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 VOL 11: Chapter 110 - "A Funny Thing Happened in Netherworld"

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PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 110 - "A Funny Thing Happened in Netherworld"   VOL 11: Chapter 110 - "A Funny Thing Happened in Netherworld" I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 21, 2017 11:23 pm

"Illegal Interdimensional Travel?" Lori questioned out loud, she and the others were shocked to hear the tulip-skinned woman shout this out to Kaj. Turning her head, Lori looked at Kyuti and the two exchanged glances with Konno, they all knew what Churippu had meant.

"Of course! That's why I had never felt his power before!" Konno slammed his fist down into his hand, he had realized that Kaj was from Netherworld, the place where he and the others had traveled to after their dispute with Reybuu. Sweat began to form on Taisuka's head as he peered down at Kaj, the civilians in the stands began to scramble for the exit, spilling their food and losing precious items as they pushed and shoved to escape from the crazy girl who destroyed the ring.

"You figure it out, Konno?" Klio asked, looking down at his friend.

"This man, Kaj Aslolvir, is from that alternate reality located within the Locket of Nether." Violouh muttered, he noticed Churippu aim her blaster down at the arena towards Kaj and Lizz, the crater in front of the two was still smoking from the previous attack. Hopping in the air, her green ghost companion, Fantom, floated underneath her. The two began to float down towards Kaj as bystanders began to stare up in shock at them as they ran out.

"We need to come up with a gameplan incase things get ugly between the two of them and if Lizz gets caught in the crossfire." Kyuti spoke up, she turned her head and peered over at Taisuka. "Jaduko left at the worst possible time, so we need some Super Saiyan power on our side." Taisuka nodded.

"I like your thinking Kyuti." Lori muttered. "Vitalus, Klio, you two take Yitoro and make sure everyone gets out of the stadium safely."

"Why me?" Yitoro was wanting to stay with Taisuka and watch things gets ugly.

"You're the only one here who is unable to hold your own in a fight." Klio replied. "Vitalus and I have big muscles so we'll help keep you safe, you wouldn't want to see your little boyfriend getting hurt would you?" He laughed and Taisuka scoffed.

"Let us go immediately!" Vitalus got to his feet and flexed his big muscles, he watched Klio float into the air. Klio then grabbed onto Yitoro and Vitalus, the three flew towards the exit.

"What about Yamada?" Taisuka questioned, looking at Lori.

"Kyuti and I can take care of him, you, Konno, and Violouh can step in to save Lizz if things go south." Lori replied, clutching tight onto her child.

'Why did you have to run off to fight someone at this time, Jaduko?' Kyuti thought to herself. 'I wish Seikyo was here to help too, the two of them are the strongest people I know..' She sighed and hoped that they wouldn't need their strength in this situation.

Back on the ring, Lizz stood to her feet and noticed that Kaj's full attention was aimed at Churippu rather than her. She watched as Churippu and Fantom landed on the ground in between Kaj and the crater that was smoking on the edge of the stadium. Clenching her fists as if she was ready to fight, Lizz noticed Kaj hold his arm out to the side, telling her to stand down. Kaj and Churippu were several yards apart, her blaster was still pointing at him.

"Who are you? Tell me or else I'LL blast you into oblivion.." Kaj threatened, repeating what Churippu had said to him. Wind blew through Lizz's hair and she noticed that Kaj's hair wasn't rustling like anyone else's would, his hair was truly made out of spikes. Churippu's blonde hair rustled in the wind and she brushed it out of her face with one hand, her piercing green eyes were locked onto her opponent and Lizz realized that her blonde hair complimented her tulip skin.

"You should be grateful, it's not everyday that I speak to criminal scum such as yourself, much less give them an answer to a question." Churippu scoffed, her voice was soft and lustful. Violouh's ears twitched as he listened in on the conversation. "My name is Churippu, I am a high ranking elite-member of the Galactic Patrol! The police force of the entire universe who serve justice to pests like you!" She spun her blaster in her fingers and slid it back onto a holster on her purple and grey uniform. "This, is my companion who helps me deliver justice throughout the universe, his name is Fantom." Churippu pointed to her green ghost friend, who floated forward and waved his fingerless, stubby arms.

"Hi." Fantom spoke in a raspy yet quirky voice, Lizz rose an eyebrow and waved back from behind Kaj.

"You two are making the wrong decision to come after me, you should be wasting your time somewhere else." Kaj retorted. "I'm in this reality doing your job, so you should be grateful and leave me alone."

"If I were to leave you alone, then I would be in deep trouble with the Galactic King." Churippu replied. "Besides, you say you're doing my job, but you forgot a major contradiction to that statement. You are one of the beings responsible for traveling out of the Netherworld into an alternate reality, and for that you must be punished!"

Violouh rose an eyebrow when Churippu said "one of the beings responsible". Who else could be at fault, she didn't know about them abusing the Locket of Nether in the first place, did she?

"I'm here simply to meet up with someone who can aid me in destroying an enemy of mine. Then I will return to whatever reality I supposedly come from." Kaj replied, crossing his arms.

"You state that you came here out of pure will, which contradicts what my arrest warrant claims." Churippu retorted, Kaj rose an eyebrow as Churippu pulled out a piece of paper from her uniform and began to read off of it. "According to this arrest warrant, it states that the use of an illegal object throughout the multiverse aided in the switch of people from both our reality, and the Netherworld reality."

