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 VOL 15: Chapter 144 - "Sacrifice"

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PostSubject: VOL 15: Chapter 144 - "Sacrifice"   VOL 15: Chapter 144 - "Sacrifice" I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2018 2:31 pm

As Nether began to laugh more maniacally in front of him, Jaduko's blue aura slowly began to flare around him as he held the Locket of Nether in his grasp.

Looking down at it, visions of his father and Future Taisuka flashed across the black gem within the Shenron's mouth, as those visions disappeared, Jaduko noticed Seikyo slowly losing energy as he was fighting Corrupt Shenron. It appeared as though Nether was focusing more on his fight with Seikyo now that he supposedly thought Jaduko was dead, meaning his physical form had dropped it's guard.

Jaduko's fist trembled as he clenched the Locket tighter. Visions of his friends flashed across it quickly until it stopped on Kyuti holding baby Resei in her arms. Jaduko grit his teeth as the two of them faded causing the gem to revert back to it's blank appearance. Slowly lifting his eyes up from the Locket towards Nether, Jaduko's blue aura rapidly transitioned from blue to golden and his hair spiked upwards within a split second, he transformed into a Super Saiyan.

The rapid power increase from Jaduko caused Nether to turn around but before he could react or speak, Jaduko dashed forward. Reeling his hand back with the Locket in his grasp, Jaduko slammed the Locket forward onto Nether's forehead causing a loud "THUNK" to echo throughout the entire World of the Nether Lock. The black gem began to rapidly pulsate black and white mixing with Nether's golden halo as it rapidly began to sparkle.

"No.... NO......" Nether muttered as his body instantly became numb. He didn't know what would happen if he were sealed away within Netherworld, would he become non-existent?

"HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Jaduko shouted as he pushed the Locket deeper into Nether's forehead. Nether let out a scream of pain as the black gem flashed brightly. A white light exploded from the two warriors that engulfed the entirety of the World of the Nether Lock.

Jaduko's body slowly faded back into view as the white void that brought him into Netherworld surrounded him. Was he returning back to his own reality? No, this was something different. His body couldn't move and it felt as if millions of needles were piercing into his skin, he had no escape from the pain and this immense pain caused him to revert back into his base form. What was happening?

Shifting his eyes down to his hand, Jaduko realized he was still holding onto the Locket of Nether but inside the black gem, Nether's body was slowly spiraling around inside as if it were a whirlpool sucking him into it. Had he done it? Had Jaduko finally managed to seal Nether away back in the Locket, trapping him in Netherworld forever?

Jaduko let out a scream in an attempt to transform to his strongest but he couldn't transform, nor could he hear his screams. It's as if the white void completely had him trapped within it, was this what his father and Future Taisuka had gone through when they sealed Reybuu away within the Locket?

All hope seemed lost for Jaduko as the pain grew more immense in his body, he was losing energy and he wanted to sleep. Should he just give up? No... he would never give up so easily, he had to keep fighting to escape this. He had to survive in order to return to his friends and family. He NEEDED to return to Kyuti and Resei.

Jaduko's eyes widened as a memory of him meeting his father back on Planet Xerivon crossed his mind. He remembered Zerox pushing him to near death and it allowed him to meet with his father for the first time, to hear his voice and see his face. Memories of Jaduko's life flashed through his mind as he remembered being born, something no person should ever remember. Looking up through his baby eyes, Jaduko watched as his mother passed away right after giving birth to him. She had the same exact hair as his and she looked, pretty....

Sadness overcame Jaduko as he witnessed firsthand how his mother met her fate, but memories of Rukiro raising him on his own immediately tossed that sadness aside. Jaduko remembered everything about his time with Rukiro, remembering everything that made the bond between brothers something special to him. But then everything flashed through his mind as it had earlier. Rukiro's death and his journey to revive him, all of the events he and his friends had gone through were vividly replayed within his mind as he struggled to break free from his position.

