The story of Universe 93! This is a shared site with the United Z-Fighters. New chapters and episodes come out often.
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 [Spinoff Series] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko" *

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: [Spinoff Series] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko" *   Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:44 pm

A small, 12 episode slice of life spinoff series that focuses on the personal lives of Resei Masurao, Saituka Mouretsu, Yamada Kureno, and Hiki. The show revolves around the sons of legendary Z-Fighters, Jaduko, Taisuka, and Konno, attending a local high school in Hercule City and their adventures between the end of the Rukiro Saga and start of the Saiyan Empire Saga.

After enrolling in Orange Star High School, Resei soon realizes he is no ordinary student in an ordinary school. He and his friends must survive high school while keeping their martial art techniques on the down low. However things aren't so easy, when a former Saiyan from Netherworld shows her face, Hiki has returned!

Hiki is also attending the school alongside the 3 heroes of this story, but something is off. She's one of the popular kids? With a hidden infatuation of the life on Earth after her encounter with Resei in Netherworld, Hiki tries to turn her life around and become friends with Resei and the rest.

Yet things aren't as easy as they sound. Hiki's hidden past is revealed and Resei is confronted with a difficult task. Will he and Hiki become friends and will he help her atone for her sins, or will she forever be misguided?

The adventure starts here..
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[Spinoff Series] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko" *
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