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 VOL 8: Chapter 74 - "Son of Shishito"

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VOL 8: Chapter 74 - "Son of Shishito" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 74 - "Son of Shishito"   VOL 8: Chapter 74 - "Son of Shishito" I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2016 9:06 pm

Jaduko's body slowly floated towards the bottom of the ocean with blood slowly leaking out of his wound and mixing with the water around him, he was completely motionless. He wasn't dead, at least he didn't think he was. All that he could see was black and he couldn't move or hear a single thing. All he could do was slowly float downwards and wait until he hit the bottom.

Waiting to hit the bottom of the ocean, a white light slowly emitted from the darkness that Jaduko was staring into, the white light slowly started to grow until the darkness was completely sucked into the light. Jaduko opened his eyes and panted in anxiety as he lifted his hand up to his shoulder, it was completely fine as if Zerox hadn't even shot him. He then lifted his hands and touched his head, feeling his hair, it wasn't spiky anymore.

'Oh god... Oh god I'm dead..' Jaduko thought to himself as he looked around, he was inside of a white void with nothing in sight. 'This is what it feels like to be dead?! I never thought it would just be.. nothing!'

Jaduko slowly stood up as his body shook in fear, he was surprised that there was solid ground to stand on in this void. All he could do was slowly look around, but it didn't do any good considering nothing was in sight. That is.. until he saw a feint silhouette approaching him out of the corner of his eye.

"Jaduko..." The silhouette called out, it slowly approached Jaduko, who was still shaking in fear. The voice echoed throughout the void

"Who's there?" Jaduko called back as his voice echoed, he was prepared to fight but stopped when he noticed colors forming on the silhouette, he could see that the silhouette was wearing orange, gi-like pants tucked inside of blue boots. The silhouette had no undershirt but his gi extended up around his left shoulder, exposing his right shoulder like a toga, it was supported by a blue belt. Jaduko widened his eyes as he saw the silhouette's head slowly change shape until it had hair in a similar shape as his, except spikier, much like Rukiro's. The black on the silhouette slowly started travelling up the body until it was all in the figure's hair, revealing the figure's skin color. Above the figure's head, a golden ring spiraled into view and hovered above the figure's hair. A face slowly formed onto the figure and Jaduko widened his eyes as he recognized the face.

"Rukiro....? Your outfit is oddly different from what I remember.." Jaduko questioned, the figure shook his head.

"No Jaduko, I'm not your older brother, how could you forget me...?" The figure lifted his hands and placed them on his hips, the figure smiled. "It's me.. your father!"

"What?!" Jaduko was surprised, he lowered his hands and slowly loosened his fists as he realized the figure was right, he remembered Rukiro always explaining how their parents looked and this man looked exactly like their father, Shishito. "D...Dad..?" Jaduko questioned again, tears started forming in his eyes.

"You've grown so much..." Shishito mumbled with a smile across his face, his eyes sparkled as if he was about to cry but nothing dripped out of the Saiyan's eyes, he extended his arms and aimed them out at Jaduko. Without any further hesitation, Jaduko ran forward and wrapped his arms around his father, Shishito closed his eyes and tears slowly streamed down his cheeks as he embraced his son for the first time.

"You're... you're alive..!" Jaduko mumbled with his cheek against Shishito's chest, tears streamed down his face and dripped into the white void below the two of them. "Or.. am I dead...?"

"You're not dead, son." Shishito assured. "But you're on the brink of death... you exhausted yourself during your fight with Zerox and now you're floating to the bottom of an ocean on some desolate planet in the middle of space."

"Thanks for reminding me." Jaduko joked as he unwrapped his arms from Shishito and stepped back, he wiped his tears and Shishito did the same. The two Saiyans stared at one another for a few moments with grins on their faces, they chuckled. "So... that means you're alive?"

"Sadly, I'm as far from alive as someone could get." Shishito replied. "Don't worry, I'm here speaking to you now, so it doesn't really matter if I'm alive or dead, right?" He lifted his hands and chuckled.

"Dad... Rukiro is dead because of me.." Jaduko lowered his head in shame, it was the first thing he could think of saying. Shishito walked forward and kneeled down in front of Jaduko, who didn't look up.

