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 Jaduko Masurao

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Jaduko Masurao

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Basic Character Information
Full Name: Jaduko Masurao
Name Pronunciation: Jaw-doo-koe Mah-zoo-row
Race: Saiyan (Full-Blood)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Planet Earth
Alignment: Good
Age: Go to "Power Levels" Section
Personality: Jaduko is most known for his courageous deeds and righteous actions. Ever since he was a young boy, Jaduko has had a fondness for action and intensity, much like his Saiyan ancestors, this leads to him getting bored rather easily and causes him to forget important issues quite often whenever action is involved. Jaduko often makes irresponsible decisions favoring the morally right decision more than the decision that is needed to be made and this has often gotten he and his friends into trouble they need to dig themselves out of. Despite these flaws, Jaduko has learned to control his power and act responsibly with it over the years, leading to him befriending many former enemies and turning them into allies. Jaduko believes that every person has the potential to be as strong as they are meant to be and makes it his life goal to persuade people into acting the best they can. He now serves as the protector of Planet Earth and leader of the Z-Fighters as a man who stands for Peace and Equality. But don't let all of this serious stuff turn you off, Jaduko likes to crack as many jokes as he can.

Character Background Information
Date of Birth: June 13th, Age 830
Date of Death: September 9th, Age 851 (revived on December 16th, Age 858)
Current Hometown: North City
Occupation: Martial Artist, Martial Arts Teacher, Part-Time Traffic Guard
Height: 180 cm / 5'11" (Adult)
Weight: 71 kg / 156 lbs (Adult)
Turtle School (Formerly) (Age 834 - Age 845)
U93 Z-Fighters (Age 845 - Current)
United Z-Fighters (Temporarily) (Briefly joined in Age 850 then briefly rejoined the team in Age 862)
The Saiyan Warrior Battalion (Formerly) (Age 868 - Age 868)
Planetary Safeguard Corporation (Age 869 - Current)

Appearances in Media
Appears In
Dragon Ball Universe 93
Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko"
Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Turtle School Spinoff, edit title"

(DOESN'T EXIST YET) Dragon Ball Universe 93
Dragon Ball: Netherworld
Movie 4: Shiver's Retaliation
Movie 6: Wrath of Xin
Movie 7: Azoora's Uprising
Movie 9: Return of The Prophet
Movie 10: Age of Prince Seda

Dragon Ball: Universe 93 - Chapter 1: "Story Time"
(DOESN'T EXIST YET) Dragon Ball Universe 93 - Episode 1: "Insert Title Here"

Power Levels
The Saiyan Arc
Click here to reveal Jaduko's power levels for The Saiyan Arc:
Zerox Arc
Click here to reveal Jaduko's power levels for the Zerox Arc:
Reybuu Arc
Click here to reveal Jaduko's power levels for the Reybuu Arc:

Techniques and Abilities
Writing this all out: COMING SOON

Appearance and Transformations
Writing this all out: COMING SOON

List of Important Battles
Writing this all out: COMING SOON
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Jaduko Masurao
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