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 VOL 14: Chapter 137 - "Faith"

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PostSubject: VOL 14: Chapter 137 - "Faith"   VOL 14: Chapter 137 - "Faith" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2018 2:39 pm

"What's going on Jaduko?!" Taisuka shouted after his friend as he, Violouh, Kaj, and Nitzu all managed to catch up to him. Konno was far behind after he dropped Lori off but he also intended on stopping by Korin's place to pick up some extra Senzu Beans, just incase.

"You've left us in the dark with all of this Seikyo stuff and now you're rushing off after something that nearly killed us." Nitzu spoke up.

"The Locket of Nether must be behind all of the events behind the Wicked Dragon Balls." Violouh replied.

"When is it never about the Locket..." Taisuka scoffed.

"Whatever it is, I'm sure K.O.N will tell us everything once we get to the Lookout." Kaj spoke up.

"You've been awfully quiet ever since we first met, but you seem to have a lot of trust in K.O.N" Jaduko chuckled as he looked back at Jaduko. "You two go way back?"

"I guess you could say that, I hold the Namekian race with high regard from where I come from." Kaj gave a slight smirk towards Jaduko, causing Nitzu to raise an eyebrow.

As those five Z-Fighters made their way upwards to the Lookout, Konno began a descent down towards Korin's Tower. Once he made it to the balcony, his white aura quickly faded away and he landed with a 'tap-tap'.

"Hey Korin! You here?" Konno shouted looking around, considering the sky was still dark, it was tough to see anything just barely below the clouds, which was the altitude of where Korin lived.

"Who's there?" Korin asked, he sounded groggy so he didn't recognize the voice.

"It's me, Konno." Konno called back, he turned around and noticed Korin slowly walking up the stares. "I wake you up?"

"All of this darkness in the sky made me a bit sleepy, so I just took a quick nap." Korin yawned. "You look all grown up since last time I saw you, what do ya need?"

"I just needed a few Senzu Beans if that was alright with you." Konno replied.

"Jaduko came by earlier and took a whole bunch." Korin remarked, causing Konno to raise an eyebrow, had Jaduko used all of them up?

"He didn't have any when I saw him a few minutes ago." Konno replied.

"He must have gotten into some trouble then." Korin replied. "Said he was looking for a man named Seikyo."

"Yeah, you don't have anymore beans?" Konno questioned, he knew he had to be quick.

"I only have about three here." Korin walked past Konno and scraped together some beans from a pot. "The next batch doesn't come in for a bit, so can three of them do you any good?"

"Yeah, this will do great. Thanks Korin!" Konno shouted as he ran and leaped over the edge of Korin's Tower.

"Don't get into too much trouble!" Korin shouted as he walked towards the edge to watch Konno flip and quickly burst up towards the sky towards the Lookout.

As Jaduko and the others passed through the dark clouds, they could see the Lookout being illuminated in the dark sky by the moon in the distance. Something was off about the Lookout though, as a large orange Dragon was circling around it.

"What the hell is that?" Kaj questioned.

"Did someone summon Shenron?" Nitzu questioned.

"Shenron is not orange." Violouh studied the dragon as it flew around the Lookout.

"Maybe the wicked energy from the Dragon Balls did something to him?" Taisuka questioned.

"Possibly. We won't know until we get there!" Jaduko shouted. His blur aura flared around him as he lead the others up to the Lookout, Taisuka's white aura flared as well along with Violouh's purple aura, Nitzu's green aura, and Kaj's red aura.

A white aura quickly burst through the clouds underneath the five other Z-Fighters and Konno widened his eyes as he noticed the orange Shenron as well.

Making it to the top of the Lookout, Jaduko landed with the sounds of his friend's feet tapping against the concrete tiles in rapid succession. The five of them rushed towards K.O.N who was struggling to get to his feet even with help from Mr. Popo next to the glowing Wicked Dragon Balls.

"K.O.N!" Nitzu shouted as he and Jaduko along with Mr. Popo helped him to his feet.

"What happened here?" Taisuka questioned.

"That Shenron is corrupted with wicked energy, K.O.N did his best to defend himself from the beast, but he couldn't do it on his own." Mr. Popo spoke up. Konno landed on the Lookout and quickly rushed to join the rest of his friends.

"What the hell is that thing?" Konno questioned as he ran up next to Kaj.