"Don't let yourself think that" Shishito replied. "He wouldn't want you to think that and I'm sure he'd glad you're doing your best to bring him back."

"All of my friends are dead because of me.." Jaduko remarked, he was still looking down. Shishito placed his hand on Jaduko's shoulder and was about to comfort him before the young Saiyan continued to speak.

"WHY?!" Jaduko shouted, lifting his head to stare at his father. "Why am I so important?! Why do they call you Shishito when your name is Shinzai?! Why does this bad stuff have to happen in my life?!" The once confident Saiyan was now a confused little boy, unsure of what to do or what to say, all he could do was question his father. "Why were you never there for me?"

Shishito lowered his head in shame.

"I'm sorry that I was never there for you, Jaduko... I made a choice a long time ago and it's the reason why I was never in your life and I apologize for that.." Shishito replied, he grit his teeth and a tear streamed down his cheek. "But don't ever forget, I'm your father, I love you, always have and always will. I've loved you since you were just a thought in me and your mother's minds.." Shishito lifted his head and peered into Jaduko's eyes, tears were streaming down his cheeks. "You're my son! I may not be there for you in person, but I'm always there for you in here!" He pointed at Jaduko's chest where his heart was located. "Have you never thought of that?!"

Jaduko looked at Shishito's hand and watched his father wipe his tears away.

"I never should have gone out the way I did if I knew Nunber's men and Morge's goons were coming after my own family.." Shishito grumbled.

"Nunber.. you know that name too..." Jaduko replied causing his father to look up at him. "Seiyogi mentioned that name back when we fought on Earth... dad.. who is he?" Shishito lifted both his hands and placed them on Jaduko's shoulders.

"He's a bad man.." Shishito simply replied.

"Why do they call you Shishito? That's my main question.." Jaduko asked.

"Shishito is my birth name, it's what my father named me and it's who the Saiyans know me as. Just like how you are Jaduko, Rukiro is Rukiro, and your friend, Seiyogi, is Seiyogi." Shishito replied. "The name you know me by, Shinzai, is who the people of Earth know me as, your mother, your brother, the Turtle School, Taisuka's parents.."

"Taisuka's parents... Turtle School..?" Jaduko widened his eyes. "Master Krillin told me you knew them.. but I never figured out what he meant, what did he mean?"

"I can't stay for long Jaduko, I would answer all of your questions if I could but my time with you is running short. I really wish I could talk with you more but I need to tell you what I came here for in the first place." Shishito's attitude quickly transitioned from goofy to serious, much like Jaduko's.

"All of this bad stuff happens in your life, because of me." Shishito replied. "Morge and Nunber both know you're my son and that's why you're the prime target for the bad things that have occurred over the past 14 years you've been alive."

"Morge? Who's Morge?" Jaduko quickly asked, he realized the white void that the two of them were in was starting to dim, reverting back to a grey color.

"He's Zerox's relative, the head honcho of the Planet Trade Organization. You've heard of them right?" Shishito asked.

Jaduko nodded. "Once or twice, I think. Seiyogi or Kyuti might have mentioned it."

"Good, then you might know that the Saiyans and the Organization are at war with one another. They have been for a long, long time and I was the key behind it all, but now that I'm dead and you carry my blood, the Saiyans are after you for help and the Organization is out to kill you."

"That's why Zerox wants me dead, and he's been taunting me this whole time, huh?" Jaduko questioned, Shishito nodded.

"I need you to wake up from this Jaduko, you're stronger than him, you're stronger than Zerox!" Shishito pleaded, he could feel his body slowly start to fade away. Jaduko widened his eyes as he could barely see through his father's body. "I'm running out of time.. oh no.."

Jaduko thought for a second and quickly spoke, "Dad, I'll make sure to revive you when we get to Earth, that way we can talk there! You know about the Dragon Balls right?" He seemed giddy.

"I'm sorry to break it to you but, the Dragon Balls won't be able to revive me, I've been dead for over a year." Shishito grumbled. "But thanks for the thought." He smirked before continuing to speak. "I have to be quicker with what I say so stay with me, you with me?"

"I'm with you." Jaduko remarked.

"I need you to defeat Zerox, you're the only one who can do it right now. I need you to get stronger, way stronger than you are now, you have my blood, you're destined to defeat Morge and stop this war between the Saiyans and the Organization!" Shishito stated, Jaduko thought he was talking nonsense.

