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 VOL 4: Chapter 33 - "Taisuka, The Savior?"

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VOL 4: Chapter 33 - "Taisuka, The Savior?" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 33 - "Taisuka, The Savior?"   VOL 4: Chapter 33 - "Taisuka, The Savior?" I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2015 8:21 pm

Seiyogi blinked and looked at Taisuka, who was floating with an irritated look on his young 10 year old face. "Uh." Seiyogi muttered. "And you are?" He asked.

Taisuka shouted over to Seiyogi and continued to sound intimidating. "My name is Taisuka!" He called out. "I don't like when people hurt my friends!"

Seiyogi sarcastically nodded his head, "Right." He continued, "I assumed you were fighting Kyuti with those other two women over on another island."

Taisuka nodded. "They told me they could handle your sister, they said I should come check on Jaduko, and then I saw you hurting Konno, and I don't like that." The young boy had a look of anger plastered on his face.

Seiyogi gave a laugh. "They should have sent that black haired girl to fight me, or at least that goofy red headed girl, they would be more of a challenge to me than you, kid." Tapping his scouter, Seiyogi realized Taisuka was in possession of the Dragon Ball that Kyuti had sought out.

"However, you might be worth something." Seiyogi smirked.

Taisuka grit his teeth and lunged at Seiyogi, who floated back and karate chopped Taisuka's neck, causing him to go flying down into the island trees. Jaduko broke free of his thoughts and carried the broken Konno to safety, letting Taisuka have his turn at Seiyogi. Taisuka tumbled through the leaves and slid down the bark on a tree until he landed in a bush, he popped out into the open view and looked up. In a split second, Seiyogi flew down and threw his fist to where Taisuka was standing, who had reluctantly stepped out of the way causing Seiyogi's punch to smash into the ground, creating a small crater.

"Tch, got lucky there." Seiyogi muttered, he was getting flustered from everyone cutting in on his fight with Jaduko. Taisuka jumped back and got into a fighting stance.

"I was taught by Master Krillin, and Jaduko, and everyone else in the Turtle School, you can't take me dow-" Taisuka got cut off mid-sentence as Seiyogi flew forward and kneed the young boy in the nose. Taisuka was sent rolling across the ground as the rocks on the ground teared at his gi.

As the boy was tumbling, Seiyogi noticed a brown tail wrapped around his waist. "You're a Saiyan too?" Seiyogi asked. "There's too many of us on this damned planet.." He mumbled. His body flashed forward and appeared behind Taisuka, he swept his leg out as if going to kick a soccer ball, and made it connect with Taisuka's stomach. With powerful force, he sent the boy flying up into the sky.

Taisuka lunged down towards the ground, preparing to attack Seiyogi again. He yelled as he thrust his head forward, trying to headbutt Seiyogi's stomach. The headbutt made contact and it completely split Seiyogi's armor in two. The 2 Star Dragon Ball fell out of Seiyogi's armor and onto the ground as the armor split, it rolled into a bush. Seiyogi stumbled back in surprise and quickly slammed his fists onto Taisuka's back, sending him straight into the dirt and a crater formed around the two.

"You're not much of a challenge, but you're quite bothersome!" Seiyogi muttered as Taisuka rolled and got out of the crater, he lifted his hand and a puny white beam shot out of his hand, Seiyogi easily deflected the attack, sending it flying at a tree. The tree was completely destroyed and left Taisuka wide eyed as Seiyogi threw a punch into his cheek. Taisuka's eyes dilated from the attack and he was sent flying across the ground, he skid across the dirt and slid next to a pile of rocks. He weakly lifted his head and saw the sun dip over the horizon, turning the sky dark.

"Well, would you look at that." Seiyogi muttered, looking out into the horizon. "I remember the last time I saw night time on this planet." In that moment, he heard voices up in the sky shouting

"TAISUKA!" Seiyogi looked up and saw Lizz and Lori floating in the sky, with Kyuti chasing shortly behind them.

Behind the three women, Seiyogi noticed a white orb developing in the sky. He winced his eyes to see what it was, it was the moon. Seiyogi quickly jerked his head away so he wouldn't get caught in the moon's trance, but realized his tail was gone from an incident that occurred a few years ago. "Damn Zerox.." Seiyogi muttered to himself as he looked back at the moon.

Taisuka looked up at the three women as well and noticed the moon out of the corner of his eye.

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VOL 4: Chapter 33 - "Taisuka, The Savior?"
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