Why was Rukiro's death always something that had haunted him? Jaduko managed to close his eyes as he begin to ponder it. He had always been so energetic and always looked forward into bringing his brother back from the dead. It's been his main goal ever since he was little, but now more so than ever before, it felt like a burden. Jaduko winced as he thought of how consumed by his goal he was at a young age. It forced his friends and newfound family into danger more times than he could count, almost as if Rukiro wasn't wanting to be revived, as if he couldn't have returned.

But something crossed Jaduko's mind that caused him to rapidly open his eyes back up. Now that he was older and could vividly see Rukiro's deaths in his memories... it all became clear to him. Rukiro wasn't killed due to being weak, he wasn't killed by being incompetent with his fighting, no... he was fighting to save everything he had known. He was fighting to save Jaduko, and that goal of keeping his little brother save is what drove himself to getting killed. Rukiro was smart enough to know when something was out of his league, but he had to fight the Saiyans, he had to for Jaduko's safety.

Tears began to form in Jaduko's eyes after learning that after all of these years, Rukiro had sacrificed himself by partaking in a fight he knew he couldn't win. Jaduko's greatest goal in life was only sparked because of Rukiro's actions of keeping him safe. Rukiro gave him an opportunity to live and sure, Jaduko did charge in to attack the Saiyans and ultimately had his tail ripped off. But their bloodlust was satiated with Rukiro's death, they had killed the wrong warrior that they were looking for.. They were there for Jaduko but Rukiro stepped up to the plate to save him.

Jaduko's aura flared around him causing his tears to fly away. All of this time, Jaduko was completely oblivious to it all.

But then it hit him, memories of Future Taisuka sealing Reybuu away a second time and Jaduko's father sacrificing himself to seal away Reybuu for the first time came to mind. All of these warriors close to him had given their lives in order to give Jaduko and the rest of his friends and family a chance at surviving. These three gave their lives for something better, and Jaduko had been oblivious to it up until this point.

Managing to gain some control of his body, Jaduko clenched his fists and grit his teeth in the white void around him. Pain was still shooting into his body but he was fighting against it.

Jaduko thought of all of his friends and family as the pain grew bigger, his body felt like it was tearing apart. He had formed a new family after Rukiro's death, all of his friends were his family. Those he met in the Turtle School, on Planet Xerivon, those from Netherworld, and even Seikyo who had constantly tried to better himself as a rival of Jaduko's, they were all his family. But visions of Kyuti and Resei flashed across Jaduko's mind.

He was given a chance at forming a new family, he had become a husband, a father. Jaduko had set out to revive Rukiro to recover his old family but in the process, made a new one. He couldn't let them down, he had to give them a decision to live and prosper. They deserved it!

Opening his mouth, Jaduko gained full control of his body as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, sounds of glass shattered around Jaduko as his screams could now be heard. The white void rapidly began to flash golden as the Locket's black gem rapidly pulsated.

Back in the regular reality, Seikyo dropped to the ground of the Lookout, his gi torn badly and his body bloodied from the fight with Corrupt Shenron with one of his eyes remaining closed. Corrupt Shenron let out a roar of pain as he looked up towards the sky. Seikyo rose an eyebrow as he held onto his right arm and looked up at the dragon in awe.

"What's... happening?" Seikyo questioned as Corrupt Shenron's body began to glow yellow. A few seconds passed until light began to rapidly leak out of the dragon's body. Within a split second, a massive explosion rang through Seikyo's ears as he was pushed towards the end of the Lookout with immense force. He fell off of the Lookout and had to hold onto the edge of it as the wind pushing against him forced his body to flail wildly behind him.

The sky across the entire world flashed golden causing everyone to look up at it. Konno and the others who had left the Lookout felt immense energy emanating from the Lookout causing all of them to stop dead in their tracks and look towards the source.

Taisuka slowly opened his eyes and immediately felt the power, he couldn't sense Jaduko's.