"This is too much to take in, how do I beat him, when do I beat him?! This Morge guy is more powerful than Zerox?!" Jaduko questioned.

"My power is fading and I can't keep talking to you from the otherworld for long... but I need you to remember all of the stuff I've told you for when the time comes... Find the Locket of Nether, it's the key to defeating the evil who dares stand in your way. Now wake up Jaduko, wake up and defeat Zerox not only for me, but for your mother, for Rukiro..." He lifted his hand and pointed at Jaduko's heart. "For your friends!"

Shishito leaned forward, rustled his son's hair, and softly kissed Jaduko on the forehead since he never had the chance to do so prior to this moment. After leaning back, Shishito lifted a thumbs up and his body slowly faded into sparkles that rose into the air, the void was now pitch black again with the exception of Jaduko, who watched the sparkles slowly disappear. Jaduko stared into the white void in front of him and the tears in his eyes softly floated upwards into the sky next to the sparkles.

'I'm sorry to break it to you but, the Dragon Balls won't be able to revive me, I've been dead for over a year.' Jaduko could hear his father's voice echo in his mind as he thought to himself. 'That means... That means I can't revive Rukiro back either...?' Jaduko grit his teeth in anger as an image of Rukiro appeared in the black void

Jaduko remembered the stories Rukiro would tell him about their parents. He remembered how angry he was at his brother because he thought he was making up lies about his parents but now that he met Shishito in person, Jaduko realized Rukiro was telling the truth after all..

'I let him die... and now I've waited too long that I can't even bring him back...!' Jaduko grit his teeth and huffed in anger, images from his past flashed in his mind as he saw Rukiro's face, he and Shishito looked very similar to one another. An image of Jaduko's family created itself in his mind, with a toddler Jaduko standing in front of a young Rukiro. The two children were standing in front of Shishito and their mother, Yokaro, who had brown hair shaped similar to Jaduko's. The image of the family tore in half as Jaduko huffed in anger, realizing he could never life in harmony with his family ever again.

Behind the image of his family, Jaduko could see Kyuti's face come into view, Jaduko tried calling out to Kyuti but his voice didn't make any sound.

'JADUKO!' She shouted with tears streaming down her face, her body disappeared and the bodies of Konno, Taisuka, Klio, Lizz, Lori, Seiyogi, Master Krillin, 18, Maron, Violouh, and even all of the alien slaves they had freed over the past few days appeared around Jaduko, all of them calling out his name. Some called out in sadness, others called out in worry, and some called out in confidence, they were all waiting for him to end this. Zerox had to pay, it had to end tonight.

'Nunber, Morge, Zerox, they may all want me and me alone.. all of this is because of you, dad.. and I'll fight for you..' Jaduko thought to himself 'I'll win.. because... I'M THE SON OF SHISHITO!'

Jaduko could feel his body continue to float towards the bottom of the ocean, but just before it reached the ocean floor, Jaduko lifted himself up so his feet touched the ground and opened his eyes. Lifting his legs and crossing his arms, Jaduko exploded with power as  blue aura sparked around his body and slowly turned golden as his eyes changed color, his hair stood on end and transformed back into a golden color. His golden aura flared around him even stronger than ever before.

Bubbles started forming around Jaduko's mouth as he tried screaming underwater, his Super Saiyan form flared as the water started to pulsate around him. Up on the surface, Zerox widened his eyes as he saw a light shining from the bottom of the ocean, and his body started to tremble when he saw the water start vibrating.

In an instant, the water dispersed around Jaduko's body and his shout exploded into the air, lifting the water up into the sky, the water around him moved away from the Saiyan because he was generating so much energy that the water was forced to move away from him. The pillars of water shot into the sky and it's almost as if Zerox was surrounded by walls of water. He grit his teeth and stared down at Jaduko, who stood on the now barren ocean floor.

Jaduko stopped yelling and glared up at Zerox, his golden aura sparked around him as he burst into the air towards Zerox. The water began to fall back down towards the planet and Zerox lifted himself up into the air in fear to get away from the charging Super Saiyan.

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VOL 8: Chapter 74 - "Son of Shishito"
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