"Switch?" Kaj questioned.

"I am unaware if an outside force was behind this, but it states that beings of similar power and similar personalities were switched with one another from both realities after the illegal object was used. You, Kaj Aslolvir, were switched with a being named Seikyo Jurei because the two of you possess a cold, angry, and power-hungry personality."

Violouh's ear twitched as he heard Seikyo's name. The entire arena had been cleared out except for our heroes, which allowed for the others to listen in on the conversation as well.

"So why am I here, if the person I'm looking for, was in Netherworld?" Kaj questioned.

"Upon the destruction of the Locket of Nether, those from this reality were returned to it, however you and the others from Netherworld remained in this world. That is why I am here to arrest you, and punish those who performed time travel and broke the law of multiversal travel!" Churippu slid the paper back into her uniform.

"Time travel.. She's here to place the Taisuka from the Future under arrest as well?" Lori questioned.

Hearing the name of his future counterpart be uttered in disgrace, Taisuka shot upwards from his seat and a white aura formed around his body. He flew down towards the stadium in anger.

"Taisuka, don't!" Konno shouted, he was about to fly after the younger Saiyan but realized that Violouh's body had vanished and was in the air, holding onto Taisuka's arm. He was fast.

"You must not interfere, you are one of the beings responsible for her being here!" Violouh muttered. Taisuka began to huff in anger as he noticed Kaj and Churippu turn their attention towards the sky, their gazes locked onto Taisuka and Violouh.

"Ah, the others have decided to reveal themselves." Churippu smirked. Turning her body into the air towards the two, she continued to speak. "You two are under arrest!"

"Is she just arresting whoever she damn well pleases?" Konno grit his teeth. "You two stay here, keep the baby safe." Konno looked at Lori and Kyuti, the two nodded. He burst into the air to join his two comrades.

"Who are you?" Churippu looked at Konno, the three warriors landed on the tournament ring across from her, Kaj, and Lizz. She pulled the arrest warrant back out of her uniform and recognized Konno. "You're not one of the people who switched places with Netherworld inhabitants, but you are still incriminated of Interdimensional Travel."

"So what, am I under arrest?" Konno grit his teeth. Churippu chuckled and nodded. "Lizz, get out of here, go and meet with the others in the stands and tell them what's going on!" Lizz nodded and floated in the air, she noticed Kyuti and Lori and began to fly over towards them.

"Today is my lucky day, who knew that all of you would have foolishly gathered together at this worldwide event?"

"You did, Churippu!" Fantom spoke up.

"Correct!" She laughed. Noticing Taisuka's facial features, she realized he was one of the people who switched places with people from Netherworld and that he had same facial features of the man accused of breaking the law of time travel. He was his past self.

"You in particular, Taisuka Mouretsu, are charged for multiple accounts of broken laws. Considering your future counterpart is deceased, you'll have to take his blame." Churippu stared at the boy.

"Touch him and I'll fry you right out of that goofy uniform." Konno threatened.

"Leave her be." Kaj held his hand out towards Konno, the two exchanged glances. Konno felt the sudden urge of trust with Kaj, rather than hostility. The power gap between the two of them shut Konno down for a bit.

"Who exactly is under arrest for switching places with Netherworld inhabitants?" Violouh questioned. Churippu rose her eyebrows and looked back at her paper.

"It says here I am supposed to arrest Seikyo Jurei, Taisuka Mouretsu, Violouh, who I assume is you, and a man named Jaduko Masurao." She replied.

'Jaduko..' Kaj had heard that name before.

"You're supposed to arrest the four of them and the Netherworld inhabitants who stayed in this world?" Kaj questioned, Churippu nodded.

"There's no way you'll take us in." Taisuka threatened. "You probably don't even know where to find Jaduko, Seikyo, or the other three people from Netherworld.

"That's where your wrong, kid." Churippu's voice became darker as she glared at the Saiyan.
"I already know the location of one other Netherworld inhabitant and I can wait for the other one to reveal himself in the future. But Jaduko Masurao and his counterpart.." A button on her grey belt began to flash, she lowered her hand and pulled the button off of her belt, it was a device that was used to locate beings of incredible power on the planet.

"What about them?" Konno questioned.

"I believe Jaduko Masurao just made my job a hell of a lot easier." Churippu chuckled.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Jaduko's blue aura began to fade as he floated above a rocky canyon with rock pillars that extended upwards into the sky and mountains made of rock were scattered across the land. Scanning around the area, Jaduko tried to sense for Nitzu's power. A gust of wind picked up and dust blew along the ground beneath Jaduko as he landed on one of the rocky pillars. Staring across the ground, Jaduko noticed a man with long black hair and a blue and black gi meditating on top of the pillars. Floating into the air, Jaduko floated over to a neighboring pillar and stared down at the man. This was definitely him.

"Nitzu Hikaru!" Jaduko shouted, the man's head lifted up and he got to his feet. Nitzu turned around and glared up at the pillar that Jaduko was on. The two locked eyes and stared at each other as power flowed through Jaduko's veins. A smile spread on his face but a frown was on Nitzu's.

A battle of the ages was about to begin.

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VOL 11: Chapter 110 - "A Funny Thing Happened in Netherworld"
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