"Jaduko..." Taisuka muttered as Violouh's eyes began to shake, he along with Nitzu and Kaj let out small grunts in shock.

"JADUKO!!!!!!!!!" Konno shouted as he dashed back towards the Lookout. The others quickly followed behind, some of them forgetting why they had left the Lookout in the first place.

'I knew I shouldn't have left him, I knew it!' Konno forced back tears as he rapidly burst towards the Lookout with Taisuka and Violouh trailing close behind him, the others were falling back.

Everything flashed white as Jaduko's body came into view once more, his skin was beginning to rip as he continued to scream and power up, the Locket still in his grasp.

'Heh..' Jaduko thought to himself as he remembered every little piece of his life from his birth to the birth of his son. 'If only Rukiro could see me now... if only dad could too.... they'd be proud... wouldn't they?'

A thought flashed across Jaduko's mind, remembering how The Watcher showed him how his father died. Jaduko remembered that The Watcher had revealed everything about his father's death to him and his friends, and at that time, Jaduko knew that Shinzai, Shishito as he was most commonly known, had sacrificed himself for his wife, Yokaro, and his son named Rukiro.

But most of all he had sacrificed himself to give his unborn son, Jaduko, a chance at life.

A smile came across Jaduko's face as parallels to his experiences now mirrored that of his father's. Even though his son had already been born, he was giving up his life for his son and his wife. His son, Resei, deserved a chance to live and grow, to become a man just like Jaduko had become. But most importantly, he had the choice to become a warrior.

Jaduko's father had given the choice for him to survive and now it was his turn to do the same for his son. Like father like son, I suppose? Jaduko truly was the Son of Shishito, a title given to the one who has left his mark on the universe.

Closing his eyes, Jaduko continued to scream until his body slowly faded away and nothing was left but pulsating golden flashes.

Back with Seikyo, the golden light blinded him but he slowly tuned himself to it. Lifting himself onto the Lookout, Seikyo walked forward as the Wicked Dragon Balls began to glow and lift up into the air towards the glowing light in the sky. The glowing balls began to circle around the light as it formed itself into a pillar that slowly touched the Lookout tiles. The green color from the Dragon Balls was finally lifted, revealing their true orange colors with red stars planted on the front of them. But rather than shooting off in different directions, the Dragon Balls plummetted back down towards the ground with all 7 of them forming a circle around the pillar of light.

The bright golden light quickly dispersed itself, causing Seikyo to lift his hand and block it. As his vision recovered, he lowered his hand and widened his eyes in shock at what was standing where the pillar of light once was.

It was Jaduko, a stone statue of him in his base form placed in front of where the Temple once was. Jaduko was standing straight upwards with his fists at his side, he looked confident. Seikyo's jaw slowly dropped as he watched the Dragon Balls quickly become encased in stone. It appeared as though that when Jaduko sealed Nether away, the Wicked Energy from the Dragon Balls was lifted, along with the magic of the basic Dragon Balls, leaving them as useless chunks of rock.

The Locket of Nether slowly floated down from the sky with it's chain restored after Jaduko broke it during his fight with Nether. The Locket placed itself around Jaduko's neck and the black gem remained blank, no pulsating lights emanated from it.

Looking into Jaduko's stoned over eyes, Seikyo clenched his fists as his pupils began to shake. Had he done this? None of this would have happened if he hadn't touched the Wicked Dragon Balls in the first place.

Falling onto one knee, an unmeasurable amount of guilt flushed over Seikyo's body. How could he face anyone after indirectly causing Jaduko's death? He clenched his fist and slammed it into the Lookout, cracking the tile below his fist. He couldn't face them today, he needed time alone to think, to cope with losing a friend.

Sensing energy towards his left, Seikyo noticed Konno and the others flying towards the Lookout. He closed his eyes and quickly ran in the opposite direction, leaping off of the Lookout.

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VOL 15: Chapter 144 - "Sacrifice"
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