planet Vegeta with the Locket of Nether dangling from his neck, he met Zero outside of the young Saiyan's home.

"Hey, kid..." Prince Seda called out to Zero just as soon as the young boy had opened his front door to step inside. Turning his head, Zero saw Seda's spiky blue hair and a golden locket glistening in the light. "Your name wouldn't happen to be Zero, would it?"

"It is.." Zero muttered, closing the door to his home softly. He walked over to Prince Seda and stared up at the man. "Who are you?"

"My name is Seda, I am a Saiyan just like you." Seda chuckled. "You want to gain King Vegeta's trust, don't you?"

"Yeah! How'd you know?" Zero questioned.

"I am a close acquaintance of the King, and I think I have just the thing that could help you gain his trust." Seda muttered. He lifted the Locket of Nether from his neck and handed it over to Zero, who held the Locket in his hands. "The King is very fond of this Locket, I'm sure if you use it in battle, the King will notice you and realize your power.."

"Really?!" Zero shouted, Seda nodded with a sadistic smile.

"You see that black gem?" Seda pointed towards the Locket and Zero nodded. "That gem has the power to dispel darkness, within the Locket, there is a being made of light and peace who is waiting to be released so he can save the universe from evil."

"That sounds interesting, and King Vegeta is fond of that being?" Zero questioned, Seda nodded.

"If you use that Locket and show it to King Vegeta, he will see you as a worthy member of his Saiyan Army.. But don't tell him how you found it, let that be a mystery." Seda winked. Zero nodded and blinked, but as soon as he opened his eyes, Seda was gone. Zero looked around for Prince Seda but the man was nowhere in sight, he looked down at the Locket and had a childish smile on his face.

Years would go by and Seda's message would turn out to be correct, Zero would keep the Locket and use it's influence to become the Captain of King Vegeta's Royal Guards, he was now the King's most trusted soldier.

As year after year passed, Seda's joy would grow, as he had forged a path in history that would lead to the revival of the God of Peace. No matter how long it would take for that God to come back, Seda would be there to challenge the God of Peace.

Two sides of the same coin, the God of Peace and the God of Hatred. Their dynamic battle would happen eventually, but only time would tell when..

CONTINUE ONTO UNIVERSE 93 PROLOGUE: Planet Vegeta's Destruction:
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[Universe 93 Minus] Order of the Gods
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