"It's Nether.. Nether, the former God of Peace has taken full control of Shenron and corrupted him with the wicked energy from the Dragon Balls, as Mr. Popo just said." K.O.N panted as the Z-Fighters looked at him. "He's behind it all, it was all his sick and twisted plan to escape from Netherworld."

"Slow down and tell us everything from the beginning, what do you know?" Jaduko questioned with his arm on the guardian's shoulder as K.O.N looked up at him. Luckily Corrupt Shenron was still circling the Lookout, he couldn't sense Ki so he didn't know any of them were on the Lookout.

"I'm not sure how, but when I created those Dragon Balls, it wasn't my fault for inflicting wicked energy on them... no... it was Nether thwarting my powers. It was only possible because I was from Netherworld, which gave him more control on my magical actions.." K.O.N began. "Everything from the Wicked Dragon Balls, to corrupting Seikyo, to corrupting Shenron... it was all his way of breaking free into this world.. He was the one who destroyed the portal because he wants to destroy Netherworld."

"What?! Why?" Nitzu questioned, Jaduko's face went blank and his mouth slightly hung open as he pieced everything together.

"He says Netherworld is a false reality within a simple artifact that needed to be destroyed in order to restore balance to this reality, the true reality." K.O.N muttered trying to remember it all. "I attempted to hold him off from using the Dragon Balls, but I was useless against his might, he somehow placed himself within the body of Shenron through the wicked energy in the Dragon Balls and potentially is gonna use him to get revenge on the gods who sealed him away all those years ago."

"So much for being a God of Peace." Kaj scoffed.

'Seikyo... Seikyo wasn't behind any of the wicked things he did...' Jaduko thought to himself, his pupils shook back and forth. 'He's... He's innocent.. he was just a puppet that was used to murder! It's not his fault that jealousy took over the best of him, it's this guy... Nether... who's responsible for all of those deaths, he's responsible for everything, everything revolving around this Locket!' Jaduko looked down and touched the Locket of Nether, it's gem was still blank, because Nether was no longer inside of it.

"I'm glad to see you got the Locket away from the portal safely." K.O.N muttered. "But do be wary, it puts a target on your chest for Nether."

"So be it." Jaduko clenched a fist around the Locket. "He may call himself a God of Peace, but he's no different from Zerox and Reybuu." Jaduko glared towards the front of the Lookout as Corrupt Shenron's head rose up from the edge, staring at the group from in between the row of palm trees.

"So Nether is a man, not the dragon, right?" Konno questioned.

"Correct." K.O.N managed to stand straight up, he waved his hand back for Mr. Popo to run back into the Temple for safety.

"He's not a man." Jaduko muttered. "He's a monster." He knew what Nether was truly capable of, guilty for all of the things he said towards Seikyo, Jaduko now knew who the true enemy was.

"This guy wants to destroy an entire reality huh? Our reality?" Nitzu cracked his knuckles as he took a step forward to stand to the left of Jaduko.

"We'll stop him before anything bad can happen." Kaj stepped forward so he was standing on the left of Nitzu.

"Remember when we destroyed the Locket from the future? It's gonna be weird trying to protect it now." Taisuka chuckled as he stepped forward to stand to the right of Jaduko.

"You got that right." Konno chuckled as he stepped next to Taisuka. He had a bag of Senzu Beans tied to his belt.

Violouh and K.O.N stepped forward as well, Violouh stood next to Konno and Violouh stood next to Kaj.

All 7 of them stood in one straight line in front of the Wicked Dragon Balls, they were all glaring at Corrupt Shenron, who growled as he noticed the Locket of Nether hanging around Jaduko's neck.

'Jaduko...' Nether hissed inside of Corrupt Shenron's body.

Despite Seikyo being missing from the battle, all of the Z-Fighters have finally assembled together for the first time. The true battle was about to begin, the war for reality was about to wage on between Corrupt Shenron and the Z-Fighters!

Corrupt Shenron let out a massive roar causing the Lookout to shake, he began dashing towards the Z-Fighters causing the palm trees to snap and break underneath his head. Jaduko, Taisuka, Violouh, Konno, Kaj, Nitzu, and K.O.N all prepared as this monstrous beast rushed towards them.

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VOL 14: Chapter 137 - "Faith"
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