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 VOL 14: Chapter 136 - "Mission Failed"

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PostSubject: VOL 14: Chapter 136 - "Mission Failed"   VOL 14: Chapter 136 - "Mission Failed" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2018 2:15 am

'Well? What do you think?' A dark voice echoed in the back of K.O.N's mind, it was the same voice that Seikyo heard from the Wicked Dragon Balls. 'Sssssshenron needed a makeover, didn't he?'

"I-Impossible..." K.O.N muttered as his stomach wound fully healed. It appeared as though Corrupt Shenron himself couldn't speak, but Nether could telepathically communicate with whoever he wanted.

'You may have had a lucky chancccce facccing me in combat assss Nether, but with my physsssical form now being the corrupted form of the Earth Dragon, you have no posssssssibility of beating me.' Corrupt Shenron's head bobbed up and down in front of the Lookout.

"Well, you've gotten your wish!" K.O.N shouted. "You used the Dragon Balls, what do you plan on doing now?"

Without speaking, Corrupt Shenron quickly lifted his head and pointed his snout towards the sky, he let out a mighty roar so loud that K.O.N had to cover his ears, the entire Lookout began to shake once more as lightning flashed in the sky up above Corrupt Shenron. Within an instant, thunder boomed across the entire planet and lightning striked Corrupt Shenron's body, sending electricity throughout each and every one of his scales.

"Watch out!" Mr. Popo shouted from within the temple, causing K.O.N to turn around.

"Huh?!" K.O.N shouted as noticed Corrupt Shenron's tail completely leave the Wicked Dragon Balls, they were still green from the wicked energy. Corrupt Shenron's tail whipped forward forcing K.O.N to jump out of the way, the Namekian shifted his head and noticed Corrupt Shenron flying around the Lookout as if he were positioning himself at something.

Before K.O.N could realize what Corrupt Shenron was doing, he widened his eyes as he watched electricity fire from the dragon's mouth towards the green beam in the sky, he was harnessing enough power in an attempt to destroy the Netherworld Portal. But why? Was he trying to destroy any connection to Netherworld? Was he trying to destroy the Locket of Nether itself?

"NO!" K.O.N shouted as Corrupt Shenron's body pulsated with electricity as the beam fired in the direction of Central City. Knowing that none of the Z-Fighters would be capable of sensing the blast before it was too late, he had to get into contact with one of them somehow.

Back in Central City, Jaduko was sitting next to Taisuka and Violouh watching Lori tamper with the Netherworld Portal, trying to get it to work again. He was still tuckered out from his fight with Seikyo and using all of his energy to force the blast away from hitting the Tengoku no Hari building.

"i can feel your energy returning, do you not have any Senzu Beans?" Violouh questioned with his arms crossed, Jaduko looked up at his Namekian friend.

"Nah, I used them all up with Seikyo." He chuckled, remembering Seikyo destroying the entire bag. "Besides, I don't need them, do I?"

"Most likely not, but who knows of what could happen." Violouh's ears twitched as if he could hear something on the other side of the planet, it sounded like a feint dragon roar.

"Well once Lori's finished fixing up her machine, I'll head home and eat a full meal with Kyuti. I can't wait!" Jaduko's stomach growled causing him to pat it.

With Taisuka chuckling in the background, a spark of energy rang off in the back of Jaduko's mind causing his eyes to narrow. He could sense someone trying to telepathically speak to him.

"J-Jaduko!" A voice rang out, it was feint, but Jaduko knew it was K.O.N.

"K.O.N? Is that you?" Jaduko questioned.

"Yes, you have to remove the Locket of Nether from the portal immediately! Something has gone terribly wrong with the Dragon Balls, I need you to trust me, quick!" K.O.N sounded urgent.

"W-What's wrong? Wouldn't that mess up the portal? You guys wouldn't be able to get home!" Jaduko sounded confused, the others turned and looked at him, they couldn't hear K.O.N.

