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 VOL 4: Chapter 40 - "A Fortunate Misfortune"

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VOL 4: Chapter 40 - "A Fortunate Misfortune" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 40 - "A Fortunate Misfortune"   VOL 4: Chapter 40 - "A Fortunate Misfortune" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2015 1:42 pm

King Nunber stood up from his throne and looked down the staircase descending from it. He was expecting special news, and was impatient to wait for it. Tapping his foot, he looked around the quiet and dark throne room.

A younger man rushed into the throne room, he was wearing black Saiyan spandex and white armor with gold plating, he had black hair that looked like a bad case of bed head, the Saiyan's name was Chives.

"Ah, my son!" King Nunber looked down at Prince Chives and slowly walked down the staircase until he was on the same level as Prince Chives. "What news is it that you have to deliver to me?" Nunber asked.

Chives looked disappointed as he started to speak. "I have word on Yamu's Saiyan Brigade."

"Ah yes, did they make it to Planet Earth alright?" Nunber asked as he walked past Chives, the two Saiyans stood back to back and didn't turn to face each other, they weren't your average father and son.

"Yes, they made it to Earth safely, but.." Chives stopped for a second.

"Did they capture the Son of Shishito like I ordered them to do?" Nunber asked without turning around.

Chives shook his head. "Yamu's scouter was destroyed so we could no longer get a read on him, we were forced to calibrate our sensors to Seiyogi's scouters, and Professor Dax informed me that Yamu had been killed, by a human."

King Nunber dropped his cheery expression and tilted his head slightly so the bangs on his spiky hair cast a shadow over his face, his eyes sharpened. "What?" He asked.

"Seiyogi and Kyuti took major beatings as well, Dax managed to get a reading on Kyuti's space pod and found out that she was forced to transform into an Oozaru." Nunber turned around and faced Chives, Chives reluctantly turned around and lifted his head to stare his father in the face.

"Why so?" The King was curious.

"There was another Saiyan already on Earth aiding the Son of Shishito, this other Saiyan still had his tail intact and that means it was most likely that he transformed into an Oozaru to battle Kyuti." Chives stated.

Nunber shook his head after Chives' statement. "What about that runt, Seiyogi, did he manage to capture the Son of Shishito? I have no use for that other Saiyan child from Earth." Chives shook his head.

"Seiyogi was forced to leave Planet Earth with Kyuti without capturing the Son of Shishito." Nunber clenched his gloved fists and grit his teeth.

"That damned fool.. We're doomed.. Where are they now?" Nunber asked Chives. Chives opened his mouth to respond but someone else ran into the throne room behind King Nunber, the father and son turned their attention to the intruder.

It was Onyo, King Nunber's loyal guard. "Sir!" Onyo shouted, he had sharp hair that poked out to the side of his head, much like Jaduko's hairstyle except it was more pointy. He had black armor, pants, gloves, and boots with golden plating. He was shirtless aside from his armored chest piece.

"What is it Onyo?" Nunber asked.

"We have word on Kyuti's pod location!" Onyo ushered the King and Prince to follow, the three of them ran to the laboratory where dozens of professors were working. Onyo led them to Professor Dax, who was studying a machine.

"What's the word on Seiyogi and Kyuti's position, Professor?" Nunber questioned. Professor Dax gathered his research and motioned for the King to look at a screen showing Kyuti's space pod's statistics.

"There were two passengers in her space pod, we presume the two were Seiyogi and Kyuti." Professor Dax reported. "They had tried to enter in Planet Kuristrak's coordinates, but made a mistake when entering them in, we assume due to their lack of energy or broken bones. They crash landed on Planet Xerivon about an hour ago."

"Planet Xerivon?" Chives asked. "Isn't that where Zerox is stationed right about now?"

King Nunber closed his eyes and nodded his head. "The two of them are doomed.."

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VOL 4: Chapter 40 - "A Fortunate Misfortune"
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