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 VOL 7: Chapter 66 - "The Rules Are Broken"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 66 - "The Rules Are Broken"   Wed Jul 06, 2016 6:25 pm

Konno's body bounced along the ground as all went silent. Seiyogi and the rest looked on in horror as the wind blew over Konno's body. Violouh's eyes twitched in shock as Seiyogi's body trembled.

"KONNO!" Taisuka shouted in horror, Kyuti lunged down and put her hand underneath Konno's head, she lifted him up as blood poured onto the ground from his open wound. Zerox lifted his hand and blew on it as if it were a gun.

'Konno...!!!' Jaduko thought as he stared back at his deceased friend, clenching his fist, tears slowly started forming in his eyes as his pupils dilated in both anger and horror. 'That.. bastard... killed my best... friend!' Jaduko's veins started bulging from his skin, his arms started trembling as he slowly turned his head to face Zerox, who was chuckling.

'We're fighting for our lives here... first Rukiro, then Klio, Lizz.... Lizz ... and now Konno... I won't let anyone else die, I won't stand for it..!!!" Jaduko's voice screamed in his own head.

The air around Jaduko whipped around rapidly and his power started to rise out of pure anger, the wind picked up and blew his hair as Zerox noticed the Saiyan's dark blue eyes quickly transition into a bright cyan color before reverting back to their normal blue color. Jaduko grit his teeth and huffed in anger as a blue aura formed around his body. His hair stopped waving in the wind and returned back to it's normal appearance.

"Did I pinch a nerve?" Zerox asked.

Taisuka roared in anger, bursting away from his position and charging Zerox head on. Jaduko burst from his position as well, Seiyogi did as well, the three Saiyans charged at the homicidal tyrant with their red, white, and blue auras flaring around their bodies. (I just realized the USA symbolism when writing this.)

Violouh and Kyuti watched in amazement as the three Saiyans powered up to their maximum and charged at Zerox, Kyuti was still holding onto Konno's back, propping him up.

"I should have killed you back when I had the chance! YOU KILLED MY BEST FRIEND!!!" Jaduko shouted as he thrust a punch towards Zerox's face, who was forced to dodge to the right quicker than he usually had to.

"When did you have the chance?" Zerox laughed, but realized Taisuka coming up from behind, the young Saiyan's foot thrust itself towards Zerox's hip, hitting him dead on. Spit flew from the tyrants mouth as he was socked in the face by Seiyogi. The three Saiyans seemed unstoppable as they continued to lay into Zerox with their attacks.

Zerox grit his teeth, catching one of Seiyogi's punches. Using all his might, Zerox flipped Seiyogi over and kicked the Saiyan in the hip, sending him skidding across the ground. Jaduko's body fizzed into view next to Taisuka, the two threw a punch aimed directly at Zerox's nose.

Bending his body backwards, Zerox let the fists cleanly pass over his chest, he lowered his hands onto the ground and kicked back, knocking Jaduko and Taisuka over him. The two skid along the ground but quickly got to their feet, bursting off into a sprint back towards the tyrant.

Jaduko and Taisuka rushed with incredible speed, the two of them increased and decreased speed as they circled around each other, trying to trick Zerox into who to attack first, and it worked. Seiyogi picked himself up from the ground and elbowed Zerox in the back of the neck. Jaduko and Taisuka lunched forward, Jaduko punched Zerox in the throat and Taisuka kicked Zerox's stomach. Blood flew from the alien's mouth.

In a fit of rage, Zerox didn't taunt or say anything to the Saiyans, he instead threw his arms into the air and a grey barrier exploded around him, sending the three Saiyans sprawling backwards.

"You think... the three of you will be enough to beat me?!" Zerox shouted, he twisted his head around rapidly so he could stare at his three attackers, all of them remained still, glaring him down.

"RUAGH!" Zerox shouted, he lifted his hands up and aimed them at Jaduko and Seiyogi, grey beams flew towards them, but the two of them swiftly dodged and rushed the tyrant. Taisuka ran forward towards Zerox with incredible speed, but was smacked into the ground by his tail.

Zerox lunged forward and thrust his arms out, his body fizzed out of view and back into view in front of Jaduko and Seiyogi, he clothes lined the two of them and quickly hopped into the air, firing beams down at them. Explosions erupted from the two of them as they struggled to push the beams away. Taisuka lifted himself from the ground and clenched his fists.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Taisuka shouted, he lunged towards Zerox and threw a punch, but Zerox quickly dodged to the right and slammed his tail down onto Taisuka's head, slamming the little boy into the concrete ground, which cracked underneath him. Blood shot out from Taisuka's wounds as Zerox removed his tail from Taisuka's head, with one swift kick, the alien smacked his foot into Taisuka's chin, sending him flying through the air. Lifting his hand and pointing it at Taisuka, Zerox fired a beam at the boy, but instead of the beam piercing through his body, it simply tore at the boy's gi and sent him flying into a nearby building.

"TAISUKA!" Jaduko shouted, Jaduko rolled on the ground and rushed at Zerox, who swiftly dodged to the right and grabbed onto Jaduko's undershirt, thinking it was his arm. Jaduko tore free of Zerox's grip at the cost of his shirt and he swiftly spun in the air, kicking Zerox in the jaw. Seiyogi picked himself up and rushed at Zerox as well, but the tyrant overpowered both of them and fired beams into their stomachs, sending them flying into nearby buildings.

Kyuti and Violouh watched in amazement and horror, Zerox just laid out three Saiyans all on his own.

"Y-You.. monsters...!!!" Violouh muttered angrily at Zerox, who scanned the area and nodded at the three different buildings he destroyed.

Jaduko lifted himself from the wall of the building he was thrown into and he stumbled onto his feet.

"You think... you'll dispatch of us that easily...?" Jaduko remarked through pants, Seiyogi lifted himself from the rubble and got to his feet, the two Saiyans glared at Zerox.

Taisuka lifted himself from the rubble as well, but he stumbled forward onto his face, unable to continue the fight. He panted and closed one eye as he tried to calm the pain in his body.

"PREPARE FOR ROUND TWO!" Jaduko and Seiyogi shouted in unison as they rushed towards Zerox, who casually clenched his fists.

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VOL 7: Chapter 66 - "The Rules Are Broken"
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