"Just remove it! Nether is behind all of this, the former God of Peace who was sealed within the Locket! I can't get in touch with Superior Kai due to him returning back to his world for the time being or that Galactic Patrol girl due to her returning back to her patrol somewhere in the universe, leaving all of you as the last hope in stopping Nether from destroying Netherworld." K.O.N pleaded

"Destroying Netherworld? Isn't that a whole reality?!" Jaduko had too much information to take in at once.

"Look in the direction of the Lookout, the energy emanating from the portal is too powerful and close for you to sense anything else, but Nether fired an attack in that direction that could destroy the portal, the locket, and all of you at once." K.O.N stated.

Lifting his head up, Jaduko looked around trying to find out where the Lookout was, but before he could even ask K.O.N where it's general direction was, he noticed a bright blue light rapidly racing towards the Tengoku no Hari building. He narrowed his eyes and realized it was aimed right for the portal.

Widening his eyes, Jaduko struggled to get to his feet but once he did, he rushed towards the portal.

"Jaduko what are you doing?!" Lori shouted in shock as he raced next to her and ripped the Locket of Nether away from the portal, sparks flew from the machine as Jaduko ripped a hole in it.

"Get back, look over there!" Jaduko shouted, pointing at the beam. He had already tried to deflect one blast today, there was no way he was powerful enough to do it a second time. Everyone looked towards where Jaduko was pointing and noticed the electricity gaining speed towards the portal.

"Oh shit!" Konno shouted, he rushed forward and wrapped his arms around Lori, knowing she would try to save the machine she spent days working on with her scientists and the occasional help from Superior Kai and Saikku.

"No!" Lori shouted as Konno lifted her off of the ground and the two leaped into the air away from the machine. Violouh, Taisuka, Kaj, and Nitzu all jumped in random directions as Jaduko quickly followed behind them with the Locket of Nether in his hand. As soon as they were all off of the rooftop, the electricity fired from Corrupt Shenron smashed into the Netherworld Portal. A massive explosion blinded everyone for a quick second as chunks of metal flew in every direction, green energy circled around the explosion and the green beam slowly shrunk downwards into the explosion, signifying the machine was completely destroyed.

Once the flames from the explosion faded, Jaduko opened his eyes and let out a sigh of relief knowing the explosion wasn't too big, it didn't do much damage to the Tengoku no Hari building aside from all of the metallic rubble scattered around the helicopter landing pad the machine was placed on.

"Is everyone alright?" Nitzu questioned, looking around. Konno nodded and hugged Lori, who let out a soft cry knowing all of her days of effort and hard work had gone to waste.

"How did you know that would happen?" Kaj glared over at Jaduko.

"K.O.N telepathically told me, somehow." Jaduko muttered, he looked down at the Locket in his hands and placed it around his neck for safe keeping.

"Does that mean we're stuck in this reality?" Nitzu questioned.

"I'm afraid so." Lori remarked, wiping away her angry tears. "We'd need to create another portal but that could take days, weeks, we don't have any way of communicating with those Kaioshin people ever since they returned to their world when we finished the machine.

"Who, or what, fired all of that electricity at us?" Taisuka questioned.

"Nether.." Jaduko clenched his fist and peered off in the direction of where the blast had come from.

"Who?" Konno questioned. Before he received an answer, he watched Jaduko burst off towards the direction of the Lookout leaving everyone behind. "W-Wait!" Konno shouted as he watched Taisuka, Nitzu, and Kaj all follow quickly after.

"I fear we must go as well." Violouh looked at his two friends, nodded, and flew off after the other four. Konno was silent for a second but he looked down at Lori, who looked up at him.

"Whatever we're heading off to go fight, it could be dangerous." Konno began to fly backwards towards the Macadmi Technology building. "Someone has to look after Yamada..."

"I'll do that with my dad, you need to go help Jaduko." Lori muttered. "Everything is happening so fast, just be please be careful."

"I will." Konno muttered as he made it onto the roof of the Macadmi Technology building to softly let Lori down. The two kissed and Konno smirked as he burst off in the direction of the Lookout after the others. Lori clenched her fist and watched the six different colored auras fly off into the horizon.

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VOL 14: Chapter 136 - "Mission Failed"
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