The story of Universe 93! This is a shared site with the United Z-Fighters. New chapters and episodes come out often.
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 (Official) Characters of 'Dragon Ball Universe 93'

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: (Official) Characters of 'Dragon Ball Universe 93'    Wed Sep 09, 2015 6:10 pm

Currently in the works.

Color Code: Good Characters - Bad Characters - Alternate Versions of Characters

Row 1: Jaduko, Taisuka, Seikyo, Violouh, Konno, Douru, Nitzu, Kaj, K.O.N, Ruta
Row 2: Shinzai, Resaku, Resei, Saituka, Yamada, Lizz, Lori, Klio, Kyuti, Yitoro
Row 3: Rasaya, Papara, Montana, Hiki, Yui, Rugulo, Jerome, Chizuko, King Trom, Salt
Row 4: Emperor Zero, Nitro, Dextro, Reybuu, Letish, Yamu, Shad, Drivu, Sono, Rif
Row 5: Zerox, Frost, Dajuko, Taikaus, Yoksei, Louhvio, Nether, Android 103, Android 89, Android 90
Row 6: Professor Mak, Ultimate Android, Safraz, Meteo, Calezeo, Zenulus, Moshi, Heromus, Cody, Rukiro
Row 7: King Nunber, Prince Chives, Onio, Adauchi, Xin the Destroyer, Blast, Lord Ender, Lord Warork, Lord Shadow, Lord Mustafa
Row 8: King Morge, Zaverix, Captain Hazmat, Cooled, Thif, Cucombo, Setta, Liam, Juzo, Alexander
Row 9: Prince Seda, Azoora, Yaroku, Kitai, The Watcher, Toki Kai, Xeno Kai, Future Taisuka, Future Jaduko, Jasuka

Side Characters already in the Dragon Ball Universe: King Vegeta, Bardock, Grand Elder Guru, Master Krillin, Android 18, Marron, Mr. Popo, Shenron
Characters that are mentioned in the story: Vegeta, Master Roshi, Frieza, Goku, Hercule

Shenron: With the Earth Dragon Balls and Dragon Stones
Corrupt Shenron: With Netherworld's Wicked Dragon Balls and Dragon Stones
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(Official) Characters of 'Dragon Ball Universe 93'
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