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 VOL 4: Chapter 35 - "Jaduko vs. Seiyogi - Battle of Destiny!"

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Jaduko Masurao
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VOL 4: Chapter 35 - "Jaduko vs. Seiyogi - Battle of Destiny!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 35 - "Jaduko vs. Seiyogi - Battle of Destiny!"   VOL 4: Chapter 35 - "Jaduko vs. Seiyogi - Battle of Destiny!" I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2015 9:15 pm

Jaduko landed on the sturdy ground of the island furthest from where the now out of control Taisuka was facing off with Kyuti's own Oozaru form. He looked up into the sky and saw Seiyogi cross his arms, slowly hovering in place, the two locked eyes. Seiyogi's armor was completely torn off of his body from the previous fights and his blue spandex was torn in several places. Jaduko's own gi had several cuts in it as well.

"I admire your confidence to stay and finish the fight." Seiyogi called down to him. "Your friend over there didn't have much choice, Kyuti will easily dispose of him."

"Wouldn't she lose control as well?" Jaduko questioned.

Seiyogi shook his head. "She's strong enough to maintain full intelligence over her Oozaru form." Jaduko gave a tiny laugh.

"Taisuka could wipe out that Ape, he's got it in 'em." Seiyogi dropped from the sky and landed on the ground about 40 yards away from Jaduko's position.

"You know, Kyuti and I are both a thousand times stronger than that fool, Yamu, that your friend killed." Seiyogi added in, showing Jaduko that he didn't care about the death of a comrade.

"Enough talk of the two Oozaru and Yamu," Seiyogi  spoke up before Jaduko was able to. "This is between you and I now, no friends to help you this time, this is a fight to the death." He lifted his hands up and got into a fighting position.

"I couldn't have said it better myself." Jaduko bent down into a fighting position as the ocean winds picked up again, rustling the hairstyles of the two warriors and a nice ocean scent filled the area. "I promised my friends I'd take you and your sister down, and I promised Rukiro I'd do the same!" Neither of the two moved from their position.

Glaring each other down in utter silence, the sound of Taisuka's roar was heard across the ocean where he and Kyuti were flying. Upon hearing the roar, Seiyogi flashed forward at intense speeds, thrusting his fist forward trying to strike Jaduko in the face. Jaduko quickly thrust his arm up and blocked the punch with his forearm, the attack ripped his wristband and it softly flew off into the wind as a large crater formed around the two. The two pushed at each other, trying to break the other's defense. Seiyogi spun to the side and slammed his forehead into Jaduko's forehead, causing the two to stumble away from each other. Jaduko flipped backwards out of the crater and held an arm at his side, a blue orb quickly erupted from his palm and flew at Seiyogi, who deflected it as he flew towards Jaduko.

Seiyogi threw a kick towards Jaduko's side, but Jaduko was reluctant enough to lift his knee and block the attack. Jaduko threw a punch towards Seiyogi's face but Seiyogi managed to grab hold of his fist inches before it made contact. The two threw attacks at each other with the opposite fighter blocking, dodging, and recoiling. The two seemed to fight in perfect sync as the air around them exploded with each punch and kick, creating quick "booming" sounds.

Jaduko bent his torso backwards, allowing a side kick from Seiyogi to smoothly glide over his chest. Spinning in a circle, Jaduko dropped to the ground and lunged at Seiyogi's leg. He managed to grab hold and lift Seiyogi off of the ground. Flying forward, Jaduko swung Seiyogi around and threw him into a tree, completely ripping the tree in two.

Seiyogi grunted in pain as the tree collapsed around him. "You're gonna have to do better than that, Son of Shishito!" He flipped and saw Jaduko flying towards him. Seiyogi geared up ready for a punch.

"If you're gonna keep calling me that, I'm gonna keep calling you Seikyo. My father's name was Shinzai!" Jaduko shouted as he approached Seiyogi, time seemed to slow down got shoulder to shoulder, their fists geared up ready for a punch. The two locked eyes at point blank range and grit their teeth as they threw punches at each other. The fists struck each other at the same time.

"No.. get it through your thick skull that his name was of Saiyan pride! Your father was an amazingly strong warrior, one of the strongest for generations and generations." Seiyogi replied as he pushed away from Jaduko. "But when he vanished and our race was sent into a massive revolution against our rulers, we didn't have him to save us from our mistakes. That war is still going on today because none of us are capable of taking down the enemy.. Saiyans continue to die every day.. That's why our King put his hopes into finding Shishito or one of his descendants.. You are the only one who can save us now." Jaduko spun and threw a kick towards Seiyogi's side, Seiyogi blocked the kick and threw a white energy blast into Jaduko's chest, sending Jaduko flying.

"Save you? How could he have saved you from a war? How could I save you from a war? I'm just a kid!" Jaduko asked as he flipped, recoiling from the attack.

"I'm not obliged to say, but just know your bloodline holds impressive power." Seiyogi added. "My family was ordered to capture a member of your family and bring you to the King, alive. Unfortunately when we first arrived her, we didn't know the man Letish killed was your brother.." Jaduko grit his teeth and started flying at Seiyogi.

"You mean he died 'cause you didn't get some stupid information from your king?!" Before Jaduko could deliver a punch to Seiyogi's nose, a yellow energy beam passed in between the two of them. The two warriors looked to where it came from and noticed Taisuka's Oozaru form firing energy blasts into the air randomly.

"Dammit.." Jaduko muttered. "If we let Taisuka rampage anymore, he'll destroy all of these islands. I gotta go calm him down!" Jaduko started flying off towards Taisuka's position.

"A Saiyan doesn't run from a fight, get back here you fool!" Seiyogi burst off after him.

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VOL 4: Chapter 35 - "Jaduko vs. Seiyogi - Battle of Destiny!"
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