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 VOL 4: Chapter 38 - "Gather the Dragon Balls"

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VOL 4: Chapter 38 - "Gather the Dragon Balls" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 38 - "Gather the Dragon Balls"   VOL 4: Chapter 38 - "Gather the Dragon Balls" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2015 12:58 pm

Taisuka softly opened his eyes, light blinded him and he winced trying to clear his vision. Once his vision cleared, he looked around and saw that he was laying in a bed. Slowly sitting up, he groaned in pain, he was completely sore from his fight with Kyuti. He gripped his forehead and turned his head, he saw Lori standing next to the window. "Good morning, er, uh, I mean night." Lori said playfully.

Taisuka gave a laugh. "Thanks.." He pushed the covers off of him and realized he was no longer naked, he was back in his Turtle School Gi. "Where's Jaduko?" He asked.

"Downstairs, he's getting his gi fixed and talking with the Master." Lori replied. Taisuka nodded in response.

"Is he alright?" Taisuka asked.

Lori nodded, "Perfect." She added.

"That's good." Taisuka continued. "I heard him calling out to me when I was that, thing." He remembered Jaduko trying to communicate with him. "Did we win against those bad guys?" Lori nodded. Taisuka grinned.

Meanwhile downstairs, Konno was laying on the couch next to Master Krillin. "Here, open up." Jaduko spoke up, he opened up the Senzu Bean bag and popped a Senzu in Konno's mouth, upon chewing the bean, Konno's broken bones repaired themselves and he regained full strength.

"Thanks, man." Konno replied, he tried forgetting his outburst earlier.

"No problem, it's the least I could do, if I couldn't give a bean to Klio, I'll give one to y-" Konno cut Jaduko off.

"Klio's gone, it's alright, we can wish for Rukiro to come back to life now that we have all of the Dragon Balls, and then we can find them again for Klio." Konno looked up at Jaduko with assuring eyes. Jaduko closed his mouth and gave a smile, he nodded.

"You're becoming more like your father every day, Jaduko." Master Krillin spoke up with a smile.

"Thanks, I heard he was pretty strong." Jaduko added in, remembering what Seiyogi said, he also remembered Seiyogi saying that he and his King needed his help for their 'war'. But what could he do for them in their little war, was he letting them down by not going with Seiyogi and Kyuti back to their King? After searching through Seiyogi's feelings he could tell that the two of them weren't so bad, they were just victims of misfortune.

Lizz walked into the living room holding clothing, she had finished repairing Jaduko's gi, and she handed Konno a new version of his Turtle School outfit. Jaduko and Konno put on their fresh new gi's.

"Well, should we wait for Taisuka and Lori to come downstairs, and then we can get the Dragon Balls ready for the wish?" Lizz asked. Jaduko nodded and looked at Master Krillin.

"You kids have fun, I'm gonna go upstairs and go to bed, 18 and Marron are already asleep. You all should get some sleep as well, you had a long day."

"Thanks Master," Konno spoke up. "We will after we make our wish." He gave a confident nod as Krillin walked up the stairs.

After a few minutes, Taisuka and Lori walked downstairs, Lori had the 7 Dragon Balls all together in her arms. "Ready you guys?" Jaduko, Konno, and Lizz cheered and ran outside, Lori and Taisuka soon followed.

It was finally time for Rukiro to be revived, after all of these years, Jaduko and Rukiro would be united.

Continue Onto Chapter 39:
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VOL 4: Chapter 38 - "Gather the Dragon Balls"
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