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 VOL 9: Chapter 82 - "The Present to The Future"

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VOL 9: Chapter 82 - "The Present to The Future" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 82 - "The Present to The Future"   VOL 9: Chapter 82 - "The Present to The Future" I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2016 8:12 pm

"We almost there yet?" Jaduko shouted over the wind, he and Taisuka were flying side by side behind Future Taisuka, mountains and valleys passed underneath them as they flew for nearly a half an hour.

"Almost, just keep up with me." Future Taisuka called back, the three began flying over large and lush green treets. In the distance, the younger Taisuka could see a large pillar extending out of the trees.

"Is that pillar the Lookout?" Taisuka shouted up to his future self.

"Not quite, but we're close, your ears are gonna pop but follow me!" Future Taisuka called back, his white aura flared around his body as he flew directly upwards towards the sky next to the pillar that extended up from the forest below, Jaduko and Taisuka followed closely behind, passing through a large mass of clouds.

The two Saiyans were surprised with what they saw when they cleared through all of the clouds.

"Holy shit!" Taisuka muttered to himself, but no one heard him. Above the three Saiyans, a large, spinning top shaped platform hovered in the sky, ancient designs coated the under site of the platform in blue and red colored concrete. Jaduko and Taisuka were shocked as they flew underneath the hovering platform, they followed Future Taisuka along the underneath of the platform until they ascended over the side. Future Taisuka landed on the platform with Jaduko and Taisuka landing on the platform at his side.

"This is the Lookout, what do you think?" Future Taisuka extended his arms and waved them around. On top of the Lookout, Jaduko and Taisuka could see trees aligning themselves along the edge of the lookout, a massive temple stood tall in the center of the lookout with smaller temples behind it. The Lookout itself was massive, easily the size of three or four football fields in diameter.

"Amazing, everything is so lush, green... and massive!" Jaduko was amazed as he took a step forward onto the square tiled ground that covered the Lookout. Taisuka peered over the edge and stared down at the ground, the Lookout was easily hundreds upon hundreds of miles above the ground. Gulping, Taisuka stepped away from the ledge and ran after Jaduko with Future Taisuka following close behind. The three Saiyans walked to the front entrance of the largest temple on the lookout.

"Hey, is anyone home!" Future Taisuka shouted into the front tunnel that led into the temple, the wind gently blew through his hair, the breeze up on the Lookout was something to die for.

Jaduko and Taisuka rose an eyebrow when they saw a pudgy silhouette emerge from the shadows of the temple's entrance. A pudgy, black skinned deity wearing a white turban, a red genie coat, and white genie pants stepped into view. A blank expression was plastered on his face and caused Jaduko and Taisuka to feel a little uneasy.

"Who are you people?" The deity spoke, he blankly stared at Future Taisuka who seemed casual with the man.

"My name is Taisuka, these are my two companions, Jaduko..." He pointed at Jaduko, who extended two fingers to form the victory sign. "And this is, well, Taisuka." He pointed at Taisuka, who grinned.

"That, erm, doesn't give me an answer as to why you're on the Lookout.." The deity replied awkwardly. He looked at Taisuka and Future Taisuka, realizing that the two of them looked the same along with having similar names. He widened his eyes when he noticed the Locket of Nether dangling around Future Taisuka's neck.

"Mr. Popo, you don't need to worry about them, I can sense that they're friendly." A voice called out from the temple, another silhouette exited from the darkness and walked up behind the deity, who we now know is named Mr. Popo.

The voice that spoke revealed himself, he was a Namekian just like Violouh! The Namekian stepped forward and stood beside Mr. Popo, standing only a few inches taller than Future Taisuka. This Namekian looked a lot older than Violouh as he had slight wrinkles all over his skin, he was wearing white, god-like robes with a blue cloak around his neck that extended down his back, in his right hand was a wooden staff.

"Dende, do you know them?" Mr. Popo muttered, looking at the old Namekian in front of him. Dende softly looked at his companion and shook his head.

"Nope, never seen them before!" This Namekian was more energetic than he appeared.

"You may not know me, but I sure know you, Guardian of Earth." Future Taisuka spoke up, he lifted his hand and lifted the locket into the air so Dende could see it. "My name is Taisuka and I come from the Future, a future where you DO know me."

"I heard your conversation with Mr. Popo before I came out to talk to you myself, we Namekians have astounding hearing skills." Dende smiled, he stepped forward and looked at the locket in Future Taisuka's hands. "This is the Locket of Nether, but how do you have it?"

"From the future where I come from, myself, along with the future version of Jaduko here, retrieved it from the evil space emperor known as Emperor Morge." He continued to tell Dende about his future and Reybuu as Jaduko's mind trailed off.

'Morge huh?' Jaduko rose an eyebrow as Future Taisuka spoke. 'What's with this guy, why is he so important...? I must figure out why.'

