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 VOL 13: Chapter 121 - "Dawn of The New Age"

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PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 121 - "Dawn of The New Age"   VOL 13: Chapter 121 - "Dawn of The New Age" I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 31, 2018 10:36 pm

Nine or so months would pass ever since the meeting between Jaduko, his friends, and the warriors from Netherworld. Life has been fairly peaceful ever since the discovery of the Wicked Dragon Balls as they had not been touched or even discussed about ever since that last meeting on the Lookout and the departure of Churippu and Fantom, who had traveled off throughout the universe in search of the Sacred World of the Kai's.

Ever since Kaj had informed he and Nitzu about the enemy known as "Juzo", another warrior from Netherworld, who had joined the ranks of the Planet Trade Organization, a now 20 year old Jaduko had been spending nearly every day upon every week training in preparation for the battle against Juzo alongside both Nitzu and Kaj, who were living peacefully on Earth until Lori and the others could figure out a way to return everyone back to their rightful realities. Jaduko had nothing better do to all that time, did he?

That is until his wife, a now 23 year old Kyuti, gave birth to their son.

"What should we name 'em? Something similar to a Saiyan?" Jaduko was holding onto his newborn son in the hospital of North City. Looking down at his son, Jaduko noticed that he had a hairstyle similar to his own that swept off towards the side of his head, yet the back of his hair was spiked off away from his neck similar to his mother's. Even though his son had black hair, when the light shined on it just a certain way, you could see a subtle brown color reflect back at you, indicating that his hair was mainly black like his mother's, but partially brown like his father's.

"I was thinking we could take more of a... a human approach when naming him." Kyuti smiled at her family, the three of them were the only ones in the room at the moment as the doctors were outside letting the family have their alone time.

"How about we name him in honor of someone?" Jaduko questioned looking up at Kyuti with bright eyes. This was the proudest she had seen him in a while.

"Like who?" Kyuti rose an eyebrow.

"How about we name 'em after our brothers, the guys who kept pushing us forward to get stronger." Jaduko smirked. "But I dunno how to mix the two names together so it's a fitting name."

With a slight giggle Kyuti's mind drifted off as she began thinking of names. However every so often she would get distracted by watching Jaduko slowly swing their son around in the air. It was odd, he wasn't wanting to have a kid for a long time due to it conflicting with his training, yet here he is proud to be a father. Was it because their son opened up an opportunity for Jaduko to become the father he never had? Was it because he wanted to honor Rukiro's life by raising someone, just as he had raised Jaduko? Who knew but all Kyuti cared about was that Jaduko had given both her and their new son life, happy lives that would have opportunity for all sorts of things. That's when the name hit her.

"How about Resei? It rolls off the tongue when you say it and it mixes both Rukiro and Seikyo's name by having it start with an 'R' and end with "Sei"." Kyuti smirked at Jaduko, who stopped and looked at her.

"Where does the 'e' come from?" He rose an eyebrow.

"Nowhere, I just think Resei is a better name than Rusei, don't you?" Kyuti replied crossing her arms.

"Yeah I guess." Jaduko chuckled and noticed Resei's eyes slowly opening up. His eye shape and facial structure was similar to his father's but his eye color was a piercing grey just like his mother's. Walking over to her, Jaduko handed Resei over to Kyuti who began to cradle their son.

"Who would have thought a reckless and savage Saiyan like me would give birth to a beautiful boy with an Earthling style name." Kyuti's eyes began to water up as her life flashed through her mind. "Thank you." She looked up at Jaduko.

"You weren't a savage Saiyan, never were." He looked at her with serious eyes. "You don't need to thank me for any of this, you became who you are now because you let yourself become what you wanted to be just like me and now Resei has the same opportunity. The opportunity to become what he wants." Jaduko and Kyuti gazed at one another and took a look down at their son who was staring up at the two of them.

However before either of them could say anything else, the doors to the room they were in burst open and people began walking in causing the two to lift their heads. A toothy grin spread across Jaduko's face as he saw his friends walk into the room with doctors stumbling behind them.

"Alright, where's that baby?" Konno questioned looking around the room jokingly with his arms crossed. Behind him, Lori stepped into the room carrying a now 1 Year old Yamada in a pouch that wrapped around her torso so her hands could be free.

"He's right here." Kyuti motioned her head down towards her hands but sarcastically chuckled as Konno walked towards Jaduko and pulled him into a head lock.

"I meant this big baby. I can't believe he's a dad." Konno began to run his fist back and forth through Jaduko's hair. Taisuka and Yitoro walked into the room with Vitalus, Lizz, and Klio following closely behind. Kyuti could see the doctors talking to Violouh, Master Krillin, 18, and Marron in the hallway as if they weren't allowed to visit quite yet despite barging in.

"Kyuti! Your baby is so beautiful!" Lizz rushed into the room and ran towards the side of the bed to stand alongside Lori, the two girls peered down at Resei who was staring around the room at all of the new people.

"He's got that Saiyan look in him just like Taisuka when he was a baby, huh?" Lori smirked and looked back at Taisuka, who blushed and scratched his head as Yitoro giggled next to him. "What did you guys name him?"

"We named him Resei after our brothers." Kyuti replied, after saying the name Resei, the baby giggled. Violouh walked into the room alongside Master Krillin and his family as the doctors finally gave up and left.

"Resei, I like that name." 18 spoke up causing everyone to turn their heads.

