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 VOL 8: Chapter 80 - "The Lookout"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 80 - "The Lookout"   Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:08 am

'Hey! Wake up, Taisuka!' Future Taisuka could hear voices in his head, all he could see was black. Was he dead? As the voices in Future Taisuka's head continued to echo and call out his name, slowly opening his eyes, Future Taisuka could see the bright blue sky above him. The sky was slowly shifting as his vision adjusted itself.

"Hey you alright? I've been calling your name for the past three minutes." Jaduko lifted the older Taisuka up so he was sitting upright. Feeling a jolt of pain shoot through his neck, Future Taisuka lifted his hand and rubbed his neck as his vision cleared up, he lifted his head and saw Jaduko sitting next to him, wearing a blue gi. Future Taisuka noticed Jaduko holding a Senzu Bean bag, he must have given him one.

"J-Jaduko...?!" Future Taisuka muttered, widening his eyes, tears began to form in his eyes and without any warning, he lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Jaduko. "You're alive...!" Jaduko rose an eyebrow as this older version of Taisuka tightened his grip.

"Not so tight, you're Taisuka right?" Jaduko questioned. Future Taisuka loosened his grip and leaned back, he stared at his former mentor and realized this wasn't the same Jaduko he had known before.. He was younger.

"Of course I am, don't you recognize me?" Future Taisuka questioned.

"I do, but, how are you Taisuka... if he's Taisuka?" Jaduko questioned, lifting his arm and pointing behind the older Taisuka. Future Taisuka turned his head and widened his eyes as he saw his younger self, sitting on the ground behind him. The two Taisukas stared at each other in awe, shock, and disbelief.

"No, oh no oh no oh no... no no!" Future Taisuka muttered to himself, trying to gain his composure. He pushed away from Jaduko and stumbled backwards away from the two younger Saiyans. The three of them were still on top of the rock platform in the middle of Gizard Wasteland.

'A younger Jaduko, and I'm staring at a younger version of myself.. don't tell me I somehow traveled backwards in time!' Future Taisuka thought to himself, his eyes were wide in fear as he noticed Jaduko get to his feet. 'Reybuu must have been behind it... does that mean he traveled back in time too? Is he in this timeline with me? What do I do?' A thousand thoughts rushed into the older Taisuka's head.

"Whoa, whoa, everyone just calm down." Jaduko spoke up, holding his hands out towards the two Taisukas. Silence struck the area for a few moments as everyone gained their composure, taking deep breaths, the two Taisukas got to their feet and looked at each other. The two were no longer in fear or shock of being in each other's presence, but they were now curious, studying how each other looked and acted.

"So you're me, from the future?" Taisuka questioned, Future Taisuka nodded his head and extended his hand out towards the young Taisuka. The two shook hands and looked over at Jaduko, who was looking into the sky as if he was in deep thought.

'Keep your composure, Taisuka, don't make any unnecessary conversations with them or else you'll throw the timeline out of whack. You need to figure out what's going on first.. what time period you're in..' Future Taisuka thought to himself. He looked over at Jaduko and began to speak.

"Hey, uh, Jaduko. What time period is this, what year?" Future Taisuka asked. Jaduko rose an eyebrow and lifted his hand to his chin.

"Well it's been about three years since we beat Zerox, so that makes it uhh.." Jaduko thought to himself for a moment. "Age 847 I think?"

'Age 847?! I'm 20 years into the past? How is that possible?!' Future Taisuka dropped his jaw in shock. 'But since I'm that far back in the past.. I could easily overpower the two of them, they aren't as strong as me or the Jaduko from the future.. I could knock them out and then leave, that way I can find a way to get back to my actual timeline.' Future Taisuka smirked at his plan but was caught off guard when his younger self began to talk.

"Hey, nice necklace. That's from the future right?" Taisuka questioned, pointing at the Locket of Nether that was dangling around his older self's neck.

"Uh.. er..." Future Taisuka mumbled, he grabbed onto the locket and noticed the orb within the dragon's mouth was rapidly sparkling white, unlike it's usual calm sparkle. Something seemed off about it. "Yeah I got this locket in the future, uh, you'll get it in a few years don't worry about it."

"Locket?" Jaduko piped up, he walked closer to the older version of Taisuka and stared at the locket around his neck. He noticed the dragon design having a similar appearance to Shenron, and within it's mouth, the Saiyan noticed the sparkling gem. "This wouldn't happen to be the Locket of Nether would it?"

"Uh what? No... why would you ask that..?" Future Taisuka mumbled, sweat started to drip from his forehead as Jaduko lifted his head to stare into his eyes with a scowl.

'Damn it! They can't learn about the locket yet, I didn't know about it at this age, but if they do it will throw the timeline off course!' Future Taisuka tried to think fast, if he was going to throw these kids off his trail, he had to do it now.

"Don't try it." Jaduko growled.

"Huh?" Future Taisuka mumbled, did Jaduko know what he was thinking.

"I can sense what you're thinking, you're going to try and cross us so you can leave. I won't allow it." Jaduko crossed his arms. "Besides, I already knew about the Locket of Nether, didn't the future version of me ever tell you about his confrontation with my dad?"

"Shishito? No, Jaduko never mentioned anything about him.." Future Taisuka seemed confused. He looked down at the locket and it continued to rapidly sparkle, something was definitely wrong with it. Is this why he was stuck back in time? Reybuu definitely had something to do with it.. He must be in this timeline as well. Maybe these kids could help.

"But uh, one question." Future Taisuka continued. "How did you read my mind?"

"Telepathy, it's a trick I picked up from Master Krillin a few years ago but I've only used it once before today, with Seikyo. You know him in your timeline?" Jaduko asked.

"Seikyo? No." Future Taisuka seemed confused. "I knew a Seiyogi though."

"That seems odd considering you're from the future.. Anyway, your locket looks a little weirder than I imagined, why is Shenron on the front of it?" Jaduko questioned. "Whatever is going on, we can help you out, man. You're still Taisuka so you don't need to get all uppity with us just because we're younger than you, and uh, in the past."

"Look, I know all of this may seem confusing to you and myself over there.." Future Taisuka lifted his thumb and pointed it back at his younger self, who was studying the two men in front of him. "But we need to get this locket checked out by someone, I need to figure out if it's behind this whole, time traveling issue that we're dealing with. We can take it to the lookout."

"Lookout?" Taisuka questioned, looking at his Future self.

"You guys haven't found out about the lookout yet?" Future Taisuka questioned, both Jaduko and Taisuka shook their heads. "Well then follow me, I knew a few people up there that could help me out with this mystical stuff, and if I'm in the past... then they're the only ones who can help."

Future Taisuka hovered into the air and waved for Jaduko and Taisuka to follow him. The three burst off directly upwards into the sky as if they were headed to space, but then they took a hard curve towards the West.

Where was Future Taisuka taking them? What is this Lookout that he was referring to and who were the people that could help him out? What exactly happened in the future timeline that makes it differ so much from the current timeline? Is Reybuu responsible for all of this?

The condition of these two co-existing timlines of both the present and the future will soon be stake and the only ones who can stop the evil entity known as Reybuu must figure out what exactly is going on, and quick! Can Jaduko restore balance to the co-existing timelines or will he fail, sending the universe into turmoil?

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VOL 8: Chapter 80 - "The Lookout"
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