"..... So that's why I insist that you take the locket into your own hands and figure out a way for me to return to the future." Future Taisuka pleaded with Dende as he lifted the locket over his neck and placed it in Dende's hands.

"Normally I wouldn't be allowed to intervene and help you with this kind of thing. But the Locket of Nether isn't something someone can tamper with, I'll take a look into it and see what I can do to help, considering you know me in the future." Dende chuckled and turned around. "Return to the Lookout in three days, I will have an answer by then. Mr. Popo, come with me, we have work to do." Dende and Mr. Popo left the three Saiyans and entered the temple.

'Finally, some progress.. Let's just hope they can help me get back to my correct timeline so I can stop Reybuu before the Earth itself is torn apart.' Future Taisuka muttered, he felt a hand on his shoulder which caused him to turn around. He saw Jaduko glaring at him.

"What's wrong?" Future Taisuka asked, raising an eyebrow at Jaduko.

"If you're from the Future like you say you are, then why can't you turn Super Saiyan?" Jaduko questioned, crossing his arms. Taisuka lifted his head and stared at his future counterpart. "I've been training Taisuka for the past 3 years so he could go Super Saiyan, no luck yet.. If you're from however many years in the future, why haven't I seen you transform?"

"Because I haven't needed to.. yet.. why?" Future Taisuka questioned.

"I want you to transform for me, I want to see how strong you are in the future." Jaduko smirked.

Future Taisuka scowled at Jaduko and slowly walked past his young mentor, Jaduko followed him to the center of the Lookout where they were a safe distance away from the temple where Dende and Mr. Popo had entered.

"Very well." Future Taisuka muttered, he crossed his arms and within an instant, his hair spiked further than it usually did, his hair turned golden and his eyes changed into a cyan color. Jaduko and Taisuka dropped their jaws in shock as they sensed the power emitting from Future Taisuka.

"Amazing! You didn't even have to power up, you just transformed!" Jaduko muttered, Taisuka grinned as he stared at his future counterpart.

"Happy now?" Future Taisuka questioned, he rose an eyebrow when he saw Jaduko's muscles bulk up. The young Saiyan opened his mouth and quickly shouted as his hair shot towards the sky, turning golden just like his. Taisuka stumbled backwards, stunned by the power emitting from the two Super Saiyans in front of him.

Jaduko lunged forward towards Future Taisuka, throwing a punch without any further warning.

"Hey, we're not supposed to be fighting up on the Lookout!" Future Taisuka shouted, uncrossing his arms, he swiftly shifted to the right and let Jaduko and his fist glide past him. Jaduko twisted his head to glance at Future Taisuka, but was caught off guard when Future Taisuka's fist slammed into his cheek. Jaduko closed one eye and winced in pain as his head rolled with the punch, spit flew from his mouth.

With a shout, Jaduko quickly spun around on his right foot and swung his left up towards Future Taisuka's cheek, the foot made contact and spit flew from Future Taisuka's mouth onto the ground below.

'Whoa, incredible speed!' Future Taisuka winced in pain from the kick, he pushed away from Jaduko, who lunged forward towards him once more. 'He's a lot stronger than what I remember him being.. Is this timeline already being tampered with?'

Jaduko threw a rapid barrage of punches and kicks at his Future friend but was surprised when Taisuka's body fizzed in and out of view, dodging all of the attacks. He was using the Wild Sense that he was taught to use in combat. Jaduko hopped backwards and shouted as aura erupted from his body like a dome, he grinned when he saw Future Taisuka hop back in the air to avoid getting hit by the barrier. Future Taisuka rushed towards Jaduko and swiftly punched him in the stomach hard enough to knock the Super Saiyan out of him. Much to the younger Taisuka's surprise.

Future Taisuka's hair reverted back to it's normal state as well and he helped lift Jaduko from the ground.

"Incredible, you're amazing!" Jaduko grinned and looked at Taisuka, who would become this strong one day.

"We should head out and find the others, if what you told Dende about that Reybuu guy was true." Taisuka piped up, looking at his Future Self.

"Others?" Future Taisuka questioned.

"Konno, Lori, and just about everyone else." Jaduko added in. "You remember them from your future right?"

"Yeah... yeah I did.." Future Taisuka grimly replied, he stared down at the ground as images of Konno and Lori being tortured and killed by Reybuu flashed in his mind. Future Taisuka grit his teeth as he remembered the death of his friends, but his memories slowly faded as he felt a hand place itself on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Jaduko.

"Let's go find them then, we have three days to report back here for the locket, it's best you get to relive what everyone was like in the past!" Jaduko grinned, Taisuka did as well, Future Taisuka did his best to grin.

Jaduko led the three Saiyans towards the edge of the Lookout, where they dove over the edge and began descending towards the ground, they would begin their quest to look for their longtime friends.

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VOL 9: Chapter 82 - "The Present to The Future"
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