"May I hold him?" Krillin asked pushing Jaduko and Konno out of the way as he walked to the side of the bed. Kyuti nodded and lifted Resei up so the old man could hold him. With a smile, Krillin looked down at Resei and could tell he was of the same bloodline as Jaduko, Shinzai, and Rukiro.

"Jaduko." Violouh spoke up and looked over at Jaduko, who pushed himself away from Konno and stared at the cross armed Namekian expecting a lecture. "Shinzai would be proud of you and would be a proud grandfather if he were here."

"R-Really?" Jaduko's eyes sparkled from the lights in the room as he noticed Violouh softly give a smirk. Resei lifted his arms up and grabbed onto Master Krillin's facial hair, he began to tug on it and caused the old man to tear up from the pain.

"He's definitely a Saiyan." Klio joked causing everyone to chuckle.

"Say, where's Seikyo?" Vitalus looked around. "You would think he'd be here."

"We haven't seen him ever since he left the Lookout several months ago." Kyuti's smile dropped into a blank expression. "We couldn't even sense any Ki of his, nothing at all."

"Is he..?" Konno muttered.

"He wouldn't be dead, he's probably just been too caught up in trying to surpass me that he's shut himself off from the world and wouldn't even know about his new nephew." Jaduko crossed his arms. The room went silent for a few moments until Marron decided to change the topic.

"How long are you supposed to stay here?" She questioned.

"Well the doctors say I should rest up for the next day or so, but I feel perfectly fine and so does Resei. It's probably our Saiyan Blood in us, but I'll probably stay until tonight then head home with Jaduko." Kyuti replied.

The entire room began to chatter and make plans for dinner that night at Jaduko's home in North City. None of them knew of the events that were about to happen back on the Lookout..

Peering over the edge of the Lookout guarding the world like his job title implies, K.O.N had gotten used to being the new Guardian of Earth. It was a tiresome job but a rewarding one as day after day, he would constantly peer over the edge without fear of the Wicked Dragon Balls letting loose on the world. To him, it seemed as if the Earth was perfectly safe without the usage of any Dragon Balls at all. But deep in his heart, he knew he had to restore them sometime, even if the Earth was peaceful without the Dragon Balls, it still needed them.

But something unusual happened on that day, K.O.N happened to hear the sound of feet landing on the Lookout behind him causing him to turn around. He could see Churippu and Fantom walking towards him with a confident sense of aura leaking from their bodies as if they had just fell from Heaven and survived. They even looked like they had fallen from somewhere due to how tattered Churippu's clothes were, she never had the chance to change them over the past nine or so months and resented Fantom due to him being a ghost that didn't need clothes.

Once K.O.N fully turned around and began walking towards the duo, his happy personality drastically changed into something more serious and shocked once he saw what was in Churippu's hands. It was a golden locket with a dragon design on it and a black orb in the center that softly shimmered white. It was the Locket of Nether.

"Before you say anything, yes, this is the real Locket of Nether." Churippu began as she halted in front of K.O.N. Holding her hand out, she handed the Namekian the Locket.

"T-This is it? I've never seen it in person nonetheless hold it within my own grasp." K.O.N was shocked. "How did you get it?"

"Well during our entire journey, we stopped on planet after planet trying to map the most convenient travel from Earth to the Sacred World of the Kai's. We had gotten into some fights along the way and even had to fight a gigantic Yardrat monst-" Fantom began to rant but was cut off by Churippu.

"We managed to find the Sacred World of the Kai's and just so happened to find the Locket being unguarded as if it were just TRYING to be stolen by us." Churippu continued the story. "Well I should rephrase, we didn't steal it, we just confiscated it."

"You can't confiscate something that doesn't belong to the law. This is a mythical object owned by the Kaoshins and you stole it from them?!" K.O.N was shocked yet at the same time, surprised.

"What can we say, we're tactical." Fantom crossed his arms pretending to be cool.

"I think on our journey back here, we may have come up with a way to send you and those other Netherworld inhabitants back to your reality." Churippu dusted off her uniform and whipped her blonde hair around to get the fresh air to clean it out.

"Just those Netherworld inhabitants on Earth or everyone that may have passed through the entire universe?" K.O.N questioned.

"Every inhabitant that is scattered throughout this entire multiverse." She emphasized the word multiverse.

"That's incredible, but how do you plan on doing it? Jaduko's friend Lori and her group of scientists at Macadmi Technology have been trying to come up with ideas to create a portal or a teleporter for the past nine months without any luck."

"The Locket of Nether was behind that time travel mishap that sucked the future version of Taisuka Mouretsu back in time alongside that demon named Reybuu." Churippu explained. "If the Locket is capable of performing deeds that transcend time and space, there has to be a way it can reach across reality by using the same method to reach across time."

"So instead of tampering with time, you believe it's righteous to tamper with reality this time?" K.O.N rose an eyebrow.

"Not righteous." Churippu scoffed. "However I do believe if we take this to that Lori girl you speak of and her Earthling scientists, Fantom and I can drop the Locket off with them and use our intergalactic technological knowledge combined with their Earthbound knowledge to help them come up with a portal or a teleporter, as you said."

"So the Locket is the missing key in returning you guys home." Fantom continued.

"I see...." K.O.N muttered as he peered around his back towards the edge of the Lookout, he peered down at Earth's surface. "I just hope the Wicked Dragon Ball energy disappears with that idea and no one comes to Earth attempting to steal the Locket again..."

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VOL 13: Chapter 121 - "Dawn of The New Age"
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